80 Medium Hairstyles That Will Make 2018 Your Most Stylish Year Yet


Sure, long hair is beautiful but not everyone has the time to dedicate for its upkeep. So, why not go for medium-length hair, instead? It’s the perfect balance for women who want enough hair length to play with while still going for a low maintenance cut.

You’ll definitely find one that’ll definitely flatter your face shape and hair texture. To help you find the perfect style for you, here’s a list of the best medium hairstyles for your needs.

Medium hairstyles for women with a round face

Round-faced girls layers are your friend. Strategically placed layers on medium-length hair are the best way to slim down a rounded face without having to go for a harsh or blunt haircut. For the best results, make sure that the shortest layers won’t go above your earlobes. Overall, it’s best to go for longer layers with face-framing effects.

It’s a misconception that round-faced girls can’t have amazing cheekbones. You just have to learn the trick to make them pop out. For starters, you can introduce some side bangs on medium-length layered hair just like the one Debbie Harry has in this look. Make sure the bangs end just where your cheekbones start to get the full effect of added angles and a sexy yet cute vibe.

Want to wear curls for a date? Here’s some round face pro-tip: Go for waves instead of tight curls to elongate your face and de-accentuate its roundness. You can do this using a wide barrel curling iron or a flat iron and stopping your curls mid-hair. Don’t forget to scrunch it up for a messy, laid-back look.

If you’re not much into styling your hair every day, ask your stylist for long face-framing bangs. These will help elongate your face, especially when worn with your hair parted in the middle. Keep your hair at shoulder or collarbone level and you’ve got yourself a chic yet easy to maintain hairstyle.

Flattering medium haircuts for oval faces

Dakota Johnson: Oval FaceDakota Johnson has definitely mastered how to hide and flaunt her oval face shape. If you’re feeling insecure about a long face or a wide forehead, opt for a full fringe to balance out your face. Wispy bangs on medium hair is very trendy right now. Besides, testing out wispy bangs first is a great way to see if a full fringe is for you.

The problem with oval faces is that they’re pretty top heavy. Fill in the lower part of your face with volume-adding curls on an above-the-shoulder bob. Doing so will help balance out your face as well. Just be sure not to start your curls too close to your scalp as that will defeat its purpose.

Here’s a great example of curls done right. As you’ll notice, wavy curls also work with a layered lob. Pro-tip: Your hair holds curls best when it’s a bit dirty. One day old hair is the best canvas for this cute and fresh look for oval faces.

Good news! Trendy lobs can also work on oval faces. Just be sure to keep the look balanced by styling your hair with a side part and curling the front pieces away from the face to avoid it from looking too heavy. Spritz your hair with some anti-frizz product and you’re good to go.


Best medium hairstyles for square-shaped faces


Popular Angled Bob Hairstyles for Women You Must Wear Nowadays

Because of a stronger jawline, square faces have the tendency of looking too short or boxy. Thus, your haircut should be able to introduce some illusion of length to your face. You can do so by opting for an angled bob that shorter in the back and has longer front pieces.


A simple side part can immediately fight the severe squareness of your face and pull attention away from any asymmetry that your face may have. Take cues from Natalie Portman and wear your side part with layered medium-length hair. Get it looking good with a simple blow-dry for a casual yet put-together look.

If you have both natural curls and a square face shape, you can get away with just wearing down your hair in a medium-length cut. But you can also take a flat iron and straighten an inch or two of your roots to create some height and elongate your face as well.

Layers are universally flattering. For women with square faces, keep your hair at a medium length and introduce some layers starting below or right at your chin for a flattering haircut. This will also hide the widest parts of your jaw and narrows down the face overall. We find that this trick works best on shoulder-length hair.

Medium hairstyles for natural curls

Go for a girl next door look with a shoulder-length shaggy haircut paired with cute bangs on naturally curly hair. Make sure to only take a thin section of hair for bangs and to cut them while the hair is dry. Wet curly hair tends to behave differently and you definitely don’t want awkward bangs sticking out at odd angles.

