How to Properly Look After Your HP Printer


Owing an HP printer is more than just buying replacement printer ink and you will need to maintain it properly if you want to make it last as long as possible. The good news is that HP printers are high-quality machines that will reliable with the smallest amount of upkeep. Follow the steps below to keep your printer in optimum condition at all times.

Aligning your printer may seem like a chore but it is important to keep it aligned so that you can print documents with ease. If you check the alignment once a month then you are pretty certain to have a machine that is ready to work whenever you need it to and this will save you time and keep your printer in tip-top condition so that it is always ready to deliver your work.

Maintaining your printer is an absolute necessity as no one wants a machine that has been damaged through overuse or spoiled by buying ink for printers that are not up to the standards required. Make sure there are no paper jams and when there are, deal with them according to your manual rather than just yanking paper out. Ensure that the nozzles don’t get blocked with ink by printing a test page fortnightly if you aren’t making regular use of your printer. It’s important and logical to follow all the specific instructions that are provided for your model when it comes to maintenance.

Clean the printer inside and out to avoid dust build-ups that can affect the printer ink and don’t store things on top of the printer as this can interfere with the way it functions. Use the in-built cleaning programme to clean the printer head every couple of months or as soon as you see white lines appear in your printing. A clean printer is always going to work better and stay active for longer so this is a must-do area.

Choosing the right ink is an absolute must and it may shock you to know that HP genuine cartridges are not always the best option! Picking high quality, compatible inks is often a better choice as you can control what you are putting into your printer and can find the best ink on the market. Smart Ink is one of these providers and we were stunned when we found that their version of the 952 ink cartridge not only produced better results but lasted longer in our printer. Be warned that many companies sell poor quality inks for high prices so always look for a specialist ink company to be certain of getting a good deal.

Owning a printer is not as simple as it seems but by following these few easy steps you can be certain of getting the best from your machine for as long as you are willing to look after it. HP printers are fantastic quality and with a bit of love and care, you can enjoy yours for many years to come.



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