Silver skull pendant – the sign of your power


Changing one pendant to another can highlight your mood, refresh your style, emphasize your personality. When you look at the pendant you can understand the message and some deep meaning that person wants to share. Who do you think can be the owner of the skull pendant? Probably, some brave person, most likely a biker, a rock music fan or a gothic culture lover. However, there are some people who just like this design and want to wear a skull pendant without any hidden meaning.

It might be interesting to know that in different cultures skull has a different meaning. For Mexican people, a skull is a symbol of new life and it represents the soul of dead friends or family.  Skull symbolism is also used by designer Philipp Plein in his collections of clothes (like sweatshirts and T-shirts) and accessories. Implicated by such influencers of the fashion industry, there is nothing surprising that skull pendants are so popular. In motorcycle culture, the skull is a very common symbol, that is used not only as a pendant but as a decoration element on the clothes, shoes, and accessories. Looking back to history, this symbol came to our times from the ancient world. You can meet skull paintings in old books and pictures, on the walls in caves of ancient burial. People believed that souls were immortal and they would be reborn. Moreover, skull symbols were used in some rituals and celebrations. People had a belief that the skull is a conductor to the world of the dead. Nowadays it still is a powerful symbol that doesn’t always have such a negative interpretation.

Guys with motorcycle find skull pendant as a brutal and courageous symbol of immortality that matches their style of life. No one wants to die, but if you chose such extreme sport as motorcycling, the death is something that follows you while you ride, no matter how careful you are. Skull pendant also serves as a danger sign for the black side of the spirit world. Along with, skull symbols are used to identify and attract similar people and scare away others. Thus, you can easily understand if a certain person is from your circle of interests or not.

Also, the skull has some other philosophical meaning behind. It is a symbol of equality of all people. All people are different with their appearances and opportunities in life, but it is almost impossible to recognize someone by the skull. That means that in front of the Death, we all are equal no matter how we look and what power or status we have in the society.

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Silver skull pendant can be found on different websites and communities of bikers like BikerringShop  that ships worldwide. This particular shop offers real pieces of art. Creative designs and great quality of silver pendants is the basement on which this shop has been built. Viking, dragon, steampunk or pirate silver skull pendants are made with a lot of details and decorations like engraving, crystals or mix of material. Wearing such a necklace will make you look more stylish and unique.

Even though skulls are usually connected to biker’s style, they can be also worn by anyone, who would like to be identified in the crowd with brutal powerful look. Nevertheless, most of the times jewelry with skulls is one of the methods to show the world that you belong to motorcycle culture.


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