120 Unique Party Hairstyles For This Season


Creating flawless party hairstyles is one of the most complex parts for women. Everyone needs a flaunting style to go with the party theme, dress and our makeup for that particular time. Besides that, making party hairstyles is not just about making you look good. It’s about feeling comfortable, sexy and confident at the same time.

Creating a haven with your hair is not an easy task though you can get more creative and do so many experiences with your hair no matter what your hair length is. We will help you choose some glamorous party hairstyles for every hair length either you are up for the hottest dance party, your college prom or a casual girls night out.

Hairstyling is definitely an essential part when you get ready for a party. Ever been in that situation where you get the desired hairdo a night before a party and you can’t achieve the same thing in the morning? Obviously, every woman wants to look glamorous, sexy and outstanding in an event but if you are still exhausted standing in front of the mirror then we suggest you relax because in this article we have the 120 unique and easy party hairstyles for this season that will never fade.

Fancy Updo for blonde hair


Mostly preferred by brides, this is one of the party hairstyles can be a perfect option for you at your wedding or at your best friend’s.  And lucky if you are a blondie, you can totally go with this beautiful pearl accessory.

High Ponytail

This hairstyle is a savior for your daily look and popular between High School girls. High Pony Tail is one of those easy hairstyles that will save your time effort and will make you look smart and confident at the same time. If you want to enhance it more, go with a ribbon of your color choice.

High Messy Bun

Messy High Bun is an easy hairstyle and gives a fabulous party look and is also very flexible for any event and outfit. With less time and effort you can get look at your desire with this hairstyle.

Bridal Updo

Mostly Indian brides prefer this updo for the receptions. Just some light touch of pieces of jewelry in this style and get compliments that says most beautiful bride ever.

Dope Box Braids

If your girlfriend just invited you to the hottest dance party, do not worry. Get ready with these multiple tight plaits pierced by big rings on your braids which is an interesting solution for a party hairstyle.

Double Top Knot

This might seem a little childish to big girls but try this out for your coming beach party or cocktail evening, you won’t be disappointed with a double top knot.

Sideways Thick French Braid

Braids are elegant, versatile, classy and easy to make. And one of the braiding hairstyles is this Sideways Thick French Braid that you can go with for either a fancy occasion or even casual outings.

Sleek Ponytail

Sleek Ponytail is a smart solution for girls with long and straight hair. It’s a stunning hairstyle you can make with less time and effort for any formal or casual event. Swipe all your hair towards the back, tie up with a rubber band and add some hairspray so that your hair won’t get messy over time. This hairstyle gives you a neat and tidy look for a party and you can even add this hairstyle to your daily styling list.

Beach Waves

Beach waves hairstyle is a trend among most women. This breezy yet sexy hairstyle is perfect if you are up for an evening cocktail party. Beach waves are easy to make hairstyles that will give you a simple yet aromatic look for the evening. And the best part about beach waves is that it is versatile and flexible for every dress up and makeup.

Great Gatsby Hair

Vintage, elegant and glamorous, the Great Gatsby hairstyle will stand you out in any classy parties. Put on a fancy red gown to give this hairstyle more complement. This is an evergreen hairstyle for women as it is carriable, comfortable. It gives you a vintage and modern look at the same time.

Volume Curls

If you are out to rock a dance party, give your hair a tremendous curly design. Volume curls well define any outfit you choose for the night. Don’t forget to set the curls with some moose to give it a clean and finished look.

Low Bun Updo

Stylish yet elegant, low bun updos is a perfect hairstyle for formal parties and wedding parties. You can give it more flaunt with a shiny hairpin or a pearled bobby pin.

Thick Curls

Thick curls are one of the very popular party hairstyles. It can go for any outfit and event but if you want to give it a fancy touch decorate your hair with a crystal filled clips.

Messy Updo

Messy Curls

Messy Curls hairstyle is a perfect choice for a party. These curls are easy to make and it gives you a flawless look. Leave your bangs straight and clip it on the side of your hair to give your hair a cute touch-up. Messy Curls are also a great option for a night out with your girlfriends.

Boyish Cut

Not to worry if you have a short hair and looking for hairstyling options. The boyish cut hairstyles can be very easy to go party hairstyles. Backcomb your hair and give it a volume with hairspray and you are all set for the night.

