60 Creative Ways to Rock Purple Hair This 2021


Purple hair; it is a hair color that is gaining a lot of attention, and we cannot help but wonder it will be that way for a long time. Teenagers and women of age all love the ways these hues add that needed depth to your hair. If you are looking to change your hairstyle and want to get that different appeal, we suggest you take a walk down this lane! There are some mind-blowing ideas of the tone, and we’d love for you to try them out. There is an exciting touch to your hair and help you make an everlasting impression!

It is said that you should choose colors that fit the mood and the weather. But we say select a color that looks good on you irrespective of both! This way no matter what time of the month it is, you will be able to slay the look you are wearing. Since these shades are perfect for all occasions, they are unnatural tones, and thus many shy away from the thought. It is also hard to get the color to show up well in the hair. It will take a few sessions to get it right, so make sure you have the needed time.

Here are 101 inspiring ideas of purple hair that works for all ages and hair textures. Go through them one by one and check out our massive collection to find the one for you!

The summer look with purple hair

When it is about a hundred degrees outside, the last thing you need is your hair to trouble you. You need your hair to have that sleek and cute appeal when you head out. So we are showing you how you can get the same effect. All you need is to take the hair in the section. Where you put the upper half on the top into a messy bun. The next half can be left loosely, and it makes for a great hairdo.

This is one look that makes everyone feel fresh and youthful. You can also get that edge if you try to get multi-colors in your hair. There are some stunning shades in these hairstyles as well. You can get the hues to layers on top of each other and form a colorful pattern. Here are undoubtedly some ideas that can inspire you to try out purple hair this season.

The one with blue hair

Many colors go well together, and one of such combination is the use of blue with purple hair. These purple hair dye for dark hair is an excellent idea for most women. It adds that dimension and depth to the hair that everyone desires. If you want to add that deep sultry vibe, then you can head on to a salon and get it done. The ombre hair coloring technique is one that will not get old for a long time.

In this design, you can get the black tones on the top of the hair, and the colors go as light as you want it to as you reach the bottom. Here is our collection of the most stunning forms of purple hair, and we are sure you will find one to try. The best thing here is that these hues can look good on any skin tone.

Keeping it casual

You do not need to set out with an over the top look to impress everyone. You can get a relaxed style, and these colors will do all the work for you! Here we kept images of the ladies who keep their hair on the loose and add on some fun elements to get that subtle effect. The hair looks good as the colors show up beforehand and make the style work.

You do not want to look too polished when you are heading out for a fun day with friends anyway. So in these cases, we suggest you try out these simple and easy options. All you need to do is get rid of tangles in your hair and maybe apply some leave-in conditioner! That way you can keep the frizz away and get that well sorted out hair to flaunt!

Short Bob cut

. These purple hair short options are lovely, and it makes the wearer look out of this world! There are different kinds of cuts to try out. You can keep it super short or also get it to a long layered look. This way, you can get the chic appeal.

When you pair it with colors, you can get those vibrant colors. There is a mix of blues, reds and purple hues on this hairstyle here and it makes the ideal combination. It is perfect for teenagers and young women who are working. You can wake up each day with hair that is sorted out. If you want a polished look, then get out a hair curler and add on some quick waves and make it look textured!

Enjoy the shine

When you get light purple hair with some highlights, it adds that shine to the locks that impresses all. You can get the darker tones of your hair to merge with some lighter ones to get this effect. If you get your hair done in a salon, then it gets this natural shine that everyone adores. So we suggest you get yourself an appointment as soon as you can. This way you can enjoy a well-sorted hair.

It is essential to get that depth in your look as well. So make sure you get the darker tones to sit on the scalp area. You can color the rest of the hair in some right shades of purple, and it will look well-balanced. Add some sharp cuts to your locks, and it will make you look smart as well. Here are a couple of ideas to check out.

