76 Long Bob Hairstyles That You’ll Surely Love


There might be a perfect haircut for every face shape—but luckily, a bob hairstyle flatters all faces, hair textures and complexions. A great thing, a bob haircut can make your locks look thick and healthy, not to mention the way to style it is endless. If you’re looking for inspiration to rock the decade’s hairstyle trend, keep reading for our guide.

What is a Long Bob Hairstyle?


Also known as the “lob” or “demi-bob”, the long bob hairstyle falls somewhere in-between your chin and your collarbone. It’s actually the perfect middle ground of a long hair and a short hair. The hairstyle just about grazes your shoulders, and can be styled endlessly—think blunt, straight, beachy waves, curls, kinky, half ponytail, side parted, ombre, asymmetric, and such.

You can absolutely wear long bob hairstyles all year round, but it’s more ideal on warmer months. Think of the unbearable sweaty weather and long tresses all over your face, making you feel more uncomfortable. Long bob hairstyle is one of the beauty trends that will not go out of style anytime soon—thanks to its versatility and low-maintenance style.

Do you know that the strong lines of the haircut can focus the attention to your bone structure and frame your face? That’s the reason why a long bob hairstyle flatters all face shapes. If you’re a woman on the go or you’re hard-pressed for time when getting dressed in the morning, this hairstyle is just perfect for you. A great thing, the flattering length works on all face shapes, hair textures, and complexions.

Hairstyle Inspirations for Long Bob Haircuts

Do you know that this haircut is the most favorite of “It” girls, models, style icons, and celebrities? All you have to do is find the right long bob hairstyle for you.

  1. Sleek and Straight Long Bob

If you want to keep things simple and effortless, go for a sleek and straight long bob hairstyle. If you have a naturally fine, straight hair, then you’re lucky. Simply part your hair on your most flattering side and you’re good to go. If you’re not pressed on time, you can even blow dry your hair and apply some hair serum to finish the look.

Do you know that this hairstyle is flattering for women with round faces? It will balance your already rounded face by adding some sharp lines to the sides. On the contrary, a layered hairstyle can overwhelm a rounded face, making it look wider.

If you want an edgy style, opt for razor cut long bob, blunt cut hairstyle, or poker straight long bob that will let you rock the femme fatale look effortlessly. If you want to make it sexy and sophisticated, simply part your hair to the sides.


Most of the time, the bob hairstyle is shorter at the back and longer at the front. Instead of brushing the ends of your hair in a curling manner, simply flat iron your hair. This is especially true if you got your thick hair thinned out, making the ends a bit fringy. Hair experts recommend a large, rounded brush to tame your ends, along with a hairspray that will keep everything sleek.

A long bob haircut in a sleek and straight hairstyle is low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect it. According to the hair experts, a regular trim every two months will maintain your healthy bob, avoiding the frumpy result of shoulder length bob.

  1. Curly and Wavy Long Bob


If you have a naturally straight hair, think of getting beachy waves on your long bob. This hairstyle is actually perfect for summer, giving you that beach-ready look. Just imagine you have a hairstyle in between a carefree and romantic look while heading out into the sun.

If you love a wavy long bob hairstyle, consider the right length before getting your hair cut. Remember, curls will shorten your hair, so you’ll want a longer than the standard bob to keep that fun and bouncy look. To get a curly and wavy long bob, blow dry your hair, wrap your strands around a curling iron, and set it with a hairspray.

If you have an Afro or naturally kinky hair, don’t fret. You can still embrace your natural hair volume and texture—just make sure you cut your hair in layers. This way, your long bob will allow your curls to look more balanced and more defined than just looking flat. Yes, long bob hairstyles are tricky for women with naturally curly hair but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it work for you.

Do you know that a curly and wavy long bob is flattering to women with softer, non-angular faces? In fact, a curly long bob can make your soft facial features more angular and stronger. All you need is to go for big, bold waves, placed strategically on your face.