Fancy Beach Waves

Fancy Beach Waves is one of the elegant yet glamorous party hairstyles you can make. Consider yourself lucky if you have a long hair. Beach waves are very manageable hairstyle for long hair. To enhance it, even more, you can use a fancy hairclip by making a light puff and if you want more dazzling look then decorate your hair with shiny stones.

Sleek and waves

Sleek on the crown and waves from neck to the tip of your hair is an amazing style for the party. Paint the top right or left part for more enhancement to your look.

Braided Bun

One awesome thing about a braided bun is that it is a savior for all types of hair. Be it straight, curly, short or long. If the best day of your life is near then go for the braided bun. It is easy, classy and a great option for you to make you look like a queen on your wedding day.

Loose Waves

Messy Curls

The idea of short and gorgeous hair will come to life with this absolutely lovely hairstyle. If you have a cocktail dinner to attend you can go for this style.

Side Swept Bun

Not to worry if you have a short hair. This side swept low messy but is a perfect hairstyle for short haired ladies as it will look more managed and tidy in you. Be thankful for your short hair and flaunt with Side-swept bun hairstyle for the party.

Twist Updo

Classic Hollywood Style

Classic Hollywood hairstyles never go out of date but they add more uniqueness and class to your look. If you are heading to a red carpet event, dinner date, prom or a formal party then this hairstyle cannot go wrong for you.

High Side-Swept Ponytail

High ponytails are very smart and elegant choice for formal events. It can also be made for casual gatherings. This hairstyle being simple to wear does not take much time and effort so you can put this in one of your daily styles.

Celebrity Hairstyle

Voluminous Curly Ponytail

Ponytails will never die for the ladies. It is widely preferred for casual outings, evening parties and even as a daily hairstyle. Among all the ponytail hairstyles, this voluminous ponytail is highly recommended to you for your party for a smart, confident and electric look. You can make a slight puff at the crown to make it more glamorous.

Breezy Updo


Headband Braids

Creating a plait on a crown of your hair is one easy and quick hairstyle you can go with for your night parties, casual outings, and your best friends bridesmaid role. Artificial headbands might not be suitable for every party so if you go for this hairstyle you don’t have to let go of your love for headbands as you can have them with your own hair.

Braided Updo

Twisted Low Bun Updo

Whether your wedding day or your friends and family, tucked, clean and twisted low bun updo is a classy and elegant hairstyle for you. It’s simple to create and also a pretty hairstyling choice for your work parties. It’s sleek, comfortable and you can create this hairstyle by sweeping your entire hair backward or by giving a side partition.

Princess Hairstyle

Side-Swept low ponytail

This messy side-swept low ponytail is one good option for a party hairstyle. It is a formal updo for any event to give you an eye-catching and glamorous look. This is a style to wear your hair in an elegant manner without looking too uptight. It is also super gorgeous and flexible as they can be given a lot of movement styling.

Simple Updo

Loose Messy Braid

If you are up for a prom night, the loose messy braid can do wonders for you. This hairstyle for prom nights goes for any facial structure and outfits. We all love curls as they give a romantic vibe which is perfect for proms. Simply curl your hair with a curling iron and braid it very loosely and finish up with a hairspray to give it a long lasting setup.

Braid and Curl

Thick Puff

Either your hair is thick or thin, a thick puffy touch will definitely rock your evening. This hairstyle will be amazing if you wear it with a traditional outfit. Puffs are usually known to be a time savior and a lazy hairstyle which can be done within minutes. Just a thorough backcomb and some hairspray is perfect to go for your evening.

Puffy Updo

Two French Braids

French braids are classy and elegant updo for a party and two french braid is a lovely style for different occasions. This cute hairstyle will give an extra volume, charm, and delicacy to your hair. A wonderful thing about two french braids will go with any outfit. This hairstyle looks so young and outstanding that it can rejuvenate your whole appearance. French braids are easier to make in long hair.

Side Swept Beach Waves

Loose Curled Ponytail

Slight puff on the crown and letting go of the rest of your hair by giving it a slight curl is one of the best hairstyles for a party. Swipe your hair back after curling it and lift it up a little bit. Make sure you backcomb the crown part to make an everlasting puff. Take some strands then swirl it around the ponytail an clip it. Now you are ready for a wild evening.

Messy Updo

Messy Updo is a very cool and comfortable hairstyle for parties. You can also wear them for your day to day styling and shopping days.

