80 Medium Hairstyles That Will Make 2018 Your Most Stylish Year Yet


Some of the most versatile and timeless looks you can get this 2018 are medium hairstyles—you can achieve endless looks and experiment with your hair color effortlessly. It gives you the dreamy, romantic feel of a long hair at the same time practical and fun vibe of a short hair. Whether you have that curly and kinky, straight and sleek, or wavy and chic hair, medium hairstyles will fall right at the perfect spot.

Why go for medium hairstyles over longer or shorter ones?

Do you know that a few inches can make a big difference to your looks? This is especially true if you’re a woman who loves your long hair. Since going shorter will make you uncomfortable, think of getting a few inches off your hair to add some volume to your flat hair. A great thing, you won’t have to undergo into a huge transition since medium hairstyles strike the balance between long and short haircuts.

A great thing, medium hairstyles will also let you play with your hair’s texture whether it’s straight or curly. Do you know that actresses usually uses the same haircut and have it styled differently so they’ll look different? Yes you can wear the same medium hairstyle to get that sleek straight hair, gorgeous waves, and bouncy curls.

Most of the time, straight hair looks flat, and medium hairstyles usually look fuller and healthy. With a few styling tricks, you can make your thinner hair thicker and healthier with medium hairstyles. Yes, you can have bouncy waves without the use of hair extensions. You may also think of hair coloring tricks to make your thinner hair look thicker and voluminous.

If you wish to look younger than your age, medium length hairstyles are great for taking years off your look. It’s sleek, chic, and wise while keeping everything playful and sophisticated. However, don’t let it just look simple and flat on the top as adding some volume like parting your hair or adding some curls are great for getting that dreamy look.

Medium Hairstyles for Thin Hair

If you have that thin hair, don’t fret even if you could make a lot of stylish looks if your hair was thicker. Do you know that medium hairstyles will make your hair look fuller and more voluminous over longer hairstyles? When your hair is shorter, it tends to float rather than being dragged down in longer cuts.

A great thing, medium-length hairstyles will add some dimension to your looks without going too short, and its length will still let you experiment with color, texture, and style.

Hair experts recommended that the ends of your hair should be trimmed smoothly, as thin hair often look dry and lifeless. If you like, think of adding more volume to your hair with a blow-dryer—just brush your hair from the roots and gradually brush it out till the ends. If you want to get more bounce, think of a hairspray that will keep your locks polished and sleek.

Apart from it, medium hairstyles are more practical if you’re a woman on the go. If you like, you may go for an angled lob hairstyle that will give you a sleek, layered look from back to front. You may even think of having side-swept and simple hairstyle that’s effortlessly chic—it’s cool, easy to manage, and polished. If you wish to add some edge to your looks, think of getting sleek shag that will keep everything modern yet sharp.

For women with straight thin hair, having wispy layers will frame your face, but make sure they’re below your chin. Do you know that taking a little more length off will reduce your hair’s weight, and therefore look fuller? A great thing, this hairstyle is effortlessly chic and very low maintenance.

If you like to get a more edgy statement, then go straight and choppy. It’s up to you to style your hair your own by straightening it with a flat iron or a blow dryer, or get a professional blunt end haircut at a salon.

While it is best for your hair to let it grow a bit longer, keep in mind that a long hair can weigh down your overall look and drag your face. If you wish to add more volume to your thin yet curly hair, shoulder-length cut is perfect for you. Just go for side-swept layers to frame your face and you’ll make your hair look thick and healthy. On the other hand, getting some layers will allow your hair to pouf up naturally, but you have to know where your curls should set.

If you want an effortless cool-girl vibe, think of a slicked back hairstyle in medium length. This is perfect for you if you want to get out of the door easily, as this out-of-the-shower look will keep you fresh and modern without sacrificing style. The advantage of this hairstyle is that if you already got that fine straight hair, then you’ll be effortless on styling it. After all, the layered look is what makes your hairstyle stand out.

If you like, you may even prep your hair with a hair conditioner to add some definition to your locks while nourishing them. Simply run your fingers through your hair so you’ll get that undone look. The key is to avoid making your hair look too polished, and that means letting some strands fall freely.

Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair

If you’re a woman with a thick hair, you’re lucky as the ways of styling it are endless. All you need is to opt for the right haircut so your hair won’t look too blunt and simple. Do you know that medium layered hairstyles are great for women with thick hair?

In fact, the layered ends add some movement to your strands making them look full, dynamic, and bouncy. On the contrary, one-length haircuts will make your hair boring and lifeless.

The key is to pay attention to the cut, ends, and volume of your hair. According to hair experts, pixies and traditional bobs are flattering for women with thick hair. The reason why a medium layered hairstyle is more flattering is because they feature distinctive shapes that are sharp and edgy.

If you wish to make your thick, straight hair more voluminous, add more layers, but they shouldn’t fall higher than your chin. This way, you’ll make your face more proportioned and your hairstyle sleek without looking too choppy or stacked.

Hair experts recommended that women with curly hair should have their medium hairstyle longer than the chin, as well as for women with fine hair—or else, it will just fall flat. A great thing, the hairstyle is perfectly soft and sexy and will draw to focus to your best assets.

If you have a naturally wavy hair, think of getting a haircut just below your shoulders, and let your laidback waves do the tricks. A great thing, this medium hairstyle is low maintenance since you don’t have to flat iron or curl your hair. Just apply some hair cream, mousse, or hairspray into your locks and you’ll look chic and stylish.

If you want a dreamy, romantic feel, thing of getting some loose waves in medium length. Do you know that those cascading curls will make you look more feminine at the same time put together? It’s also a great hack to tame your frizz, but don’t forget your hairspray or hair moisturizer. Also, a shaggy hairstyle that fall on your shoulders will add some dimension to your looks while keeping everything chic but undone.

