How To Choose The Best Baby Shower Gift – 6 Do’s and Don’ts


If you have a baby shower to go to, your mind is probably running wild with gift ideas. The thing is, there are multiple dos and don’ts you have to make note of. These ensure you get something the parents-to-be will enjoy. We ran through 6 of them below.

Include the Gift Receipt

Whatever you do, always include the receipt. Taking care of babies is a lot of work, so some items are more appreciated than others. Although you may have gotten something functional, your loved one may have their eye on something else. With a gift receipt, they can return whatever you got them for whatever they’re eyeing. They also might receive what you got them from countless other guests, so being able to change it to something of their liking will mean your money won’t go to waste.

Is It Functional?

When at the store, get staples that you know they’ll use. These would include breast pumps, nursing jackets, diaper bags, and baby bottles. The two will never have enough of them, especially if they’re high-quality. This is especially true for baby bottles as the bottle’s nipple differs per baby’s growth – this makes people wary of picking them up, but reading through pages like would direct you to bottles per age.

Another functional item is maternity clothes. You’ll have to make note of material. The higher the quality of the cotton, the more comfortable it’ll be. More high-end maternity clothes are well worth the price. Just make sure that it’s in a design she likes.

Is There A Baby Registry?

These days, baby registries are extremely common. They are lists made by parents to show everything they want to get. They prevent guests from getting something unwanted. Ask your loved ones whether they have a registry or not. If you’re not sure if they do, you could always check Amazon. Many parents-to-be create wish lists on it, so just search for their name.

When you ask them if they have a registry, you’re doing them a favour. They may not have one, but asking them might encourage them to do so.

Always Get A Size Bigger

Babies can never have enough clothes – clothing for them can get expensive, so getting the parents a plethora would save them a lot of cash. The thing with babies is that they grow rapidly – as you see here,  It’s always recommended that you get something a size or two bigger. Even if they don’t fit into it now, they will eventually.

Speaking of clothes, make note of the type of clothing you’re getting. Onesies work great for any gender. They are also super comfortable. Style-wise, you could go more neutral than feminine or masculine.

Avoid Nursery Decorations

Many people think nursery decorations make good gifts. This is simply not true – your taste and the parents’ may be completely different. You may also get decorations that are too feminine or masculine, which your loved ones aren’t fans of. Another thing you have to consider is that nursery decorations aren’t really useful– they won’t help the parents take care of their child.

Get Something for The Parents

Everyone will be getting gifts for the little one. You could think outside the box and get something for them. They’ll appreciate it as much as the gifts for their baby as taking care of a newborn is a hassle. Something that would fit the bill would be a coffee subscription. Breast-feeding pillows and at-home spa treatments are fabulous too.

Final Thoughts

There are several things to consider when getting hold of gifts for baby showers. Whatever you do, make note whether your gift is practical or not – like a breast pump. A major no-no is getting nursery decorations. Although they seem like a good idea, they aren’t functional and may not go with the couple’s taste. If you’re going for baby clothes, get something that is a couple of sizes bigger. More importantly, see if there’s a baby registry or not – you’ll be able to get the parents-to-be exactly what they want. Hopefully, you can now pick up the perfect baby shower gift for a friend or family member.


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