150 Unbelievably Great Octopus Tattoo Designs With Their Meanings

Octopus tattoo- a tattoo design that has been famous for ages. Throughout many cultures, an octopus has been a very important species representing various qualities, and that is why octopus tattoos come with a context of many of them. Which means different styles from different cultural backgrounds and design approaches.

But, apart from the style, the next big reason for why an octopus tattoo is preferred is its meaning. An octopus tattoo symbolizes many things- more than any other tattoo designs. This is because this sea creature itself has so many qualities that humans consider important.


Octopus Tattoo Meaning

There are many things that an octopus tattoo symbolizes. Some important meanings of octopus tattoo are as follows:

Creativity And Intelligence

We know that this animal is a prolific hunter- hiding in the floor and then striking out of nowhere. And another thing and octopus always has a trick up in its sleeve- its black ink, which it may use to ward off predators as well. How it lives- it lives with its mind and a plan, so this animal represents creativity and intelligence.

Adaptability, Flexibility

First, it is an invertebrate- no backbone which means this animal can take many shapes and forms, which represents versatility. Due to this quality, may unique octopus tattoos regarding the design are also created. And another one is adaptability. Which means, however, harder may be the situation, it can get out of it. We know that this animal can even regenerate what it loses. These qualities contribute a lot to this animal’s tattoo meaning.

Feminine Quality

Another meaning of octopus tattoo could be its feminine quality. This animal lives in the sea. And the sea itself is connected with the moon- they have close connections. We know that the moon creates sea waves, right? And octopus also lives in there. Connections that make meaning it’s like.

Infinite Love

Infinite love or other qualities that will always be your say forever- that’s what you can represent with your octopus tattoo as well. Because, an octopus has eight tentacles and eight(8), when you ‘lay’ it down, it seems like an infinity symbol. So, infinity is another symbolism.

Evil Or Spirit Animal

This one could depend on your culture. In some cultures, this animal could be a demon while in others, it could be a spirit animal or so. So, if your culture also has some unique interpretation of this tattoo, then you know about it more than I do.

Hence, with an octopus tattoo, a person could be symbolizing various things. Which means you have a great opportunity to tell a story with your tattoo, a deep one. And this also means that you get a lot of chances to be creative with your tattoo.

To be frank, these meanings themselves are more than enough reasons for one to be intrigued by an octopus tattoo. And also about their placements, different parts of your body have different shapes and an octopus can take different shapes as well. Which means many unique orientations of octopus tattoos could be possible in different parts of your body. So, people get an octopus tattoo in many places- even an octopus butt tattoo is famous. Here, take a look at these octopus tattoo designs, and you will exactly know what I am talking about.


Larger Tentacles

This one has somehow thicker tentacles and points that give it every little detail. After all, in every another tattoo, we want to see how it is different from everything else, don’t we?

Mermaid Octopus

A cross between a human, a fish, also an octopus- a highly developed creature. A mystic creature even to a mermaid. And this one also includes every meaning of the things that it represents.

Traditional Colors

The color approach on this one- it is a traditional form of tattoos.

Points And Shadows

Filled with points- that make up its body. I hope you like it as well.

Deep Sea Diver

A unique design this is. Well, come on, everybody needs to be creative once in a while.

Mermaid Queen

Here is her with all of her people. And our octopus is one of them.

Blue Shine

Purple and Blue. These colors are generally taken as feminine ones. So as this design.

Sea Waves

Another traditional piece of an octopus tattoo. And another impressive design, of course.

Skull And Octopus

You already know the meaning of an octopus tatto0 he could be representing anything he wants. But, an addition of a skull also means that he is going to be having that quality until he turns into a skeleton.

Red And Orange

A flesh colored octopus with a lotus flower. That flower represents purity and innocence.

Octopus Sleeve Tattoo

Don’t you like seeing something like this? And octopus sleeve tattoo, with its habitat- the sea.

Grandpa Octopus

Wise and everything. And the inclusion of a direction compass also means that this person knows where he is going in his life with the quality he represents with his octopus.

Waves And Pearls

Those things look like red jewels in its tentacles. Shiny and brilliant.

Blue Octopus

Superb design, exquisite, if I will have to add. Because of its color and a pearl necklace it is holding.

Happy Octopus

Look at its face- you can read its emotions easily.  A happy one.

Skull Octopus

When you include some additional element in base tattoo design, you get millions of opportunities to be creative. Take your chance if you will.

Shy And Poshy

Here she is- reacting when you said that she looks cute like she is.

Octopus And Dragon

Would be an epic battle, right? Well, he made his octopus tattoo afterward which give both of his dragon tattoo and octopus tattoos elaborative meaning. A dragon could represent a spiritual being or a bad omen, it all depends on which culture we are referring to.

