126 Jumbo Box Braids Ideas to Try For A Fun Look Every Day!


Are you looking for a beautiful hairstyle to try out? You can try out the jumbo box braids on yourself if you want a thick and healthy-looking hairstyle! We collected the most popular styles that you can find on the internet today! If you go out looking, you can be confused at times. So it is better to check out a hairstyle article that can give you some ideas and tips to follow along! As you explore this section here, you can find more options to get on board with. So you can follow along with these article’s guidelines.

Do you want a hairstyle that sets you aside from everyone else? Then this is the perfect choice to get on board with. You can keep them fun and casual or keep them looking ecstatic and exceptional. They protect your hair and keep your natural locks secured underneath. These are low maintenance hairstyles that stay this way for a long time to come. According to the style of braids you get on, you will need about seven to nine packs of hair or more! So ask your stylist how many you should be expecting to get! Here are some fantastic jumbo box braids ideas to wear this season for a fun look!

Jumbo box braids with some colors

Are you looking to get that oomph into your hair? If you feel like something is lacking from your hair and you want to change it, then here are some great options. You can see that these are some casual styles that have the jumbo box braids on them with a big punch of colors. Make sure you give these jumbo box braids with color a try once in this lifetime.

jumboo box braidsThinner at the ends

A hairstyle that is thinner at the end is not something new, but it is not common as well. These braids come out thick on the top and then turn into a slim twist at the end. This is one fun idea, and we have some fabulous styles for you to choose from. The one on the bottom has a purple tint to it as well.

An extra swag

You can love this hairstyle here. The bold hue on some strand of hair is adding that touch of flair to the whole look. You need to get that attention-seeking hairdo if you want that sexy and funky appeal. The ones we have here have a bright red and a golden blonde as well. Choose wisely and get the shade that you adore.

Yarns on jumbo box braids

These are some options that have gained a lot of popularity recently. The thread on these styles is best if you want color on yourself without getting chemical hair dye on them. Here are some ideas to choose from if you are intrigued! Notice how there are some beautiful patterns on the scalp here as well? You can get them on as well if you want to.

Long jumbo box braids to try

There are many jumbo box braids long ideas floating around, and you need to pay close attention to them if you want a fun style. You can get on board with these waist-length jumbo box braids if you desire that thick and healthy style. The shape on these styles can be as thick as you wish them to be.

Can’t take our eyes off!

These jumbo box braids are stunning for sure, but here are some styles that we cannot get our eyes off of! They take perfection to a whole new level. The braids are not that thick, but they are surely eye-catching. The makeup and the entire attire works well for women who want to be the center of the crowd.

A fresh young look

A new appeal to a hairstyle is what we love! You can see that these are some beautiful styles that work out great to make you look younger! There is a deep side part here, and it makes the hair look transitional. Add on some golden hair clasps, and you can get that bright touch of vibrancy to your look.

Top bun to wear

Top buns are one of our most loved hairstyles. You can wear them out to go shopping, and you can also go to a party with them as well. If you want a funky appeal, then add on some loose sections here and there. Get some ideas from this portion of our article. And you can opt for a vibe that you want to get on with this summer!

Some ponytail hairstyles

You can keep your ponytails on for any fun occasion. And you can also wear them to a day out with your close circle. These are excellent for any event, and we are sure you want to get that fun appeal as well. You can put them on top to get some height! Keep them low for a soft romantic style.

Ultra stylish hairdo

The style you wear cannot be complete without getting them on with proper fun attire! The jumbo box braids can be pulled on to the top and secured well to get this top bun. It makes you understand that added length on the face! Accessorize them with some fun big hoops and a fun makeup to get a look as stylish as this.

Pop culture

Nowadays, some jumbo box braids hairstyles are gaining popularity on most social media platforms. You can get familiar with these hairdos that pop culture adores! You can also get any of these jumbo box braids and style them to look as youthful as you want. We collected some of our most loved ideas and put it in this section for you to check out.