Decored Updo

Decored Updo can be seen mostly in reception parties. This hairstyle will make you look outstanding with less time and effort.

Waterfall Braids

Waterfall Braids give a romantic and whimsical feel for any occasion. This type of braided hairstyle can be chosen for either an elegant night out or an afternoon beach party. It can be created without any complexities for any outfit you choose to wear for your quality time.

Easy Hairstyle for Short Hair

Single Sided Braid

Single Sided Braid is a much-loved hairstyle by young ladies. This hairstyle can make your day and evening for any event as it takes very less time and effort and goes with any outfit. Also if you are looking for daily school hairstyle, the single-sided braid is the perfect choice for you.

Crown Braid

Fishtail Braid

Any little girl will dance around with this hairstyle. Create a fishtail braid and enhance it with a flower decored band.

Low Knot Bun

Middle Partitioned

Middle Partitioned hairstyles create a well-balanced texture of your face.

Easy Curls

Braid and Curls

Braid over the crowns and curls left downwards will never be a disappointment to any party girl.

Crown Braid

Messy Braid

Light Curls

Light Curls are one of the best party hairstyles you can choose for either fancy, casual or formal parties.

The 1950s Ponytail


Decent Updo

This hairstyle is famous among ladies who prefer to present herself in an elegant traditional attires.

Partial Updo

Messy Side-Swept Bun

A recklessly styled side-swept bun is a savior for every woman. It takes no time and effort and it’s perfect for every occassion. And if you are in your rush hours, then this style is perfect for you.

Updos For Long Hair

Side Swept Curls

No more rushing to the salon and losing your precious long hair to make it manageable. It’s true that long hair needs much time and effort to make it neat and presentable. Giving a slight touch of with curling iron and sweeping your hair to the side is a perfect idea to make yourself sexy, elegant and presentable in an event.

Curly Updo

Messy Puff

Messy Puff lifted by a thin strand of braid is one of the very cute and elegant party hairstyles. You can curl or straighten the tip of your hair according to your preference.

Side Swept Sleek Ponytail

Without less effort and time side swept sleek ponytail hairstyle will give you a flaunting and attractive look you have always wanted. You can draw this hairstyle either giving a side partition or middle partition with respect to your facial structure. Sleek ponytail swept sideways can do wonders for any formal or casual event.

Loose Floating Curls

Loose floating curls with a slight puff over crown is one of the most classy and elegant styles to go for. Be it a formal event, a wedding party or a beach party, this hairstyle will not disappoint you.

Low Pony or Side-Swept Braid

Both of these hairstyles are gorgeous for young women for any formal or casual event.

Fancy Updo

Braid towards the side and rolled bun is a perfect hairstyle option for brides and bridesmaid too. You can wear this hairstyle with traditional attire as well.

Classy Style

If you are getting ready for a fancy dinner party then this hairstyle is the one for you. Rolls on the side of your hair and a sleek ponytail is just the right thing you can do for the dinner evening. This hairstyle is elegant, classy, super cute and will do magic for women with thin hair.

Bow Updo

Bow Updo is a very unusual and cute hairstyle you can create for a red carpet event. And if you want this flawless hairdo then make sure you have some time left before you leave for the party as it takes lots of hard work and time.

Let Loose and Messy

A hairstyle for your shopping day or the coolest beach party should be let loose and messy. Make a few loose waves to add more perfection.

Bridesmaid Updo

Try this updo for your best friend’s or sister’s wedding. This updo is one of those party hairstyles that perfectly suits for a wedding reception party.

Loose Rolls

No woman will say no to this stunning, elegant and classy hairstyle. Whether you are up for a red carpet event or a traditional Indian wedding party, this hairstyle is the one you can go for.

Glam Curls

Sensational vintage Hollywood styles never die rather modern hairstylists are mostly inspired by them. This falls under the category of awesome party hairstyles that can be perfect for a formal event or a wedding party and many glamorous occasions.

There is no limitation in styling and at the end, it’s your own style that defines you and outstands you. Hairstyling goals are not just achieved to be better than anyone else rather it’s about being a better version of yourself. So there are so many party hairstyles that come and go over time but the ones which are mentioned above never goes out of date.

These party hairstyles we have mentioned above are very useful and a great help for some precious days of your life. Memories make our lives complete and those memories are within you, even more, when you are in the correct style. We want to make the journey and flashback of your memories more beautiful to you.


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