Sleek Sleeve

Well, he has a much profound tattoo here. Everything that makes up his sleeve tattoo has a story behind them, and they represent a world of human gifts.

Octopus Tentacles

You won’t need an octopus head to make it a great octopus tattoo.

Octopus Tattoo Sleeve

Here is another one that might intrigue you. Not filled with colors like many other octopus sleeve tattoos, which makes it different.

Octopus And Heart

Great incorporation of these two elements in this tattoo here. And he has also got his name.

Outline Geometry

This octopus tattoo is a treat to anyone’s eye with those crystalline structures making a sleek background.

Red Hue Shade

Shading can be done in any colors. When you do it with unique colors, you will get a unique design.

Octopus And A Sea

This one is an art that could only exist in a great artist’s canvas. He did a great job bringing the getter’s imagination to life.

Fighting Octopus

Here is a slight tribal touch in this octopus tattoo.

Octopus Upperarm Tattoo

Bold black background- and some smaller lighter shadings that make its body- another great art.

Golden Octopus

Incredible- that is what describes this tattoo. Depends on your imagination, it almost looks like a sandstorm.

Feminine Exotic Design

What about this for an octopus thigh tattoo? I bet you are at least impressed.

You Messed It Up

Well, he looks like climbing a ship. Those sailors may just have chosen a wrong person to mess with.


This one looks like the octopus resides in this skull.

Blue Eye

An octopus possessed by an angel- still, it looks awesome with its pearly blue eyes.

Octopus Foot Tattoo



Another incorporation of an octopus and a skull. There are so many ways to go through these two.

An Eye

Among all other meanings of an octopus tattoo, this one also represents your splendid vision.

Octopus Skull

Maybe he is hiding inside this skull, or maybe it is a skull with tentacles. However you percept it, you will still like it.

Pizzas And House

Here is an artistic design. Octopus tattoo girl- I mean, this octopus signifies women. Like how they work so much for their family.

Soldier Octopus



Yes, different helmets are given to an octopus in a tattoo to represent distinct things.

A Good Drink

Here he is, relaxing in his getter’s chest. A good faded octopus tattoo option for one’s chest.

The Vast Sea

Anchor tattoo and a direction compass brought in together with an octopus design, there are so many things that this could mean. An anchor itself may mean hope, adventure, and calmness. And The compass means a right way, the way of life you are sure for yourself.

Octopus And Compass

Another fleshy red octopus tattoo with a compass this time. It feels good when you look at a tattoo knowing it’s meaning, doesn’t it?

Bigger Octopus Design

For a design like this, you definitely will need a part with more place for art. Such as legs, as in this one, the back or sometimes, your chest.

Anchor And Octopus

Add a good vision and cleverness to all those octopus tattoos meaning that you saw earlier.

Mermaid And Octopus

These two things when together, this is what you call mystical.

Octopus Wrist Or Forearm Tattoo

Having muscular body also means showing off your tattoo in such a way everybody wants to have one.

A Calms Walk

As in this title, here he is, a calmer one. Minding his own business, just don’t disturb him.

Along Arms Width

First, it is a bold design which indeed makes a noise, and the next- the orientation of his tattoo is interesting as well.

Floral Octopus

For a classic floral design and an octopus, take a look at this clean design. Too smooth this one is.

Octopus Neck


We can easily say that she loves expressing herself with body arts, and also that she has had a perfect choice for her neck.

Time And Octopus

Remember all those qualities signified by an octopus, try to have all that in you, and also remember that time is very important for you to take care of.

Traditional Octopus Tattoos

Traditional Octopus- you may be tired of how frequently this word is being used, but you will never be of such designs.

Blue Tentacles And A Skull

An octopus skull tattoo that would not only look good in upper arm but you could fit it in any part of your body. Also, take a look at these skull tattoos.


Protecting or bringing it down? The artist has left for our eyes to grasp our own idea. What do you think it could be?

Dancing Octopus

I wonder what this thing is pointing to. Anyway, irregular color fillings make its skin look like that of the real deal.

Side Look

If you want to magnify your design, this could be one you could go with. That means when you want a looker to focus entirely on your tattoo.


Japanese traditional octopus tattoos- this animal is important in their culture also, so we obviously are going to see some great designs like this.

Octopus Pet

How about this for an octopus shoulder tattoo? Actually seems like he is your pet.

Angry Octopus

Not really looking for a battle, but he looks like pissed off on somebody’s stupidity.

My Time

When you have these two things, it could also mean that you are as flexible as an octopus so that you are going to own this time you are living in.

Mermaid, ANchor, And Octopus

With this, his back itself looks like a deep undersea. The bottom of the ocean definitely is home to many mystical oceans.

Flying Octopus

Somehow, it looks like it is floating up in the air. Something that is supposed to be in the water, this design is pretty interesting to say.

Skul WIth Tentacles

Some evolved form of an octopus- well, not in biology, but of course in the world of tattoos.

