110 Most Powerful positive quotes to live Good Life


Positivity is the first key to a beautiful life and to acquire happiness and prosperity; one must learn how to stay positive. You might have gone through thousands of positive quotes about life, some inspirational quotes about life and struggles. All of these quotes have one thing in common; they help us to develop our mindset with positive thoughts about life.

This article consists of different short positive quotes, with a brief elaboration of each one of them. They will help you acquire positive energy into your life and shall lead your life towards a new dimension.


1. Replacement


You cannot control the negative thoughts that come into your mind. What you can do is replace those thoughts with positive thoughts.

2. March towards Positivity

There are likely to be situations in your life when you have to take challenging decisions. Always think wisely and embrace towards positivity, and you will never regret that decision. Instead, cynical thoughts will be far away from you.

3. Interval

Our lives are busy. We tend to get involved in thousands of activities in a single day. It is better to think through before proceeding directly towards any work for a better decision, and that thought shall be quite productive.

4. Repel Negativity

positive quotes

Negative thoughts are bound to enter into one’s mind. It depends upon how well you repel those thoughts that will determine the situations in your life.

5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond

You are unique. You possess some abilities that no one else does. There will be people who will try to break you and your soul. A positive mindset and confidence seem to be in demand of such situations.

6. The Chain Reaction

Positivity is the key to manage any outcome to your favour. With a positive mindset, you have higher chances of attracting miraculous events into your life.

7. No Regrets

We have unique perspectives towards life. There will be circumstances when we need to choose whether to lose ourselves in the moment or to stand back as an audience. It is better to do something than to regret not doing it later. Let’s enjoy life!

8. Miracle

positive quotes

If you believe in the signs of the universe and every opportunity it puts in our lives every moment, you are likely to take more shots and attract many fortunes. Life becomes a lot more beautiful when you believe in magic.

9. A cool Perception

Optimism, positivity, hope, faith, patience. These are the ideal beliefs that not all of us possess. The ones who do, have their lives set into an inexplicable dimension.

10. Step Ahead

There shall be numerous obstacles in your life and only when you overcome them, will you succeed. So, step ahead with a genuine effort and success shall be yours.

11. Positive Quotes for life

When you wake up, you have a heart beating, and your body pumping blood for you to carry out your actions. That is more than enough for you to be grateful. Every new day is a unique opportunity for you to improve your life. Grab that opportunity and get going!

12. Gratitude

Gratitude is a fantastic friend. When you possess this feeling, you end up with numerous opportunities knocking at your door. However, if you focus only on the wrong things or the things you don’t have, you will never be satisfied, and you end up with disappointment!


13. Mind games

This positive quote is one of the most inspirational quotes about life and happiness. If you have made up your mind and you are consistent towards your goal, then success shall be yours.

14. Balance

This positive quote shall help you throughout your life. If you speak less and listen, you might as well learn something new. Similarly, if you show less than what you possess, you shall surprise people when the time is right.

15. You can do it

Courage is a man’s best weapon. When you learn to use it in every aspect of your life, impossible is just another ten lettered word in the dictionary.

16. You’ll get there somehow

Good things take time. There is no shortcut to any iconic achievement. You need to develop patience and remain consistent in your journey. With proper dedication, you will get there somehow.

17. Positive thoughts for the day

People are strange, and some situations in life are stranger. You will be compelled to face the worst possible scenarios in your life. If you choose to remain positive during those situations, nothing in the world can stop you from enlightenment.

18. Short Positive quotes for life

A sense of self-belief is all it takes for you to step ahead in any situation. So, focus on building self-confidence to tackle any case with a calm mind and a positive attitude.

19. Positive quotes for life

Happiness is all on the inside. To remain happy, you first need to have a positive mind.

20. Keep going and heal

This is one of the most heartwarming inspirational quotes about life and struggles. Obligations are bound to be there when you aim for something great. Keep going.

21. Keep away from negativity

I take this to be one of the funny quotes that teach you a serious lesson in life. We all know that it is difficult to ignore the negative people in life. Some of them even bring us to our knees with their vibe. However, there is no other way to be confident than by repealing such people.