According to hair experts, a curly long bob gives movement since it holds volume even on a straight hair. Also, the length of a typical bob can be styled to add some width around your cheeks for long faces, while making your wide neck look slimmer. If you want an effortlessly sexy look like red carpet celebrities, simply make your curly long bob accentuate your neck and décolletage.

  1. Long Bob with Bangs

If you want to add some romantic and flirty vibe to your long bob, add some bangs. You have the freedom to go for wispy bangs, side swept bangs, blunt bangs, choppy bangs, curtain bangs and such that will give you a feminine statement.

Messy hair is trendy and looks festive in the summer, and if you want that “straight out of bed” hairstyle, think of some choppy bangs styled in a shaggy bob. The key lies to a few sprays of hair texturizing spray and some carefree attitude.

If you want some wispy bangs, make sure your bangs are styled straight, while your long bob is styled in curls away from your face—unless you have a rounded face that will look more flattering in a straight bob. By going for curly long bob hairstyle, you’ll create a more balanced yet feminine look. But before getting some side swept bangs, make sure you opt for the perfect length that works with your lifestyle.

If you’re a career woman, having a sleek hair is a must, and your bangs can be a big challenge to maintain. If you’re into sports and fitness, you might need to pull back your hair or need some ponytail when exercising, and having too short bangs will keep you uncomfortable. For a classic and feminine look, you may opt for a wavy long bob with long side swept bangs.

  1. Lion’s Mane Long Bob

Women with Afro hair will effortlessly rock this look, but the key is to keep the long bob hairstyle layered instead of one length. The layers will create a more flattering volume and bounce as opposed to stiff volume.

If you’ve got a straight hair like Katy Perry, simply opt for a volumizing and texturizing hairspray that will add some volume to your hair. You may even tease your hair from the roots to give that volume that looks like a glorious lion’s mane. A great thing, this hairstyle will work from red carpets, evening parties, and fashion galas.

  1. Asymmetrical or Angled Long Bob

If you like an edgy hairstyle with a sleek finish, opt for asymmetrical, slanted, or angled long bob. Do you know that a haircut that’s slightly longer in the front and shorter at the back will give the illusion of a slim face? It’s one of the best hairstyles for women with a rounded face and a heart face shape.


The key lies on your angles—how longer, slanted, or shorter you want them to be. Dramatically angled long bobs will give you that punk, gothic look while keeping everything feminine and chic. On the other hand, a subtle angled long bob will give you an ideal girl-next-door look. For a more feminine style, add some side bangs and waves to your angled bob and you’ll look like a modern princess.


Before getting your hair cut, think of the perfect spot to part your hair. While the center part looks strong, edgy, and fresh, a side part is universally flattering and more feminine. Simply flat iron your hair to get that sleek angled bob hairstyle. If you have a naturally wavy hair, you may simply flaunt your locks to rock the asymmetrical long bob hairstyle.

Indeed, a simple tweak like curling or straightening your hair can make a difference when rocking the trendy hairstyle without getting an entirely new haircut.

  1. Retro Long Bob


If you’re a big fan of everything vintage and 1950s vibe, then opt for a retro long bob. This is perfect for you if you’re not a fan of eccentric modern day hairstyles, as a retro long bob is classic and timeless. The key is to place the curls on the right areas of your face whether you have a long face, heart face, diamond face, rounded face, oblong face, or oval face.

If you have an oblong or long face, simply add some curls around your cheeks to add some volume to your face visually, making it appear wider. On the other hand, a woman with a rounded face must opt for retro long bobs with curls below your chin to slim the round face visually.

This romantic hairstyle is universally flattering—and it’s making a comeback. So, you don’t have to worry from wearing the 1950s look as it will look perfect from dinner dates to the office.

