How to Get Radiant and Glowing Skin in 6 Steps


Summer might be winding down, but that doesn’t mean you have to let go of that sun-kissed glow. If you want to achieve a radiant complexion that lasts year-round, simply stick to these six steps.

  1. Swap out your seasonal skincare products

Here’s a skincare tip most people don’t know: you need to switch up your products during seasonal changes. That lightweight moisturizer who became your BFF all summer won’t be able to fend against the dry, cold climate looming on the horizon. You’ll also need to put away those water-based cleansers in favor of creamier formulas to emulsify your complexion, and you might want to press pause on mattifying powders.

  1. Cleanse your face night and day

Days might be shorter and darker, but that doesn’t mean you can skirt your daily rituals. Pull yourself out of bed every morning—even though it may still be dark outside—and go wash your face (Do you know how many dead skin cells are on your pillow case? Gross!).

Resist the tempting urge to just crawl into bed and cleanse your skin before hitting the sheets at night. If you need a little motivation to keep up with your routine, simply visualize that dewy complexion greeting you in the mirror come morning!

  1. Keep skin moisturized and protected

Even though you might be spending less time in the sun, your skin cells are still parched from the season before and left vulnerable to UV exposure. Plus, they’re up against a frigid fight ahead because as the air gets colder and dryer, it sucks the moisture from your pores essential to keep skin cells radiantly shining.

So, be sure to apply a Hydrating Day and Night Cream along with broad-spectrum SPF every time you walk out the door, because just 15 minutes in the sun is enough to cause damage if left unprotected. The sun is your biggest foe when it comes to maintaining a youthful, glowing complexion, so don’t take this tip lightly!

  1. Be proactive, not reactive.
    The secret to maintaining flawless skin that’s free of fine lines and blemishes is by staying ahead of the curve and preventing problems before they arise, rather than after they occur. In addition to applying SPF around the clock, defend against premature aging with specially formulated products that contain vitamin A, hyaluronic acid, and activated charcoal.

    You may feel as though time is on your side, but collagen production starts decreasing around age 27, which makes it much harder for skin to retain its strong and stretchy characteristics. As the cellular structure becomes weak and brittle, wrinkles will begin to etch themselves in and once the damage is done, you’re up against an uphill battle to restore its smooth, radiant texture.

    Pro tip: The same thing goes for breakouts! The moment you see a white- or blackhead begin to form beneath the surface of the skin, nip the problem in the bud by covering it with a ZitSticka that penetrates deep into pores to prevent pimples from popping up.

  2. Add weekly treatments to the mix
    Not only do you need to swap out your skincare products on a seasonal basis, but you also need to adjust the frequency you use them. For example, you might have been exfoliating three times a week to slough off dead skin and reveal healthy pores below, but now, you might want to dial back the scrubs in favor of serums packed with nourishing superfoods to fight free radicals.
  3. Evaluate your diet and amp up nutrition

Last but not least, it’s important to keep the long-term goal in mind and tend to your complexion from the inside-out. Take supplements like those offered by CBDfx known to promote collagen production, strengthen skin cells, and rid the bloodstream of toxins.

You should also try to cut out processed junk food that tend to spike blood sugar levels, leading to breakouts, by sticking to a diet rich with leafy greens. Increase your intake of omega-3s and fatty acids to keep skin looking plump and voluminous, and drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin’s cellular structure from within.

We all want to look forever young, and by following these six steps, you’ll be on your way to retaining a radiant complexion that withstands the test of time!


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