Staying Healthy Even When You’re Hellishly Busy


Staying on the right side of healthy when your journey makes you continually busy is tough. There’s really no denying it either. Finding time to take care of yourself tends to fall by the wayside as life become hectic. Conversely, this is exactly the time when self-care is even more important.

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Here are some tips on how to stay healthier even in a time crunch.

Prepare Work Lunches in Batches

Sorting out work lunches in batches reduces this chore down to a science. Rather than wasting time making extra trips to find individual items that you’ve forgotten, make a list based on healthy set lunches you plan to make and buy the right items. Then you can prepare them on a Sunday before the week begins.

Batching reduces the prep time for each lunch because you don’t have to redo everything each time. Make a couple of one type of lunch and a couple of another, with a different one on Friday, and you’re all set. While you can purchase a packet of oven baked chips, a large bag can be turned into several single serving Ziplock bags to keep them fresh. It saves money versus buying them near your workplace last minute and reduces the calories too.

No Time for the Gym? Walk Instead…

Getting to the gym takes time. Maybe it’s a 30-minute drive there, then you need to find a parking space, check in, and grab a spare treadmill or elliptical. Then you’ve got to do it all in reverse. In the end, just getting to and from the gym can take longer than the total workout time. It’s only then that you realize how inefficient a gym membership can be.

Go walking instead. This can be around your local neighborhood or over to the nearby park if it’s not too far away. If you consider walking out to the front gate and beyond as part of your exercise time, then you’re extremely time efficient.

Also, if you have a dog, then they’ll love the extra walks. And even if Fido has suffered from recent mobility issues, maybe a dog wheelchair from K9 Carts that supports their legs will get them moving and playful once again?

Avoiding Sugary Drinks

It’s easy to skip a meal or eat at odd times and run low on energy. We tend to do more of this when we’re very busy. We load up on sugar-filled drinks like coffee, soda or energy one to compensate. Eventually, an unhealthy yo-yo effect starts to happen to our energy levels due to sugar peaks and troughs.

Plan your snacks to be lower in sugar. Foods like a handful of almonds, a low-sugar fruit yogurt, sliced apples, or a couple of hard-boiled eggs are all things that can be brought from home and won’t raise your blood sugar by much.

Staying healthy as a busier person requires a little bit of focused attention to what you’re eating. Shop strategically for the required items to prepare healthy meals, lunches and snacks. And don’t forget to exercise, as it’s a great stress reliever too.


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