14 Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist before Getting Sew-In Hairstyles


Once you set your mind to looking your best, you will realize that there are countless options for you. The addition of new colors and haircuts is more comfortable now with the new sew in hairstyles taking on to be a big trend! You can spot women with such sew ins all the time. The reason why women of all ages love it is for the ease that it brings in. You can see that no colors and texture of the hair is unattainable now. You can try out any of these hairstyles that you want and make them look unique in your way! We are sure you will appreciate this look!

If you are one who is scared of the damages that come on with the coloring and bleaching and all the jazz that comes on with the hair styling, then you need to check these out. They are better than wigs and hair extensions, and there are fewer chances of it falling off as well! So you need not be worried about it as well. You can get on any makeover of your choice when you are assured that there is no damage coming your way. These are the trendiest looks that we are recommending to all you ladies!

Getting your hair ready for sew in hairstyles!

There are some steps that you need to take on before and after you try on these hairstyles. Like any other hairdo that is complex, you will need to get these done on a salon and also with an experienced hair stylist. So it is better to know what to do beforehand.

Here are some ideas that can be useful for days when you head out!

  1. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your hair is washed off and cleaned well. You also need to deep condition your hair to make it a bit relaxed and comfortable to work with for the stylist.
  2. It can take a long time for the stylist to sew in the extensions on to your hair. It will largely depend on your hair length and texture along with how thin or thick your natural hair is
  3. You need to be prepared to spare three to five hours to get these weaves sewed in. So make sure you have the magazines and snacks on hand and a full battery on your cellphone.
  4. Sew-ins are popular as they are protective hairstyles, and they also work for all women. They are long lasting so you can be assured! They are attached to cornrows, so there is a stable layer on there already!
  5. After you sew them in, the weaves need to be tightened. There is also an option for you to relax your hair! You can opt for it or let it pass!
  6.  The bundles of weaves you try on can differ a lot on the hairdo you want! If you want a partial weave, two packages will surely be enough.
  7. You need to wash the new bundles of hair weaves you before you get them installed. It makes your hair clean and will also make it easier for stylists to see the natural state of the locks!

Here You can find 59 stunning sew in hairstyles that you can try out if you are intrigued by the idea.

If you want to make an impression and get that oh so stunning look, you can experiment with these sew in hairstyles. There are plenty of options here, and we are sure that these will help you stand out. You need not worry about having bad hair days with them on your side. There are ways to make all of your crazy hair ideas come to life! All you need is to make your pick for the hairstyles with sew-ins of your desire.

The puff on top

These are the sew in hairstyles for round faces that are ideal for any hairstyle. You can see that there are waves in here and they are long and fluffy! There is a section of hair on top that has a puff on it. This was the hairstyle to try back in 2015 for sure. The colors on the weave are stunning as well. The dark black on the top and the brown tones on the waves are working out well.

The clasps in here

This is one look that we are sure you ladies will be dying to try on. The clasps on the hairdo here have this depth and authenticity and is a perfect addition to spice things up! The magenta to red hues in the hair is attractive as well. The darker base is intentional, as well. You can try out this thick hair look if you are into looking extra special. There are some options with loose ends on them as well.

The ombre look for you!

Ombre is an excellent choice, and there are so many ways to get them done! The colors you choose are what will set you aside from all others. There are many ideas in there, and you can try out any look that amazes you. Here is a concept that you can get on board with for yourself. The dark hair on the base and the blonde on the bottom creates a great transition. We are sure you will adore this look on yourself!

The sleek hair ideas

There are some ravishing sew in hairstyles straight textures in here, and we are amazed at the shine and luster that it carries off! You can see that the hair gets this beautiful charm to it when you add on these smooth sections on them. The colors are your choice, but the sides here are what makes this extraordinary. The sectioned details are alluring, and we suggest you try them out as well. Get longer hair extensions to achieve this look.

sew in hairstylesThe tight curls and ringlets!

