107 Layered Hairstyle Ideas To Inspire Your Brand New ‘Do


Of all the modern haircuts, layers is probably one of the most versatile. The cut has the ability to be edited to fit various hair lengths, face shapes and even hair textures flattering almost anyone who wears it.

Don’t believe us? Well, just check out our layered haircut picks and tips to find one that’ll just be perfect for you.

The best layered haircuts for round face shapes

Take cues from Oscar award-winning actress Emma Stone and try to keep your hair just a few inches above (or even longer) your chin to help elongate your round face more. Getting some slight or blunt layers at the bottom inches will help add texture to a plain lob.

Want to keep your hair long? Good. Longer hair often looks better on round-faced girls as it helps create the illusion of a longer face. If you have thick hair, thin it out a bit with some all-over layers focussed down towards the lower half of your mane. Style tip: Part your hair in the middle to further enhance your long hair’s slimming effect.

Emphasize and make your natural waves by getting strategic layers on your hair. It’s best if you request your stylist to cut your locks dry instead of wet so both of you could see how well your curls will fall with the layers. The look above is an excellent example of this principle done well.

Remember to always start your layers at or below the chin if you have long and layered hair. Doing so will draw people’s attention downwards instead of focusing on your full cheeks and give your face some much-needed angles as well.

Of course, shoulder-length layered hairstyles will always be a flattering go-to cut. Style it with some face-framing waves (never curls as they emphasize the face’s roundness) to emphasize the soft angles of your cheekbones just a little bit. Besides, the look is very in right now.

Flattering layered hairstyles for women with square-shaped faces

layered hair

Aesthetically, women with square-shaped faces are considered to be beautiful with their strong jawline and photogenic features. In fact, a lot of women who are considered to be the most beautiful in the world have this face shape.

For starters, long straight hair is a perfect hairstyle for a square face shape. If you already have extra long hair, go for shape-adding layers to give it some nice movement and avoid limpness.

Side-swept bangs and side-framing layers are also a great idea to balance out a strong jawline as the one Lea Michele has. Style it with some volumized waves for added body and you’ve got yourself a simple yet vavavoom look.

To see how you can work layered hair with a square face shape, look at what hairstyles celebrities like Mandy Moore, Keira Knightley and Demi Moore are rocking these days.

For example, take a quick look at how this below the chin hairstyle complements Mandy’s strong features and softens them up a bit to keep her looking feminine.

Just like round-faced girls, waves are your best choice when it comes to styling your layered hair to complement your face shape. To get the look, spray on some styling product on your dry hair and take small sections of it to be curled with an iron. Once you’ve done this on your entire head, use your fingers to loosen up the curls into waves and secure your look with some hairspray.

Layered hair for oval faces

Going for some bangs is always a great idea to shorten an oval-shaped face. For starters, you can opt for long side-swept bangs like the one this young Shailene Woodley has in this look. It’s best paired with long, layered hair worn straight down. Sleek and simple, definitely a great look for work or school.

If you want to rock a short pixie and have an oval face, opt for a more grown out layered pixie that has a bit more volume up top. The style would help balance out the face’s shape from the forehead down to the chin. Besides, keeping some length will leave you lots of room for styling your hair that won’t be possible with a classic pixie cut.


Stylists say that long side bangs help an oval face shape become less linear and look softer. Have the rest of your hair layered to keep some natural movement in it. Blow dry your hair on days you wash it for good measure and you’ll be looking as fab as Rachel McAdams.

Channel your inner chic Frenchie with this stylish A-line bob with choppy layers. The bluntness of the layers helps make the hair appear thicker around the jawline and fills up the thinnest parts of your face. You can make the look extra hip with some on-trend parted bangs like Nina Dobrev did in the hairstyle above.

Remember that going for a one-length haircut is a big no-no if you have an oval face. The cut tends to weight your features down. Instead, always incorporate some layers in whatever haircut you end up with whether long or short.

