14 Things You Need to Know About Micro Braids


If you are in the search for a hairdo that gives you a youthful appeal, then you are at the right place. Here we have the best micro braids ideas that you can try on this season. They are excellent for the summer and will keep you looking and feeling fresh each day. They have a vibrancy to them that no one can move on without noticing. This is an excellent way to make sure that your hair has the glam while keeping you comfortable at the same time. So you need to check out this style and try them out!

There is no best hair for micro braids; you can try them on any hair length and hair texture. But if your hair is too weak and is prone to damage, then you may not want to check these out. The roots get pulled on slightly, and you may feel the hair getting stained more than styled. These braids last for three months for sure, but you may not want to try them out more than that period. They are low maintenance and is ideal for anyone who struggles with doing their hair each day.

What are protective hairstyles and why to try them?

One of the best looks you can try on is the protective styles. There are a lot of environmental factors that can cause damage to your hair. There are pollutants on the surrounding that can make your hair prone to breakage and will thin them out as well. These are not only these factors to consider, but you also need to think about the daily stress you put yourself through. With late working hours and chemicals on our shampoos and even on the food we eat, there is no limit to the extent of harm our hair faces!

We also style our hair each day and use hot heating tools on them to create curls, waves, and even crimps on the hair. There is a lot of straightening that goes on in as well. Thus we need to try out the protective look. These are hairstyles that protect your natural roots from being exposed to these factors. That way, your hair can grow well, and it also looks good. They include wigs, weaves, braids, and twisted hairdos but are not just limited to them. There are millions of these hairdos out on the internet, and you can try out any of these!

Here we are pitching to you the idea of micro braids. You can try out any variations of the look that we are presenting here. They are braids that remain quite close to the scalp and are thin. They take precision, and you need time to get your full hair on them for sure. But once done, you will be able to enjoy them for at least twelve to thirteen weeks. After that, you need to take them down, or else they may hurt your scalp too. You can get on board with these protective hairdos today by taking cues from the images here.

Here are some micro braids hairstyles 2019 in this article that is sure to steal your heart.

On to a side

If there is one thing we can say for sure, then it is that the side swept looks are the ones that are easiest to handle! You can try them out for any occasion and enjoy the ease that comes with it. That is the fun part of these hairdos, and they are easy to style and look good no matter what you do. You can enjoy these images here before you try it on.

micro braids The high pony

This is one of the most popular micro braids hairdos that are available. You can try them out when you head out to your school and also when you are looking for a relaxed everyday hairstyle. There is the precise section on these looks, and we love them. The higher you go with these braids, the stylish you will look. So make sure you get to a level you are happy with.

The ombre effect

Ombre hair in an iconic look and we are sure that this one here is a good inspiration for you. The black on the top and blonde on the base is stunning and is a combination that has been around for quite some time now. You can take inspiration from the image we have here and get the same for yourself the next time you want a change.

Ready to head out?

If you are always in a hurry to head out, then this is the micro braids that we you need to try out. We are sure you will love the way your hair does all the work for you with these stunning braids. If you want to make an impression, you can add on these hats of your choice as well. They look great and have a chic effect to them.

Relaxed and easy bun

Who doesn’t love bun hairdos? They are comfortable to wear and have an ease to them that we are sure you would want for these hot summer days. If there is no time for you to get ready, then you can sweep all your hair back and enjoy this pulled back hairdo. They are ideal for everyday wear and parties too, so they are versatile in all forms.

Middle parted micro braids

You can make yourself look a lot different by changing the way you part your hair. There are styles there for sure, and the one we are recommending for you is the central part in here. If you are looking to chisel out your face and make them look slimmer, this is the way to go! There are some ideas in here you can try out as well.

Micro braids with loose ends

Adding a twist to your hair is as easy as leaving some sections of your locks undone! You can see how imperfection can look perfect with these images in here. They are stunning and have this unique charm to them that we adore. If you have the urge to try out something different and appealing, we recommend you give these a try. Braid some sections and leave some free and you are done!

The magnificent updo

If you are a working woman, then you are always in a hurry. Then there are days when you need to look unique, and we want you to try these out for those days. This is a perfect way to make your hair stand out in the crowd. They are bulkier and thicker and give off a strong hair appeal as well. So this is s winner!

Side shave with micro braids

If there is a wild side to you and you want to share it or show it off, then getting the side shaved look is the best way to go. You can try out any of these looks here and get the same fierce effect. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment today and head out to show the side of your persona that you want to flaunt!

Take some ideas!

There are celebrity styles that we get inspiration from always, and we are showing you some of them on this section here. You can see that there are celebs like Alicia Keys and Yara Shahidi and they are sporting the famous micro braids. With more of these women influencing the population, we are sure you will want to try them out too. Copy any of these hairstyles and look flawless!

Leaving some loose

There are sections on the front here that are left free, and we are sure you will love this. You can see that the hairstyle here is casual and approachable as well. Women of all ages can try out this flexible look. Here is an idea that can inspire you. We can all agree that there is a youthful vibe to this hairdo here.

Messy micro braids

If you enjoy the messy look, then here is a look you can try. You can see there are no complicated steps in here and they can be done in a matter of minutes. If you have a hair tie at hand, then you are a couple of minutes away from getting this look. Try it out for a casual day out with friends.

Braided hairdo

Braids will remain a classic, and they are never going out of fashion for sure. There are ways to make them look chic, and there are ways to make them appear sexy as well. Here are some ideas we compiled to help you decide which type of braids to get on yourself. There are colorful options here too that can excite you so check these out.

Youthful hairstyle

Teenagers are attracted towards these fabulous hairdos that have a fresh appeal to them. The straight micro braids here are an inspiration for all of us. If you are looking to try a vibrant hairdo with a new feel, these are the ideas we suggest. You can get them done on long hair. They are pinned back, and some are left loose as well.