Here are some sew in hairstyles curly haired women can try on. If you are one who has the sleek hair and wants to try out the waves, then you can get these thicker ringlet weaves on. They are readily available on the market, and there are different length hair out there as well. You can check out some options in here as well that can inspire you! Check them out and try the one that you find to be amusing.

The best ones

Here are some full-bodied curly hair ideas that you can try out. If you want to make the best hairdo with curls on yourself, then this is the one to try out. There is no denying that the addition of such waves makes the hair look more prominent and thicker. There is an elegant factor to these hairdos that we adore as well. The addition of bangs is what makes this a must try hairstyle for all of us!

Long, thicker hair

If you are one who loves the idea of the long hair, then here are some sew in hairstyles 2016 that are sure to grab your attention. You can think of long hair as having an extra canvas to start working on. There are braids you can add and also some waves and curls that you can add on. Here are some ideas that we compiled together to make you feel inspired and get your creativity going on.

Getting the youthful charm

These up top hairstyles are stunning, and you can see that some waves fall freely in here as well. These are ideal for anyone who wants to add that young and free vibe to their hair! These are hairstyles that are adored by women all over the world, and even celebs have tried them on. Thus gathering more and more attention on these hairdos. So you can look trendy and fashionable when you have these on!

Colors and styles

There are so many ways you can change your hairdo and look stunning. You can see that there are some beautiful examples here. You can try out any of these hairdos and try out the one that amazes you the most. Here we have ombre looks with some platinum blonde and blues! The combination of any color with dark black looks fantastic too. We have pairs of brown hues and some stunning platinum blonde in here as well.

Central parted hair

There is an idea here if you want to look phenomenal. There is a fabulous thrill in trying out hairdos that are sported by celebs on red carpet events. You can try this one out here if that is the case for you as well. The hair has been sectioned off by creating equal parts on both sides. This helps to frame the face and chisel out your forehead and cheeks as well. You can try out the same if you want to copy this style.

Creating new designs

There is no bound to the creativity that you can put on creating new hairdos for yourself. There are inspirations that you can take from your personal life and from things that matter the most to you. You can see that there are some intricate designs in here created from the hair braids. This can be inspirational for women of all ages. Especially for ones that want to stand out and look appealing. The transformation here is truly breathtaking.

For a casual look

You can try out any of the hairdos in here that works out for most women. These are relaxed and easy looks that are comfortable as well. They can be the best look to try out this season. Firstly, they take only some time to complete. Secondly, they are adorable when they are complete! Not only are we fans of the look but also we are recommending this one to all you ladies out there who are always in a rush!

The blues and blacks!

There is a classic look here if you want to try out some fun hues! In addition to the use of blues, there are some other lighter and darker tones in here as well. There is an ashy blue in here with the dark black. Similarly, there is a mix of the blues with these vibrant pinks as well. You can see how the blend of the colors are the main factor to consider when you want to look exceptional.

Adding the pink hues

There are many things to consider when you try out some colors. First, you have to choose the color and then love the shades! Second, you have to be careful not to cause too much damage to the hair. Not only is it hard to get the same hue you want, but also it is challenging to keep the shade once you get them. You need to take care of your hair. As a result, you can look good with healthy hair.

Braided sew in hairstyles

Sew in hairstyles are stunning and we will show you how beautiful they are when accompanied by braids. You can try out the bun on the back as well. There are some ideas in here that can inspire you. We made sure to keep it simple. For instance, there are three strand braids on here atop a bun! They can be the perfect hairdo to wear for a day out with friends. Summer hairstyles to try out

If you are looking out for a fun summer hairdo, then you can try these out! There is a flirty side to these hairstyles. The afro has this natural hair effect to it, and we are sure you will adore the volume you have with these! Pair them up with fun summer dresses and shorts and add on your favorite pair of sunglasses to attain this look. You will notice all eyes on you as you sport this look!

For short hair

If you are interested in some quick sew in hairstyles, then you can try out any of these hairdos. There are short curled looks in here, and they also have some beautiful color combination on them. You can get inspired to try out fun shades as you lay eyes on these hairstyles. You can see that there are some sleek options too with a full frontal bang on top! Whatever your style is, we are sure you will rock it well!

