12 Signs of a Good Relationship


Many people fall in love, but only a few of them stay in good relationship.Every person must know the signs of a good relationship to keep relationship healthy and forever.

Love is not a child’s play!

Yeah, its true that you fall in love now and then, but it needs real effort to make that love grow and last longer. You can compare a romance with a baby plant. You can easily plant it if you have a small piece of land and a little water. But what next? It doesn’t grow with just that. It needs more care and effort. You have to regularly water it, do some weeding, use fertilizers, protect it from hails and strong winds, and most importantly understand what it requires most and do things accordingly.

signs of a good relationship

The same thing applies in a love relationship. Just getting your proposal accepted isn’t enough to make your love long-lasting. You have to make efforts, for instance, you have to make your partners feel unique like how you used to, before when you just started dating. You have to spend as much time as you can with your partner. You might say “ How can I take my time out of this busy schedule? “, but you should know that quality time doesn’t always mean ‘more’ time. You can meet for 30 minutes or have a phone call for 5 minutes. The most important thing is you have to show your partner that you miss him/her and make sure that s/he don’t feel ignored or unwanted.

In relationships, it is very normal to have good and bad days. You may have to suffer heavy rainfall sometimes, but at the same time, you can also enjoy beautiful rainbow and sunshine. The gist is you can’t give up too easily during rains. You have to put your chin up and be ready to face it like a boss. Like a lyrics of “Fireworks” by Katy Perry “After a hurricane comes a rainbow,” you have to wait very patiently for a rainbow. You have to understand that as long as you and your lover stay strong together, no force of this world can shake your relationship.

People usually say that boys should treat their girl like a princess. They(boys) should pamper girls and make them feel the luckiest. It is not something which is wrong . It’s nice. It keeps the relationship going strong. But ‘The boy’ shouldn’t be forgotten here. While he is treating his girl like a queen, he shouldn’t be treated like a servant; he shouldn’t be taken for granted. Yes, girls have every right to feel like the luckiest girl ever, but at the same time, they should try to make their boy ‘The luckiest’ too. Efforts should come equally from both the sides. We can say “equilibrium should be maintained ” in the words of chemistry. Everyone out there should know that both partners in a relationship should contribute equally for the sake of their relationship and their happiness.
Do you ever wonder why you need a partner when you can have fun all by yourself?
In the darkest hour of your life, when you get fed up of the whole word, if you have that person who hugs you tight and says “Trust me, what you are feeling is just temporary. Hold my hand, and I will lead you out of this “, this is when you will understand the value of a real lover. Only then, you will know the power of love. If you ever had seen the relationship as a casual time pass, you will suddenly feel so stupid about yourself. You will realize how wrong you and your thoughts were. Only if this happens to everyone ! World would be a better place to live in !!

signs of good relationship

Signs of a good relationship

1. Strong trust between the partners

It is believed that trust is the foundation of a  strong relationship . It(trust) can protect the relationship during storms and thunderstorms . It can be compared with the walls of a house, which can easily withstand extreme environmental conditions and protect the people living inside . If you are in a relationship and someone says “I saw your boyfriend with a pretty girl down the alley” , how would you react ? If you get so angry and many things start running in your mind like “Who is that girl?” , “Is he cheating on me? ” , ” What are they doing together?”; then you lack that ‘trust’ in your relationship . The base of your relationship is weak and even a light breeze can blow it away . And if your reaction is calm and you are just like “So what ? She may be his friend. What’ so wrong in walking together ? I know he loves me and he won’t ever do anything to hurt me ” ; then girl , your relation is something . It has got the strength . You are in a good relationship .

2. Understanding to a point where you can even follow your partner’s silence

Sometimes, in life, there comes the point where explaining things is too hard that you prefer staying silent. You want that person who would understand you even when you don’t utter a single word. If your partner is one of them (who would assume),  then you are damn lucky, and your relationship is unbeatable. Talking about other things, ‘understanding’ in the relationship means understanding your partner’s feelings. E.g., If your boy is having a hectic week in work and hasn’t given you much time, you can’t blame him for not giving you time and get angry for not getting much attention. You have to understand what he is going through and act like a lady and not a little girl.

3. Happiness from the heart

For a relation to be perfect, the couple should feel genuinely happy to have each other in their life. It’s completely their choice to keep their relationship private or open; it doesn’t affect anything. You can keep it private and enjoy secret love just between yourself, or make it open and show the whole world how much you love your partner and what your partner means to you. More than that, you should feel happy about how your life has changed after being with that person. Guys, if you think you have become happier and your life has gotten merrier with the presence of that ‘love’ in your life, you surely are in a good relationship.

signs of good relationship

4. Respect

Talking about the good relationship, we can’t be complete without mentioning ‘respect for each other.‘ Yeah, you guys may be of same age, or you may be best friends and lovers at the same time, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to respect each other. Here, ‘respect’ doesn’t strictly mean like obeying every command of your lover or talking politely and everything which we do to our elders; but ‘respect’ means respecting the feelings of your partner, respecting the opinion of your partner and respecting his decisions and choices. ‘One way’does n’t work in a relationship. It should come from both ways. If your relationship is the example of what is just mentioned, then you are in an idol relationship.

