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Experiencing the largest shopping malls in the world can leave you awestruck when you see the architect, design and the area covered by these shopping malls. These large shopping malls have elegant glasses reflected in the windows, where the temperature is always the same inside, no matter what. They are designed to give you the best shopping experience ever. These shopping malls give you the opportunity to save your time and energy while making sure that you get everything you need and want. This article will help you to know for instance everything you need to know about twenty largest shopping malls.

From the smallest gadgets to massive products, these 20 mega malls will give you everything, just under the one rooftop. Shopping malls are the only infrastructure in the entire world that interconnects all the humans to their needs and desires, from the basic survival groceries to luxurious kinds of stuff. Everything that you want or need, you’ll get within the mall, and when you’re finished with your shopping, you’ll still want to stay in the shopping mall just to admire the architecture.

The polished tiles and the soothing lights that capture the eyes of any consumer who is in these largest shopping malls will always make you amaze and re-think how life would be without these shopping malls. These twenty mega malls have mastered the design, to hold as many consumers as possible at a time.

However, shopping wasn’t the same as it is nowadays, it has changed drastically in the past years. Consumers, in old days, we’re looking to avoid trips to individual stores which was very time-consuming. Which led Austrian-born architect Victor Gruen to design and built the first shopping mall learning the consumer behavior. The first ever built mall was South dale Center in Edina, Minnesota in 1956.
The multiple levels of shopping with the concept of enclosed shops that enabled consumers to walk back and forth from stores to stores and make an interactive shopping experience, solving problems like parking unavailability and quick purchase shortly became a revolutionary idea.

These shopping malls not only provided departments of different merchandises to shop but also provided an alternative form to account for fun activities like the social gathering, cultural activities, product launches and promotions. And with the rapid growth, now we have shopping malls that are exceptionally large and incorporates eye-catching design, wonderful art installations, and innovative landscaping, enabling the world to experience twenty of the largest shopping malls all over the globe. Tour with this article and explore the twenty of the largest shopping malls according to a leasable area that has been serving the consumers:

  1. South China Mall, China 

 largest shopping malls in the world


With a total area of 892,000 Sq.ft and almost 660,000 sq.ft of leasable space, which was opened to people in 2005 is the largest shopping malls of all. It is located about 50 miles north of Hong Kong, in Dongguan. The mall is owned by major Chinese technology multi-industry companies, Dongguan Sanyuan Yinghui Investment and Development. It is about double the area of The Dubai Mall if compared to gross leasable area.
Despite being the largest shopping mall all over the world, it was 99% empty until 2011, with only 47 stores being used out of 2,350. Most of the stores were vacant and the mall was more famous with the name of ‘The Ghost Mall’.
However, it has been reported that, after the renovation and remodeling of the mall and implying new strategies, most vacant spaces are now filled up, leaving only 36% of the stores empty. Some new highlights include a globe-shaped IMAX-style theater in the external square and some recreational activities for children.
The mall has been depicted in a movie, named utopia part 3: the World’s Largest Shopping Mall, by an American documentary filmmaker Sam Green.

2. SM Tianjin, China 

This shopping mall covers a total of 5,812,511 Sq.ft gross leasable space, which was opened in 2016. It is located in Tianjin, China which is the world’s 11th most populous city proper comprising more than 2500 stores. The mall which is larger than 74 football fields is owned and operated by SM prime holdings of Philippines. It is a franchise of shopping malls that has 70 malls located across the Philippines and 7 in China with about 24 more planned to be open by 2018.
The second largest shopping mall in the world has an Olympic-size ice-skating rink and a unique science discovery center. The most anticipated feature is to house the largest IMAX screen,  that can be up to eight-story. SM Tianjin also has a concert hall that can accommodate up to 900 people.

3. Golden Resources Mall, Bejing

With this, China holds the third largest shopping mall in the world in a row. It is located in the capital of China, Beijing, near the northwest forth ring road. In 2004, when it was first opened, it was the largest mall by gross leasable area with 6,000,010 sq ft. It has more than 1000 stores with 230 escalators. Being located in the sparsely populated outer suburbs, the location of the mall, which was relatively inaccessible. It made the shopping mall far more difficult to reach the aim of having 50,000 shoppers a day, while the actual figure suggests having shoppers as few as 20 per hours. However, now with the rise of the population in the area, the number of shoppers have tremendously increased over time.
Now the Mall features over fifty categories of service, with 1,600 well-known brand and showrooms.

