109 Best Short Hairstyles for Black Women


When we hear about hairstyles for women, we always imagine the hair falling down the shoulders, meaning long hair because that’s what we’ve established. However, there are many women preferring hair of shorter length. These hairstyles are quite prevalent than we think and can make any women look fantastic if done correctly. Women wearing short hair define their boldness and maturity and look gorgeous at the same time. Their options of styling don’t get limited despite this as they’ve numerous choices to opt for among the short hairstyles for black women as well.

Short haircuts in women, however, add another dimension to their fashion and beauty. Their hair lets them put more emphasis on their facial features and appearance. The looks of women with the same hairstyle are highly dynamic based on the facial structure she has. The short haircuts for women with round face have a peculiar look than that of women with oval or any other face shape. How the hair is done defines their sense of style and personality. Likewise, the aspect of hair colors on the short hair adds another trick of changing their appearance up to their sleeve.

Short hairstyles for black women you need to try!

Many of us are thinking of getting a short haircut at some point in time. And some of us already have gotten it once before. If you are one of the group, you have come to the right place. If you are not thinking anything as such till now, you might give us the benefit of the doubt. But stick around just in case you might like the idea of how cool and pretty having short hair can be. We have some such styles to start with that gives you some insight on how versatile your styling can get with short hair.

Short black hairstyles 2020

Let’s get going with some other that are fresh of the lot, here we have the new hairstyles for you that are popular in today’s hairstyling world. You might have come across this in some magazines or elsewhere. These short hair are mainly for women with black hair; however, you can try them with other color tones as well. The hair despite trimmed short is well in length to manage it. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you don’t feel that it’s too short. It is also one of the popular choices for short hairstyles for black women in 2020.

short hairstyles for black women

Natural hair and short hairstyles for black women

As a woman, we have been so used to long hair that we don’t have this in mind, but our hair looks just as beautiful while it’s short. Yes, without anything artificial in it, trim it short and watch how pretty your hair looks. Especially with the curly hair types, the hair flowing in different directions gives you a chance to attain a unique but gorgeous appearance. We have seen this type of short hairstyles more on women of darker skin complexion. This was when compared to the fair complexion and its notably another of common choices of short natural haircuts for black female. But, that does not mean that women with fair skin cannot try it out; we are sure it will look equally attractive on you. So, we suggest you go all-natural next time you think of getting a short haircut.

The more extended section on the front

Short haircuts have different ways to get them done, and necessarily it doesn’t have to be shorter all way around. Sometimes keeping it longer in the front gives you an attractive appearance and a charming hairstyle like the ones shown here. These are among the best short haircuts 2018 black hair that may not be new to you if you are someone who follows the styles and trends. They have been tried out by many celebrities who we all know and some love to follow what they do so go on and try this trendy style that will let your persona sign and you will love it!

The one with braids to try

Yes, you read it right. The hairstyle with pigtails is a variation for short hair as well. Like we’ve mentioned before, short hair doesn’t necessarily mean quicker all around, and you can get the idea that you need just to let your hair be of the length so that braids won’t be an issue. You can choose to do braids all over or to some portion and let other parts of your hair fall free, and the idea is up to you. To make it different, you can always go for different shades of color and try them out on your hairstyle. It is one of the best short hairstyles for black women.

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Trimmed sections of short hairstyles for black women

Now, when we talk about short hairstyles for black women, most of the women probably perceive hair that’s been almost trimmed off clean like the ones that are in the display. Well, all who think so are wrong about the ideas of short hair, there are different variations and lengths to which hair can be short. However, one thing they might be right about is there being a style of hair that’s shorter to this degree, but it’s not as bad as you all think. Alternatively, we can coin this style as keeping the head clear as this style is often impactful in the situation where women want to get out of some bad experience or thought that’s been lingering in their head. It’s also popular to cut the hair this short to mourn over some losses, and these styles provide a way in which you can turn the bad into something useful.

Adding accessories to your hair

Hair accessories are always great add-ons to your style that makes your style different along with enhancing your looks. Especially when it comes to short hair, the significance of such accessories increases as it is more noticed and helps you create an impression of your playfulness and style. The fixtures may be as simple as clips or hairpins to something stylish and artistic like elegant barrettes or something creative you can come up on your own.

