How to get a million followers on Instagram


Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world today. Many social media influencers are doing all they can to get noticed on this platform, as this helps them attract more business and hence profits from other users of Instagram. A while back, success was defined by the amount of wealth that one has, including the amount of money that one holds in a bank account. But today, the definition has shifted, and the wealthiest people are those with the highest following on Instagram and other social media platforms.

But is getting a million followers on Instagram possible?

The answer is a straight yes. It is very much possible to get a million followers on Instagram if you follow the following best practices.

1.      Choose the right niche

The very first step towards getting a million followers on Instagram is choosing your niche right. Instagram users will want to follow a profile that is consistently posting content in the niche of their interest.

Knowing which niche to the right for might need some thought and effort. This is because you will have to spend lots of hours researching what your prospective audience wants. When you keep posting content from just any niche that comes to your mind, then it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain strong and loyal followership.

You might find that some images can be used in any niche. These are general images that are interesting to audiences. And while you use such general images, you need also to ensure that you are posting images that are relevant not just to your niche, but to your business as well.

2.      Post consistently

Posting frequency has a great impact on the number of followers and engagements that an Instagram profile can receive. The study shows that the more often one posts, the more likes and followers that he gets. The average number of posts one needs to post is at least one per day.

Instagram profiles that don’t post consistently are affected in two ways; one, they are demoted in rankings by the Instagram ranking bots. At the same time, the existing followers on these profiles start unfollowing, thus reducing the number of followers you initially had.

3.      Post videos and stories

Initially, Instagram was primarily a photo-sharing platform. But as time passes, the platform as evolved, and now one can share videos as well. The platform has features like live videos and stories, which have made it possible for brands to post various types of pf content. These features have enables brands to engage the audience and grow their following.

Videos are better than just photos when it comes to attracting more followers. This is because they generate faster engagement than photos. Also, you are likely to appear right in front of the Stories feed on Instagram when you are live, making it easier to get noticed by millions of people.

4.      Find and use quality hashtags

Hashtags are most important when it comes to Instagram. This is because if you find and use the right hashtags, then you are likely to expose your content to thousands of people, some of whom can become your followers on Instagram. The use of hashtags is a tip that uses a lot in its efforts to get more followers and likes. This trick has worked, as the vendor now boasts of millions of followers. The followers are real and active, and thus one can purchase from them to boost the performances of their Instagram profiles.

5.      Leverage on hubs

On Instagram, you will always come across those profiles that are dedicated to sharing other people’s photos and content. These profiles are called hubs. They are a sort of a variety show that shares what is happening across the world of Instagram.

As a brand, leveraging on the hubs can help you get a million followers on Instagram without having to spend anything on it. What you need to do for your photo to be featured in the hubs is to include the right hashtag in the post. Also, you can check their account bio to see if you can get a good hashtag to include in your photo caption. You will be surprised how fast your profile will grow by simply knowing which hashtags to include in your photo caption that are picked by the hubs. Note that the purpose of using hubs is to get exposure. Usually, the hubs can reach out to millions of people across the Instagram world, and thus it becomes easier for your posts to be seen by millions of people as well.




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