125 Best Long Hairstyles for Your Face Shape


Having a longer hair will allow you to experiment with cuts, colors, and styling that will look great on you. But before booking an appointment with your hairstylist, you must determine your face shape first, so you’ll know which looks are perfect for you. Whether you have a square face, round face, heart face, oval face or oblong face, keep reading for the best long hairstyles for your face shape.

For Long Straight Hair

Women with long straight hairstyles have freedom to experiment on their looks. A long straight hair is stunning already even if it’s simple, but you can think of adding flattering layers, bangs, or even pulling it back into a carefree messy bun.

If you want to change your look for a party, get your long straight hair curled. You may even brush up on your hairstyling skills, along with blow drying and flat ironing to create the hairstyle you dreamed of. But if you want a low maintenance look, you may think of getting a layered hairstyle.

Do you know that some women can’t have a long straight hair? Some of them can’t have it due to genetic issues, brittleness, hair problems, and sometimes, some women even think of a long hair as a burden. If you’re one of them, think of getting your long straight hair layered.

Yes, it’s the quick yet fabulous fix—you can grow your hair to Rapunzel-like length without the heaviness. A great thing, you’ll even make your thin hair look thicker since a layered hairstyle will add volume to your long hair. You may consider a smooth and sleek layered look, or an undone and messy layered look. All you need is to make it work for your face shape.

As a rule of thumb, you must tell your hairstylist to cut your hair with the goal of framing your face, as some only follow the wishes of their clients without thinking on the best hairstyle that will look best on them. Generally, the shortest layer of your hairstyle must fall on the most flattering point of your face whether it’s a jaw, eyes, lips, chin, or cheekbones.

For Long Curly Hair

Depending on your personality, you can think of braiding your long curly hair or flaunting your Afro hairstyle. Some women with naturally kinky hair even wanted them to get straightened, but you have to remember that healthy curls are pretty curls.

You might think that a long curly hair is challenging to maintain, but you can get regular trims or detangle your curls every time. Do you know that having regular trims will eliminate the split ends on your long curly hair? Also, save time by using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to detangle your hair, starting from ends to the scalp. Or else, your comb will only get stuck in your long curly hair.

Hair experts even recommended sleeping on satin or silk pillowcases over cotton ones to lessen the frizz and hair breakage. Are you a woman who gets the camera-ready hair before leaving your house, but not paying attention to the bedtime haircare routine? Every time your hair rubs against rough fabrics, it can cause hair breakage—so you have to reduce the friction.

You may think of using moisturizing hair products to keep your long curly hair frizz-free and healthy. This is especially true if you got a dry, long curly hair—those strands can get caught on everything and it will give you a bad hair day the next morning. According to the experts, you must ensure your hair is pulled back, whether you’re having a braid or ponytail.

Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Your face shape plays an important role on getting a perfect haircut for you. No wonder, some hairstyles look stunning on your friend and aren’t as flattering on you. The key is to know your face shape first, and look for hairstyles that bring out your best features.

Round Faces

If you have a round face, your goal is to frame your face visually with your hairstyle, making it leaner and longer. Generally, a woman with a round face has non-angular features and full cheeks. If you’re going to measure your face with a ruler, you’ll get a 1:1 ratio—your face length and face width are almost equal. A woman with a round face has soft features.

That also means that your jaw has no angles, and your cheekbones are the widest point of your face. It is best to create less volume around your face with your hairstyle, and most of the time, long bobs, long layers, crown braids, messy bun, high ponytail, side swept bangs, and sleek straight hair are perfect.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated yet polished look, think of having a sleek straight hair with an off-center parting. This hairstyle will lengthen your face visually instead of drawing the attention on your full cheeks and round chin. The key is to apply a heat protecting product to your hair before ironing it.

If you like, you may even get a straight hair with V-cut style at the back, or try hairstyles that fall just below your chin, like a long bob that will add some angles to your rounded face.

For a more edgy hairstyle, think of having wispy and tapered ends that will balance the roundness of your face and elongate it visually. For a more feminine look, go for softer layers in shoulder length that will also make your face slimmer.

If you’re looking for a more feminine look, think of getting some bangs—just keep them long or side-swept to frame your rounded face. According to the hair experts, women with rounded face should avoid blunt cuts and short hair, and shoulder-length hairstyles and beyond are the most flattering ones.

Like Emma Watson, you can have those glam waves with sweeping bangs. All you need is a hairspray and a heat protectant before getting those curls. Yes, it’s a flirty twist that you can give to your long hair, but go for a natural curl styles over those ringlets that look too artificial. Also, you may think of having long layers with curls that won’t fall around your cheeks.

