91 Fierce Pixie-Bob Hairstyles for Girls Who Love Having Short Hair


All women can look good with short hair but not every one of them is brave enough to do so. This is such a shame because most of them think this due to the fear of looking too masculine or not being feminine enough with such little hair. There’s also the fact that the media often promotes gamine images of pixie-haired women leading others with different features that they can’t pull off the haircut.

Getting a pixie-bob haircut is a great way for you to test the waters first before taking the full plunge. What more, this pixie and bob hybrid is a versatile and flattering haircut that would surely work for almost everyone due to its perfect length.

Thinking of getting a pixie-bob? Take a look at these 91 fierce hairstyles to see which one will work for you the best.

Pixie-bob hairstyles for blonde hair

pixie bob

Try out a bold hair color to go with your brand new bold cut. If you’re already a natural blonde, why not take it to a new level and go for a lighter color?

Platinum blonde hair particularly looks great when cut into a pixie-bob. Just take a look at this gorgeous and chic androgynous look. The secret to making this look work is to keep your bangs longer while having the rest of your hair cut really short especially at the back. Instant Kristen Stewart vibes, huh?

Of course, you can just stick to your natural warm blonde color to avoid the damage that bleaching does to your locks. See how stylish and sweet the usually seductive Scarlett Johansson looks in her pixie-bob.

Or ask for strategically-placed highlights to brighten up your hair a little bit and draw more attention towards your face. This iconic pixie-bob Jennifer Lawrence wore some years ago is a great style inspo to take to your hair stylist.

Here’s another view of the look. But this time the cut is longer at the sides as well. This helps in balancing out a square face to prevent it from looking too boxy. Another way you can draw attention to your face is by styling your hair in a way that you’re almost pushing majority of your hair towards the front.

Cute pixie-bobs on brunette hair

Want a fashion-forward look? Opt for a bowl style pixie-bob and stand out from the sea of other short-haired girls. Just keep your hair color low-key to avoid overdoing it.

The great thing about pixie-bobs is that they are pretty versatile for such a short haircut. If you opt for the longer version of the cut such as the one above, you can do myriad hairstyles on it depending on your mood.

A good example is this chic look featuring some beachy waves on brown hair with golden highlights.

What more, you don’t put in much time or effort to do this look as compared to doing a similar style of curls on longer hair. We’re even willing to bet that once you get a hang of it, you can finish doing your hair in the mornings in just under than 7 minutes.

Women with naturally wavy hair are lucky as they won’t have to curl their hair to achieve the look anymore. After getting a pixie-bob, all they’ll need to do after waking up is run their fingers a few times through their strands, apply some anti-frizz hair product and they’d be ready to step out the door.

Want to brighten up your boring brown hair? Get a pixie-bob and have it colored in an ombre-like style like the one above. Doing so would give your locks a livelier sunkissed look that’ll get you summer-ready in no time.

The best pixie-bob haircuts for black hair

Black hair already looks edgy just the way that it is. Amp it up and be the cute goth girl by getting a pixie-bob with some blunt layers and bangs. Ask your stylist to keep your sides long and the back short to achieve the look. Don’t forget to buy some styling gel to keep your new haircut looking good.

Another great look would be something like this overgrown pixie with some extra long and piecey side bang. Style your hair by scrunching it up a bit for a messy, bedhead look.

If your rock and roll days are long over, try out a sleeker pixie-bob haircut like the one above. Have the back of your shaped but still kept short while going for long bangs in the front. Now, you’re absolutely ready to take on the world or you know, just your workplace.

Textured Black Bob With Blue Babylights

Make the best of your younger years and go for a fun and flirty haircut like this chin-length pixie-bob. The secret is to tell your stylist to shear off some much-needed shaping layers towards the back of your head and ask your choppy layers on the sides. Add a touch of subtle yet still noticeable color. Darker shades of blue always look good with black hair.

Here’s another version of the look except shorter and with more blue highlights. Keep some volume on your hair roots with some dry shampoo on days you don’t wash your hair to avoid looking too flat.The dry shampoo will also help in adding some body and height to your hair.

