Is It Safe to Eat a Lionfish?


Underwater world and its inhabitants are surprisingly beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Lionfish is a perfect evidence of this. They astonish by the extravagance of their gorgeous appearance, though hiding a portion of poison in its spikes. A few injections can lead to paralysis of the skeletal muscle and respiratory system. If a man stung by a lionfish underwater and does not receive help on time, he will drown after being paralyzed. However, if a man strikes back and conquers this unselfish creature, he can proudly celebrate and cook that meat for lunch. Let’s check whether it would it be a great cooking idea or death sentence?

Some of the Expert Opinions on Lionfish Eating

There are plenty of opinions existing among scholars. Some of them claim about nasty toxins that can harm a human being while others say there is nothing different between eating a normal fish and a lionfish. Here are some of the most important opinions gathered about the lionfish information:

  • Eating this type of fish is helping the environment because getting rid of it helps ocean reefs and native fish stocks to survive from being hunted. That concerns only small amounts of fish not to harm our ocean fauna
  • Eating lionfish is a better choice than most other fish because it contains healthy Omega 3 fatty acids that are super good for human beings
  • Such fish cannot be farmed and cultivated artificially, so while consuming lionfish you are supporting local fishermen who risk their lives by diving to the depth of water and hunting down lionfish for sale to eat. They get small amounts of money because the dish is not quite popular. Eating that fish means putting money back into the local economy, or to the charity of those who make the ends meet
  • The fish is NOT poisonous at all if you know how to prepare it. In a lionfish cookbook, you can find a complete guide on how it is done. Many thousands of people have already tried the dish and many restaurants serve it as an ordinary dish. Of course, it is up to every person whether to try it or not but nowadays people tend to distrust the dish and that is why there are so many questions concerning the issue
  • No illnesses were reported after eating the dish. It may happen when you fail to properly prepare a lionfish and risk to get the infection. Nonetheless, the issue relates to all types of fish. If you are not aware of the process of cooking it, the high chances are that you may get poisoned. In the lionfish organism, the spines contain the venom and if you remove them, the flesh is good for consuming

To conclude, there are a lot of opinions concerning the issue but most scientists agree there is no poison in the dish if you cook it right. Nonetheless, if the question about lionfish eating remains undiscovered, you can freely pay to write research paper on that topic.

The Most Disruptive Myths on the Topic

Supposing that lionfish are venomous, you are totally right. But when you think this is similar to poisonous, you are wrong. This is an example of how National Geographics ruins top 5 myths about lionfish , quite widespread in our society. The second myth is that you should not eat this type of fish. So why this is not true? That is because they are venomous only and you can easily eat their meat. Once you remove the spines, you are safe.

Another myth is that there is nothing we can do about the consciousness of people that believe in misconceptions. It is easy to conclude that the dive operations removing lionfish will continue happening. Ignoring the fact they are useful for the Seaworld, we can assume there is a danger that such fish can disappear at all.

The diving job is becoming more and more popular, and there are certain rules to follow. Therefore, some centers of control need to be established. The industry has to be developed but in a professional way to keep the population in check and protect the native marine ecosystems.



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