5. Good Communication

Communication gap in a relationship is the root of many problems and misunderstandings. When you talk less, you start thinking and guessing more. During this point, if someone says something bad about your partner, you are more likely to believe it (not always though). When you don’t understand things clearly, you usually over-think which consequently results in misunderstandings. So it is more than just important to have good communication. You should be updated with what’s going on with his/her life and make sure that your partner knows about you too. Even if you are feeling uncomfortable about something or having a tricky situation, you can talk about it and solve jointly. Facing problems, arm in arm with your partner is more epic than you can imagine.

6. Personal Space

Loved ones are always near to heart. We can even say they are the largest piece of our heart ( just literature by the way). People are usually close to their partners more than they are with their friends and family members. It may be because their heart chose each other, or because they chose to be by each other’s side during the thicks and thins. But at the same time, you can never be near to someone (even your partner) more than you are with you, meaning: nobody knows you more than you. You should have your personal space. You should enjoy some private time and be all care-free and wild once in a while. If you want to keep something secret, you can keep it secret. You can have your space, and you should let your partner have some too. Lovers should respect each other’s privacy. Only then, your relationship can be a good one.

7. Equal participation in decision making

We have two kinds of people: 1) people who consider boys as superior 2) people who think girls as excellent. But the irony is both of the types can never taste the sweetness of perfect relationship with that thinking. The relationship doesn’t work well if it’s like a “boss and employer” kind of relationship.  It should be 50/50. While making decisions, opinions of both a girl and a boy should be considered. It displays that ‘respect’ we mentioned before. Girls, if your boy asks you “Baby, can we have a new puppy?  ” or “Hey, don’t you think we should shift to the new apartment now ?” , and things like that, he is precious, and he is a gem. You are so fortunate and your relationship is something which many girls dream about.

8. Respect of differences

Even twins have different choices . Even closest of friends have different goals in life . It means you can rarely or we can say , never find a carbon-copy of yourself . You are you and other people are themselves . Like you can’t change for others , they can’t change for you . So we should learn to respect the differences . For instance , you love dumplings but your partner loves pizza . What would you do in this case ? Simple . Just order both of them ! But what if you want a kitten but your girl wants a rabbit and you have budget only for one pet ? This situation is a bit tricky , right ? Yes , you have to face many cases like this in a relationship . Here , if you and your partner decide to adjust somewhere between , it’s great . You can’t be stubborn and can’t totally sacrifice too . If you have the similar case in a relationship , it can be a strong one .

9. Familiar with your partner’s habit

Can you call your relationship a strong one if you don’t know his habits well? Do you think you are close enough if you don’t even know what he does all his day? No, right? Exactly. Knowing your partner’s habit well is a strong point of a strong relationship.M ost importantly, being okay with all his/ her habit is what is needed more. Needless to mention, you mostly have that one habit which you find very annoying, correct? It may be the way he snores or the way he picks his nose or let’s just say his countless farts. In a relationship, if you find that very annoying and still be okay, you are on your way girl.

10. Constant support for each other

In life, no matter how strong we are, sometimes you knowingly or unknowingly fall weak. You need some support to lean on. You need to know that someone who is always ready to welcome you with the warm hug is there with you even if you fail. You can have that in a good relationship. Even when the whole world is pulling your leg back, if your partner supports you and make you believe in yourself, you can reach some greater heights. If you do the same for your partner, you will feel that immense pleasure and satisfaction in your heart. It is very important in a good relationship. If you know you have got someone on your back, you can go out of your comfort zone to try newer things. You won’t safe play and that’s very important in life. It is something which a good relationship can provide you.

11. Alive romance

Romance is a integral part of a relationship . In a relationship , romance plays very significant role . Usually when couples fight , they remake with a hug or a kiss . No matter how huge the fight was , that single hug or a kiss can make the couple forget about everything within a minute . If you have spicy sex life , you are likely to be happy and satisfied . Sex creates a bond between the partners in a relationship . It will affect your normal life in a positive way , too . Relationship without romance and intimacy can’t really last longer . Sooner or later , you will find it lame and most probably choose to go your own way . Romance and sex makes the life of a couple joyful and adventurous . You can always experiment something different by adding different elements on it so as to not make it boring .So yes, romance and sex should go hand-in-hand and it should be alive if you want a good relationship .

signs of good relationship
12. Growing together

If you are in love , that ‘love’ should always push you to do better . Instead, if it is sending you to negative , you should immediately call that relation off . In relationship , couple should grow together ; mentally , emotionally , psychologically and professionally too . If you are having low confidence and you are appearing in university entrance exam and your boy says “My girl , you can do your best . I have complete faith  in you” , you will feel good and it will certainly boost up your confidence . In relation , you go through different ups and downs which you face together with your partner . This makes you emotionally stronger and you won’t fall emotionally weak again . Growing up together is the best feeling ever . If a couple grows together , they will stay together !

Relationships can’t be taken easily. You should know that a good relationship can benefit us in numerous ways but at the same time, a bad one can make you fall back to zero. A good one can be a blessing while it can also be a deadly poison if it’s bad. Guys, if you are in a relationship, look if you are upgrading or degrading, happier or gloomier and decide if you are in a healthy relationship or a toxic one. Be sure to make efforts from your side and see what changes will happen. Try to bloom and flourish in a relationship. Love is a heavenly feeling, so fully enjoy when you are on it. Love and spread love!


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