4. SM City North EDSA, Philippines

This is a franchise of the same shopping mall holding the second largest shopping mall in the world, which is located in China. SM City North EDSA also know as ‘The Block’ holds the rank of a fourth largest shopping mall in the world is the largest one in the Philippines. It covers 5,360,000 sq ft of gross leasable area and is situated in Quenzon City with more than 1000 shops. This mall hosts average of 950,000 shoppers every day, adding up to 350,000,000 shoppers per year. It was designed by Arquitectonica, which is an international architecture corporation, that is based in Miami.
The mall features Sky Garden’s including the SkyDome, Water Features, and retail, dining and entertainment outlets, and a Roof Garden, which have more than 55 species of plants, herbs, and trees. While the others features of the fourth largest shopping mall consist over 800 retail shops, more than 200 restaurants with 29 food stalls, 12 cinemas including digital IMAX and almost 4,000 parking slots.
However, there has been many accidents and incidents that have taken the life of people and gave some serious injuries.

5. SM Mega mall, Philippines 

SM Prime Holding, the same franchise again comes with the next list of largest shopping malls in the world. This SM Mega Mall was established in 1991, in Mandaluyong which is directly in the east of Manila. It covers 5,100,000 sq ft making it the second largest shopping mall in the Philippines, and the fifth in the world. It as well was designed by Arquitectonica. The mall consists of two fully air-conditioned multi-level main building, one featuring; SM Cinemas, Food Court, Toy Kingdom and other anchor tenants and the next with Department stores, Cyber zones, and fashion halls. It as well as more than 1000 stores and parking space for more than 4200 cars. It Provides the movie watchers with 14 cinema screens, which is the highest number in the Philippines. You probably should know that the shopping mall is expected to feature a revolutionary ‘S-shape’ design in elevation, with three levels of underground parking.

6. SM Seaside City Cebu, Philippines

And yet another largest mall owned by the same group, SM Prime Holding, with 5,100,000 sq ft of the gross lesable area located in Cebu city, makes SM Sea Side city Cebu, the sixth largest shopping mall. It was inaugurated in 2015, which has more than 450 stores and is the largest shopping mall in the Philippines outside Metro Manila. The thing you need to know about this mall is that it was as well designed by Arquitectonica, and consists of 18-lane SM Bowling and Amusement Center, and a food court flanking an Olympic-size ice skating rink. With 350-seat Large Screen Cinema art laser projection system and 4 regular-sized cinemas, with PWD-friendly features lets, you enjoy every second inside in each of the theaters. There are restaurants and coffee shops that offer a view deck from the top which lets shoppers a 360-degree view of the city and the mall.

7. 1 Utama, Malaysia

1 Utahm is the largest shopping mall in Malaysia, with the largest rooftop garden in Southeast Asia (30,000 sqft). It lies in the Damansara city, the second-largest district subdivision in Malaysia in terms of population, hosting 453,420 residents. It was opened in the year 1995 and covers 5,010,000 sq ft leasble area that has more than 700 shops. It is the largest promotional spaces in a Malaysian shopping center, for different events. The mall has four recreational sporting activity centers; diving academy, rock climbing, futsal, baseball hitting camps. A 36-lane bowling alley, two karaoke centers, and a spaceship-themed kids’ playland will surely keep you entertained.

8. Isfahan city center, Iran 

The largest shopping mall in the Middle East after the Dubai Mall, in the United Arab Emirates, is Isfahan City center. It is not only the largest shopping mall within the whole of Iran but also one of those mega malls, holding a museum inside a shopping mall around the globe. The tenth largest shopping mall, Isafan City Center is located in Dastjerdi Hw, Isfahan, which is worldwide renowned for its Persian architecture. It was founded in 2012, developed by Medardo Cadiz formed Cadiz Design Group, Singapore. It is the divided into four parts, and the mall covers a total of 6,500,000 sq ft and 5,011,000 sq ft as lesable area possessing more than 700 retail shops and a 5 star that is 30 stories tall with 400 rooms. The founder of the mall, Masoud Sarrami says that the total cost for the entire building has been $1 billion. The thing you should know about one of the largest malls is that it has an indoor theme park with a roller coaster and bumbler cars, and an entertainment center with seven cinema screens and a university.

