120 Trendiest Pompadour haircut among men with short hair


Pompadour haircut, has still remarkably been on the list of fashion trend when it comes to hairstyle. From the earliest history of 1800’s until for now, Pompadour haircut has been giving people to wear one of the trendiest hairstyles. Journey with this article to trace back the history of the trendiest hairstyle and find the methods to style yourself with the best pompadour haircut among men with short hair. Before we go anywhere, first let’s see.

What makes Pompadour haircut the trendiest hairstyle of 2018?

As most of the men have short hair, the need to style and get the classy look, without being an exact copy, was and always is there. Pompadour haircut gives you the opportunity to showcase and re-design according to your want and still look charmingly attractive. Which is why Pompadour haircut is so famous.

Though, being worn by millions of people you still can add up your own design and rather give it your own individual touch making it unique. And as it is one of the easiest and time efficient haircut that anyone can get, almost everyone with short hair is adopting this simple yet maleficent trendsetting haircut and marking its own legacy.

It goes well with all the face shapes and has ranges of design like sides swept, brushed up, disconnected fades and many more. Though there are other many hairstyles like the Military haircut or curly hairstyle, nothing can beat the trendiest hairstyle of 2018.

Probably, to resemble or show contentedness with the famous person that had these hairstyles, in those past classy years, most of the men use this haircut, hence helping the Pompadour haircut to get the fame and be the trendiest hairstyle of 2018.

what actually is Pompadour haircut?

Although it varies accordingly with the individuals, how they style and design their Pompadour hairstyle. Pompadour haircut, is the simple idea of sweeping your front hair upwards back from your face and stacking it high over your forehead. As already mentioned, it varies accordingly, Pompadour haircut can be swept upwards from the sides and back as well. Which truly gives you an outstanding hairstyle.

From traditional pompadour to modern; the best hair cut ever.

While talking about pompadour haircut, there are many famous names that come to mind. Either that be the world’s best football player David Beckham or the classical legend of theater James Dean. Similarly, to those who love the traditional pompadour, you might remember Elvis Presley, the king of Rock and Rolla, or frank kafza, renounced as 20th-century literature writer. The list goes on and on, with many other celebrities and influential figures.

The female version of pompadour haircut

However, only some of us know that the trendsetter for Pompadour haircut actually relates back to Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV. Yes, the fashion trend of hairstyle that still makes you charm and outshines men with short hair among others was actually used by women. However, until then it was only worn by the fashionable woman, in the 18th century. But things that make you look more attractive and good looking is sure to be widespread. And that is what happened to the traditional pompadour haircut after it was taken by Gibson Girl, which was the representation of the absolute gorgeous female.

The male’s version of Pompadour haircut

The men’s version of Pompadour haircut only came in trend by late 1950’s, trying to impersonate the old ones. If you have noticed the troops from the early war ages, they had the same haircut too.
The journey of this classic pompadour haircut continued even after world war 1, it is possibly the only thing of the fashion world that has sustained for so long. And still, in 2018, pompadour haircut continues to win millions of heart and give the most classy haircut.

It’s the charm you feel as soon as you get Pompadour haircut, either that be Modern Pompadour or traditional Pompadour, or even the Japanese Pompadour, that makes this the most trending haircut in the present day. It has always been profoundly enjoyed by everyone and always given a man the best look he can ever have.

DIY the best pompadour haircut- and get the most fashionable hairstyle of 2018

You probably have wondered what it might be very fussy and hard to have such classic haircut, that has been the most fashionable hairstyle of 2018. But in contrast to it, it is among one of the easiest things that you can do, just with some hairspray or gel and a comb. To get this classy look, all you need to do is backcomb your hair taking it back from the top front of your head and put some hair holding spray. The hair should be combed up and sides swept. Remember that the top front should always be longer than the rest of your hair.

Certainly, the haircut should be done by a barber, you should only style and give the design to your pompadour yourself. If you feel that is hard for you to style the most fashionable hairstyle of the year, have a look at these pictures below with descriptions, and choose the best you like and show it to your hairstylist.

100+ trendiest pompadour haircut ideas for men with short hair that attracts ladies

 Medium Fade


Scoop up your front hair and push it back with your fingers, leaving only some parts of the sides to fall. Trim your lower sides in a very small length following the back of your head. This one always looks great with fade beards that can tickle your palms when you feel it.

Sides swept

This gives you a very bold image with the well-grown beard. Shave the lower part of your head leaving no hair at all, and as you get up to towards the middle, make it slope matching with the lower ends. Trim the top back of your hair short and rest of the top front longer.

Slicked back

Trim your hair from the back middle of your head giving it the shape of the slope. Leave the top front with a medium of almost 4 inches long and just slick it backward in any direction you want. Shortly groom your beard, little longer than your lower sides.

