77 Hairstyle Inspirations to Rock the Lemonade Braid Trend


If you are active on social media sites, then we are sure you will recognize these braids here. These lemonade braids were made famous by the ever so beautiful Beyonce and overnight it gained a lot of attention. Here we are bringing you the best styles of these braids you can get on board with. We are sure you will be thrilled to try on a look that Queen B tried on herself. Her album was titled ‘Lemonade,’ and these cornrow styles were made famous by her in the same! We love the way she carried off this strong hairdo, and we can’t wait for you to wear them!

These are the cornrow braiding styles that have been around for a long time now! If you are looking to try on something new, then this is the look you need to try out! People think you can only get these cornrows on a regular braided style on long hair, but that is the mistake! There are many ways you can try on these twists and make them look great. You only need to know how you can style them. Here we are showing you ways to manipulate these cornrows and make them fabulous!

How did these braids originate?

If you are wondering why are they called lemonade braids, then we are here to satisfy your curiosity. These were the cornrow styles that Beyonce wore on several of her music videos. The album she donned these look for was titled ‘ lemonade,’ and we are sure you are familiar with it! Her fans then named these hairstyles as lemonade braids. They are indeed the same African style of cornrows that we are used to! Some celebs are trying these looks more and more, and it has made many women try them on too.  Now it is your chance to sport these outstanding styles!

Now that you know these braids are fabulous and fun, we are sure you will be excited to try them out. Get ready to copy the style that the ‘single ladies’ singer sported! The summers are perfect for trying on these hairdos. You can even try these out for the holidays for a change in your look. They will keep you looking great and feeling fresh each day. Thus we are here to show you the lemonade braids styles and how you can get them. We are also giving you hints as to how you can wear them for various occasions.

Try out these stunning lemonade braids for a change in appearance!

You are creating something fun!

If you are looking to try out medium lemonade braids, then here is an idea for you! You can try out these braided buns and be assured that your hair will look fabulous! Here is an image that can help you out. There are thin sections of braids on the side, and they merge with the thicker braids. Then all you need to do is take these sections of hair and pin them down securely at the back!

lemonade braids Go the extra mile

If you are looking to try out these lemonade braids, then go the extra mile and try these out! You can see how the bundle of hair has been pinned down on top, and they are adding some length to the face as well. This look here is perfect for all college going kids who are always looking to amp up their looks! We are sure you will leave everyone stunned with your style!

All in the details

When you create a new hairstyle, you need to pay attention to the minor details in them. When you add braids on them, they need to be precise, and you also need to make sure that your hair is frizz free. You can see that here we have small sections on the front with curls on them as well. There are yarned sections on the hair as well, and they add a whole new dimension to it!

Mixed in with the Afro

Here is a look that you can see has a lot of elements to it. You can get the same if you are looking to try out something different and unique. There are longer braids on the front, and they have beads on the bottom as well. The afro on the top is what sets it aside from every other look in here. You can try out the same for a relaxed appeal!

Lemonade braids at an angle

These braids on the hair have these slight curve to it. You can see that the thicker section of cornrows are swerved at an angle and they form a side swept look. There is an ease in this hairdo, and you will be feeling fresh all day long with these cornrows! Here are a few ideas you can get inspired by. We are sure it will help you to get a youthful appearance!

The braiding process

When you are getting lemonade braids, they are going to take a lot of time! So you need to make sure that you have that time to spare. If you decide to get them done long, then it will be a very lengthy process! That is why we are suggesting you have some patience. Once you are done, you will love the way your locks appear! Here is an image to show it off.

All to a side

If you are a person who loves hassle-free hairdos, then you are surely going to adore this one. When you get all of your locks on to a side, you will not have to worry about them being frizzy and troublesome. You can take ideas for your side swept lemonade braids from this image in here. This one will work out for casual days and also for days when you want to look like a diva!