The haircut is best worn with a deep side part to showcase those cool side bangs which also serve to frame the wearer’s face.

Bright colors on pixie-bob hair

Manic pixie dream girls (MPDGs) may be a bad movie trope but you can’t deny they have this distinctively cute style. From Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’s Clementine to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’s Ramon Flowers, MPDGs have proven again and again how some funky hair colors can amp up a simple look, especially a pixie-bob. Hey, there’s a reason a lot of alternative girls have this hairstyle.

Let your fun personality shine through your looks and opt for a bright version of your favorite color. Think you’re bold enough to try out something like this? Sometimes it just takes a lot of confidence to pull off unique haircuts and colors. Once you’re brave enough to rock anything, most style rules go out the window.

Get creative with your hair color. Take inspiration from this ingenious use of the ombre color style. It combines two great cool toned hair colors, lavender and platinum gray, and also serves as a fantastic solution for when your natural roots start showing again. We all know how roots show more obviously with short cuts like the pixie-bob.

Of course, you can always opt for something simpler. Consider getting some bright highlights if you have light-colored hair. Strategically place them in the longer parts of your pixie-bob to showcase them perfectly.

Go all out and have your pixie-bob fully colored. What do you think of this light and dark purple look on dark hair?

Get on with the granny hair trend and dye your pixie-bob a cool gray color. Just be careful not to pair the color with an aging haircut. The trend may be cool but looking way older than your actual age definitely isn’t. No offense to grandma’s out there, though!

Amazing pixie-bob ombre hairstyles

Now, let’s talk about ombre hairstyles on pixie-bob haircuts.

If you ask us, getting some ombre-style colors in your hair is the best way to add texture and dimension to such a short haircut. Blonde highlights definitely look good on light brown hair and make for a fantastic summer look.

Sometimes maintaining a dark hair color washes some people out especially if their skin tone clashes with their natural color. The best way to combat this without having to get a whole head of color is through getting an ombre balayage hair color instead. What more, the layers color style

Getting a pixie-bob haircut is also a great way to showcase your hair’s “natural ombre” color especially for women who have naturally darker roots.

One more way you can wear an ombre-inspired color on your pixie-bob is through lightening the longer parts of it while maintaining your natural darker hair color underneath.

If you’re up for something funky, go for a more unconventional ombre color combination like this gray to purple combination. Gray hair will also look good on other cool tone colors like shades of blue.

Pixie-bob haircuts on curly and African-American hair types

Whether you’re rocking relaxed or natural hair, you can definitely make a pixie-bob haircut work for you. Here are a few looks on relaxed hair to give you an idea of how the haircut will look like on your hair.

Going for a short cut like this one will help you cut down on the time you spend doing your hair in the mornings. However, your growing roots may be more obvious in this so you better have a plan for getting your roots fixed every few months or so.

A longer pixie-bob haircut may be harder to manage than its shorter counterpart but it’s still pretty low maintenance.

You can also get a pixie-bob haircut on braided hair. Just make sure that you get your hair cut in a salon with stylists who have previous experience working with your hair type before.

Don’t hesitate to rock the fierce and short haircut on your natural curls. All you need to do is get a bit strategic on what length your pixie-bob is cut to avoid unruly hair. Pro tip: invest in some curl defining products so you can style your hair into something as beautiful and moisturized as the look above.

If you’ve got hair with looser curls, you can choose to end your pixie-bob right before where your hair actually starts curling to end up with a pseudo-straight look. Follow Zendaya’s example and go for uber short face-framing bangs on cropped hair.

Asymmetrical pixie cuts look definitely great on curly hair. Soft bangs create a pretty aura which is very innocent and charming. Don’t forget to change up your hair color to take your curly pixie hairstyle to a new level.In this post you will find best curly pixie hairstyles, you may want to try one of these gorgeous hairstyles any time … Continue reading pixie cut for curly hair 2017 →

A longer haircut will allow you to style your hair into a sort of faux-hawk like this cool hairstyle. Just remember to keep the rest of your hair short to make the hawk work.

