101 Long Bob Hairstyles That You’ll Surely Love


When you try out new hairstyles, you can change your whole outlook and start life with a fresh appeal. Here are some of the long bob hairstyles that work out for women with different tastes! You can get the professional look and will never have to worry about your hair being an issue! This is a liberating hairdo, and we are sure you will appreciate the comfort level associated with it. Working women are significantly attracted to such hairstyles, and they are the perfect compromise for those who do not want too long or too short hair lengths.

With the long bob, you can try out any fun hairstyle. You can pin it in a bun or add it on as an updo! You can also create elaborate and intricate designs in your locks for any special occasion. And there are some fun cuts and hair colors to check out in here as well. You will have a lot of fun going through these ideas, and you may even finalize one to try on! The flexibility of the bob is admirable, and they come in varied sizes. You can keep them long enough to touch your collar bone or short enough to reach the base of your neck.

Here we are showing you some stunning long bob ideas that have a lot of variety in them.

Light blonde highlights

Anyone can tell you that the addition of these bright blonde hues are the best thing you can do for your locks this season. You can see the options to do so in here. Opt for the dark hair on top and add on some blonde on the base and you are done! The transition shows off well, and they also aid to frame the face well. If this is not the look you want, you can add on the highlights by following the balayage way! You can try out the same for yourself and look fantastic!

long bob Darker on the top

This is one trick that most hairstylists will help you get and suggest it as well. So you can say that this is a crowd favorite and will continue to remain so. All you need is to head to a salon with an idea for the colors that you want on yourself. This is a good idea since the dark hair adds on a fabulous depth to the whole hair. If you are a fan of bright hues, this will work with it as well.

The transformation to long bo

Changing your hair to a drastic new hairdo is not an easy task. The image here can show you how your hair will look when you change it from something long to a beautiful long bob. This can inspire you to try out the fascinating haircut. It is strange to see how chopping off your hair can reduce the years off of your age and make you look youthful and vivacious. Here we have dark hues and a lighter colored option as well.

Layered colored hair

The long bob with layers is a look that you cannot say no to. The layers frame your face and make you look chiseled and cute! The fresh feel to this look is adorable, and we cannot get over how great it can make you appear! So make sure you get the layers on this season by heading on to a salon. Here is an image that shows off the cut off sections. It adds that thick hair appeal to the whole attire as well.

long bob

Adding on some purple tinge

The one color that seems to amaze everyone in the purple hues on it. The lighter shades are loved by many, and we are all for it. You can also try it out when you want to change your hair color. The transformation is stunning, and you can see that it adds on this beautiful, elegant touch to the locks. You are sure to want to try it out again and again when you get it on yourself once!

Jessica Alba’s hairstyle

Are you looking for some long bob straight hair options? Then there are all the ideas you would need! Jessica Alba has her hair on the hairstyle we have in here, and her straight hair has this charm to it that we love. You can also try out the same if you are a fan of the gorgeous actress. Here are a couple of the hairstyles she sported that we cannot get over.

Long bangs with the bob hairdo

Bangs are the ideal touch to any hairdo, and you can see how it can transform a look from being simple to look exceptional. Here we have a long section of bangs that goes well with the long bob. There is no ideal way to add on bangs for yourself. This is a good idea if you want to add that touch of femininity to it. Take this on as a reference and head on to your salon as soon as you can.

Central partition for everyone

Here we have some beautiful pictures of long bob haircut that you can try out if you are on the lookout for a chic look. You can part your hair on a middle section to get this well-balanced look. We have compiled a lot of ideas that you can try out for yourself. This can also be the haircut you try out with your best friend. Check them out, and we are confident you will find one to get on board with.

Pinning them back

If you are heading out in a hurry and need to get your hair on a natural hairstyle, then here is one that you cannot get over! You can see that we have these stunning side pinned look and they are ideal for teenagers who are always in a hurry. All you need is to take some section of hair from with either side and then secure it at the back. Before you do so, you need to add some volume to the hair by backcombing the locks. Take some section out on the front and add waves to it for a feminine appeal.