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Youthful curls

Adding curls can add that texture to your hair that it might otherwise be missing. You can try on these braided hairdos here if you have a love for wavy hair. This is an exciting look right here, and there are many elements to it as well. You can start by braiding your hair from a side and then bringing them to the other side. The clean mid partition is something we admire as well.

Long lemonade braids

If you want to look as beautiful as Beyonce, then you have to make sure you put in the effort. Here is a look you can take cues from. The longer they are, the better they look. It is like having more space to work with. There is colored hair on here as well, so you have an option to do what you want. Check them out and choose the one you like!

Beautiful in every way!

Here are some side swept lemonade braids that you can try out if you are interested in a hairdo that shows off your side profile well. All there is to it is the process with which you start to braid. You can see that they are done at an angle and they swerve to a side. This way, all your hair is one apart, and you can enjoy the freedom!

Blonde lemonade braids

There are some colors that we never see going out of style. And blonde and browns are certainly the top choices in the category! Here are some ideas of blonde infused lemonade braids that we are sure you will appreciate. If you want to play with colors but are not comfortable with dipping into bright hues, then this is a safe choice. These shades look good on all skin tones as well.

Creating a pattern

There are some colors that we never see going out of style. And blonde and browns are certainly the top choices in the category! Here are some ideas of blonde infused lemonade braids that we are sure you will appreciate. If you want to play with colors but are not comfortable with dipping into bright hues, then this is a safe choice. These shades look good on all skin tones as well.

For any occasion

Everybody wants a look that works out for all events. We want to wake up looking gorgeous and look effortlessly beautiful. With these lemonade braids, we see that happening. You can see that there is a fun vibe in here and they are excellent to be worn to any festive occasion as well. These hairstyles in here strike the perfect balance, and thus it falls under the ones we recommend to everyone!

The fabulous high pony

Ponytails are an easy hairstyle for sure. But there are many ways to make them pop. We are showing you these high braided ponytails here. And we are sure you will love the way your hair looks once you get them on yourself. If you want to see how it will look, then here are some images for reference. Take these to your hair salon and get the same and we assure you, you won’t regret it.

Adding these beads

Adding accessories to your hair makes them look fabulous, and there are many ideas that you can get on board! You can see there are lemonade braids with beads here and they are adding an edge to them. There are three different images in here, and they all show off a unique look. Whether you like your hair loose or tightly pinned down, you will find the look for you here.

At the hands of an expert

These braids are delicate, and they sure require a lot of time and precision. So it is best if you head to a salon to get this look done. You can see that the hair needs to have even sections on them and it is all about uniformity! We suggest you get them done at the hands of an expert and we are sure you will be pleased then.

Beyonce’s lemonade braids

Now we have the one that made these braids so famous that they were renamed after her album’s title itself! If you have never tried them on, then you need to check these out today and try them on. Queen B looks stunning and gracious in these braids, and we find it to be one of the best looks she has donned over the years.

The best cornrow designs

You can create any design on your hair, and they can look extra! Here is an idea for you if you are looking to try out something different. The patterns you create will set you aside and make you feel special!

Colors in lemonade braids

Adding shades to your hair makes them look unique. You can create the pattern you want with these and also get the depth and dimension to your locks. Here are lemonade braids with color that can inspire you. Red hues style the chunky braids on them. If this is a fierce look for you, then you can try out the blonde one on the bottom here.

A day out with friends

If you are looking to try out lemonade braids hairstyles that are charming, then here are some gorgeous ideas for you. They are fabulous in every fashion, and we can see the ends here are loose as well. These tiny details add to the effect and make us want to try them out. There is a chic appeal to them, and they are approachable for all age groups too.

Thicker braids

If you like your hair to look lush and amazing, then these are the braids that you can get on board with. These are the jumbo lemonade braids that most women adore. If you have thick hair, this is a look that is easy to recreate. There are sections here, and they also take less time to complete. We are sure you will find these to be the ones to stand out.