Long hooped earrings

There are some ways to amp up the hairdo and get your whole attire like the one we have here. These long hooped earrings are ideal for anyone, and they never seem to get out of style as well. So you know that they are a significant investment. So get your style on and enjoy the braids along with that.

Big sections on top

These super jumbo box braids are an excellent idea for anyone who wants a big thick look on themselves. As these are box braids, you need to get the significant sections of square shapes on them. From these portions, you can take the hair and braid them on as you reach the end. Check out that idea in this section here.

Maple leaf designs on top

Creating a pattern on the scalp is a good idea. You can also add jumbo box braids triangle parts on your scalp if that is more to your preference. If you want, you can add these maple leaf designs on them too. We paired up some ideas for you to check out if you are going to wear these soon.


The vacation hair

Heading out to a long-deserved vacation? Then you surely want to enjoy your days and also look out of this world as you do so. You can get some stunning pictures if you get these jumbo box braids. The proof for this is the images that we have piled up in here. You can also get ideas for the poses you want to try from these!

Short to medium hairstyles

Here we have some large box braids bob styles that you will want to try out as soon as you have some time. There are some fun ways to style these short to medium length haircuts. They are popular back in the day, and they are still trendy now. You can get them in some beautiful colors like blonde and fun pink if you want to look effortless!

For a sporty day

Do you need to head out to the gym? Then you can try out these jumbo box braids and get that ease! There is no need to look shabby as you head out of your workout session. Get the jumbo box braids on and secure them to get a sporty vibe. Here is an idea to follow if you are interested in this!

Head to an expert

When you need to get a hairstyle that is as complex as these jumbo box braids, we suggest you head to a stylist. You cannot get that precision on if you get them on at home. Getting professional help with these braids can be the best thing you do this season for your locks. If you want to get some stunning colors on them, then you need to head out as well!

Perfect for a quick selfie

Are you looking to get a fun hairstyle that looks great on every picture you take? These jumbo box braids work out well if you want to get that hairdo that is perfect for a selfie! Now you never have to miss an opportunity to look extraordinary. You can sneak in a picture whenever you have the chance and get that ever so beautiful look!

Faster to get done

When you get jumbo box braids on, you do not need to spend a lot of time to get these done. You can get them done faster since they are bulky and there are fewer sections to finish. You will not need to stay for hours in a salon chair to look this gorgeous! So this is a perfect idea if you want a quick and easy fix for your hair.

Half up jumbo box braids

Have you ever tried half-up hairstyle? Then you need to give it a chance! There are some stunning ideas in here, and they are ideal if you are a college kid or someone who needs to head out fast! The one with the blonde hair is something that entices us the most. You can see that they are beautiful and perfect for everyone! So try it out today!

For toddlers

Do you have a toddler who you want to give a hairstyle that sets them aside from everyone else? Then this can be the perfect look for you to try out. These are low maintenance hairstyles that your kid can wear for three to 5 months without it being scrappy. We are sure your baby will adore this style for a long time to come.

Face framing styles

You can try out a hairstyle that frames your face thoroughly. That way it can make you look slimmer and get you that chiseled contoured effect that most women love right now! Keeping these box braids closer to your face can keep the face looking oval. Stylists often suggest the use of hairstyles and cuts to get an oval face shape on!

Alluring jumbo box braids to try out

Are you in the mood for something dark and deep? Then you can get any of these hairstyles here. You can see the brown and dark black hair ideas in here, and they make it extra special. The depth added on by these hairstyles are beautiful, and it sets it aside as well. We are sure you will love this one for an eye-catching look!

Styling them easy

You can design your braids easy if you know how to create a beautiful hairstyle. Here are some excellent options to get on board with. Wear these to a party, and you can look exceptional every day.

Comparatively thinner

This is one image that shows off these jumbo braids, but when you compare it to other hairstyles, you can see that they are smaller than them. You can try out the same breadth if you want a hairstyle that you can flaunt to each occasion. Get the idea you need from this article. You can take it to your stylist and then get it done as soon as you can.

