93 Best Red Hair Color For You To Be The Center Of Attention


Cool red hair can be exciting and can look glamorous with the right hair color shades that you opt for. If you are confused on what hair dye you want to go for, this article has your back. Brace yourself as we take you down through the women’s red hair colors and provide you with hair color ideas that you can flaunt in any season and event.

1. The Intense One

red hair

Intense hair color is the way to go if you prefer being the center of attention in any kind of event. Hair color on purple dress adds the perfect blend of colors to your appearance.

2. Sunlight One

Sunlight red hair is the way to go for all the flattering you need for a fair skinned women hairstyles. This anime girl with red hair looks super adorable in this sunlight tone.

3. Bright Red Hair

Bright red hair color not only gives you all the shine and glam in your day, but it also adds so much light to your confidence.

4. Cool Red Hair Look

Cool red hair look is a modest way to add a subtle amount of the color in your hair. This pink hair color is the correct mixture of the cool tone of red hair with a hint of rosy pink hair color on it.

5. Cherry Brown

Cherry brown red hair is a modest mixture of rose gold hair as well as bright hair. Cherry brown hair in straight hair looks ever so classy and elegant to go with.

6. Visible Ombre

Ombre hair with black and red hair ombre is an amazing blend of colors to your hair. This purple like style which is also a subtle burgundy ombre is way to go to amp up your black hair.

7. Warm Look

Warms hair with nose rings gives you a very easy going and cool look. You can team up this warm red hair with a denim jacket and a cool tank top.

8. Bright Copper

Help yourself get noticed with a bright copper hair. By pairing bright copper red hair with a black tanktop, your fair skin gets emphasized to get the glow.

9. Hair Highlights

This red hair with highlights with different shades gives you the sizzling pop of colors in your fashion style. Hair with burgundy highlights is a cool and glam way to look like a million bucks.

10. Braids

Show off your natural looking red hair right from the scalp. By this hair braids, you get to know of your hair color on the scalp and you have the hair away from your face too especially on the hot days.

11. Simple Braid

Simple braid for long red hair can look casual and is an easy going look if you don’t want to go too overboard with the bright hair colors.

12. Dreadlocks

Another way to go unnoticed is to get hair with dreadlocks on red hair. It gives you a fancy look with an edgy feel. Hair with blue eyes also looks dazzling with the contrast of red and blue colors.

13. Ginger Hair

In the list of spectrum and list of red hair colors, ginger hair color is the most natural looking. With fair skin and a white t-shirt with ginger braid, you are ready for a special day out.

14. Copper

Copper red hair colors for the big smile is the option to amplify your minimal makeup and make the smile the highlight of your look. Copper hair with minimal makeup puts emphasis on your sharp facial features.

15. With Lipstick

Hair color with lipstick gives you a break from the monotone nature of the plain hair color styles. Just wear a neutral outfit to balance the colors involved.

16. Ruby Finish

Ruby red hair color is a simple and sleek way to catch up to attention without trying much. Hair dye with ruby red is pretty and chic for sure.

17. Pink It Up

Pinkish hair color for short hair can range from looking sexy and it gives the right enhancement to your short pixie cut looks.

18. Sunlight

Sunlight glow to your hair is all in for all kinds of seasons. This hair color with shades of highlights such as orange highlights, pink highlights with the look of an ombre touch is a look to die for.

19. Brownish

If you want a lighter shade, go for a brown color that gives you a touch of brown hue to it.

20. Straight Pixie

Straight hair pixies are a way to look saucy for any kind of outfit. With that subtle shade of orange hair color as well as the peach dress with light color will get you noticed.

21. Curly Bob

Curly hair with pinkish waves as well as curls are an amazing go-to option to enhance you look. This red hair with a black top is also a fashion statement to put on whenever you decide to flaunt it.

22. Braids Bun

Buns with braids are a way to mix the vibe of the bright color, the fun of braids and the experimentation of buns in one hairstyle.

23. Double Buns

Double buns on colored red hair look like two amazing balls on your head with the right touch of unique style to it.

24. Mohawk Look

Mohawk Hair is one way to look fierce and add the boldness and strong sense of style and elements to your personality.

25. Light Wine

Light wine hair color looks incredible and smooth with a black ribbon on red hair and black outfit with hair color.

26. Brown Hair

Brown Hair with dark eye make up looks sexy as well as bold and by teaming up this combination with a dark lipstick adds to the mysterious look of it.

27. Triangle Braids

Triangle braids look cool to begin with. But with shaded eyebrows, a fuller lips with heavy eyelashes and a triangle braided hair that is turnt into braids and buns, this look looks like a million bucks.

28. Purple hair

Purple hair is also a great way to show up after a dramatic hair change. It is out of labels and the color is so unique and exclusive, you’re bound to look the look.