22. Don’t worry, Be happy

We know that perfect practice is all it takes to be perfect. Thus, you might as well practice being happy to be perfectly happy!

23. One More Light

To achieve enhancement, you need to face some struggles. And what good are those successes when you have no scars to look up to and remind you of the importance of your goal?

24. More than you think

One of the most straightforward inspirational quotes about life and happiness. There are many aesthetic reasons for beautifully perceiving life, more than you think!

25. Be compassionate

We are all living different lives and facing different struggles. When you get a chance to help someone, be happy to do it, and you shall attract positive energy into your life.

26. Thought for the day

It’s true! You should realize by now that your thoughts influence the situations in your life. So, think positively.

27. Let’s have some fun

Life becomes a lot funnier and unbelievable when you start to explore your potentials. You should have a creative perception in life.

28. The clock is ticking

Among some beautiful short quotes, as one of the inspirational quotes about life and happiness, it teaches us a lifelong lesson. Each one of us realizes it eventually that life indeed is too short to waste our times in the absence of happiness.

29. Make it count

Yes, and you should make it worth a thousand memories!

30. Past is a good teacher

Mistakes are there to improvise your move in the nearby future. Learn from your mistakes, and make a better tomorrow.

31. The 3’Cs

We are what we make out of our choices. For better progress, we must make judgments to adapt to new opportunities.

32. Just Chill

This is one of those funny quotes that allows us to perceive life in a positive manner. Someone said it right at the peak when he/she said that you always have something good every day.

33. There always is

As I said earlier, there is always a good thing every day; it just takes the right eye and heart to embrace it!

34. You are your main Priority

Everything you have done or you shall do, there will always be those who are against you. You can never satisfy the interest of everyone. Thus, you might as well start worrying less about pleasing others and start focusing on loving yourself more. This is the key to a more fulfilling life!

35. Never

Take care of the thoughts you let occupy your mind!

36. You are the universe

You are the universe. You are worthy of all the beautiful miracles that take place in the world. What others say should be of a lesser priority in comparison to how much you believe in your goals and destiny!

37. Life is Beautiful

One of the positive quotes about life that teaches you to sense and understand the beauty of life, with eight of the simplest and basic habits. To be positive quotes should be reflected in your lifestyle.

38. You shall get there

Great things do take time. The Great Wall of China was not created in a single day! You shall achieve your goals eventually.

39. The choice is yours

The choices are simple. However, you are bound to repel new opportunities if you choose to let your negative past hold you back, you shall never attract positive energy into your life.

40. Acquire positivity

Yes, they do!

41. Positive All Along

This is one of the most positive motivational quotes. All of these things are interrelated to each other. And the combination of these all lead to a better dimension in life.

42. Probably The best

Optimism shall bring a progressive time frame for your betterment. Be optimistic, and it takes you a step closer to amazing things.

43. Valuable

One of the most valuable positive quotes that illustrate the importance of excellence and value. To succeed, you must first learn to be valuable.

44. After a hurricane, comes a rainbow

Utilize your strength to encounter any obstacles in your life. You are strong enough to outsmart anything!

45. More than Enough

For staying positive quotes like these help a lot. Numerous things in your life add meaning to it. You should remind yourself about the importance of those little things.

46. Infinity is the limit

This might as well be one of the most influencing positive quotes for the day. I used to wonder when people said: “The sky is the limit”. Is that it? There is infinity beyond the sky, and that should be your limit!

47. Failure is not in the dictionary

To stay positive quotes like these are a bonus. They not only lead you to positivity. In addition to a positive attitude quotes as these encourage you to be a leader. And a leader always learns from his mistakes and leads to success eventually!

48. Correction

After we make a mistake, we must be ready to correct those mistakes. This is how we learn.

49. Expectation breeds disappointment

You cannot get everything under control. The situations in your life are unpredictable. However, you can take control of your attitude towards any circumstance.