Do you know that a medium length haircut can make your curls bouncy and lightweight? By getting a medium length, you can actually make your natural curls last all day. If you want to steal the attention, get some oversized curls. By having a medium hairstyle that falls on your shoulders, the curls will look fresh and feminine.

Medium Hairstyles with Bangs

Adding some bangs to your medium hairstyle will give you a more romantic look, but it’s a decision that you shouldn’t take lightly. Remember, getting some bangs isn’t all about changing your hairstyle for a season as it’s actually a lifestyle that you need to deal with. After all, your hairstyle will be a part of your signature look and your image.

Getting bangs is hard to reverse, so you should know first which style will look best for your face shape and complement your personality. You can look for hair stylist that will make the difference in your look, whether you’ll fall in love with your new haircut or feel sorry for it.

Depending on your hair texture, your bangs can be high or low maintenance. Some women with straight fine hair simply let them air dry after shower, while others with curly hair always keep them neat with a flat iron.

When deciding on what style of bangs you’ll get to flatter your medium hairstyle, it’s always better to go for a versatile look. Blunt cut bangs are not for everyone, so you should have the freedom to add some tweaks into them just in case you got bored with your daily look.

If you want to add some bangs, think of a feathered texture in a medium length that will add some girly spin to your looks. If you like, you may even combine those bangs with your curls that look chic without going overboard. A great thing, long bangs can frame your face, especially if you got that heart-shaped face, making you look more feminine and romantic.

If you like, you may even opt for asymmetrical bangs that add some edge to your face proportions. The key is to consider your face shape and know what works for you. You may get your bangs a little bit longer on one side then add some twist with bouncy curls or even side part.

Adding some bangs to your natural waves will give you a dreamy, romantic vibe. If you have a naturally wavy hair, you’re lucky as you can let your hair dry and brush it to show off its bounce. Or, go curly with the help of a curling iron, but keep in mind that curls can make your medium length hair a little shorter.

Why go for layered hairstyle over blunt cut ones?

Do you know that layers can add some drama to your hair texture? A great thing, they are universally flattering and can bring out the best on your facial features.

A medium layered hairstyle simply implies having two to three layers of hair with shorter tresses on the front and longer at the back. It’s up to you whether you like your ends to be smoothly trimmed, feathered into fine ones, or having blunt choppy ends.

If you feel your thick hair is too heavy for you, then medium layered hairstyle will make things easy and chic. On the other hand, women with thin hair can get the ideal bounce and volume with medium layered hairstyles.

While women with a straight hair will look sleek in medium layered hairstyles, women with curly hair will be able to add some structure to their curls. In fact, medium layered hairstyles will flaunt your curls and add some volume into them especially if you have a naturally curly hair.

If you want to experiment with your medium layered hairstyle, think of straightening, curling, or coloring it. Do you know that it will look best when you accent on the tips? In fact, you can straighten the ends of your hair with a flat iron to get that edgy, modern look. On the other hand, curling the ends of your hair with a curling iron will make your style more dreamy and romantic.

Medium Layered Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Do you know that medium layered hairstyles are universally flattering? A great thing, these hairstyles will work for women with straight or curly hair, along with ones with round faces, oblong faces, square faces and heart faces.

Women with oval faces are lucky since you can wear whatever medium hairstyle that you want. As a rule of thumb, your goal is to make your face look more proportioned, therefore oval, with your medium layered hairstyle. If you have a round face, think of elongating it visually with your face-framing haircut whether it’s a structural layer on front or getting some side bangs that skim your eyebrows.

Remember, women with round faces will need asymmetry to elongate the face, so skip those bangs that will only make your face look wider and rounder like thick blunt cut bangs. Instead, opt for ones that create lines whether it’s a side parting, choppy bangs, or even asymmetric one.

If you have an oblong face, a medium layered hairstyle will add some volume to the sides of your face, making it look more proportioned. If you like, you may even get some straight bangs, curls and waves, or even out-flicked locks.

As a rule of thumb, women with an oblong face should skip those long haircuts, especially if you have a straight hair. This is because long hair and straight texture of your strand will make your oblong face look longer and narrower. Also, skip those hairstyles that will add some volume on your top like messy buns, top knots and such.

If you’re a woman with a square face, think of medium layered hairstyle that hit on or below your chin to soften the sharpness of your jaw. If you like to embrace your angular features, then think of asymmetrical cuts that will add some edge to your looks.

Flattering Colors for Medium Hairstyles

Before coloring your hair, keep in mind that some colors can add some volume and dimension to your hair. In fact, some coloring techniques especially ombre and balayage will add the illusion of movement to your hairstyle.

If you don’t want to color the rest of your hair, think of getting some highlights instead. It’s up to you to which part of your hair you want to be emphasized, but keep in mind that a certain color can frame your face and add some glow to your looks. If you want a more romantic and softer look, think of sombre highlights where the hues are lighter on the ends.

If you love blonde highlights, think of medium hairstyles in choppy ends to revamp your look. It’s up to you to get a hairstyle that strike between a shag and a long bob—it will give you both sexy and flirty statement.

If you want to stay within your natural hair color, you may go for dark brown instead. Medium hairstyle that hits on your shoulders will draw more focus to your face. If you’re a brunette, the color will give a great contrast to your complexion.

If you’ve got that flaming red curls, then flaunt it with your hairstyle. Do you know that this look can make you like stepping out from a heroine movie? A great thing, you can rock the hairstyle with your little black dresses and jeans.

Yes, these hairstyles fall in the sweet spot between short and long—and medium hairstyles will make 2018 your most stylish year yet whether you’re a hair newbie or pro.


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