Pixie-bob haircuts with bangs

pixie bob

Are you a fan of bangs? Want to try it out for the first time? Or just find that it suits your face shape best? Try incorporating bangs into your pixie-bob haircut.

Some side-swept long bangs perfectly complement this sweet nape-length pixie-bob.

Go for a more vintage chic look with something like these stylish middle-parted curtain bangs on a chin-length pixie-bob.

Here’s a more edgy haircut for those who are looking for a unique look. The choppier the bangs the better. Slather a few wipes of stronghold hair gel to your hair and you’ll be looking like a cool character from a futuristic sci-fi film.

Here’s a shorter version of the same haircut viewed from the front. Don’t be afraid of going crazy with styling your new ‘do.

Not a fan of short bangs? Stick to what you’re comfortable with. Long spiky side bangs are always a great choice.

Here it is incorporated into a nape-length pixie-bob haircut. See how it perfectly frames the face?

Amp up a pixie-bob with fades and semi-shaves

Finding ways to make your pixie-bob haircut fit your spunky personality? Don’t be afraid to incorporate an undercut to your current hairstyle. It’ll not only get your message across but also clean up your entire look and make your hair more manageable.

Don’t want such a drastic change? Try out a subtle side shave first. It will look good when your hair is worn with a deep side part.

You can also just opt for a fade instead of a full-on shave. With a fade, the transition from full-length of hair to an almost-buzzcut will be more gradual compared to a straight up undercut.

Here’s another great example of an undercut fade done right. It’s even made to work with the growth of the wearer’s natural hair color.

Can’t decide between a side shave an undercut? Why not get both with this diagonal undercut? Who says you can’t get the best of both worlds? What more, the cut would make the rest of your pixie-bob haircut thinner and easier to manage.

The perfect pixie-bob styles for thick hair

Thin out your extra thick hair and go for a pixie-bob cut with lots and lots of layers. Style it into spikes using some stronghold hair gel and you’ve got yourself a bold look.

You can also choose to keep the layers at the back part of your hair down towards your nape. This will help you avoid unwanted “poofing” that often happens when thick hair is cut short at one length.

Better yet, just keep the hair at your nape extra short with an almost buzzcut fade. Keep the rest of your hair long, so you can still style it a couple of ways.

If you’re not a fan of a fade, you can always keep your hair extra short in the back with a visit to the salon every two weeks or so for a trim.

Another way you can manage a thick pixie-bob is through introducing some jagged waves to your hair. These will help thin out your hair a bit without foregoing volume and body.

Versatile chin-length pixie-bob haircuts 

Chin-length pixie-bob haircuts are your best choice if you have a strong jawline like Keira Knightley. The length will help you balance out your strong feature with the rest of your other facial features. Style it with a side part for the best results.

Here’s the same cut except with a full fringe. This is a classic haircut that’ll definitely make the right person look chic and classy. Though, to be honest, we’re not a fan of this fab haircut on Nina Dobrev.

The great thing about chin-length pixie-bobs is that you can get the perks of both short and long hair since it has enough length for a variety of styling options but still technically a short and manageable haircut.

Get the haircut in a piecey style for a more grungy look.

Don’t hesitate to ask for layers when getting a chin-length pixie-bob. This will give your hair more shape and help you avoid ending up with a Lord Farquad-ish look that’s typical of short, one-length haircuts.

Add some height and drama to your pixie-bob by teasing it before styling it into a deep side part. This will definitely be a perfect night look to wear for either formal events or bar hopping with friends.

Styling tips for pixie-bob haircuts

The slightly tousled look is always a great go-to when it comes to pixie-bob haircuts. Achieve it by using a flat hair iron to slightly curl your hair into thick sections and then comb those out.

Older women can style their pixie-bobs to add some height with a little bit of teasing at the roots and some helping of hairspray.

Scrunching up the top part of your pixie-bob with some styling mousse can help you achieve this bedhead chic look for everyday wear.

What do you think of the pixie-bob looks we compiled for you? Found some useful styling tips? 

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our picks below!



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