50. Think outside the box

You witness everything in the world as you are. You will be amazed when you look back at things and realize that your thought about it has changed.

51. Kindness and love

And let us make it our habit!

52. Introduce Beauty

You might as well get going, and create something beautiful!

53. It’s Simple

Like other inspirational sayings and positive quotes about change, this is one of those short quotes that has a lot to say. To enhance, you must start by being happy. The decision, however, is yours to make!

54. Don’t wait for the perfect moment

The end should be breathtaking. Yes, it should! However, if you keep waiting for a particular moment, the moment is likely to appear. Keep doing your best, and improvise your abilities throughout the journey!

55. Have faith

One of the optimistic and positive energy quotes that help to render hope and optimism.

56. Leave out all the rest

Do what you can, at the moment. Make this moment worth all your effort. Then, leave out all the rest, and watch how your hard work pays off tomorrow!

57. Repel the distraction

Negativity is the root of failure. You can never acquire your full potential without getting through negativity.

58. Fear no more

One of the few positive quotes about change that shows us how much fear can affect our lives. You will regret a lot if you let fear become an obstacle. I understand that it is difficult to get hold of your concern. However, you have gone through numerous inspirational quotes about life and struggles. All these positive motivational quotes help you develop a positive attitude. They also teach you the ways to get past your fear.

59. Turn the stone

You have your dreams. You should add an extra contribution to make it real.

60. Positive love quotes

Some of them might as well be referred to as funny positive quotes. However, when you love something, and by love, I mean love with all your heart, you should be ready to tackle any hurdles that life puts in your way.

61. And again

Challenges add value to success!

62. Emotions and Vibes

Your circle decides the thoughts that run in your head. Your emotions collide with those thoughts, and it synchronises with your soul. Thus, you should think wisely and be picky about the people you spend time with.

63. Every scar has a story to tell

Your scars have a lot to tell about your life. You are all about the experiences you gain in life.

64. Remain Consistent

Consistency is the key to success. When you go through any inspirational sayings, and apply it to your life, you will understand the value of persistence.

65. Adapt to changes

Let the changes in your life take you to a new dimension. Take chances to adapt to changes.

66. Enjoy

Enjoy every day. Life is beautiful!

67. The life worth living

This is one of the most brilliant positive vibes quotes. It costs nothing to smile. Sometimes, the simplest moments in our life are the ones that make the most significant impact.

68. Love Yourself and shine

When you start to love yourself; your strengths and your flaws, you begin to reflect beauty from within yourself.

69. Attitude matters

Achievement is not an end to your glory. There are millions of other things that you need to conquer. It is better to learn from your success as well and set a more challenging goal.

70. Light up the dark

The world needs a lot of positive souls to spread love and happiness. Reflect positivity, reflect optimism, let us all make this world a better place.

71. Gratitude and Joy

This is the key to happiness.

72. Lets Win

Make a choice. The past is gone. Let’s make tomorrow a better day.

73. Imagine there’s no limitation

As I already said about setting a limit to infinity, you will be amazed as to how progressive life shall become when you go beyond your limits!

74. Just Breathe

You need to trust this process. This might as well manage the outcome to your favour.

75. Positive Psychology

This is another beautiful and positive inspirational quotes that also focuses on the principle of positive psychology. We all are focused on avoiding the negative thoughts and getting rid of bad influences to develop a positive mindset. But, the purpose of positive psychology does not end here. It is also concerned with bringing out the best qualities of an individual and encouraging them to utilise those abilities positively.

76. Live life king Sized

Life is meant to be lived in the best way possible. Worry and stress are a waste of time.

77. From honesty to magic

You are the one who knows all about yourself. People might have the idea of you based on the bond they share with you. However, what goes inside is only known to you. And, if you lie to yourself and make excuses, you will never succeed. For something magical, you need to believe in yourself, be honest about your potentials, about your weaknesses, about your dreams, about your fear, and about your passion!

78. Riders on the storm


Yes, all the complications today will lead you to an enhancing tomorrow.

