111 Rose Tattoo Symbolisms and Design Inspirations


Are you wrestling with the idea of what to get as a tattoo for you? With influences from multiple cultures all around the world, there are undoubtedly a vast number of designs to choose from while selecting a tattoo. If this is your concern rose tattoo might be the thing for you. Rose tattoos are not only extraordinarily captivating but are also very symbolic. They are a perfect choice as they are both attractive to the philosophical minds and are also a treat for the eyes. It works for both males and females as it is a perfect blend of toughness as well as sensitivity.

You can get a variety of these rose tattoo, and you can get it in any part of your body though they are usually placed on the arms and most women, like to keep it on the sides of their neck. There is no limit to the placement and size of these tattoos, and you can customize it as you need! There are about 111 rose tattoo ideas that we are presenting to you through this article alone. You are sure to find the one you can get on board with through them. If not, we are sure you will have a good time navigating!


The gallery of rose tattoo ideas

From here onwards, we are going to show you the best of the rose tattoo ideas that we found over the internet. This way, you do not need to go out looking for the perfect one for yourself. We made sure to include simple ideas. There are some long and intricate detailing on some of these as well. The use of colors is what excite us the most. You are sure to love all of these ideas once you get on board with one. If you are new and have never tried tattoos, a simple rose tattoo might be perfect for you. These are the favorites among men and women of all ages. So there are no restrictions for sure!

Way back tattoos were seen as a part of a prisoner’s life. You may have noticed that sort of behavior back in the day! Nowadays, everyone accepts these ideas and are intrigued by the use of ink and patterns. It has also become a fashion statement, and you can see how society has changed to accept these as the new trendy thing to do! So for years to come, these tattoos will be a part of the culture and may even get passed down to the next generation. You can check out some ideas of this magnificent idea throughout this article here. Make sure you take screenshots of the ones that have excited you to get them done as soon as you can!

Here are the 111 rose tattoo ideas that we found to be intriguing!

rose tattoo

The symbolism associated with these rose tattoos

One of the most beautiful flowers on the planet is thought of to be the rose. And so, a rose tattoo is without a doubt one of the most loved and preferred symbols. It can be colored in various hues or also can be left as plain black ink –each depicts the state of mind and being. The petals show delicacy, grace, and sensitivity, and the thorns counter it with hardships and obstacles. But its symbolism changes as per its presentation. Factors like the color of the rose and whether it’s a closed or open rose also makes the difference. In tarot, roses are thought to be a symbol for balance. It depicts promise, hope, and new beginnings. The thorns are thought of as loss, defense, and lack of thoughts.

Rose tattoos are usually thought of as a symbol for immortal love. In Greek mythology, it is believed that red roses were formed with the blood of the lover of Aphrodite (Greek goddess of love). When he was killed his blood is said to have turned white roses into the red. Thus it is a symbolism for an immortal love that remains even after death, making it an exciting choice for couples in love.

A yellow rose symbolizes joy and mature love while red roses symbolize passionate love. Pink roses are symbols for innocent first love, and white roses depict purity and mysticism. On a more serious side, black roses symbolize death and departure while blue roses symbolize the unattainable. Thus a black rose with a blue rose can be a symbol of the end of a spouse and that he/she is not looking for love anymore and will remain unattainable.

The ones who want it on the shoulder!

If you are one of those people who want a rose tattoo but are not sure if you’re going to show it off all the time? Then this is the perfect place for you to place them! The shoulders are hidden unless you wear something to reveal them. So if you are a teacher or want to conceal the fact that you have a tattoo from the majority of people, then this is the ideal one for you. You can get these tattoos to run down from the top of the shoulders. It can also run to the base of your back too.

If not, you can keep it contained to the top of the shoulders. The red rose with a bow on the first one here is what we adore the most! There is a right balance here, and it is ideal for women! You can also get other ideas from these images here. The clock with the roses is a beautiful piece of work as well. If you are not looking to get that extra vibe, then look for a single rose with a pale pastel tone of dyes. Roses need not be the first thing in your ink, though!