For everyone out there

There are questions for jumbo box braids how many packs do we need to purchase to get them done and so on. The style you choose to get on can make a lot of difference. You can use seven to eight packs of Kankelon hair for jumbo braids. If you are looking for another option, then choose five to six-packs of X-pression hair.

Unique appeal

If you look closer, you can see the tiny detailed braids on these hairstyles! You can see that here we have a hairdo that looks good and also makes you look different. You do need to get to a salon and get yourself a good stylist if you want to recreate the same look.

Beautiful from all angle

No matter what angle you look at this hairstyle from, you can admire it! The haircut on this section has us swooning over them. They are pinned down into an updo and also have some sweet mini buns on the crown section. Your personality is what sets these hairstyles aside from everything else. And with this look on, you can look unique as well.

Pinned down on the back

Do you want to head out in a hurry and get some work done as fast as you can? Then this is an idea to check out! You can take these thick braids on the back and then pin them down to get a polished style. It is perfect for a workday, and the colors are also exceptional!

For thin hair

Are you looking to get a thicker looking hairstyle for your thin hair? Then you can try out any of these box braiding ideas. The top one is perfect for any occasion. Once you start to braids them, you can head out to a thinner looser section if you want to recreate the hairstyle on the lower one! Add on some beautiful clasps and look fantastic.

Space buns

The flirty and sporty vibe in this hairstyle is something we all want to achieve. You can try out any of these styles if you’re going to head out to the gym or a sporty event. There are some stylish hairstyles out there, but there is a fun element on them as well. Keep them half and a half or make it a neatly wrapped up style.

To one side of your hair

These jumbo box braids are transitional, and you can achieve the same by getting all your hair on to one side. They are easier to handle and are comfortable as well. If this is a new look for you, then you are sure to love the way it feels. Here are some hair styling ideas to follow for a breezy style.

The ones for models

There are some styles of jumbo box braids that we sport on some fantastic models. We are in awe of this hairstyle. The one on top has this thin section, and they make a fabulous hairstyle. There are some blonde hues on the ones on the bottom here. This is a look sported by Blac Chyna here, so you know it is stylish and funky!

Do it back home

Getting these braids on is a task best reserved for the stylists, but there is no need for you to stay on there for long to style them afterward! You can create some beautiful hairstyles at home as a do it yourself project. There are many videos out there that can guide you into getting these hairstyles done yourself.

Funky and fun jumbo box braids

Want a hairstyle that has an extraordinary appeal and some vibrant elements to it? Then you can try out any of these hairstyles here. There are some cute pop of colors with the bubblegum pink, ash blonde, oranges, browns, greens and some rainbow colors here. This is great for when you want to opt for a summer-appropriate style and look ravishing!

For teens who want a box braids

Are you a teenager who wants to try out this protective and fun this season? Then anyone of you can try out these twists that are vibrant and youthful. Add on some fun clasps, and you can see it adds that touch of grace! If you want then sweep it to one side and sport some stylish accessories as well.

Head out today

When we make plans to head out to a fun party or a casual day out, we want to look stunning in every way! And so it is ideal for getting these styles. There is a fun and chirpy appeal to these images, and you can feel the same when you try it out. Add on some cool accessories, and you are ready.

Some fun ideas to check out

Here are some creative ideas to try out if you want to get a different appeal than the hairstyles that we showed you! There are some with blonde colors on them and some that are colored in red hues as well. For a simple look, you can keep things plain and get a dark black color. Check them out now and choose the one you love!

Some options

As you finish all these sections with images, you may have found styles to try out! But if you have not yet found the one, there are some more options to check out in here. You can find the one to get on board with some of these box braids ideas we compiled here. A top bun is also a good option.

As you finish this article here, we are sure you want to try out these braiding styles. Make sure you know the options you have before you try to get them done. You can also take some clues from the celebs who wear these styles nowadays. This is a trendy style, and it has caused a lot of excitement among the crowd. Youngsters are also well into this idea and are adopting them more. Make this your style by manipulating the hair strands any way you want and adding on some beautiful hair accessories as well. We are sure you will get some idea from our article here.


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