9 Best Short Hairstyles for Black Women


Black women have natural thick curls which makes their hair unique and special. There might be hair trends that won’t fit them, but they often end up looking fabulous and statement-making than ever. Whether they decide to opt for a straightening or maintain their natural hair texture, they definitely know how to rock a short hair—so keep on reading for some inspirations.

  1. Naturally Short Afro


A short hair can perfectly complete your look, and if you want to skip hair extensions, or if you’re not a fan of chemical-laden hair treatments, think of showcasing your naturally beautiful hair. Angolan model Maria Borges is known for her naturally short afro, and even made a big wave when she walked the runway at Victoria’s Secret fashion show with her hairstyle.

Maria’s natural hair positivity is very empowering. Yes, you don’t have to wear a long, thick, voluminous hair extensions or wigs just to look nice. In fact, her decision to walk the runway with her naturally short afro hair on display gives a strong message to the fashion world that regardless of your nationality, it’s important to be yourself. Like her, embrace your roots and be proud of your naturally short afro—who knows, it might open the doors for some women to be proud of themselves too.

  1. Spiky Pixie

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When deciding on a new hairstyle, consider your face shape and facial structure. Halle Berry has an oval face shape, and a spiky pixie looks great on her. Pixie haircuts can vary in length and shape, but a flattering one will depend on the shape of your face. Oval face shapes are the most symmetrical making them easiest to flatter, but if you have a square shape face, keep the outlines of your pixie longer and rounded to soften the angles of your face. If you have a heart face shape, keep the fringe at least to eyebrow length to cover most of your forehead. On the other hand, if you have a round shape face, square layers would be flattering, as well as round layers.

When styled well, pixies are edgy, playful, feminine, and cool. If you have a pixie haircut, think of changing the placement of your part to revamp your look. If you have a long hair on front, think of sweeping some hair to the side, or even pull it back for an edgier look. A spiky pixie can be done by turning your hair forward, inward, and up—so it lifts toward the center of your head.

Also, a little bit of lift can turn a simple pixie cut into a glamorous look. If you have a very fine hair, use products that add toughness and texture. Think of lightweight waxes or pomades, but skip those gels or frizz fighters that will only make your spiky pixie too bold. Also, don’t use too much product—a dime-size dab is usually enough to get a roughed-up look—or else you’ll end up with a greasy look. If you’re not a fan of pomades, think of a beach spray that will also add grit to your hair, making it look a little bit sexy. Or, think of blow drying your hair, but flip your head upside down to get a spiky hairstyle.

  1. Combed Out Afro


If you want to show off your natural afro hair, display it in an exquisite and cool style. Issa Rae’s hairdo creates a full, fabulous frame for her face. You may even add bangs of the same texture as the finishing touch. If you have tight coils and a kink hair texture, you have to take care of it—an afro hair should never be combed when it is dry, or you’ll only break your strands. Instead, damp your hair to make it more pliable before combing. Since you have a short hair, it does not need to be sectioned when creating the hairdo, but you have to moisturize and oil your hair. Jojoba, coconut, olive, Shea Butter, and other natural oil will be better than mineral oil.

When your hair is already good for combing, use a seamless wide tooth comb, and comb it per section. Brush your hair gently starting from the ends towards the roots to avoid breakage. Simply repeat this step on all other sections, and comb once again over your entire head—starting from the crown to make sure that there are no tangled hair left.

  1. Curled Bob


A curled bob looks great on an oval face, because a curly hair will add some volume to a long face, making it look full of life and movement. But do you know your curls will look better if your hair is well-hydrated? According to pros, lack of shampooing can cause dryness and dehydration. So, think of shampooing based on your curl type. If you have tight curls, one to two times per week will be great, while women with loose curls should shampoo two to three times a week.

Curling your bob may take some practice, but you can love it as your everyday hairstyle. However, you must have the right tools and products that will work for your hair. A messy curled bob might look effortless, but in order to get that perfectly undone curls, you have to actually set them perfectly. Start by rolling them up, pinning them up, and loosen the curls gently to get a tousled hair. Just finish your hair with a sea salt spray to keep it effortlessly beautiful. If you’re heading to a party, think of using a shine spray to finish up. To revive your hair at the end of the day, think of a volumizing hairspray to bring a little bounce back.

  1. Pinned-Up Fro-Hawk


If all else fails, go natural. Black women naturally have thick and curly hair. So, if you’ve got curly hair, flaunt it. A great thing, you don’t have to exert much effort just to look great—a pinned-up fro-hawk can be an effortless choice. Do you know that a “fro-hawk” hairstyle just copied the style of a “mohawk”? Fro-hawk has a tapered or razor cut shaped sides, while mohawk has its sides bald. This hairstyle is typically worn with a small but noticeable spike in the middle that will look great if you a have a naturally kinky hair.

