How to get to Zaventem Airport


Aéroport Bruxelles is one of the biggest international airports in Germany that is closely located near the city, within a distance of about 12 kilometers. That one tells you how easy the airport is accessible. Moreover, an eighteen-minute drive won’t do you any harm, especially if you can land a secure parking aeroport Bruxelles. However, today, we want to share with you the possible convenient ways of getting to Aéroport Zaventem, which are not only effective but affordable and comfortable too. Remember, at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you don’t miss your flight. So, here goes the means:

  • Personal car

The first option is, of course, is using your vehicle. Many people don’t feel the vibe of feeling separated from their cars, especially it’s their first ride, not even when going to the airport.

Moreover, Aéroport Zaventem is located within a driving range of many cities, with driving from the main city taking only 18 minutes. In addition to that, nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you’ll get a parking lot reserve via Parkos, which is not only secure but also affordable. Also, remember that you can use the car park for as long periods as you want. At times, you may just be headed to the next city, and you wouldn’t want to bother anyone with picking you up, especially if your arrival is scheduled for late night. If you are also traveling with your entire family, this would be the best option because they’ll be moving in what they are used to.

  • Airport bus

There are two buses that you could catch, which include lines 12 and 21. These two public buses have different terminus points before reaching the city, which includes the European district of Luxemburg and Hertog. However, if the bus makes a stop at Schuman, you can alight and be at the city center in ten minutes, walking at an average speed.

  • Taxi

Taxis are another viable option that you can opt for, especially since they are now just as comfortable as a personal car. Moreover, they are available twenty-four hours around the clock. The rates may differ from time to time, depending on peak hours and off-peak. Also, different companies may charge varying prices. However, it would be best if you always used a company taxi because you don’t have control over private drivers in terms of security and competence, especially when you are traveling deep in the night.

  • Airport train

Finally, you may consider using the airport train, especially if you want to make it quickly to the city center. The best thing about it is that there is always a train moving to and from the city and l’aéroport de Bruxelles every 10 minutes, provided your timeframe is nothing beyond between 5 am and midnight. Moreover, the train doesn’t take long to maneuver as it will take roughly 18 minutes, just like a car driver will do. It will cost you around €12.70 for the travel, which is affordable in the long run.

All the above means are fast and efficient in making sure that your schedules stay within a timeframe, and none of your flights are missed. Similarly, don’t forget that tagging your car along may still be the best option, especially since you can get a secure parking space!


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