Mild pompadour

Shortly trim your sides and the back of your head and shorten the top front as well. Use your palms to style this pompadour and give it a direction either left or right, the way you want. Mildly trimmed beard will be best suited with this hairstyle.

Wavy pompadour

Leave the top front long enough that when you push it back it will be wavy just a little. This pompadour is mostly famous among the grown-up men. take your time to shave the cheek beards only leaving it on your chin and upper lips.

Mild fade pompadour

Consider trimming your sides and the back short, the length should be roughly 1.5 cm long. raise the top front of your hair slight upwards and entirely back. This will just give you the classy look of all time.

Goofy Pompadour

Only trim the side of your hair falling below the ears and the low back. Equally trim the rest of your hair apart than the top front. Finally, push it upwards back from your forehead, making it look goofy and let the hairstyle focus your face.

Wavy Pompadour

Apart from the front, trim all sides of your hair, almost with the same range. Leave the top front be little longer than the usual length and push it up back and twist the tip of your hair to one direction. A mildly trimmed beard can put up more elegance to this hairstyle.

Curled pompadour

The sides should be trimmed shorter until you see the skin. Raise your top front of the hair from both of the sides until it doesn’t make a quiff. A short trimmed beard can go very well with this look.

Low fade with design

Trim the lower sides of your hair to it’s shortest and gradually come up making a slope. Push your top front of the hair to one side. stroke a blade to make a line of design, you can add more lines of design if you want. Beard trimmed short can glow the hairstyle.

Stubble sides

Trim the sides of your hair stubble, however with a wide range for this hairstyle. The other sides apart from the top front should be trimmed relatively short. Use a thick comb to give the paramour style.

Combed back

Trim your low sides and back to its least and start giving it the slopestyle from the back and sides. Put some hair gel and push it with a thick comb. The middle portion of the top front should be higher than the rest. Groom your beard mildly before you get out with this hairstyle.

Military pompadour

Neatly trim the side hair and back, and just above it makes the hair in medium short length. Leave the top front about 4 inches long and gently sweep it upwards back with no any pressure. Precisely comb the middle part of your hair in the same direction the top front is.

Defined lines

Get this hairstyle by extremely chopping your sides with a radius of just over two inches from the ear. As you are done with that, shorten the remaining part of your hair apart from the front top, making it an increased slope. Twist the tip front towards one side pushing it upward back.

Straight Pompadour

Razor the sides and the back of your hair very short. Moving upwards use the razor part and blend the rest of the top side. Add a design to part your hair and push the top front of the hair upwards tilt from the head to get the high shine.

Curved pompadour

Use a razor to trim the lower side and the back of your hair, it should fade with the skin. Add scale to the razor and start blending the top side with the low fade, until you reach the partition side. Use a thick comb to style the top front of your head, pushing it backward front. It should give you the curvy pompadour look, which is one of the best hairstyles for men.

Stacked pompadour

The top front should be raised that will give you the high shine. Consider pushing it upwards and slightly back, while the sides and the back should be trimmed very short. This hairstyle goes well suited with men who have grown beard. A thin line of design on the parted side can add more to it.

D Beckham

This pompadour is one of the well worn among men with short hair. One of the famous and trendiest hairstyles of 21st century traced back from the history. Simply trim your hair from the sides till the center back of your head in a relatively short length. Push the timidly trimmed top front backward giving it a direction either right side or the left.

Turner Pompadour

Trim your sides and back with a short length, and leave the top front with bit longer hair. The top front, when pushed back, should be long enough that the end crosses the center of the head. Use a foam gel or holding spray, to retain this trendy look on the front of your head.

Lengthy Pompadour

Use 0 sized trimmer to start with the sides and the back. Add 1 clip guard and start blending it with the mantel. Only the top front of your head should be long enough that when you push it back it crosses the center of your head. Consider adding a design to show the partition and style of your hair. This looks good on men with medium beard.

Side 0

Give yourself a cool and husky look with this pompadour on the front of the head. Use size 0 when trimming the sides and back of your hair. And increase the size of the blade as you move upwards. Part your hair on any side you want and use a razor to design the partition. Push the top front of the hair to upward down to one direction.

Mild Spiked Pompadour


Use a razor or set the trimmer without any clip guard, and trim the lower side and the back. Add one clip guard and push the upper sides to trim the hair in a very short length until the center back. Make spikes pushing it upwards back from both sides in opposite directions. This suits well to men with long beard.

Comb swept

This Pompadour gives you one of the classy looks, just within a couple of minutes. Trim your hair mildly on the sides and the lower back. The top front should be long enough that it goes back to the of your middle. Comb it without letting it go upwards and you’re already done.

