How to Choose the Perfect Décor for Your Home


Looking to give your home a facelift? You know it needs something, but maybe you’re having trouble figuring out exactly what that is. It could be one thing; it could be several things.

Even if choosing décor is not your thing, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are some ways to help you choose the perfect décor for your home.

Figure Out What You Want

If you’re going to do any kind of decorating, you have to have some direction. So to begin with, you need to determine what you actually want in your décor.

Are you looking for an overall classic look, or are you going to “catch up to the 21st century” and go modern? Along with your decision here, you might also give some simultaneous thought to how much you plan to spend.

What’s Your Style?

Determining your exact style may not be easy, as you may have never thought you actually had one. However, here are some guidelines to help you get a feel for it.

Casual – this style reflects well-being, contentment or rest, which is evident by an overall rustic feel, often with fabrics having texture, done with the use of  rectangular elements, rustic design, and soft furniture with textured fabrics.

Formal – if you’re into symmetry and elegance, characterized by, among other things, high ceilings, imported rugs and antiques, you likely fall into this category.

Contemporary – this is also known as modern style. When you see neutral color, like earth tones, this is usually the giveaway. But it also highlights whatever the trends are..

Traditional –  this style is basically old school. It’s been around, and it’s where people go when they run out of imagination to borrow an old idea in an attempt to make it “new.” Some of those attempts are successful, turning a good old idea into a better, fresher new one.

What’s Your Influence?

Now that you’ve figured your style, you can figure out your influence –  you thought it was over didn’t you? Don’t worry, we’ll make it easier than it sounds.

Basically, it’s about the details. For example, if you plan to do your kitchen in a combination of natural stone, earth tones and woods, you would be going for a Tuscan influence.

There are many other directions you could go. Just do a bit of searching to narrow it down.

Don’t Sweep Your Décor “Under the Rug”

There’s a lot that an area rug can do for your décor. Staging furniture on top of a properly sized area rug can bring some cohesion to your arrangement. Don’t underestimate the power that this little step has. This tactic is an important one in a decorator’s arsenal.

A quick word about finding the right size. Don’t get one that’s too big or too small. if you need help with rug size, here’s one helpful rug sizing guide.

You can also place narrow area rugs, called runners, over high-traffic areas, such as right near your front door. As people or pets walk in, they will be met by the runner.

Make It You

Looking at the big picture, we could throw a lot more at you in order to help you figure out the direction your décor will go. But ultimately, the choice is yours.

Don’t just choose something because it’s trendy, unless you actually like it. Putting a modern sofa in an available space because it fits may not make sense in a home that has rustic décor.

Your friends and peers  might be well-meaning, but again, it’s your home. Choose what you like. You are the one who will end up living with it, seeing it every day, not your friends.


Choosing décor for your home may have been a bit intimidating when you first started reading this article. However, we hope now that you are finished reading, you’re not so intimidated.


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