Tame the frizz by using a styling cream or wearing a headpiece similar to what Taylor Swift is wearing in this vintage-inspired looks. Make sure to ask your stylist for bottom layers on medium length hair to thin out the volume in case you have extra thick curly hair.

Lobs can also work well on naturally curly hair. You can control the volume of your hair by tying it back into a half-updo with hairpins with a similar color as your hair. Leave some loose and long hair pieces in front to frame your face.

Curly requires plenty of upkeep as it is, so choosing a low maintenance haircut is a must. Try to keep your hair just above your shoulders in a bob-style cut with some flattering layers in the bottom. At this length, you can have the choice to tie your hair up or wear it down depending on how much time you have in the mornings.

Hairstyles for straight medium-length hair

Counter the limpness that’s often associated with straight hair by going for a shoulder-length retro cut paired with face-framing blunt bangs. You can definitely get away with this haircut with minimal styling and just a little bit of hair product. Of course, layers are also a welcome idea to add some instant shape to your hair.

J’Adore Hair Clips Fashion Trend for Hair Accessories - The Lipstick DailyIf you’re really strapped for time in the mornings, this simple yet cute hairstyle on medium length hair is a great go-to look. Part your hair in a deep side part and accessorize with some bedazzled hair barrettes or decorated hairpins on whichever side you prefer and you’ve got yourself an everyday look.

Of course, you can also go as simple as opting for a one-length haircut that hits just around the shoulders. Doing so will give you a low maintenance canvas that’ll look good just as it is with little styling and be long enough to style in various ways when you’re feeling fancy.

Looking for an edgy haircut but not ready to go short just yet? Why not get an angled lob instead? There’s a reason why this hairstyle has been dominating the trendiest hairstyles of the year for a couple of years now. It’s flattering, it’s got a versatile length and works well with straight hair. What else can you ask for?

Casual half-updos for medium hair 

Casual half-updos is the perfect hairstyle to wear on days when you actually have the time to get ready in the mornings. They’re simple enough to do in just under 10 minutes or so but still look complicated enough to show that you’ve put in the effort. This half-up bun on shoulder-length hair is a great example of what we’re talking about.

You can also go trendy and wear your bun just a little bit higher. This is a fun and playful look you can wear out when you’re out and about running errands or just grabbing a cup of coffee with some friends. Pro-tip: Keep a slight middle part to get this look accurately.Got

Got a new sundress you’ve been itching to wear on your day off? This retro style half-up beehive will definitely pair well with it. Keep your hive on the lower side to keep things simple and casual. Besides, you don’t want to spend the mornings of your weekend teasing your hair into submission, do you?

If doing a hive is still too much work for you, try out this cute and demure pulled back hairstyle instead. Part your hair in a deep side part and pin your hair back securely with hairpins. You can also curl the rest of your medium length hair into wide curls to add some drama to the look.

You can also ditch the side part and go for a combed back half-updo with curls. Might wanna bust out your extra hold hairspray and pins for this one, though. This look will also work well if you’re going somewhere a little fancier, say a Sunday brunch with your work friends.

Cute braided hairstyles for medium hair

Of course, you can never go wrong with incorporating some braids into your hairstyle. A simple side braid on side-parted hair is a great look for college students who are always rushing to their classes in the mornings. This works well with medium length hair as you won’t have to do much braiding on at this hair length.

You can also go a bit fancier with a semi-headband braid like the one above. Just be sure to secure your braid hidden from view with hairpins for a seamless look. If you have a few more minutes to spare, curl the rest of your hair into waves for a more put-together look.

Fake a cool sidecut with cornrow braids like the one above. This style particularly looks great with above the shoulder hair that’s parted to one side. You’ve probably seen this look so many times on your Insta feed, it might be high time to give in to the trend and try it.