Charming sew in hairstyles

This look in here is an ideal sew in look. If you are shy of getting your hair colored, then you can try this one out. This is a classic combination of ombre hairdo. The dark black on the top and the brown hues on the base make the best look here. The tight, ringlet curls on this look are beautiful and make for a polished hairdo. You can see that this one is perfect for fun occasions like music festivals.

Side swept hairstyles

If you want to try out a hairdo that is relaxed and has an ease factor to it, then you can try out this look in here. You can see that the section on a side makes for a well-transitioned look. There are some waves on this hairdo as well, and you can make it look extra special by adding on some shaves on the side! Here is a look that can inspire you to try on some stunning one-sided hairdos!

Event Ready Hairdo

When you need to attend an event that requires you to look your best, you can recreate these fantastic sew in hairstyles. You can see that they are majestic. You can accentuate the way you look by adding on some volume as Tyra Banks did in here. This is a look that works well for most women. You can also try out the same central partition for yourself or change things up a bit!

Edgy and beautiful hairstyles

Do you want to stand out and look your best? Then there are some excellent ideas for you. They are edgy and have a bold element to them as well. So we are sure you will love these in here if you want to show off your daring side! Make sure you get this image to your hair stylist to recreate this same look. The side shave is an easy hairdo that needs some precise work to get the sections done well.

Medium length sew in hairstyles

You can see that there are some ideas in here for mid-length sew in hairstyles. This length of hairdo is one of our favorite. You can take some ideas for yourself from this section in here. They are sleek and smooth, and they have loved hairdo for teenagers. Women of all ages can try this out to look sexy.

The addition of bangs

If you are a girl who appreciates a bit of face-framing bangs, then you are sure to love this one! These sew in hairstyles have full frontal stunning bangs on them. These addition of fuller bangs are ideal for women who want to conceal their big forehead. If you are aging and want to hide some signs of wrinkles and fine lines, then you can do so as well with these bangs. The colors in here are what excite us the most!

Bob sew in hairstyles

These are the best sew in hairstyles 2018, and we are confident that they are still working out for most women. Stylists and celebs alike are reinventing the bob hairstyle and sporting them well. These celebs are an inspiration for a lot of people. You can shortlist it out as well as your sew in hairstyles choice. Here we have an image that can give you an idea of how it will look when you have it on yourself.

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Be extra special

You can be looking additional and unique as you try on something as stunning as this hairdo here. There are side sections in here that have the dark black hues on them. The rest of the hair has these curls on them with golden blonde tones. You can try out this look to get a fabulous look to flaunt. Wherever you go, you will be looking at your best, so you can be sure to appear beautiful and confident!

The conclusion

We are showcasing the best of the sew in hairstyles here, and there are some stunning ideas we have here. These are looks that are ideal for women who want to look a bit extra. You can get that wow factor in your hairdo by going the extra mile. These are the options that work for all hair lengths. You can try out adding waves and also getting these bright, colorful hues on your locks. You can also keep it sleek and straightened to meet the charming and youthful appeal. If you look hard enough, we are sure you will find the one for yourself!

When you are choosing the one for you!

We love to experiment with all kinds of hairdos. Especially if summer days are coming along. Women love the bright hues that are trending on these hot days! You can also try out these hairdos with fun cuts and colors for a day, such as a fun music festival like Coachella. There are a lot of inspiration to look out for in the Instagram feeds too. We are sure you will find these to be amusing and entertaining. You can also get ideas for the look you want from them.

The end of this article brings us to a final part here. No matter what we suggest and what anyone else says, you can try out any hairstyle that you feel is closer to your heart. If you wish to look ravishing and want to stand out, you need to listen to your inner self and be the person that you want to be. Express yourself through your hairdo and make the most of the hairstyles we have here! When you finish this article, we are sure you will find something to try out! Give us a thumbs up down below and share it around if you liked this article!


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