This way, you’ll elongate your rounded face visually and will prevent your fine hair from looking stringy.

If you’re aiming for a more princess-like statement, think of getting a crown braid or even a braided bun. Any woman can look regal with an ethereal braid—and if you like, you may even wear a headband or a crown to rock the princess look.

The key is to get a braid that’s defined and sleek that will add some length to your rounded face. It’s one of the best hairstyle to keep you fresh and natural during the warmer months, not to mention it perfectly complements your round cheeks.

For a more effortless and carefree look, go for a high ponytail or a messy high bun. If you’ve been following supermodel Miranda Kerr, you’ll know that she’s a fan of the high ponytail. A great thing, this hairstyle flatters round face shapes.

If you have a thin hair, you might think that having a high ponytail will only highlight the issue, but you can actually apply a volumizing mousse to your hair before pulling them to a tight ponytail. After that, add some volume to your tail with a curling iron or wand, while taming those fizzy hairs.

If you like, you may even think of adding some side bangs with your high ponytail that will balance your rounded face, making it look less chubby. Also, your bangs will draw attention to your cheekbones in a more balanced way, perfect for a dinner date.

If you’re a fan of a bohemian or hippie styles, going for a messy high bun is your best option. Simply embrace your beautiful round face while giving that carefree statement with a messy bun. Just pull your hair up while leaving a few strands of hair around your rounded face for a more feminine look.

A great thing, this hairstyle will look great with breezy bohemian dresses and ankle boots, as well as with a classy outfit and pearl necklace! If you like, opt for a side bun that will also flatter your rounded face. The key is to create a low ponytail then twist it into a side bun with the help of bobby pins.

Square Face Shape

If you have a square face shape, your goal is to opt for a hairstyle that will elongate your face and soften the angles of your jaw. Generally, a woman with a square face shape has a sharp jawline and strong features. Just like the round face shape, a square face shape also has the equal proportions of the width of forehead, cheekbones, and jaw, but the features are angular, not rounded.

As a rule of thumb, you must avoid haircuts that enhance the width of your face, unless you want to embrace your sharp facial features. Some square faced women have faces that are as wide as they are long, while other women have more rectangular length.

If you want to play down your defined jawline, think of getting some curls and shags, long bobs, side-swept bangs, long layers, and collarbone-skimming strands.

Long locks are flattering, but avoid that simplistic hairstyle with blunt ends. You might have an angular face and sharper jawline, but you wouldn’t want to get rid of all your angles—after all, it’s the structure that makes the square face defined so don’t soften your entire face. Instead, think of long, sleek haircuts with moderate layers that fall on your jawline downwards.

Do you know that feathery layers can de-emphasize a strong chin? Yes, layers can pump up any hair type, but you have to keep them minimal if your strands are fine. According to hair experts, you may even offset a square face by parting your hair at side, giving that asymmetrical look and drawing the eye away from those sharp corners.

You may also opt for long bobs to soften your jawline, side-swept bangs to add some softness to your angular face, and even curls or shags to frame your face. In fact, collarbone-skimming strands with slight bangs that fall on your cheeks are great. As a rule of thumb, avoid those one length bob haircuts and wide bags that will only draw the attention to your angular features.

Heart Face Shape

If you have a heart face shape, your goal is to create the illusion of width at your jaws and de-emphasize your wide forehead. Generally, a woman with a heart face shape has a pointy chin and a widow’s peak. If you’re going to measure your face, you’ll see that your cheekbones or forehead are your widest point, gently narrowing toward your jawline. A heart face shape is also known as the “inverted-triangle” face shape.

Side-swept bangs, long hair with layers, brow-grazing fringe, and such will look great on a heart face shape. The key is to opt for a hairstyle with long layers that fall beyond your cheekbones, or think of fringe bangs that attract the focus to your eyes, not on your chin.

If you wish to get some bangs, opt for long bangs that sweep off to the side. Remember, your face shape is wider on top, and side-swept bangs will balance out your features while drawing the focus down and towards your eyes. According to a hair expert, your shortest bangs should fall on your brows, while the longest length should fall on the outer corners of your eyes.

A great thing, this hairstyle is easy to pull off, whether you have a fine or sparse hair. According to the experts, simply keep your layers long enough and closer to the ends to flatter your face shape. However, this trick is only perfect for women with straight hair, as too curly or coarse hair will only get too much volume on top, highlighting your small heart face shape.