You can also pair them with other designs and keep the roses as aside. If you want those ideas, then the clock is excellent! They are best for anyone who wants to show off a bit of depth. It works well along with the vulnerability of the flower. It makes up a good contradiction on its own.


Rose tattoo with or without color

Colors are an essential part of the tattoo culture. There are some great ideas with hues that we only can imagine to be the work of an excellent painter! But these are shades that are created by tattoo artists, and we want to share it here. If you are not one to love these shades, then for sure you can stick with the dark black hues without filling the insides of the rose. It symbolizes deep pain, death, and tragedy. So if that sorrow is what you want to show, then go for it.

Your tattoo expert will likely tell you all about the colors and what they mean when you head on to a tattoo parlor. But in case you want to be prepared beforehand, you need to check out the meanings of these tattoos. These colors you use can change the whole idea around! For example, getting a yellow rose means that you are showing betrayal by someone. It means that you have experienced disloyalty from any form. Though it may not seem so as yellow is a beautiful color!

There are some other color options that we are suggesting you give a try! These are popular with teens, and mature men also love them. Reds are used to show love, blue shows a sign of mystery, and white shows love and the purity of relationships! If you want that happy vibe, then go for the purples!

Rose tattoo ideas loved by teens

Most young people tend to be attracted to rose tattoo hand ideas. But there is no saying what the new generation likes! Their choices can change from one to another in any day, and social media sites mainly influence it. So if you are a teen who is in the search for a perfect rose tattoo idea, then here is our collection. Usually, it is seen that teens are attracted to simple things that can attract attention. So they are not looking out for a tattoo that is too complicated. Since they are barely putting their feet down on this new world of ink, it is best to stick to the small, sweet tattoos that show off youth.

Here we have some examples for all youngsters! If you are into wearing ripped jeans, then you can get this thigh tattoo that has these elaborate ink! They add that depth to the whole look, and we also adore it! This is one of the best ideas to have come across in the compilation! Here are also some rose tattoo simple ideas for you if you are not so keen on these great designs!

A beautiful black tattoo on the back of your ears can do the trick. You can also get a simple rose tattooed on the wrist of your hands, and it makes all the noise for you! Simple yet a good fashion statement that stands out! That is precisely what we want.


The best ideas of rose tattoos to try out!

There are some elaborate designs we are showing you in this section. These are mostly rose tattoo for men that want a significant and unique ink on themselves. There are some excellent examples with the perfect manipulation of the colors. The first one here itself is that we love! The light colors are portraying the light shining from the waters! And it looks too good to the naked eyes. The dark deep charcoal dye on the roses itself is drawing us to them. So if you want that excellent idea that can be a conversation starter wherever you go, this is the one!

We put together ideas that are mainly surrounding the arm areas. Men who are of a certain age prefer to get the ink on these sections. Tattoos are a way of expressing your feelings. Thus we want you to know that there are some words and phrases that you can insert on to them as well. This way, you will be able to get that personal bit added to your ink. If you need to making something a part of you, then getting it inked is one of the best ideas.

We are putting together these dark red roses, and they are a beautiful distraction! You can see some of these images have words marked on them, and bright reds and oranges are following. The addition of a skull is also a classic touch. You may be familiar with this is you are a fan of tattoos!

rose tattoo` Wrist rose tattoo ideas to love this season

There are body parts you can add a cute tattoo in. But what is the use of these ink if you are not going to show them off? The rose tattoo wrist options are ideal for everyone. You can get a simple small flower on them or get them to look elaborate as well. Firstly, we will show you the minimal ideas. This is best if you are a teenager and are keen on showing off the new ink that you got. The first few ideas are lovely, and we love how they are showing up and adding that touch of feminine energy!

The angle of your wrist is perfect for carrying of roses that have the leaves on them. Here are the best of these options, and it helps a lot if you add on some shiny material on your skin. So as you move around, there will be a beautiful reflection of your ink! When you put on any accessory, it will heighten up the whole look. The best is the use of bracelets that can add shine and chic elegance. This will be a perfect option for women who want a touch of tattoo only!