The platinum blonde

The colors are the new exciting thing to try out this season. Each year people come up with new and fun ideas to use some stunning colors on their hair. The one that is trendiest right now is the platinum blonde shade for sure. These are the shades that even the most popular celebs have not been able to keep away from. You can add on the same colors on yourself and go for the dark base. The dark tones on the top make the hair look exceptional by adding on some deep dark shades.

Dark auburn hair

There is a deep vibe to try out the short wavy bob with some dark hues on them. It can make you look remarkable and set your hair on to a new high! Here are some beautiful ideas to check out for when you want to try out a dark deep tones color for yourself. Few admire the depth filled look. So if you are feeling it be a bit monotonous, then you can try out adding a lighter version of the same tone to get on as highlights. That will break through the monotony and get it that dimension as well.

Adding on that youthful touch

Everyone wants to look the best, and most of us keep changing our hairstyle to get the perfect look for us! You can see that there are some ideas of the ever so beautiful lob. They can add that beautiful vibrancy to the whole look. Add on some fun attire to match the lovely summery vibe. Here you can see how you add on some fun waves to your hair and keep it looking young. One easy way to look fabulous is to add on some bright shades on as highlights, and then give it some body to shine through.

Blunt cut lob to try out

If you are going for a fun new hairstyle, then why not try something a bit unique and trendy? The blunt cut bob idea is a classy one, and there are some fun ways to style this hairdo. You can get the ends to be as rough and ruffled as you want to. Imperfection is delightful, and more and more people believe that leaving things raw is fun and beautiful. So why not aim to try out something trendy this season and wear your hair in a straight cut blunt bob.

The back view!

Are you choosing to get a long bob this season and are not sure as to which you would like? Then we surely do understand how you feel. It can be scary for most women to try out new hairstyles, especially if it requires you to chop off some of your locks. So to settle your heart, you can look at some of these images in here that show off how your hair would seem from the back side. The hair surely needs to make you look good when you look in the mirror. It is also essential that it frames your face thoroughly.

Waves and curls

There are many options for women to try on new hairstyles and here we are showing you one! You can add on some waves and curls on to your hair and get the chic and elegant vibe. These bob ideas are ideal for such a case when you want to add on some gorgeous ringlets. You can check out some of the best ideas of the lob with a bit of texture on it. If you have a hair curling iron at home, then it takes only a matter of time in the mornings!

The chill vibes

Teenagers love the relaxed vibe that this hairstyle offers. If you want to make your hair the starting point for others, then you can try out the chic no layers long bob in here. They are incredibly classy, and you will have an easy way around them for sure. You hardly need to make an effort to get them to look fabulous. Comb your hair and part it the way you want to get the effortless look. Grab your favorite pair of glasses for yourself, and you are set to head out for a fun day!

Getting them longer

Are you not so sure if you want to chop off all the hair and get them to a shorter length? We understand the feeling. Our hair can be the safety blanket for a lot of us, and we are insecure about cutting them down. So what if there was a way to enjoy the short look without getting rid of the hair all the way? Here we are presenting to you the extra long bob hairdo! Keeping the longer sections intact, you can still make an impression that lasts long! Here are some images to take as a reference!

Ready for the office

Working women need to try out the hairdo that stays classy and office appropriate for a long time. There are deadlines and projects to complete with meetings to run to with valuable clients. The haircut you get defines your face and sets it aside from everyone else. You can get the evergreen lo hairstyle to get that chic appeal that lasts long and has the immediate impact on everyone as well. Here is a charming look that can inspire you to try out the same.

The angled bob to try

Here is another variation of long bob haircut with layers that steals a lot of hearts around the world. The angled bob has a lot to offer, and they stand out on all occasions! It is characterized by the short and tapered ends at the back and the longer layers on the front! The smooth transition of the hair from the short segments to the long ones is what sets this look aside from all the other forms of the bob haircuts. Make sure you get the charming appeal by adding on some fun highlighting shades!