A Bike Ride

A funny one, filled with a lot of art. This one will regard many people’s interest for real.


Its tentacles stretching on your hand- definitely a great placement. Like our fingers stretching outside our hand- it is something like an octopus itself; this is for sure.

A Candid Shot

A realistic one, I mean and art, but still looks like it exists in the real world.

Octopus Foot Tattoo

Another octopus tattoo design on foot- a clever way of the getter’s skin to make some uniquely shaped sea waves. Indeed, they say something as well.

God That Looks Over The Sea

From the top of the sky to the deepest part of the sea- his sleeve tattoo has it all.

Upper Arm Octopus Design

You will like this one, too. Look at his shining eye.

And Octopus Wizard

Here is him- uniquely shaped and classy. An octopus tattoo and serpentine designs go well with one another.


Another octopus side view tattoo. A simple design, and still fantastic.

Inside A Trapezoid

I wonder if the trapezoid means something. Even if it is just made as a background, it still serves a purpose.

Black And White

A greyscale octopus design- some different taste in your sleeve tattoo.


An octopus can take so many shapes when it is floating underwater, which also means there are going to be so many great tattoos just because of its quality. And this is one.

A Tentacle


Just one tentacle- and, we can call it an octopus tattoo.


Incredible- this one is a badass. A great option for guys.

Girl And Happy Octopus

An adorable pink design, and filled with a lot of art and emotions.

Purple Body

With its color, this could be a skull octopus tattoo that would suit a girl as well.

Laying Low

This time she’s resting for a while. Looking up at the sky- her vision piercing through the water surface.

Will See With You

His head has been oriented in such a way that everything you see. He will do so too.

Pink And Green

Even using different colors means you can get a design unique from everyone else. You could also try to bring in many color combinations.

Fantastic Red

Red and other colors revolving around it- if done in a right way no matter which tattoo it may be in, it will be a tattoo worth of everyone’s memory.

Purple Inked Outline



Just a slight addition of purple ink- makes this one look like something made with a ball pen.

One Small Design

A lot of complexity inside simplicity. Even if it seems simple when we see it from outside, the artist had put a lot of work to put this correct.

Flesh Colored Skull

Colors of the skull- different selections give an entirely different vibe; we will have to say.

One Army

A close shot- design from a closer view. Those water bubbles make it seem like it really in the ocean floor.

Purple And Blue

Bringing in different colors together also mean that you do it such that all they look perfect themselves as they contribute entirely to the art context.

My canvas Where I Draw

After having a tattoo, this is something you will need to know- keep your skin area always clean and moisturized. And then your tattoo will always look fresh like this.


A classic traditional design with octopus, ship and the sea. No colors, still colorful.

Alien Octopus

This one looks like it came from another planet.

Inside A Ship’s Cabin

A ship drowned, and it found a new house- everything here including the cabin itself has been done perfectly.

Sky Blue

A color that represents the sea- and it has been done in an octopus, a resident of that place. So, it is more profound than only an octopus painted in blue.

Octopus And Flower

Mix many things- bring in different elements together. And that is your secret for a great tattoo design.

Red And Blue

For feminine colors design, this one is brilliant. A crimson octopus with sparkling blue eyes- many people’s choice.

Gold And Blue

Watercolors making gold and green- this one is so positive to see. Will, getting a tattoo with different colors like this also means that you will need to take good care of it.

Octopus Tentacles, Rose, And Lotus

Here, he has expressed all of her qualities in her tattoo. You could do so too.

Classic Cartoon

Black And White color- this has been done splendidly. Somewhat nostalgic design.

Upper arm Fit

Its head has perfectly been shaped to match with that of her upper arm.

Baby Octopus

A direction compass which uses a flower to tell you where you should be heading into.

Sea Plant And Octopus

For people who are not looking for not so clean designs, this is one they could go with.

Evening Sky Color

A trip to hallucination, an art that strangely relaxes your mind.


Creativity and interesting designs come side by side. Here is an example of that.

After seeing all these designs and also their meanings. I hope now you already know what you should be looking for. Take a look at these other designs before making your decision.


So, here you saw every octopus tattoos we had to show you. Well, yes these were the most epic designs we found. And anyway, you might as well only take them as some design ideas. Which means taking some hints from these tattoos and then finally designing your own idea tattoos

And for other tips, make sure that your tattoo represents your heart and soul. Which means try to express yourself with this art. Make your decision carefully, reflect for some time before you get one. Because you will have to make sure that you are fine with your tattoo being on your body for a lifetime. And your tattoo artist is important as well- you will need a man to take this responsibility of knowing how much your tattoo means to you. So, go to the best one.

For more tattoos based on the sea life, take a look at these anchor tattoos. I hope these tattoos really helped you and till the next time, have fun.


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