112 Senegalese Twist Hairstyle Inspirations for Women


These Senegalese twist ideas we have here are great if you want a protective style that looks good too. You can see some fresh ideas to get them done on yourself this season. Such hairstyles are cool for anyone to try out, and we are in awe of how women are getting creative with them as time passes by! We took these images that were trending in all social media sites, and we have created this collection for you to check out. You know that you can look awesome when you wear them out, so do not wait much longer!

You can get them colored or try out some designs on them as well if you want a fun appeal. We know that these are great for toddlers and young women too. But many women have no clue about how to get these done. So we are here to help you out. You can go through this article to get more information on Senegalese twist and maybe you will be confident enough to wear them out then! So without further delay, let us dive into these twist ideas here!

That extra style with Senegalese twist

You can look every bit stylish if you get to try these hairstyles. There are some fun ways to get the hair to look fab, and we are getting you familiarized with some of them here. The idea is to set yourself aside from everyone else. This is an easy task if you get your stylist to recreate any of these hairstyles here.

The perfect twirl

This idea is unique, and you may not have seen such a fab one in some time now! You can see the hair has these loose twists at the side. We also love the colors that the twists have. The dark red to the brown touch of colors are ideal if you want that fun look to sport for a day out!

Thick Senegalese twist infused bun

This is one hairstyle that a lot of women love to wear. The sheer comfort of it all is what entices us as well, and we want you to feel the same! Here we have a vast collection of types of top bun ideas, and you surely need to wear them to know what the fuss is all about! Twist and turn the hair around and you can create a style that is as funky as ever!

Fun and chirpy Senegalese Twist ideas

This wavy style has these swooning locks on them. The side swept look here has these thick twists, and you can try them out for a vibrant appeal. These are perfect for teens as well.

The big ponytail idea

Are you ready to get a hairstyle that you can wear to your college or a day out? This high ponytail has that everyday vibe to it, and the colors on them are stunning as well. The brown to red tones in here are perfect for anyone who wants a bang of color! If that is not your vibe, go for some soft hues.

Thin and beautiful Senegalese twist

You can get Senegalese twist small ideas on yourself if you want a transitional look. The twists you get can be thicker on top, and they can thin out as you head to the base. If you’re going to get the fresher appeal, then get these twist on yourself. Here we have three options with mini, medium and jumbo braids. You can try them out if you want a fun look to sport this summer.

Jumbo Senegalese twist to try

If you want a thick braid? Then get these jumbo Senegalese twists on yourself, and you will look fabulous. The thicker the sections you take, the better you can make this hairstyle. Here are some ideas to check out if you are interested in looking fab! Opt for a colored extension in case you want to get that depth and dimension into your hair.

Tie it high up!

Are you ready to get a hairstyle that you can wear to your college or a day out? This high ponytail you can wear to any event. If you want, then try out the fun colored styles out here as well. You need to use a secure binding hair tie to get the thick hair secured in place. That height you achieve it at is what makes all the difference with these Senegalese twist hairstyles.

The bob hairstyle to love

Do you want to try Senegalese twists hairstyles 2018 made famous? Then you can try any of these styles for a fun vibe. Bob styles are fabulous, and you can try them out for any casual or formal vibe. This is an excellent take on the same hairstyle. You can pin them to a side or on top. The lively style on the bottom is fantastic for women who need to head out to a night party.

Side pinned style

Women love to keep their hair away on days when they have a lot of work to do. You can try out any of these pinned styles if you want to get a casual manner. Take some section from the side and twist them out to pin them down. You can also braid these bold sections before you secure them out on aside. Here are some excellent styles that anyone can try with Senegalese twist.

Half up hairstyle

We have a soft spot for some hairstyles since they are youthful and have a fun vibrancy to them. You can see some of our collection of the best half up hairstyles out here. There is a bun on the top, and you can leave the rest free! Get them done on some colored hair if you want it to stand out!