An unusual take

This one can either make you feel great or make you uncomfortable. The choice of accessories in here is a bit too absurd for sure, but we want to take your attention towards the hairstyle. The dark hues on the bottom work well with the pink shades. This is the right combination, and it works out for all skin tones. Try out such bold colors this season to stand out in the crowd.

For you and your best friend!

Teenagers are on the lookout for things to do with their buddies a lot. Here is a look that you can try out with your best friend, and we are sure you both will love this. We have mainly compiled this look for you to try out with your close ones. You can get your hair colored in the same hue if you want to take it to the next level!

Upside down braids

There is a different approach to lemonade braids in here that everyone loves. All you need to do is start from the base and move to the top. It is the reverse of the standard braiding system. You start at the nape of the neck and focus on making the clean cut in here. Make sure you get them tighter and make the sections look cleaner as much as you can.

The central braids

There is a traditional touch to these look here, and we are sure you will be quick to notice it too. The twists on the middle have this stunning edge to it. The clasps on them with the golden hue on them add to the deep vibe of this look. We urge you to try this one out if you are willing to try on something different yet close to your roots!

Top Bun

This is one style that has a youthful feel to it and still is suitable for women of all ages. We are sure you will love the top bun on yourself. Though this is not a new style, the cornrows on them make it look extra special. They have this fierce appeal to them that is admirable! You can get the same, especially if you want to beat the heat.

Thin lemonade braids

Here are some lemonade braids small sized and they are adorable and delicate. You are sure to admire them on others and yourself as well. There are details in here, and they look close to the scalp. They do require a lot of time and precision. So make sure you have enough battery on your cellphones to keep you entertained. Check out these looks to see if you find something to try out.

Getting hair extensions

If you have short hair and are looking to extend it, then you can get wigs and attain the look of your dreams. You can see that there are braided sections on top and the rest have these loose waves to them. We love the way it looks on here, and we are sure you will too. There is a charm to these hairstyles that works to add that romantic touch to your look.

Keeping it sleek

You can keep things smooth and fun if you are looking to get a charming appeal. Here is a hairstyle idea that you can get on board with no matter what your age is. This one works for all hair lengths, and we know that it has this distinctive charm to it as well. If you want to keep things looking minimalistic, this is the one to go for. Here are some images to help you out!

How to prep your hair for these lemonade braids!

When getting a new look, you need to make sure that your hair is ready for it. There are treatments that you need to get done if you are looking to get your hair braided in these cornrows. You need to make sure your hair is well conditioned before you try on these braids. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind when you decide to get these lemonade braids.

  1. Make sure you trim your hair beforehand. That way, you can help your hair grow healthier underneath the braids.
  2. If you have dry scalp, then you will need to use shampoos and conditioners to treat it beforehand.
  3. You need to be ready to give these cornrows the time it needs! It may require some hours to get all your locks in them.
  4. Ask your stylist to get your scalp cleaned off well before starting the braids.
  5. Make sure your hairstylist profoundly conditions your hair with moisturizing products.
  6. Go easy on the styles you create on the first few days of getting these braids.
  7. Your hair will be pulled on a lot when you get these braids, so you need to let them relax a bit to prevent them from damage.

When you are deciding to get these lemonade braids!

As you check out all of these images here, you are sure to be inspired. Numerous women have styled their hair the same way, and you can check them out in your Instagram feed as well. The popularity of these hairdos has not faded away even though Beyonce released her album in 2016! It manages to capture hearts in 2019 too. Furthermore, it has made stylists attracted to this look and made women choose to be closer to their roots. We sure are happy to see this trend catching on and influencing young girls along with it!

If you thought this article was at all helpful in your quest to familiarize yourself with the best lemonade braids, then make sure you give us a thumbs up. You can also share it around with as many people as you want. That way they can be inspired to try on this fabulous braids! If you have any comments or queries, then you can share it with us using the comments section below. We are always looking forward to hearing from you. Check out more of content in our website here. And do follow us to get more of such exciting content!


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