Rocking layers on short hair

When you’ve gotten your hair cut into a pixie before then you’re already familiar with those bad hair days when your strands just stick out in annoying directions.

Combat that and ask your stylist to introduce some layers into your pixie cut especially up top. What more, these layers would also help in adding texture and volume to your hair so you don’t look too flat and frumpy. Of course, it always helps to style your short hair using some stronghold hair gel to avoid stubborn flyaways.

You’ll also appreciate the magic of layers when you’re in the process of growing out a pixie cut. Keep your hair looking good at the various stages of hair growth and go into the salon for a shaping haircut every few months or so. Pro-tip: Tell your stylist to cut your hair shorter in the back to avoid getting that helmet, mullet-like hairstyle that comes with growing out a boy cut.

White Blonde Layered Pixie With Undercut

If you want to spice up a regular pixie cut, introduce some edgy layering action to it with a slight undercut like this one. Not only will you feel lighter, but you’ll also look it. Just keep in mind that the secret to making this style work is to keep some length towards the front and top part of your hair.

A layered blunt bob shaped with some slight layers at the back is a great look to emphasize or give the illusion of length to your neck.

Steeply Angled Layered Bob Hairstyles Ideas for 2018 – 2019

Opting for an angled bob also gives a similar elongating effect. The haircut is best worn straight and tousled to get that laid-back look.

Make long hair chic with layers


Sometimes you really don’t need to do much of a change to look good. Maybe all your locks needs is a good blowout and a trim. Layers are always a good idea if you want to bring more life to plain old long and straight hair.

If you have long but thin hair, you can fake volume and body by opting for a layered haircut. Style it with some texturizing waves and no one’s the wiser. A middle part is also a great way to give it the illusion of thickness.

Of course, you can just simply wear your hair straight down for an easy everyday look. If you’re too lazy or don’t have the time to do much styling, a layered haircut would definitely give your hair an instant oomph factor. Just take a look at this hairstyle Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing.

Make sure to get some face-framing layers and thin out the bottom part of your long hair. Doing so would prevent it from dragging your features down. It’s also the perfect way to maintain a longer hair length during the three months of summer. No need to chop off your locks to keep cool, see?

Long blonde hair is the perfect canvas to achieve this boho-chic layered hairstyle that Mary-Kate Olsen is rocking. Get that wispy loo by taking some thin strands of your hair and ironing them in a slightly curved direction. Applying a pea drip of styling mousse will help your hair keep styling better,

How to wear layers on straight hair

Straight hair has the tendency to look lifeless and limp when left unstyled. Fight this and employ some strategically placed layers to your hair. For starters, you can opt for layers that fall just right at or even below your shoulders to achieve a sort of “bouncy” look. This works specifically well with longer hair lengths.

Here’s another look that employs the same principle. Looks commercial-ready, huh?

If you’ve got thin hair and doesn’t want to diminish its volume too much with high layers, you can go for slight layers focused on the last two inches of your hair. Add a bit of shape up top with a simple long side bang.

See how bottom layers instantly makes the hair look extra thicker and have more shape? No wonder The Rachel haircut was so popular back in the day.

But if you’re gifted with a thick head of hair, you can go ham with all over layers like the one pictured above. Don’t forget to ask your stylist to also layer the front part of your mane to get some instant face-framing action to slim down your face.

Not yet ready for a full-fledged bob? Test the waters with a very choppy lob with blunt layers. It’s short enough to get that stylish, carefree vibe but still long enough to leave you enough length to play with. The best of both worlds, don’t you think?

Making layers work for naturally curly hair

Who says women with naturally curly hair can’t rock a layered cut? Sure it might be trickier to cut their hair type, but they can still benefit from the shaping magic of a layered haircut.

If you have ethnic hair, it’s best to go to hair salons which have stylists who’ve had previous experience with working with your kind of hair texture. These stylists would often cut your hair dry instead of wet to see exactly how your hair will look after the cut.