9. Central Plaza West Gate, Thailand


The capital city, Bangkok hosts one of the worlds largest mall, which was found in 2015 by Central pattana. It has 4,846,750 sq ft of gross area leasable and aims to serve travelers from the motorway, as it is located where several highways meets. The mall offers entertainment with its 3,000 seats in 12 digital cinemas including the Kid Cinema to become a world-class attraction. The halls and activity area is capable enough to hold more than 3000 people.

10. Persian Gulf Complex, Iran

Among all of the largest shopping malls around the world, this marks its own legacy by having the world’s largest number of stores under the same roof. Persian Gulf Complex consists of more than 2500 shops spared in 4,800,000 sq ft leasable area and total area covered. The developer of this site is Royal Star International while the owner is Hossain Hossein. You surely need to know that this mall offers a swimming pool, convention center and a helipad and parking lot for 5500 cars. Probably, you should know that the tenth largest shopping mall in the world, offers 28000 sq.m and 37000 sq.m indoor and outdoor amusement parks with international standards.

11. Central World, Thailand

Being build in the generation of 1990, the shopping mall is located in the capital city Bangkok. It is the second largest supermall in Bangkok, with 4,600,000 sq ft of leasable area and has over 600 retailing shops. Altoon + Porter Architects LLP, designed the architect of the building and, is owned by the same group, Central pattana, that owns the ninth largest shopping mall in the world, Central Plaza West Gate, Thailand. It was temporarily closed on 19 May 2010 due to severe arson damage, in 2010 Political Protest.
It includes two skyscrapers with four restaurants, four bar/lounge and a full-service spa with all soundproof rooms.

12. SM Mall of Asia, Philippines 

Near the SM Central Business Park, lies the shopping mall in Pasay opened to its services in 2006. It was the greatest purchasing marketplace in the Philippines, till SM City North EDSA, was reconstructed. Owned by SM Prime Holdings, it covers the gross leasable area of 4,380,500 sq ft and the total area of 4,382,000 sq ft with more than 1000 retailing shops. It features the first ever IMAX theater in the country, which is one of the world’s biggest IMAX screens in 3D including 2D screenings. It has two concert blocks which can accommodate about 30,000 persons, and about 80,000 people and features countries first Olympic-sized Ice skating rink. It has as well been associated with some incidents and accidents.

13. Intu MetroCentre, United Kingdom

Apart from Asia, this is the first one to make in the list of world’s largest shopping malls, it is situated Dunston which is in the most westerly part of the town Gateshead. It has a total of 10,490,000 sq ft area, holding the position of the thirteenth largest mall in the world and the largest shopping mall in Europe, from it, ‘s opening in 1986. It is a partnership, owned by three of the organizations; Intu Properties, Church Commissions, GIC Real Estate and has over 730 stores and services. It facilities with 12 screen Odeon cinema, VIP lounge and an IMAX screen. The Mall employees 9,000 staff, in peak times. The Christmas decoration changes in every 3 years, that takes 9 nights and 2,250 hours to install throughout the center which is admired by 20,000 children.

14. Sunway pyramid, Malaysia

The second largest shopping mall in entire Malaysia, with 4,260,000 sq ft of lesable area is themed in Egyptian style. The mall has more than 800 retail shops and 170 F&B outlets marking its presence in the list of Top 15 world’s largest shopping malls. It has undergone two major expansions since it’s opening year in 1997. It has the capacity of 10,000 car park slots that are integrated. The mall consists of 48-lane Sunway Mega Lanes, which hosts, International tournaments like Common Wealth Game and CGU Asian Bowling Tours organized by ESPN. It accommodates 12-screen Tanjong Golden Village Cineplex, exhibition and convention centers and Malaysia’s largest indoor ice-skating rink and has the world’s largest Surf Pool and world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge. This shopping mall has won a lot of awards in; customer service, leisure, and shopping mall categories.