Pastel shades to love

For all the youngsters who want that fairytale-like look, we are sure you will adore this section. You can keep the purple pastel tones on the hair, and all your hair care worries will end for sure. These colors have a beautiful shine on them and who does not love the idea of healthy, luscious hair. You can take clues from the many Instagram posts to get inspired.

These pastel purple hair shades have a modern touch to it. The colors work best for women who are not intimidated by bright hues. When you change your hairstyle, it makes you look better and feel confident too. You can see the harmony between the colors and that itself will make you feel great. There is no other better option that can be fun and edgy quite like this shade of purple. So give it a thought.

Mix it in with some colors

The perfect idea for a person who is stuck between the choices of the two colors is here! You can take the hues that you are having a hard time choosing from and get them all balanced out in the same hair. The shades that we cannot get over is the rose gold mixed in with the purples. It seems like the perfect balance between the best of both worlds!

The purple is fun and bold, and the rose gold has that feminine touch to it. Together it makes for a combination that can turn heads wherever you go. The second image here has a plethora of colors to try out! You can see the neon shades of purple and rose gold mixed in. If you look closer, you can also see shades of pastel pink there. And we have the dark black to balance it all out in the base!

Purple hair with medium length

If long hair is not your perfect idea, then you can choose a medium-length cut to get these purple shades on yourself. You can try cutting your hair in the same straight fashion or get a bob, as we mentioned earlier. Both of these options are great if you want to keep that summer perfect look for yourself. We are sure you will leave everyone in awe of how well your hair looks once you get it done.

This length has that perfect everyday vibe to it, and it can also go well for any formal and festive occasion. Keep the length to a place where you feel confident and comfortable. You can also run a straightener or curler through your hair to get the texture you want. The sleek and curly nature of the hair is your choice, but the look will turn out great either way with these hues!

Burgundy tones

The tones of purple hair can sometimes lean towards burgundy as well. You can get your hair to look flawless with colors. The use of the shades that shine as well as these tones of purple can get you there. When you mix in some hint of red, you will end with up with a color that is similar to the ones we are showing here. This can work great for anyone who has a paler skin tone.

If you are looking to get that chic appearance, you can try this out for sure! When you add some curls on the hair, it makes the whole look work out. You can add that fun vibe to the hair by adding a touch of bright red to it as well. Take a strand of hair from the side and get it colored in the fiery, bold tone to enjoy a unique appeal.

Wild curls with purple hair

Wondering how your hair will look with the purple tones on it? Then make sure you to check out these textured curls with purple hues on them. We are in awe of how majestic it looks with the perfect dark tone. Nowadays, more women are getting attracted to these colors and natural hair textures. You can embrace the hair that you were born with and enjoy the freedom of having a brilliant style.

This is the way to go on with life where you accept the flaws you have and enjoy the perks you have as well. You are sure to look stunning when you carry yourself with confidence. So try out any of these hairstyles we are showing off here with the naturally curly texture. And you can look outstanding.

As seen on advertisements

When we watch the TV, there are so many hair color advertisements we find. These usually show us the hair with ultimate shine and luster and amazingly beautiful colors on them. And we get the desire to try on the same. But most of the time, we get results that are different than the ones that are showcased. That is because we look into shades and try it at home.

So we advise you to take the coloring portion to the professionals. You can ask your stylist to get the shine and color that you see in these ads! You also need to get your hair treated with after color treatments if you want to get the same shiny appeal. So check out these shades here and head on to the salon!

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Katy Perry’s purple hair

How to get dark purple hair like that of Katy Perry here? We are here to answer these questions for you! You can get the double coloring done to achieve this shade. Beforehand you would want to get your hair colored in some dark black. After that, you can add on some lovely shades of purple. That way you can achieve this look right here.

You need to go to a professional to get that effect for sure. But if you are confident that you can get it at home, there are countless ideas on the internet too! You can get the video tutorials on and try it out. Make sure you follow the steps wisely, and you can get the same results.

