Wondering How To Do A Messy Bun?


Everyone is flaunting it right but you don’t know you to pull off a messy bun, do you? Be it, anyone you are following on Instagram or your friends from the workplace, everyone wears this hairstyle on any occasion perfectly. Be it straight hair or curled, thin or thick hair, long or short messy bun hairstyles work on all of the hair types.

Don’t believe us? Look we have put together for some extraordinary answers to your question on how to do a messy bun hairstyle. This your guided to a complete perfection in imperfection.

1. Messy Bun For Medium Hair

For medium hair, you can opt for this easy updo. This hairstyle will not go wrong for any occasion. For this, take two strands of hair and pin it at the back in the manner shown. Make a twist around and create a fantastic design.

2. Simple And Fast

Create a bun from your messy ponytail.

Wondering how to do a messy bun from your thin and straight hair?

Tie your hair into a high ponytail and twist the tail. Put it up into a bun and pull out the strands for a delicate finish.

3. Elegant Updo

This updo is elegant and chic that it cannot go wrong for any event. This hairstyle looks amazing with dark hair color. For such hairstyle, you might have to go to https://www.youtube.com/ and write in ‘how to do a messy bun’. Make sure you follow the instructions on youtube or you can seek professional help.

4. Chilled Messy Bun

This is a hairstyle that you can opt for a day where you decide to Netflix and chill. You don’t need to seek Youtube’s help or anyone else for this. No need o worry if your hair is medium, long, thin or straight, this bun is for all. Just wake up and take a band. Tie your hair in a random way and spend your lazy day.

5. For Your Long Hair

Color your long hair an icy color this summer. Now google how to do a messy bun with long hair. This bun is so beautiful that it cannot go wrong for your girls’ day out. Pull out some strands here and there for absolute perfection of your messy bun.

6. Thin And Straight

This type of bun is perfect for thin and straight hair. No need to google how to do a messy bun anymore. Just follow this step by step instruction and you are good to go. The first step is to create a high messy ponytail. Tease the back of your pony and using your hand create a bun on the top of your head. Voila, you are ready. Use a U-pin to secure your bun.

7. Curls For Updo

For such updo, this requires quite a long hair. You need to create loose curls all over your hair. Now pull up your curls into a messy side bun. This hairstyle will look amazing with your evening gown. A perfect hairstyle for your date night.

8. Pretty French Twist

French twist with a little bit of messiness makes it absolutely stunning. A simple twist for your long, thin hair at a low angle with a twisted braid from the front is a hairstyle you will need the help of Youtube. Type in how to do a messy French twist and you are gold.

9. Loose Messy Bun

For a day in or a day out, on any hot summer day, you will want your hair up above your neck. So, what better than a messy bun? As always you know how to make a messy ponytail first. Now. follow the pictures and make a cute and stylish bun.

10. Braided Buns

As you see, this is the double dutch braid bun. This hairstyle is the answer to your question how to do a messy bun for thin hair. First, create a beautiful braid from the front of your head. Now pull the rest of your locks into a low side bun and wrap it with the braid you created to flaunt a beautiful messy side bun.

11.  The Kardashian Bun

Kim Kardashian sure knows how to pull off the cute messy bun hairstyle. Her look is what can call ‘I just woke up’ look. If you want to create this look, be sure to click on this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cq571LYuDK0

12. Messy Bun For Thin And Straight Hair

For your long, thin and straight hair, pull it all up and twist it all. Create another big twist to create a bun. Finish the look with an elastic tie. This look is for the school and a look that you can definitely Instagram.

13. Rainbow Twists

Buns are a wonderful way to show off your rainbow highlights. Color the half of your hair in any colors you want. Each strand is of a different color. Now, create a French braid from the colored part of your hair which is connected to your top knot twists. For this, you will definitely need to type in how to do a messy bun on Youtube.

14. For The New Mom

Being a mom is difficult. Making time for your kids, for your job, for house work and all you really don’t have to work on yourself. You know messy bun is the solution for this. Look stylish as well as keep your hair out of your way. The first step that anyone will tell you on how to do a messy bun for your straight and thin hair is to pull it into a messy ponytail but stop at the halfway. Create a bow and use the rest of the ponytail to wrap around the elastic band. Pull out the strands to finish the look. A look for a stylish and a responsible mom.

15. Street Style For Messy Bun

A messy bun can definitely be stylish and elegant. But, you can also make it funky and cool. For that, a hair accessory is a great aid. Anything can be a hair accessory, even a handkerchief. Pick out the coolest handkerchief you can find. Google how to do a messy bun, follow the steps. Finish the look with your accessory.

16. Just Woke Up

Who said ‘just woke up’ look with your fancy coat will not work? The messiness adds to the panache of this look. The nude makeup adds to the innocence making this a look you definitely will want to flaunt.