Side view of short hairstyles for black women

We have presented you with a variety of short hairstyles for black women among which there were some of the beautiful natural hairstyles that needed little to almost no effort than just getting your hair trimmed. However, nearly all of them only provided with the front view of the face and how it looks from the front which is sometimes not enough for you to decide so here we have provided with some side angle views of the simple and fashionable short hairstyles.

Patterns you can create on short hair

This hairstyling trend is pervasive and widespread among men, but women are not far behind with some of the well-known female celebrities adopting this style of making a pattern of various style on their head, it almost looks like a tattoo done on your head through your hair. It is a unique style that you can get with short hair. On frequent occasion, the pattern is made over the sides or on the behind of the head. Among these, some are easily visible while others might remain hidden unless you get the glance of it from the correct angle.

To look great for glam events!

WIth short hair, you still can have different alternative or styling options that you can pull off on different occasions. Either you want a casual look for your office or the party girl look, it’s a matter of some time and little effort. Also, you can choose to get a different set of haircut if you’ve less short hair or style it differently and there’s always the option of getting hair color. And, what’s right is it will take you less time and effort to look great anytime, anywhere.

Hair color for short hairstyles for black women

Aah, how wonderful it is to get that lovely shade of your favorite color on your hair. No matter how long or short your hair is, the option of hair color is always there when it comes to styling your hair. While we are talking about short hairstyles for black women, coloring gets more comfortable with less amount of hair to wash, and also you can experiment freely with the sets of mixing different tones. Either you like some shades over your natural hair color, or you want to go for different coloring options altogether. Both of these ideas work pretty well and will look great on your hair, so carry it with glam!

Bowl haircut

The bowl hair cut has been in style for several years and will continue to be one of the famous short hairstyles for women. This style most commonly popular in South Asian women. This hairstyle signifies power and boldness in women and has been in trend all over the world. Mostly women who are working on some position such as politics of media tend to prefer this haircut. However, even a normal woman like me or you can try this out to get that boldness in your looks and personality.

 Short hairstyles for black women with perfect makeup

Hairstyle in itself is not always the complete show of your style and glam; there are several factors such as dressing or makeup. With coiffure, the later has more relevance and can impact more on how you look with your new hairdo. Your hairstyle and facial attributes both go in sync so a change to one will significantly impact on the other so with the use of proper makeup you can always enhance your looks or make your short hairstyles for black women suit and look more attractive.

Keeping then a bit longer

Those of you who have not had their haircut short previously might be in a dilemma in doing so or fear we can say. Nevertheless, we have an idea for that, and it is taking it a step at a time. Yes, you got that right. You don’t need to go haywire and get your hair cut very short right on. Try on a hairstyle which is somewhat shorter than you currently keep and gradually get it trimmed shorter. It helps in establishing a sense of comfort with having short hair. Also, it can provide you with alternatives to styling your hair for the future with you having ideas on how you look with hair of different length and also might find the best-suited hairstyle for you in this process. Below, we have some lovely hair ideas you can try while getting short haircuts for yourself.

Using that straight hair

There might be different styles and haircut that you may try to find one that looks perfect for you. But, one thing you should always consider while doing so is the nature of your hair: whether it’s curly or straight or somewhat in the midst of these two. This helps you make sure that you get the right style to yourself also that can help you determine the hair color that might suit you better. Here, we have some techniques that work like a charm over straight hair. Some are not that short, but that can be shortened with similar results, i.e., charming looks and lovely hairstyle.

Kinky hair

A hairstyle is an excellent reflector of your personality, and it well should be to give that confidence of looking what you indeed are. Not to worry if you have some amount of naughtiness filled in you, we all do. Likewise, there is the kinkiness factor that can be well revealed through your hairstyle. We have some such images that portray the kinkiness expressed through hairstyle, this is some of the short hairstyles for black women, but anyone can try and see how it works.