Taraji Henson balanced the volume on the top of her hair while keeping the sides shorter. If you want something edgy, think of a pinned-up fro-hawk hairstyle! All you need is to add volume to your hair by combing it out slightly with an afro comb. This hairstyle has a few long layers to help give more volume, but you can also add a nice curling cream to add some bounce to your curls. Issa Rae made a statement by braiding some hair at the sides into a cute fro-hawk. So if you’re having a bad hair day, a pinned-up fro-hawk hairstyle that will give you a bold statement.

  1. Angled Bob


Some women love a short hair since it dries quickly, and they believe the styling time needed for a short hair is minimal. On the contrary, maintaining a short hair or even an angled bob hairstyle would require a blow dryer and flat iron daily, as well as different brushes like round bristle brush, a small paddle brush, and a teasing comb. Rihanna’s angled bob creates a dramatic angle for her face shape and a gracefully curved line at the nape. If you want her classic angled bob, think of creating this look on your own.

If you have a straight, fine hair, you might want to bump it up a bit, or else it will look too flat, especially if you have a wide face. Apart from using a volumizing treatment, think of rubbing in a handful of mousse at the roots and then spread it down the shaft. When blow drying the shorter bottom layers of your hair, use a round brush, and flip your head upside down to blast the roots. When you already get the roots dry, flip your hair over and use a round brush to smoothen your hair—this is where the root volume will happen.

Once your hair is all dry, it’s time to use a flat iron, but think of a heat protectant first to avoid damaging your strands. Flatten your hair and slightly curl the bottom half of your hair towards your face to create a nice bounce like Rihanna’s hairdo. If you want to add more volume, tease the roots. A teasing comb is perfect to backcomb your roots back and forth until you achieve the desired volume. After teasing your hair, set it with a hairspray and take your round brush to smoothen the top layer of your hair while keeping the volume.

  1. Sleek Middle-Part


Most short hairstyles look best when they are left natural, especially if you have a straight, fine hair, or you’ve straightened your hair. This is one of the easiest hairstyles you can get, and you just need a fine tooth comb and a blow dryer. When blow-drying your hair, use a comb to make your sleek middle part more polished. Just use the right tools and products, so heat damage wouldn’t be a problem. Don’t forget to finish your sleek middle part with a high control hairspray for a long lasting hold and a natural finish.

As a professional tip, think of spraying a toothbrush with a hairspray to tame flyaway strands. But if you experience static throughout the day, gently apply a hair serum over your hair. Do you know that keeping your hair very casual like a sleek middle part style will make everything look effortless? Simply dress up a bit and you’re red-carpet ready.

  1. Curls and Corncrows


If you want to give your hair a break from chemical treatments or heat styling, go for curls and corncrows. The hairstyle is very polished and creative, and you can even add some Afro puff extension for a different look. Most of the time, a good hairstylist is needed to create this look. But if you know the basics of braiding, then you can do it yourself.

Cornrows are braided to the scalp, while braids hang freely from their individual sections, which make them stronger and more polished. To do it on your own, part your hair into two sections where you want to do the “curls and corncrows”. Start by braiding the small section of hair at the hairline and add hair as you braid which turns them into a cornrow. Just continue to braid the section of hair, adding more hair into the cornrow, and for the other side—curl them.

  1. Elegant Updo


If you want a red-carpet inspired hairstyle, go for an elegant updo—perfect if you have thick locks. You might be impressed by the exquisite elegance of this look. A great thing, this elegant updo hairstyle is suited for both straight and curly fine hair. It’s a great hairstyle for your wedding, prom, or any memorable event in your life where you need to look fabulous.

All you need is to prepare your hair for your updo. If you have a fine hair that lacks volume, think of curling your hair first to add the desired bounce, and create a beautiful texture that’s needed on your base for a curly updo. It would be better if you’ll start from locks in the nape towards your crown, and tousle your curls a bit, so they’ll get that shattered texture. After that, backcomb the locks in the crown section to make your updo more elegant and sophisticated. You may think of shaping the knot at the nape, just like making a small pony and swirling them into a tiny knot. Then, arrange the curls in the temples by taking each on the sides of your face and bringing them up. This time, bobby pins and hairspray are your best tools to keep them in place.

Regardless of hair trends, always opt for a hairstyle that will match your personality, so you’ll be able to rock it with confidence and flaunt your great style.


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