29. Violet Hair

Violet hair is another version of hair that slides a bit towards the purple theme of red hair and it looks gorgeous with the hint of violet, the royal color with it.

30. Shiny Hair

Shiny Hair is all in for the brightness and the attractive feel you get with it. The shine makes you look glamorous and the glaze is beautiful, to begin with.

31. Layers

Layers cut in hair can accentuate your color and the long length of hair. With a neutral color t-shirt, this hairdo brightens up your look.

32. Simple Triangle Braids

Simple Triangle Braids on maroon hair which is a cool shade with a maroon hoodie can never go out of fashion. It looks chic and elegance that is outstanding.

33. Bandana

Hair with bandana evens out the overall feel of your scalp and is a great tactic to balance out the over-the-top hair on days you want to go modest.

34. Voluminous Hair

Hair that has volume looks amazing and hot with the voluminous eyelashes as well as an animal tattoo on the arm. With an amazing velvet t-shirt, this style looks worth it.

35. Grey Lens


Grey Lens with purple hair is elegant and party ready. The purple hair on black top is a great combination to flaunt.

Dreadlocks Bun

Dreadlock buns with a winged eyeliner keep your hair as a disturbance away from the face. Have dreadlocks and turn it into a bun for that edgy look.

Golden Glow

Semi-wavy hairstyle with a few thin braids is the causal way to go for a lovely back look/ You can also add elements of accessories and fringes for all the fanciness you would opt for.

Hot Pink

Hot Pink hair color with minimal makeup looks gorgeous. With a piercing over colored lips and a tribal tattoo, hot pink hair gives you all the hotness you need!

Half Bun Red Hair

Half buns are cool, to begin with. But, with the ombre, this divides the hair color to make it look classic. The waves also accentuate the color and the style.

Fringes Finish

The hair color with fringes on and an emo makeup is a cool way to go to a concert. A concert look with metal accessories is also a goth looking and mysterious.

Cotton Candy Hair

Cotton Candy hair looks bubbly and gives the right feels in the summer. The vibes of the pink cotton candy with a hint of hot pink and a hot blue t-shirt get you the right feels.


Curly hair with a big hoop can be the best option for a subtle accessory look. Minimalist fashion with hoops and a subtle locket is cool for summer, of course.

Black Lipstick

Black lipstick on any kind of hairstyle looks goth and bold. Be ready to rock that boldness with a metal necklace.

Classy One

Classy Red Hair which is long is cool for any kind of outfit. With the rolls that you add on to your hair, and length is also balanced onto it.

Layered Hair

Layered Hair gives out a lot of space and flash to your hair. This hairstyle is for those who want to thicken out their hair for a change.

Short Fringes

Short fringes on short bob hair with an off-shoulder top is a way to flash your beauty bones as well as the short hair just touching your shoulders.

The 90s Look

90s look and red hair on celebrities like Rihanna can look red carpet ready. If you have a skin tone like Rihanna, you know which color to opt for.

Straight Hair

Straight hair with a great eye makeup and lashes is something to opt to look sharp just like the hairstyle.

Umbrella Cut

Umbrella Cut is an adorable hairstyle for a day out. With just a simple haircut with a bob length, there is a way to turn heads with this color and style.

Braid Hairband

If you don’t want to go overboard with accessories on your hair, then you can simply make a hairband out of your own hair. This hairstyle is straightforward and with braids twisted on two sides, you can get this style.

Simple French Braids

Simple braids on maroon hair is a classy and elegant way to go casual as well as classic, obviously.

Twisted Braids

Twisted braids is a no-brainer. It looks like a braid but better. So, for a fancy braid, twist your hair to look an extra buck.

Crown Accessory

Hippie hair is all in for an unconventional look. With a few tiny braids and a massive crown accessory, this hairstyle is the right way to flaunt the long hair.

Big Hair

Big Hair for all the attention is nice for the days when you want to go overboard. It is bubbly and nice to go with and the flow of hair is a positive element to add to your style.

Super Straight Hair

Super straight hair looks sleek and chic and the hair looks on fleek and the flow with the silk hair is an awesome way to catch on the style.

Messy Ponytail


A messy ponytail on colored hair is the kind of hairstyle that looks clean with the right element of casual vibes added to it. Pair the colors with a bright lipstick to give it a go!

Orange Hair


Orange hair with a blue or grey lens as well as a silver septum ring will make you look like an anime doll. This adorable look is effortless and super easy to master!

Henna Color

Henna color hair is for those of you who do not want to damage your hair by coloring it. Henna is a natural hair color with essential herbs and the right touch of color to it.

Flush Of Colors

This hairstyle with a flush of colors like ranger highlights, pink ombre with hot pink shades as well as a hot pink look gives you all the color necessary to feel at your space if you are up for going fancy.