And if you want that bold presence in your wrist, then here is an option you cannot say no to. The last image here is what attracts us to the manly aura. There is a bold rose that grasps everyone’s attention in the first glance.


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The ever so famous arm tattoo

Many rose tattoo arm ideas are floating around on the internet nowadays. You can see them on most men who choose to get tattoos. If you are looking for a bold statement to make and have it impress everyone who glances at it, then you can surely get on board this idea. They have been around for a long time, and they do not seem to be dying down anytime soon. So if you are still looking to leave that macho image on everyone you meet, take cues from these photos we lined up in this section of our article.

There are some dark ideas we compiled as well. You can go on with the classic skull idea as well. If not, then try out the roses with a knife or a snake around it, and it adds that touch of mystery to it all. There are also ways to add on the moon and other elements of that sort into your tattoo. You can see that these are not things that you can get done in any salon. You need to head on to a professional who knows what he or she is doing.

There is a need to be precise in all of these tattoos. So head on to an expert today! And ask them what colors to use and what shapes to get on with. You can show them off as you work out in the gym and with sleeveless shorts as you walk down the streets as well!


Rose tattoo ideas that you can get in the thighs!

Tattoos are often thought of as a severe single thing, but what we need to know is that they can be fun and flirty too. You do not need to have that deep and dark impression out. Opt for something fun with colors that you can show off at the beach! This summer has been about colors all along, and we are sure you will love to get vibrancy back in your life. The thighs will remain to be one of the most popular places for a girl to get inked at! You can check some great ideas in this particular portion!

When you head out to the pool or wear short shorts, this will be the center of attention for sure. You can start at the top of your thighs and move on towards the upper half with these intricate designs. Most of the time, women try out a big, more extended version of these roses. That way, they can get their thigh to look smaller and thinner. There are some minor points to look out for in these inked images, and we are sure you will adore them if you pay close attention to them.

They can be hard to get since the area in your thighs are sensitive, and it has a natural tendency to hurt more. Express your values and beliefs through them by adding on a cross and some paisley designs to them. Take some inspiration from these images we put together to be more confident!

The variations that you can get in rose tattoo

You can add on any meaning to the things you do in life. There are also some symbols attached to these rose tattoo ideas beforehand that you may need to get equipped with in the process of getting inked. Make sure you know what symbols mean what and how you can manipulate it to your liking. You can dig as deep and dark as you want to. Or you can keep it as plain and simple as roses can be. But you can attach any meaning to these pictures. And add them to your body as a way to remember some part of your life!

Mostly females tend to get tilted towards the short and sweet kind of ideas, whereas the men gravitate towards the tattoos that are bigger and bolder. You can change your thought today and get these elaborate roses. Use multiple roses of different sizes to get that added effect on your body. Check out these ideas to get inspired. And if you need to, then ask your expert at the salon to help you out to make a choice.

To conclude it all!

With many meaning associated with the flower, rose tattoos are a perfect choice for everyone wanting to use the body as a canvas. Whether it is to indicate femininity, grace, fidelity, purity, mystery or losses and deaths, a rose tattoo is a flexible and versatile choice for all. Any emotions or feelings that you are trying to depict, your tattoo artist can aid you into molding a perfect design for you. In the end, it’s about your own story in the tattoo. So what’s your personal story? You can get it to show up with the use of these inks. Use your body as your canvas and carve the story of your life in them.

Each individual is unique, and we all look to accepted for who we are. But the primary thing is to be expressive, which we seem to lack in today’s fast-paced society. Everything is about sharing on the internet, but nothing is real it looks. Thus it is more crucial now more than ever to get in touch with our inner self and show the world how we genuinely feel. So head on to a tattoo shop today if you want to share a part of you with others. You are sure to attach an emotional value to them once you are done. We hope you liked our article on the fantastic rose tattoo ideas!

With this, we are going to conclude our article on this vast subject. We do appreciate and look forward to your feedback. So make sure you write to us!


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