Malik Pompadour

Malik, the well know singer/songwriter is widely known for his songs and the pompadour he wears. Cut the sides relatively short and the upfront medium, and style yourself pushing the hair to one side with a comb. A clean shaved face will help more to shine the top front.

High shine

Razor your sides pushing it back till the mid back and gradually push away your trimmer while running it upwards to the central part of your hair. Push the top front of your hair mostly upwards and slightly back, giving the shape of angle.

Cobra pompadour

If you want this classy look, all you need to do is, shortly cut your sides and back leaving the top front longer than the rest of the hair. Push the top front upwards back from both of the sides and stack it somewhere in between the forehead.

Textured Pompadour

This pompadour gives you one of the trendiest looks, with an opportunity to use colors and add more texture to your hair. Trim the lower sides and the back with medium range followed by the short trim as you move upwards to the middle. Part it from one side and push the top front of your hair towards the other side.

Mini pompadour

Like the troops from the world war, if you want this specific hairstyle. Razor the lower sides and back of your hair, part the top front and slick it backward curve. A clean shaved face gives you more masculine and bold look.

Presley Pompadour

If you want to resonate your hairstyle with the king of rock and Rolla, this is the best one you can get. Only trim the sides and back of your hair, but not very short, and don’t dare to chop the hair that runs along your ear line. Push your top front from both of the sides and create a quiff at the top front of your hair.

disconnected pompadour

Use the trimmer with 0, and continue to trim it in 0 around the, only leaving the center back with some hair. Alternately use your hand and comb together to push the top front of your hair backward. Remember the top part should be slopped in a way that the front has long hair while the end doesn’t.

Sided pompadour

Create a parallel line from the sides and trim the lower sides to create the baseline. Trim the low side to its extreme so it fades with the color of your skin. Push back the top front with a thick comb with good teeth space and add a hair holding spray.

parting pompadour

Create a horizontal parting from the temple to the crown. Razor the sides with o and use clip guard blend the rest of the side top. Leave the top front shoved backward up, pushing its way until the middle. Finally, add the design with a razor blade.

Razor Faded Pompadour

Get this classy look, just by using the razor on the lower side and back of your hair, fading with the skin. Use the razor part as the guideline for your hair and slowly start trimming the hair towards upwards. Trim the front of your hair shorter so that when you slick it back it only goes back up till the front of your skull. Mildly grown beard goes very well with this hairstyle.

Spread pompadour

Consider trimming your sides and your back with no more than the 1 inch long up till the mantel. Use a sea salt spray to get the hold on the top front of your hair, which should be mildly longer in length. Take a comb with evenly scattered teeth and use to style your hair in a way that seems like the pompadour is spread across.

Brushed pompadour

Clean the sides and your back with no any hair at all. When you’re done with that trim your upper back of the hair as if to add a layer and match with the clean wiped sides. Blow dry and push your hair roughly to one side, at the end give it a final touch with a brush.

Extreme Pompadour

Trim the sides with a straight line moving right across your head. Shorten the hair up till your upper part of your back, and leave them up front longer. Use sea salt spray for better holding of your hair and lean it upward back as much as the hair can go. Longbeard usually goes along with it.

High fade pompadour

Precisely trim your sides and back just below the middle point of your head as if it’s shaved with a razor. Give a direction to the top front of your hair either in the right or left side as you want.  This pompadour is most when you want to get away from the hot waves, the high fade makes you feel less hot and sweaty.

fade back

Trim your back and sides to a very low density, giving it U shape. The upper half should be considerably longer than the lower back and sides. Rise the upfront of your hair and tilt it backward smoothly with a comb. Medium length of a beard is suggested if you want to add more to this pompadour.

And he rest are almost the same, however go through the images, you probably might like some of the pictures added below.

Smart pompadour

Taper fade

Swirly Pompadour

Undercut pompadour

Slighted pompadour

Quiff pompadour

Thin Pompadour

Sneaky Pompadour





Set the trend with 2018 most trendiest haircut; Pompadour haircut

These Pompadour haircut has been used throughout history, from this ancient hairstyle is very modern due to which it still beholds the value and charisma to high shine your style. All you need to do is choose among one of these pompadour hairstyles, finally blow dry your style as the way you want. Consequently, get the most classy and trendy hairstyle for men with short hair in 2018.

Within a short time and get the pompadour style right on the front of your head and wear the fashion trend as you walk down the lane. As a result, no one can ignore you and your charm with this haircut. This can be the best haircut for men in their 20’s or 30’s or 40’s, in constract to any age range, which certainly will help you to attract anyone you want.

Therefore, style yourself with one of these noteworthy hairstyles; pompadour haircut to shine your charm and even more get into the recent trend of hairstyle.


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