Bright Orange

Bright orange hair with thin eyebrows and black crop top looks very fruity. You have to try out this fun-loving hair color.

Hazel Hair

Hazel hair color chart can look modest. This moderate look is amazing to highlight the fairness and clean texture of your skin.

Radiant Red

This Radiant red hair color provides you with all the radiance in order to glow up for any event. With a moderation and balance of black eye makeup, this hair color is the adequate balance for your style.

Messy Hair

Colored hair with a messy look and a fancy sunglasses is the combination that is here to stay. Pairing this combo with a leather jacket will make you look like a goth and an unconventional fashionista.

Moderate Brown

Moderate brown hair color is for you if you don’t want to go too overboard with colors. By tying your hair into a stylish or simple ponytail, you express your love for modesty and balance.

Shiny Burgundy

Shiny burgundy hair color chart serves you well with a super straight hair. The shine of your skin with the shine of the hair makes you look all night ready to glow and dazzle.

Innocent Look

Red color ideas can don’t always have to be over the top. With a minimalist and moderate makeup, this look can also look pretty limited and reserved.

Pink Blush

This hair color image with its hint of a pink blush is an adorable way to experiment on your hair without taking too much of a risk.

Coral Crush

A coral colored hair that is ombred on a dark brown hair looks fresh and clean. This ombre combination is rare and creative.

The Emo Look

If you are a fan of emo looks or even want to try it for yourself, you have to go red at least once in your life. This red look with lots of piercings, heavy and dark eye makeup is an emo look to die for.

Semi Mohawk

Semi mohawk hairstyle is still one of the riskiest hairdos you can try on for a change. This semi-mohawk with a dark rose gold hair color can take your haircut to a whole new level.

Hippie Finish

Going for a hippie look should be a matter of bucket list for all fashion and looks enthusiasts. This hippie look with the redness, mix of unconventional piercings, forehead tattoos, and accessories serves one of the best hippie looks.

Short Bob

To make a boring short bob look edgy and stylish, this graceful hair color is to sell you hearts for.

Rose Gold

Look like a piece of gold with this rose gold hair color. The right number of piercing and a maroon lipstick to go with it serves the purpose of style.

Long and curly

Who is to say that red shades are not for long hair? This colored curly hair with a red floral shirt, as well as a floral tattoo, gives you an artistic look.

Rosy Rosegold

A rosy rosegold hair shade in layered cut hair looks fashionable. Without adding a lot of elements to your body, just the touch of this hair shade can add all the style you need.


Red shades on celebrities like Katy Perry is an inspiration you will need to go red! So, if you have eye color and shades of skin tone like her, team up with this hair color and shine your way through the events you go to.

Pink Pixie

Pixie and bob cuts are already very chic and by adding a reddish-pink tone to it, you are adding all the element of glamour needed to flaunt the bob.

Purple Stuff

Purple hair can look graceful and not too overboard like the red shades that we described above. With the smile larger than life of yours, this hair shade will suit you in ways you don’t even know yet.

Maghony Hair

Maghony hair is for those women who prefer a subtle look. This hair shade under the sunset light of golden hour looks and feels like a million buck.

Curly Ombre

Curly ombre on bob haircuts is to look modern and cultivated. The wish to go short should be fulfilled and this red element must definitely be added if you have interest in hair colors.

Triangle Braids

One way to highlight you red or purple hair color shades is by doing triangle braids. This box braids with a lot of purple element to your appearance is a look that seems wishful and artistic.

Orange Braids

Red hair color ideas should have an orange option to it. This unique and fancy hair color with a simple braid is an updo for long hair that is simple yet aesthetic and lovely.

Rainbow Ombre

Rainbow ombre hair color is one of the most stylish and fashionable hair look that you can possibly opt for. In the list of red hair color chart, this is definitely one of the best.


Different colored hair with highlights is an incredible way to mix and match your favorite colors. Like in this image, we have orange, hot pink as well as yellow highlights.

Dark Auburn

Dark Auburn hair color with lots of accessories attached to it is a way to flaunt the style if you are an accessory lover and want the dangles of those elements to your style.

Red Dye

Dark red dye is a model look that is perfect for photo shoots as well as ramp walks. The extraness of this shade will definitely draw attention to you.

Small Triangle Box Braids

Small triangle box braids as such with a half top-knot look casual and moderately chic.


Mahogany is for those who prefer looking like a doll. With this shade of natural hair color, look classy.


Copper hair with green outfit looks balanced and bubbly with the fun smile.

To wrap up, hair experimenting and styling is one of the activities that are essential to do in life, and what better way to do it by going red for a change? These red shades are sure to turn heads around and make you the center of attention for all the good reasons!


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