For the summer heat

To get these braids on you will need some Kanekalon Synthetic hair and there are so many options to buy them from. You can wear these for any season, but they are ideal for summers! You can style them any way you want. Keep the minimal makeup style on, and you can look fresh each day. Sweep it to a side if you’re going to recreate this idea here.

The way you part your hair

Have you seen these Senegalese twist ideas around? If you have, then you know that they are trending right now. You can see that there are some very great ideas we have here and they are attainable with some hair extensions. Get them in the colors that you want, and you will enjoy it even more. We have some thick and thin twists here as well for your preference. Check out the ways to style them from this section here.

With some curls

There are some curls on the bottom here, and you can enjoy a fun style. There are ways to add them on without making it look too over the top. Get your stylist and ask them to give you that beautiful style like the ones we are showing off here. Make sure that you keep them in place with a firm hold hairspray. Keep your hair to a side or let them fall free and you are set!

Some layered hairstyles

Do you want to add that extra volume in your hair? Then you can try these out! Cut your hair into some short layers and then you can get that fun look like these women have here. We have three different hair length ideas that you can try out. You can see the short, medium, and long ones all laid out for you.

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Get inspired today

We have some fresh ideas out here to try for any young woman. There is a classy and beautiful vibe to these hairstyles. You can see that it is lovely to get thin twists that are numerous. That way, it has this thick appeal. You can also have the volume and healthy hair look when you try these ideas. Check them out here and get it done as soon as you can.

The volume to enjoy

Do you want a hair that has a bit of natural volume to it? Then look no more. We have some fun ideas to wear this season. The Senegalese twist ideas here have the bold, bulk appeal to it, and it works for most women. There are some with golden clasps on them as well. Wear them as you like with some numerous extensions.

Some color ideas to try

Do you want to look your best by adding on some fun colors to your hair? The platinum blonde, ash blonde, brown hues, ash blues, reds, purples; you name it, and we have it here. If you are scared of some damage from these hues, then Senegalese twists crochet are the way to go. Check them out here, and you will love it!

Pinned at the back

Are you always in a hurry and need to get a hairstyle that is easy to get done? There is no other style that we think is better than the pinned back ones we have here. You can keep them to the side and secure them thoroughly before you head out. Make sure you get the tight bands to do it to get that safe appeal.

The office look

Need a hairstyle that you can wear to your office without it being too boring? Then try these casual yet formal looking Senegalese twist we have here. Opt for a deep side part and keep it to that side. You can see that these go well for any official occasion as well. So you are sure to love them!

Party styles to wear

Heading out to a fun party and need to look hip? Here are some of our favorite picks for you if that is the case. You can see that there are some bold, big styles in here and they are perfect if you want that complete picture of yourself to surface around the internet the next day! The makeup you get done is also essential here, though.

Take some inspiration

These styles here are chic and have a powerful vibe to them as well making it ideal for any occasion. What more can you ask for in a hairstyle? Check out these two different styles and find the one that works best to your preference. There is certainly some room for changes in here so you can customize it as you like as well.

Everyday look

As much as these Senegalese twists are beautiful and stylish, they can also be toned down to be everyday wearable! You can see that the twists we have here are thin and precise. You can keep them loose or get some casual style on, and you are set. They are hassle-free and give you that everyday perfect polished look.

The bold ones

Are you here to find a look that shows that edgy side of your personality? Then here is our collection that will blow your mind. There are some thick sections on the top and some with some colors and cuts. The choice is yours how you want to style it. But there is nothing as appealing as these hairstyles for sure.

For women with short hair

If you are not one to have an extended length of hair, then here is the ideal look for you. We have short Senegalese twist ideas in here, and you can try them out! Opt for thin sections and get a fuller-looking hair at the end. There is no way you can miss something as perfect as this one here!

Some Blonde hues to try out

There are some fun colors to try out, and you know that these twists are not complete without them. The dark colors mix in well with this, and the blend is perfect for all skin tones. If you are someone who wants to wear some color but wants to keep it safe, we suggest you try this one out here.