Lighter tones of purple hair

When you try bright purple hair color, then you can get that pale tone to show off that counters the paleness of your skin. These are ideal for women who fall on fairer skin tones. But with some mild adjustments, girls with darker skin tones can try it out as well. You can also get the wigs of the same hue if you are scared of damaging your hair with the chemicals.

Most light hair colors are mixed in with two or more of the same shades. Here we are showing a lighter tone of platinum blonde with pale purple as well. The way they are working together is lovely to lay eyes on. You can also get the shades to stand out if you dare to use these hues together!

Easy breezy look

Complicating things is not suitable for anyone. Whether it is in life or matters of fashion. You need to make sure that the colors you try and the cuts you wear are not overly confusing. Your stylist also cannot get the idea of what you want if you describe a complicated thing. So we want you to get the simple look done.

You can try out any of these colors and then opt for a breezy style. All you need is a touch of braiding, and you will be fine! Or you can twist the hair around and secure it at the end to get this charming appeal. It is perfect for people who are in a hurry to leave home and look good. Fun, funky colors to try

Are you a fan of these mermaid fantasies? Then you can try out this mix of colors. There are blues, pinks, and purples in this hair, and we love the combination that the stylist has come up with. There is no way you can ignore the brilliance of this hair color. The way it shines through is what makes it stand out.

These are great to try on for the summer. You can head out to music festivals and beaches when you have hair as relaxed as this one! Make sure you get your hair cut before you get them colored. This way you need not chop off layers of colors from your hair. So what are you waiting for? Take a screenshot and head to a salon today!

Almost neon shades

The fun thing about 2019 is that you can try out any tone on your hair and it will be fashionable. The neon colors in the hair have become a remarkable thing, and many try this one. When you add these colors on your hair, you will see your confidence soar as well. So we want you to pay attention to these!

You can see how much shine there is in these colors. These are great for anyone who wants that rock star vibe for themselves. You can head out to concerts, and it will be a statement of its own. You do not need even to style your hair when you get it treated with these hues.

The subtle ones

If you are one girl who hates the idea of too much bling, then you can try an everyday style. Here we are advertising the shades of mauve tones and purple hair highlights that are sure to work out for most of you! You can also get your hair to look outstanding if you add that touch of bold color on them and style it.

We do suggest you learn how to get your hair prepped to head out. You can either look for tight ringlets or mess them up to form a casual wave. When you add that rounded texture to the hair, it makes these colors shine off and shows the pure hue. Make sure to take good care of the colored strands so that they last for a long time. Otherwise, colors tend to fade away and leave that worn out look.

Options to choose from

When you have that chilled appeal, you can try out any shade and look fantastic. So do not keep the same hair color and cut. We want you to experiment with the styles that we are showing off here. If you are yet to find the one for you, we are sure you will get ideas here. There are countless possibilities, and thus you can choose from any of these.

Whether you have short hair or long, you can try any of these styles. It is all about a matter of choosing the one that you can carry off with confidence. We are showing you some of the most loved options in this article. We made sure to get the colors and textures just right so that you can look fantastic every day!

purple hair

Such ideas of purple hair are not only loved by women, but there are countless options for purple hair men want as well. So you can try them out no matter what your age and gender are. Here are some excellent options to choose from, and we are sure you will find it amusing. If you are looking to get that bold appeal, then these are the perfect match for you. But even if you want that subtle girl next door look, you can try the pastel shades of purple. You need to make sure you know what tone you want before you go along with it.

We showed you the best of the purple hair ideas that the internet has laying around! You do not need to go around in various platforms looking for the ideal color to try. You can go through all of those right here. We made sure that there was something for each hair length and texture. So everyone can feel comfortable trying them out. But make sure you take the suggestion from your stylist and consider it. They know best what shades and undertones will match you. And they will also give you an idea about how to take care of your hair post coloring.


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