79. Do it now

Grab the opportunity and don’t wait for it!

80. Impossible is just a word

You need to get it into your head that the only things that are holding you back and making your goals seem impossible are your thoughts.

81. Have faith

Have faith in everything you do. When you believe in God, you will sense the miracle there exists in your life!

82. A Positive World

The theme of all the positive thinking quotes holds a common objective. We want to spread positivity and optimism to the entire world. You can play a huge role in it. All you’ve got to do is stay positive yourself and develop a positive attitude. Like the positive influence of all these positive quotes about life, you will be amazed as to how massively you impact the ones around you!

83. Contradiction

They contradict one another.

84. Restore someone’s faith

I am speaking this by experience. Helping someone in need without expecting anything in return is one of the most heartwarming feelings in one’s life.

85. Train it well

Practice feeding positivity into your mind.

86. Environment Matters

To succeed, you must spend your time among people with passion!

87. Step Ahead

There is a reason why our eyes were kept forward; for us to look forward to possibilities!

88. Make each moment count

Once you set your goals and get going, it shall be a long journey. You must enjoy every moment and make it count.

89. It starts with you


You must have some expectations from the people and the situations you encounter in life. You need to set an example out of yourself and make it clear about your standards. This way, you shall attract the right people along the road.

90. Positive quotes for the day

Follow these seven basic rules for a more fulfilling life.

91. It’s how you perceive

You have the ultimate choice to see the life the way you want.

92. Positive motivational quotes and wishes

I wish you all the best and may the positive grace be in good alignment with your future.


93. Fool the fool

positive quotes for the day funny Popular Quotes- Pin by Stephanie Medina on People

These funny positive quotes contain a lot of hidden meaning in the form of inspirational sayings. Sometimes, to outsmart a fool, you need to go down to their level and make them believe that they are better than you.

94. Something better

You must know your worth. You are capable of great things. When life brings complications, trust the process. Believe that it is preparing you for something even better along the road.

95. To BE Yourself Is All That You Can Do

As the legendary Chris Cornell had said, you need to be yourself and worry less about pleasing everyone. The people that belong in your life will eventually find you!

97. Wake up improvised

Stop comparing yourself with others. Instead, focus on improving yourself, learning new things, and exploring yourself.

98. You have the power

You cannot change people around you. All that you can do is bring an improvement in your thoughts and your beliefs. This brings a massive impact on your life!

99. TEAM

If we unite, we shall succeed in making this world positive!

100. Learn and evolve

Every day holds an excellent opportunity for you to learn something new. Grab it!

101. Don’t hold back

You are capable of great things. So get going!

102. Search for your passion

Your passion is something that thrives you to enhancement. Keep searching for the goal in your life if you haven’t figured it out yet.

103. Improvise

Never settle for good. Thrive for the best!

104. The Strongest

You never realise your true potential until you utilise them beyond a limit.

105. Lift them up!

The inspirational saying and the presentation in the picture make this one of the impactful funny positive quotes. You should indeed be a motivator and an Encourager to others.

106. Forget the virtual World

I understand that phones are one of the basic requirements in the world we are living in today. However, this positivity quotes is actually encouraging you to let go of the virtual world and get moving towards your actual goal.

107. You determine Your Attitude

This is one of the most potent daily positive quotes that you should live by. The attitude you possess determines the outcome of any circumstance in your life. So, learn to develop a positive attitude.

108. The Divine Move

Your emotions play a vital role in the decisions to take in life. Be aware of what you decide, so that you will have no regrets later.

109. Invest In Yourself

When you have capabilities and qualities, no one can stop you from acquiring your goals.

110. Set your Goals

Life is unpredictable. You never know what your purpose in life is until you explore your potential and abilities. There is an entire universe for you to explore and beyond. Setting up a goal and dedicating everything towards it shall lead you to success in life. A positive mindset and good patience seem to be in demand for advancement in life.


All these positive quotes about life and these inspirational sayings hold a significant amendment in our lives. However, they become a bunch of words, and nothing more to those who don’t apply it to their lives!


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