Casual styles for college kids

When you are in college, there is so much going on. And it’s hard to keep track of life! And in those days you want to look pleasant and relaxed without having to put in a lot of effort as well. So we are here to help you find the styles to get on board with. You can choose to get any of these fresh hairstyles and steal everyone’s attention!

Ideal for special events

Senegalese twists hair is perfect for all occasions. You can make them look classy and also get a fun style with them. Here we have one that is ideal for all women who need to attend a formal office party. You can see that there are some stunning mini braids on this and they are pulled into a bun on top that is sleek.

senegalese twist Unique hairstyles

There is no deficiency of unique hairstyles out there, and you must have seen your fair share as you scroll down the social media pages. Here we are letting you experience them. The one on top has a mysterious twist going on, and the base has a trimmed side and blonde hues that we are applauding! These are some bold ideas for a daring woman to wear!

The one with Beyonce

You know a hairstyle is worth trying when you see Beyonce with them on her hair. Here we have the megastar with her locks swept on to the side with the Senegalese twist on the side, and it makes an ideal look for a beach day. We are sure you will want to follow the look that the star has on!

Medium length Senegalese twist

Here we are going to show you the medium Senegalese twist ideas that you can try on for a fun and youthful look. You are sure never to need a change of look for some weeks when you get on a medium-cut twisted hairstyle as these here. The elegant and fun ideas are popular and sported by a big mass of women.

The thick elaborate ones

Some of these styles are only ideal for models and celebs only. It is best for us to navigate through, though! And so we are going to do so. You can see there are some fantastic styling here. You need an expert who knows what they are doing to create such styles that are a treat to the eyes.

Approachable styles

We do know that there are some crazy ideas out there, and they are best suited for celebs and Instagram models. They are not great to be tried out for us common women who cannot carry off some ridiculous style as they do. So we are giving you the ones that are more everyday wearable and work out for almost everyone!

The one for kids

Kids need hairstyles that are flexible and easy to carry off as well. We surely do not want them to be bothered by their hair while they are playing and experiencing life! Thus we are showing you a look that is ideal for toddlers to wear to any occasion. This top bun is perfect as school wear as well.

Loose ends

Twist ideas of styling are some casual ones for sure. You can keep them as fun as you want. Here is one cool idea for a young person. You can leave the ends of your Senegalese twist loose and attain the fabulous style like this one! Here we have some thin twists, and they are styles to look great for summer.

Different ways to style Senegalese twist

There are so many ways to get your hair done, and we are showing them off in this section. Get them to look cute or appear out of this world with some minor changes in the techniques! Leave them loose for the casual appeal. And you can also pin it down on the top to get a fresher look. You can get them to one side to get a chilled hairdo that supports you throughout the day!

Sweep it to a side

Tired of flicking your long hair around? Then there are some fresh ways to get them to stay put! Get the hair on to one side and get yourself a side swept hairstyles to enjoy. They are great for parties and also as an office look. You can wear it as a cheerful look for a day out with your gang as well.

Get ready to pose!

It has become a trend to pose for some photos and get it uploaded to social media sites as soon as we get something new done with us. And we feel like the one look to get on the internet today is the Senegalese twist hairstyles. There are so many graceful ways to get these on and thousands more in which you can style them.

If you are wondering how long do Senegalese twist last, then we can answer that for you. You can sport them for eight weeks to sixteen weeks. You need to take care of it at night so that you can prevent it from being frayed! One way to do that is to wrap your hair around with some cloth. The one we suggest is the satin scarf to get the hair and edges safe from more fiction. Make sure you take care of your natural roots underneath while you have a protective hairstyle on. These Senegalese twist you get need to be well taken care of for sure.

If by now you are sure you want to get these Senegalese twist hairstyles, then you can choose any of these styles that we recommended here. You can see there are some excellent ideas we pulled together. You need to keep your hair moisturized and wash these twists from time to time. Make sure you apply conditioning products to your scalp as well. When you style your hair, you need to keep your hands slow and soft! Do not tug or pull on these twists a lot. That way, you can keep them fresh and polished for a long time.