For working women

Working women usually have little to almost no time for a lengthy styling and maintenance regime yet they got to be at the top of their self to be on top at their job or to reach to the top. It is where short hairstyles come to play a critical role. This hairstyles that provide a bold and mature look while being easy to maintain can be a lifesaver to many working women. These short hairstyles for black women are not too far in terms of style as well as they keep you ready for any set of activities, either official or unofficial. With them, you can always look ready and well put for that meeting you have or for the presentation you got to give. So rock on, ladies!

short hairstyles for black women Carrying short hairstyles for black women perfectly

An essential factor that makes your look awesome anytime is confidence. Whether your hair is short or long, the right way to put it makes people awestruck. Faith is the right ingredient you would need in making any new style yours. This goes the same with short hairstyle: display confidence in what you’ve chosen for yourself and wear your style proudly. They cannot help but notice how awesome you are and your new fashion looks charismatic too.

Graceful and elegant styles

There is plenty of occasions where people feel uncomfortable with their hairstyle or any other method for that matter. Well, there are many reasons for that; however, when it comes to hairstyle, one reason might be the feeling that their new style isn’t looking good. Well, a good thing for you is you have a lot of resources and option that can help you choose and decide what style might suit you better or what you are going to go. Here are more graceful and elegant styles that you can look over for short hairstyles.

Approachable and stylish!

When you are in any party or at someplace flaunting that beautiful and fresh looking style of yours, it’s not uncommon to get attention. On many instances, you get approached as well by the total stranger, well congratulations, but you reached the next level of awesomeness with your style, and it’s all because you got your form right. That’s what we want for all our beautiful ladies. Those of you reading this have the advantage in knowing about different styles beforehand. You can also get to look at the various images that reveal more than a hundred of such beautiful hairstyles.

Ideal for all ages and hair textures

Age is not a barrier when it comes to hairstyle. Especially when your hair is shorter; you can get it to the desired style more quickly than when it’s long. Be it applying the right color or getting it trimmed the way you want. Even though some methods look better on women of a particular age group, many such forms are far from this barrier. Here we have presented such style that will look great on you no matter how old you are.

Great for photographs

As women, we all love being praised and paid attention to. And we do not care for lousy sort of recognition of course! And many if not all like being photographed! Now and then we all capture photos of us and others where we want to look the best we can. It depends on a lot of things which often keeps changing. But, your hairstyle doesn’t change that soon unless you live too close to the salon.  So, you would want to make sure your hairstyle look photogenic. That’s why we have provided you with these different images. Go on, select one, and get yourself clicked with your beautiful hair.

Side shave short hairstyles for black women

We have seen many hairstyles that are long on some part and more concise on the other. However, this is quite the opposite. In this style, the hair is short or even completely shaven on one or some side of the head. The hair, on the other hand, can also be changed. Likewise, it is up to you whether you prefer to get a fresh haircut on the different sides or you want it to be as it is. It is a fantastic style to try and in trend among many celebrities as well.

Popular short  hairstyles for black women

We have more of the hairstyles to come; these are the haircuts widely chosen by black women. These include some natural short hairstyles for black women while some are made ready by doing some lovely work with the hair. These are noticable examples that anyone can take to make their hairstyle look attractive.

Glam styles to try out

If you want something different from the standard types, you can always be artistic. When it comes to the hairstyle, you can take matters into your own hands. Head to the net and discover some great style for yourself. The hairstyle that you get will be glamorous cause you will draft it out of your personality and taste. You can take into account the factors that we talked about earlier. And also see these images that show some fabulous hairdos.

In this article, we provided you with different sets of short hairstyles for black women. They are trending and popular among women with various things to consider for those of you wanting to try out shorter hairstyles. There were natural haircuts and some total makeover of the hair as well. Short hairstyles for black women make it easier for you to pay equal attention to your face. It also lets you utilize the amount of time initially taken up by hair only to other things. We always want to help you get the best of yourself by providing what it requires to get there.

After browsing through all these options and images, we hope you didn’t plunge into confusion as there are plenty of options for you to try here. But, you know the key factors that help you select the best short hairstyles for black women for yourself. Based on the nature of your hair, your skin tone, face structure, we believe you’ve already had some short hairstyles for black women shortlisted. And they will be amongst the ones you will try shortly if you ever wanted a short haircut for yourself. We encourage you to share it with your beloved friends and family. Doing so can help them get the best of themselves, and you get the credits for it. Isn’t that a win-win for both?


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