The professional style of long bob hairstyles

There is more finesse in the hairstyles that receive expert treatments. You can see for yourself that there is a massive difference in the hair that you style at home and the one you get at the salon. If you want all your layers to be perfect and your hairdo to look beautiful each day, then it is best to book an appointment. The professional hairdressers understand the need of the hair and can give you a look that matches your features perfectly. You do not need to worry about the final look being unflattering in any way.

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Tyra Bank’s stunning hairdo

The stunning diva has never looked bad in her life! But here she looks extra special with her long bob showing off the beautiful smile she has! Tyra Banks is an icon for many, and a considerable mass of her fans adores her looks! Here you can see how the model has her hair colored in dark brown highlights over a dark black base. The shoulder length look has a charm of its own. You can get the same for yourself if you want to follow in the footsteps of the always so stunning Tyra!

Deep black hair

Dark black hair ideas are stunning, and they add that depth to the whole look that we admire! You can try to get hues on yourself, and it is perfect if you already have dark black hair! You can check out a couple of ideas in here that work out well for anyone who wants to go for a natural long bob. Get the central partition and style your layers in some swift waves to attain this look. Keeping them plain and straight with a slight inward wave also works out well. You can get the makeup to stay light and simple or loud and fun! Among the two strong looks, which is your preferred one?

Celebrity Inspiration for long bob hairdos

There are many influential women in this world, and they not only inspire us to lead better lives but also show us ways in which we can look outstanding. Actresses and other famous celebs are always on the public eye, and they are looked on carefully for inspiration. You can take ideas to style your locks from them and even copy the exact look that they sported. Here we are showcasing some of the best hairstyles to try out for when you want to look extra special. Choose the colors that you want as well if you’re going to get it customized! Kim Kardashian’s long bob or the longer wavy bob; which one will you choose?

Tapered ends on long bob

One of the biggest complaints of women has been that their hair looks flat and they need some volume and body on it. Most women have thin hair, and thus the need to add on some bulk to the locks is essential. Here we are showing you one easy way to add on the body without pinning down some hair extensions. Head to your salon and ask for a layered haircut. That way, the hair will fall on top of each other and add a bulky appeal. Here is an image to showcase the tapered end as well. This look is fashionable among women who are mature. But even youngsters can try it out!

Braided hairstyles with a long bob

There is a reason that braids have lasted so long in the hairstyle game! They are easy to do and are probably the easiest way to make it look as if you put on a lot of effort into getting it done! You will need some time to perfect the art of braiding and styling, but you can flaunt your skills for life after that! So here we are showing you a way to include the braids on to your long bob! Take the front section of hair and braid it till you reach the base. You can then secure it at the back.

The one with bangs

When you are out exploring new ideas for yourself, things can get exciting and sometimes even confusing. Thus it is essential to understand the face shape that you have and work your way around it. You need to make sure that the style you add on to your long bob is flattering for you. Here we have some bangs, and they add on the contoured effect to the face. Forget the makeup trick! You can get the chiseled effect just by adding on some short full frontal hair on your forehead!  You can also try the side-swept version if you want a transitional look.

There is a lot of space for improvement in these hairdos for sure. Stylists are usually coming up with new and fun ways to manipulate the hair and make it look presentable and fresh. We are confident you will adore the way your locks sit in their place when you get them chopped off into a long bob. Women are interested in trying them out, and we can see that it will not cease for a long time to come. So make sure you give it a chance as soon as you can!

Style them up by going for the blunt bob hairstyle. Or you can also give the angled bob a tryout. There are waves and curls that you can add on, and even some sleek options are present here if you are interested. You can start by trying one of them and then move on towards the possibilities. We are sure that if you are not so willing or confident to try out short hairdos, you will love the trendy long bob ideas we have here. Enjoy a youthful and fun look every day by getting these stunning haircuts!


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