Really nice curly bob haircuts for women

We’re particularly obsessed with this ultra chic bob and bangs combo that Zendaya is wearing. It’s both cute and sexy at the same time. What more, it looks absolutely easy to maintain given the manageable length of it.


Here’s another version of the same look but on hair that has tighter curls and is layered into a sort of tapered shape. And surprise, surprise, it still works well! See how the layering of curly hair helps make it look shaped and styled? So, don’ be afraid to experiment with shorter haircuts on your curls.

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Should you decide to take your weave and out and let your natural locks breathe for a while, consider getting a layered trim to help make them look good and wearable. You never know. You might even end up loving your new ‘do and wear your hair au naturel for a while.

20 Amazing Layered Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Tone the volume of your curly hair with some layers that are focussed on the bottom part of your mane’s length. A few face-framing side pieces also work.

Jasmine Brown on Instagram: “CHEESEEE • How long do you think all of this hair dried with the @IGKHAIR No More Blow Just posted a video if you want to see how it…”

Sometimes, getting all over layers on curly hair makes the hair look unruly and messy so be careful. If you end up with this problem invest in some hair mousse that is specially formulated for curly hair to manage your locks and avoid frizz.

The perfect combo: bangs and layered hair

If you’ve been planning to try out bangs for a while, now is the time to do so. Pairing a long fringe with long layered hair is a tried and tested chic look that women have been wearing since the 1960s. It’s been making quite the come back as you’ll notice with the styles fashion bloggers are wearing now.

Bangs can work on both slightly layered hair and blunt choppy layers depending on the look you’re going for. You can also style the look in a variety of ways from jagged waves to softer curls.

See what we mean? Steal Zooey Deschanel’s vintage-inspired look by slightly curling your layered hair with a wide barrel curling iron.

Or go for a rocker chic look and opt for shorter hair and blunter layers. An extra thick fringe also completes this banging look.

Not a fan of the full fringe? Try out some side bangs instead for a sweeter and softer look to complement your layered hair.

The side bangs will also help in framing and drawing attention towards your face. Take inspiration from this simple yet cute red carpet look from country singer Carrie Underwood.

The different ways to style layered hair

Steal this absolutely stunning look Amanda Seyfried is wearing by taking large sections of your layered hair and slightly curling their bottom half with a wide barrel curling iron. Make sure to create small flips on the ends of your higher layers for a bouncy effect.

Or go for a blonde bombshell look and go for tighter yet still loose curls. Scrunch them up a bit afterward to copy Blake Lively’s signature sexy locks.

Don’t underestimate the power of a regular blowout in polishing up your look. You can always get the best of your money and make the blowout effect last by skipping a few days of washing your hair. Just make sure to keep your hair fresh with an everyday dose of dry shampoo.

Getting layers didn’t satisfy your craving for a brand new hairdo? Why not get a color job done as well? What do you think of this gorgeous light electric blue color? Think you can pull it off? What other colors do you want to try?

In the end, you can always just wear your hair down and let the layers do their job of creating texture and body to your hair. Slather on some anti-frizz product and you’re good to go.

Layered hairstyles for women over 50

Looking for an age-appropriate hairstyle? Well, layers still got your back.

Take notes from Meg Ryan’s short and tousled layered haircut. Low maintenance, stylish and age-appropriate? What else could you ask for?

Here’s another version of the look without the curls. The cut is sort of a hybrid between a regular bob and layered haircut.

A side view of the hairstyle but without the bangs and with added volume.

Layered-Longer-Pixie Best Short Haircuts for Older Women

An overgrown pixie haircut is also a perfect go-to for every woman over the age of 50 who are looking for a brand new hairstyle.

Short-Layered-Straight-Hair Short Haircuts for Older Women 2018-2019

If you’re not a fan of the previous haircuts’ lengths you can opt for a longer version that just grazes your collarbone.  Keep the bangs to maintain a youthful and playful vibe.

What do you think of the layered looks we’ve compiled for you? Did you find one you’d like to try out on your hair? 

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our layered hairstyles gallery to see more looks!




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layered hair


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