Here’s a five-minute braid you can whip up on extra busy mornings. Haven’t washed your hair in a few days? Sprinkle on some dry shampoo on your roots and tie your hair in this side fishtail braid for a cute and simple look. Your hair not quite long enough for a side braid? A half-up fishtail also works.

The great thing about medium length hair is that it’s pretty easy to braid into something like this wraparound waterfall braid. This will also work well on naturally curly hair as it’ll enhance the waterfall effect even more. Make sure to hide the ends of your braid for a seamless look.

Bridal updos for medium-length hair

medium hairstylesYou certainly don’t need extra long hair to pull off the most beautiful hairstyles for your wedding day. Case in point is this absolutely stunning updo inspired by 1920’s flapper hair. This is a style that your medium hair can definitely pull off. Just be sure to communicate what you want clearly with your hairstylist to get the best results.

As hairstylists will tell you, these kinds of volumized bridal hairstyles employ the illusion of length by carefully weaving curled medium length hair into a hollow low bun. So, don’t hesitate to show this picture to yours. You deserve to feel and look your best on your special day.

Go for a simple yet elegant look with this wide top bun. Those extra strands of loose hair add to the laid-back vibe of this style to create a fun and fresh bridal look. What more, you don’t need much hair to be able to pull this one off.

Here’s a deceptively simple yet gorgeous bridal hairstyle that’s perfect for medium hair lengths. Another great thing about it is that it’s an excellent choice for brides with naturally curly who are also looking for a no-frills hairstyle that flaunts the best parts of their curls.

A similar hairstyle could also be done on straight hair though it will definitely need more product and styling to pull off. Since straight hair often has trouble keeping in curls, you may want to do this style on one-day-old hair to give it a better fighting chance of staying put all day.

Medium hairstyles for older women

Medium hairstyles are also recommended for older women looking for something versatile and at the same time low maintenance, too. If you have natural curls, it’s better to let them loose but don’t be afraid to introduce some layers to your cut to give it more shape. Take inspiration from Keri Russel’s exquisite locks above.

If you’ve got straight hair, a medium length bob is a fantastic easy to maintain cut. Add some long side bangs to the mix to give you a playful and youthful look. Another great thing about this cut is that you’ll have plenty of time before you’ll need another trim.

Bangs are still a good idea even if you have naturally curly hair. Just make sure to have your stylist cut your bangs while you’re hair’s dry and not wet as normal to see how it’ll actually look. Pro-tip: Invest in a good hair cream that’ll accentuate and bring out the shape of your curls nicely.

Straight hair can sometimes look thin and limp when left unstyled. To avoid this, go for a layered haircut that ends just around your shoulders or collarbone and add some much-needed bounce and body to dull hair. Getting some face-framing bangs will also do the trick.

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Best medium hairstyles for thin hair

Thin-haired girls can definitely benefit from opting for medium hairstyles. A shoulder-length bob usually does the trick of making thin hair look a tad fuller. Take cues from Jessica Alba’s one-length haircut and you’ll be good to go. Blow drying it inwards with a wide barrel brush will also add some volume to thin hair.

Another way you can fake thick hair with a medium hairstyle is by going for a trendy, wavy hairstyle. You’ve probably seen variations of this hair from fashion bloggers to social media influencers and even celebrities. Find out the reason why this hairstyle is so popular and try it for yourself.

Stylists say that darker hair shades tend to appear fuller and thicker than lighter ones. Maybe it’s finally time for a color change, don’t you think? Sure blondes may have more fun but brunettes can turn up a party, too.

Of course, we can’t forget about the illusion of thickness bottom layers can give medium hairstyles. Keeping layers concentrated on the bottom of your hair is a great way to shape it without taking away some much-needed volume.

You can even add some waves to your hair to further create the illusion of fullness to thin hair. Check out a great sample of this look in the picture below.

Excited to cut your hair into a brand new medium hairstyle?

Take your pick from our list of the most flattering cuts and styles for medium-length hair.

medium hairstyles

medium hairstyles  



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