15. Lotte World Mall, South Korea 

This shopping mall landmarks the city Seoul, with it’s a 108-floors skyscraper. Though it falls to number 15, it still is the largest shopping mall in South Korea. The mall possesses 4,127,600 sq ft leasable area, which was opened to the public in 2014 after five years of construction that began, in May 2009. This skyscraper is one of Korea’s architectural crown jewels and the fifth tallest building in the world, standing at 555 meters (1,824 ft). The mall features Korea’s best urban aquarium, spectacular classical music hall, and Asia’s largest multiplex and the total floor space is 115 times the soccer field.

16. Largest Malls in The World (Albrook Mall, USA)

The largest shopping mall in America, Albrook mall received 30,000 and 50,000 shoppers and visitors per day. It covers 4,100,000 sq ft of leasable area and employees around 10,000 people. It is huge enough to get lost, so every entrance has an animal so you can locate yourself, and has about 1000 restaurants. Also, this mega-mall has a 34-lane bowling alley, video arcade, and a 14-screen movie theater. On March 2013, a fire broke out which was due to lack of fire sprinkles. In that incident, 60 shops were damage which cost around $15 Million, however, no one was injured in the incident.

17. Mall Taman Anggrek, Indonesia

Largest Malls in The World
It is one-stop shopping destination in West Jakarta, as being the largest in Indonesia which was one of the largest malls in Southeast Asia when opened in 1996.  What you need to know about the largest mall in Indonesia is that it holds Guinness World Record for hosting world’s largest LED display. It has more than 20 exhibition areas – including a spectacular 800 sqm center atrium and regularly hosts events. The mall is owned by Indonesia’s Mulia Group and designed by Altoon and Porter Architects. This shopping mall covers 3,900,000 sq ft of leasble area with more than 500 shops and 4000 car park in it. The largest mall of Indonesia has a four-screen movie theater and an international fitness club operator and 1,248 sq.m ice skating arena.

18. The Avenues Mall, Kuwait

Largest Malls in The World
This shopping mall that is the largest one in Kuwait and second largest in the Middle East has four distinct phases of construction. This Shopping destination is designed and managed by K.P.S.C company and has already spent 3.06 billion United States Dollars across the span of 12 years of construction. The largest shopping mall in Kuwait covers 3,840,000 sq ft featuring more than 800 stores and 10,000 car park. The exteriors are surrounded by fountains and still is under the 4th phase of construction, with 462,500 visitors per week. The Avenues is majorly created with the aim to merge the edge-cutting technology and the tradition and climate influence of the country.

19.The Dubai Mall, Dubai

Largest Malls in The World
It is the largest mall in the world, if seen by the total area it covers 12,100,000 sq ft, however, falls in top 20 Largest malls of the world by gross leasable area, i.e, 3,800,000 sq ft. It was opened in 2008, and by the next three year, it was already the most visited building in the world, with 54 million visitors each year. It drew numerous visitants than these exquisite New York City and Los Angeles. The Dubai Mall has more than 250 indulgence house apartments, 22 multiplex screens and 120 beaneries, cafes and above 14,000 parking reservations. And features Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo with more than 300 spices of marine animals like sharks and has Virtual Reality park. It is incredibly huge and magnificent and has been documented for the show Mega Structure by National Geography.

20. Lucky One Mall 

Largest Shopping Malls In The world
Based in the capital of Pakistan, Karachi, this malls holds the record for being the largest mall in the whole country and South Asia. It has the leasable area of 3,700,000 sq ft with more than 200 stores and parking space for 3000 cars. It was opened to serve in 2017, after seven years of starting the construction and hosted more than 100,000 visitors the opening day, and aims to revolutionize the shopping experience in Pakistan. The mall has cost US$100 million. It features a food court, atrium, ramp stages, large area for musical concert and theme park, known as Onederland. It also includes a hypermarket that offers a range of grocery, household and electronic items.

So with this, you now have access to all the basic information you need to know about the twenty largest malls in the entire world. As you might have already noticed the supermarket industry is exceptionally blooming in the Eastern part of the world.Only some of the ranks to behold by the western world. Having a shopping mall not just leaves you with everything you want but also creates a platform like employment opportunities and social centers for communities.
Now in the present time, through online shopping have been a potential threat, but still, these shopping malls have been the central institute for our modern world functioning as the source to provide the utilities and being a centerpiece for rejuvenating urban places.
With the cutting edge technology and globalization, shopping malls have always provided humans with everything they need and is necessary for modern living.


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