Let them be natural

This is one hairdo you cannot get away from. In addition to looking stunning, they are also a fashion statement. You can see that you can embrace your textured natural hair to get both charms and ease you want. You can see there is a fun vibe to this image too. Similarly, there are shiny, beautiful curls that are well conditioned in here also.

The bob look

We are sure this is the one if you are looking to be trendy all season long!

Layered hairstyle

If you have thin hair, then you can add layers to them to make them look thicker. This is an easy way, and the one that is long lasting with low maintenance as well. Try them out if you want a change of looks!

Summer vibes

These were the micro braids hairstyles 2018 that we saw frequently. If you are not sure if they are still relevant, we assure you there is nothing to worry about. Firstly, you can see Beyonce trying on these looks, and that makes it iconic! Another reason is that they are getting trendier on every social media platform there is. So this is a look you need to get on board with.

Colored micro braids

Another look that we cannot wait for you to try is the colored ones here. Adding colors to your hair can make you look extra special. For instance, you can try out these reds, browns, and blondes as well. They add the needed dimension and depth to the hair and add shine to them too. Besides, they are a trend, and we are sure you want to catch up!

For thin hair

Not only are these an excellent look, but also they are an approachable one. We are sure you will love the way your hair appears with these braids. They work for everyone! For instance, you can try them out if you have thin hair as well. Here are a few options for you to choose from. You can see how they will look on you too!

Easy to style

Here are some ideas of invisible, micro braids styles that you will fall for! These are easy to style and have a high fashion score too. Here are some images we compiled to give you an idea of how to style your micro braids. There are color options here also. So you have a variety of options to choose from for yourself.

Sexy micro braids

These long micro braids are classy, and we are sure you can sport them in your Instagram feed as well.  There is a charm to these looks. You can look sexy and sultry with these lengthy micro braids. Be event ready in a matter of minutes with this one here. You can sweep them to a side so that you can be at ease too!

Sleek, pulled back look

When you have long hair, you can try out any of these hairstyles. You can see that the straightened locks have the best look in here. The hair is tightly pulled back and secured on the back. We are sure this will work out for you like your work look. Here are some ideas to get on board with. They are trendy and stylish also.

For a fun look

You can have a lot of fun with these micro braids for sure. For instance, you can try out the space buns that we have in here. Women who have thin hair can try out this hairstyle here. There are options here for long and short hair as well. The asymmetrical one here is a look that we adore and recommend you try out the same!

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Ponytail look with micro braids

This is a casual look, and we are sure you will love this one. You may have learned to do this on yourself as your first hairstyle too. The sections here are fabulous. There are darker shades on the bottom, and they are mixed in with the light blonde hues in here. We love the idea of this blend of colors in here.

With wavy hair

If you are one to enjoy some waves on your hair, here are some braids hairstyles wavy looks for you. You can get on board with them to look fantastic. Another reason to try this hairstyle out is that there is a charm to them. They are stunning and have the volume we admire. If you want the same look, get the half and half style as well.

Thinnest ones

If you are one to go to the extreme levels, then you will love the ones in here. They are lightweight, and they are sure to make you look extra special. We are confident you will adore your hair when you get them on these thin sectioned braids. There is no way you can ignore these images here. There are captivating in all forms!

The effortless style

Here is an idea for micro braids white girl that is sure to make you feel special. They are a bit thicker than any other micro braids. You can get them to look healthier this way. Similarly, you can also add on some fun jewel to add some bling to your locks. And you can also keep them loose and free falling if you want a carefree look.

Differing lengths

You can get a fun, flirty look like this one here with ease. This is not only casual but also fun. You can see that there are different lengths of hair on here and they fall on the side freely. Getting your hair conditioner is also equally important. You need to pay attention to your locks to make sure that you get the frizz-free hairdo.

How to choose these hairstyles?

If you still have not decided what you are going to try out, then we do understand your feeling. Looking at all these images may baffle you. So you need to make sure that you take a good look at these micro braids and decide what to do. They are ideal for you if you are always in a hurry. These braids last a long time when compared to other hairdos. You can keep the same look on for some time, and by taking proper care, you can keep them looking fresh and intact while looking extraordinarily stunning each day!

If you have never tried on this look, you will be impressed by it. As you reach the end here, you will find enough ideas about how to get the look. You must have also gathered knowledge regarding these stunning hairdos. So what are you waiting for now? All you need is to get some hair extensions and get started on your hair today! We are sure you will be happy with the way it turns out even if you get them done at home. If you are not sure how to start, you can try looking at tutorials online!

There are ways you can make them pop even more! One of the easiest ways is to add on some pop of color to the hair! You can see that there are a lot of options here with different hues. The most common ones to try out are the blonde and brown tinges. They are colors that can be manipulated to match every skin tone. That is why they are the first choice for most women. You can also shave your sides to add that bold effect to your hair that it may otherwise be lacking. This will help show off your daring personality as well!

To wrap it all up!

As you finish reading this article here, you can get inspired to try on something new and fun like the braids, or you may find ways to style the braids you already have. We have tried our best to make sure you get the collection of micro braids that you can get on board with. There are options here for everyone, and thus we are sure you feel happy as you end this article. Make sure you try the look that gets you feeling your best every day! If you wear it with confidence, we can assure you that everybody will admire your looks!

If that is the case, then make sure you hit the thumbs up button on the bottom here. Furthermore, you can also share your hairstyling experiences with us by commenting down below. We are always thrilled to read any feedback from you. If you thought this article lacked something, then you can add those on the section with your comments as well. You can share it with your close group to help them try out the same look as well. If you liked this content, you could follow us to be updated with more! Check out more on our website here!


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