17. Messed Up To The Side

This must be the simplest of the messy buns that you can create. Look how this bun looks classic yet it is such a modern look. All you have to do is create a loose bun on the side and pull out a few strands. A classic black and white photo with this hairstyle to post on Instagram, maybe?

18. For The Prom

Messy braids can work greatly for your prom dresses. Prom is your big day girl and, let a chic messy bun add to your special day. Create a messy side bun with a few fancy twists starting from the beginning. Pull out a few strands here and there. A how to do messy bun search might be necessary for this look, if not you can always visit the salon.

19. Ashely’s Bun

See, when stars flaunt an excellent hairdo there is already a tutorial teaching you how to do it. You don’t need to search for how to do a messy bun to achieve this amazing messy bun like our girl Ashely Benson here. Just click on the following Youtube link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pH0Yb3MdDKo

20. Purple Messy Bun

We all know the best way to show off your hair highlights are messy buns. Go crazy with colors. Try warm hues or go for alternate colors like blue and purple, the cool shades you know. Pull it all into a messy bun and voila, you are ready.

21. Elegance On The Side

A mixture of braids and bun is the secret formula to an elegant hairdo. Create a loose braids from the side and join it into a messy bun. A side bun adds to its elegance. Pulling out strands is the last step to creating any messy bun hairstyle. This bun is for straight hair, long and thin hair.

22. Roses For The Bun

This unique bun hairstyle is a perfect hairstyle for any wedding. With the added roses for the hair, accessory makes this hairstyle feminine and romantic. You will need to type how to do a unique messy bun on your search engine to achieve this look.

23. All Around

If you follow the steps shown, this messy bun hairstyle is easy to achieve. We all know the first step. A messy ponytail. Create a gap in the middle of the ponytail and then wrap the entire area with the rest of the ponytail. The rest of the bun can be used to wrap to finish the messy bun look. This must be one of the answers to how to do a messy bun for straight hair.

24.  Lazy Morning Bun

For your evening out. you might be lazy to do a chic and elegant look. No worries, slip into your evening gown, pick out your jewelry and finish your makeup. For the hair, don’t worry you don’t need to invest a lot of time for it. Create a side messy bun with your wavy hair and you are all set. All the eyes will definitely be set on you.

25. For The Winter

Winter days are the days when you are particularly lazy. But you still have to go out and work on those cold days. Waking up late on cold days is common between all of us. So, for those days messy buns can save you from having a bad hair day. Create a messy bun loves and stay warm. The few strands you have pulled out, curl it to give a more refined look.

26. Pink Bun

Wondering how to style your pink, straight colored thin hair? A messy bun could be the answer to this question. This bun can ve achieved under a minute. All you have to do is randomly pull it into a bun.

27. Braids On The Side

This is such an incredible hairstyle. The messiness of the hair and the perfection of the braids on the side all combine for a perfect look. Pull out the strands of your hair on your front. You need no socks or any accessory to finish this look.

28. Messed Up Doubles

Not just one but you can create two buns to achieve a messy bun look. Color your hair of any color and create two perfectly symmetrical buns. The long bags on the front add to messiness. A cute look, that you can flaunt at the school or a day out with your girlfriends.

29. For The Day In

For your day in, pull up your incredible straight, long thin hair into a twisted messy bun. If in any case, you have to leave the house no need to change your hairstyle. This works for a day out or day in.

30. Grande Bun

Messy bun hairstyle works for the award nights. Look how our girl, Arian Grande is rocking it at the AMAs. She is flaunting braids that are twisted into an imperfect bun. Her dress and her makeup do a complete justice to this look. Bang Bang! You definitely wear this look bang on.

31. Pullde Out On Top

A chilly day with your topknot bun is a day you will not regret. Create a topknot with a lot of randomness and messiness. A hairstyle everyone will love.

32.  For The Busy Day

If you know you are going to have a busy day ahead, it is better if you prepare for it beforehand. For a busy day, it is important to keep an easy hairstyle. For such days, a messy bun hairstyle will be a great aid to your success. Follow the simple three steps in creating any messy bun. Suit up and wear your shades. A look to take on the work, girl you are ready.

33. Perfectly Imperfect

You need some experience to create this perfectly imperfect messy bun. Create a chaotic combination of tresses and enjoy your summer day out. This criss-crossed formal shape that compliments the texture is perfect for shoulder-length hair.

34. Cool Bun For The Cold

A cute sweater, ankle boots and a top knot is definitely a style this winter. Create a twisted bun on the top of your head and pull out a few strands to finish the look. Pose and take some photographs.

35. Fast Messy Bun

One of the fastest way to look chic and elegant is to make a messy bun hairstyle. Follow the simple strps. create a messy high ponytail and all you have to do is twist. Make sure you do this is no guided manner. Hairspray your bun to put it place and you are ready.

36. Just A MessY bUN

All you need is a hair brush and an elastic band for this simple messy bun. Tease your hair after separating your bands. Create a top bun and finish your simple look.

Perfection is boring. Try the imperfection you will love it, trust me.


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