If you like, you may even go for a hairstyle with side-swept bangs. The rule is to keep the focus on your eyes and cheekbones with your hairstyle, not adding some emphasis on your pointy chin. You may also keep the upper layers of your hairstyle soft and long.

If you have a very strong chin yet don’t like to add some bangs, go for a long hairstyle with face-framing layers that fall below your chin. This way, you won’t need some bangs since your bone structure and thick hair will make everything perfect.

For a career-oriented woman, a straight shoulder-length hairstyle is sleek yet easy to maintain. According to hair experts, it is best to avoid short bangs in a blunt-cut style, along with choppy layers as it will only emphasize your small heart face shape.

Also, skip hairstyles that add some height at the crown of your head. Your face shape has a wider forehead, and going for a messy bun will only make everything a bit top-heavy. The same thing goes with a slicked-back hair as it only highlights your face shape. If you want a softer, face-framing hairstyle, always opt for something that will balance your pointy chin, and something that won’t add some weight on your crown.

For Oval Face Shape

If you have an oval face shape, then you can rock any hairstyle that you like. It’s the most versatile face shape and the ideal face shape too. Generally, a woman with an oval face shape has no sharp angles, and is slightly longer than it is wide. Resembling the shape of an egg, your jaw and your forehead are rounded, while your cheekbones are the widest point of your face, narrowing towards chin.

If you want to show off your facial features like great bones or great eyes, go for a hairstyle that highlights them. For instance, side-swept or blunt bangs will draw the focus to your eyes, while an angular bob will highlight your chin, perfect if you have a great bone structure. Do you know that side-swept bangs can make long faces visually shorter? That’s because you’re concealing the spot between your hairline and brow, eliminating some length from your oval face.

Yes, you can go for any hairstyle that you like, but better avoid short layers that will only make your face visually longer. Just in case you’ve got a thick or curly hair, never cut them too short, but instead go for shoulder-length style to tame those natural curls. If you like, you may go for long waves and beachy waves.

To get old-fashioned waves, think of curling tools like a large-barrel curling iron, a paddle brush, and bobby pins to secure the sides of your hairstyle. Do you know that waves can add volume to your cheekbones, making your oval face shape appear more rounded? Or, keep your fine hair shoulder-length, and your flyaway bangs centered. You may even go for straight or wavy hairstyle, along with funkier and edgier haircuts.

With an oval face, you can create any hairstyle that you like, so don’t over think. Simply take into consideration your best asset and facial feature, highlighting them with your hairstyle.

Oblong Face Shape

If you have an oblong face shape, your goal is to create the illusion of width with your hairstyle. Generally, a woman with an oblong face shape have a longer face than oval faces—that’s the reason why this face shape is also called as “long face”. Also, your face is longer than it is wide where your cheekbones and your forehead have equal width, while your chin has a rounded shape.

Don’t get confused with oblong and oval face shapes as the latter is more proportioned, while an oblong face shape is longer than it is wide. You’ll notice that women with an oblong face generally have a long chin and forehead.

Some of the hairstyles that will add some width to your oblong face are long bobs, curls, beachy waves, bangs and such. Do you know that bangs can hide a wider and longer forehead? Simply skip those side-swept bangs, and resort to brow-skimming and blunt bangs. A great thing, bangs won’t drag down your oblong face, and won’t make it look longer.

If you like, think of curtain bangs too—a hairstyle that’s parted on the center, reaching your ears. This style of bangs might not make your long face appear shorter, but the way these bangs cover some part of your forehead will add some proportion to your long face.

If you want to add more width to your long face, think of bob hairstyles. If you like, you may opt for chin-length bobs—they will give the illusion of width, though you may try a long bob too. The key is to let your hairstylist cut your hair a bit shorter in the back that will add some life and volume to your hairstyle.

Do you know that a too straight or long hair could drag down your oblong face? That’s the reason why it is best to go for curls and waves—they will add some width to your long face and often your features. If you really love a straight hair, then think of long layers that fall on your nose, chin, and collarbones. Some women even prefer a V-shaped cut at the back, while keeping the sides and front of your hairstyle shorter.

As a rule of thumb, women with oblong faces should steer clear from extreme hairstyles, namely skull-capping pixie, or a hair length below your collarbones. Also, skip those ballerina buns and high ponytails that will only add some length you’re your long face, making it look longer and more oblong.

Whether you have a square, heart, oval, oblong, or round face shape, you can look your best. Just opt for the right hairstyle that flaunts your assets and flatters your facial features.


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