  1. Messy Long Bob


If you’re a woman with a bohemian fashion personality, a messy long bob is perfect for you. A great thing, a messy hair don’t care look is on-trend—not to mention a carefree hairstyle is perfect for summer. When you’re in a hurry to get out the door, a messy long bob hairstyle can save your day while giving you a breezy look.

One of the best messy hairstyle is a shaggy long bob. The difference of this haircut with the typical long bob hairstyle is the ends of your hair were thinned out with scissors or even a razor. This hairstyle is perfect if you prefer something edgy without losing your feminine vibe. Also, this haircut can create a wavy hairstyle depending on how you set your hair.

To get that wavy yet shaggy long bob, simply dry your hair with a towel then add some leave-on conditioner to moisturize your hair. When blow drying your hair, simply focus on the roots upwards, adding some volume to the bottom of your hair.

If you want something more sophisticated yet carefree, play with your waves, angles, and ends. Generally, sophisticated waves will look more flattering when mixed with a messy tousled hair, adding some bounce to your hairstyle while highlighting your bone structure. According to the hair experts, you must avoid a stiff hairstyle that’s usually the result of over combing and excessive amount of hairspray.

  1. Highlighted or Ombre Long Bob

If you want to add some spice to your long bob, think of getting it highlighted, transforming an otherwise boring look into something statement-making. You may even get some eccentric hair colors like pink, purple, blue, and silver to accentuate your edgy personality. In fact, your unconventional hair color will give you a more daring statement even if you wear your simplest outfits.


Some women are strict when it comes to maintaining their highlights, but thankfully ombre hairstyles are in. A great thing, wearing darks with bright shades even in your hairstyle will give you a trendy statement. On the other hand, sombre is a trendy method that seamlessly blends lighter and darker shades on your hair.

For instance, you may go for a naturally black or dark brown shade on the roots of your hair, but lighten up your look with a very light brown or blonde shade on the rest of your hair. Hair experts recommend to add some voluminous waves parted in the middle that will add some drama to this hairstyle. If you like, you may even opt for a flicked out ends to add some dimension to your haircut.

  1. Long Bob with Braid

If you have long bob and know how to braid, then it’s just easy for you. Braid hairstyles are endless—think of French braid, Dutch braid, fishtail braid, cornrow braid, braid crowns and such. Do you know that braid crowns look best when hair is slightly dirty? That’s the reason why most women braid their hair on the second day of washing as the natural oils in your hair will tame fly away strands and put the braid together.

As a hair hack, you can actually spray some hairspray when brushing your hair to make it more seamless. Before starting your crown braid, consider the length of your hair to make sure your braided hair will be placed nicely across the top of your head. For a long bob, you can start braiding on the bottom of your ears, while a shorter bob will require a higher braid.

Hair experts recommend to place your braids closer to your face, making it look more visible compared to ones placed in the middle. A great thing, everyone will be amazed with your hairstyle since you’re able to rock a crown braid even if you have a long bob.

  1. Slicked Back Long Bob

While a neat ponytail will visually slim down a rounded face, a slicked back hairstyle will flaunt your bone features. According to hair experts, a slicked back long bob is very sophisticated and sleek. Do you know that having your hair off your face will give the impression of strong confidence and assertive personality?

However, a slicked back long bob might not be the best hairstyle for women with a square shape since it will only highlight your angular features. On the other hand, women with heart face shape and round face shape will look best in this. Just keep in mind that long bobs that falls on your chin area can be limiting especially if you have a round face shape.


You may think of a slicked back long bob that grazes your collarbones, cheeks, or your jawline—it will actually enhance your facial features and give you a put-together look all the time. You might think that a straight bob look great already—yes it is, but slicking it back will amp up the sophistication.

The key is to tame those fly away hair first with a hairspray or a hair serum before blow drying it. This way, you’ll keep your slicked back long bob looking smooth and polished.

Indeed, the long bob hairstyles are here to stay—just find the perfect one for you and you’ll get a classy at the same time trendy statement.



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