101 Awesome Sugar Skull Tattoo Ideas


Tattoos are not only an excellent way of self-expression, but they are also fashionable. You may have some suppressed feeling about your loved ones that you want to show off. And a great way to do this is getting a sugar skull tattoo on your body. When you look at these tattoos, you can sense a mixture of both depth and a fun vibe. The skull is a big thing in the tattoo industry. Tattoo artists use it to add that more profound vibe in the inks. There are so many ways you can use it. But if the dark stuff is not what excites you, then this is the ideal look for you.

These tattoos are popular in Mexico, especially on the day of the dead celebrations. These skulls represent the dead and all the loved ones we have lost in the past. It is all about remembering them as happy people and thinking about them in a positive light. People use fun colors and flowers, and it is added on to the skull to make it look more festive. This way, they think of the dead as living on with us as a part of our lives. You can add on other elements on to the tattoo, and those will be discussed in this article furthermore!

Here are 101 best of the best sugar skull tattoo that we think are outstanding. Check them out to avoid having to go through tons of images on the internet!


Sugar Skull Tattoo

Meaning Of Sugar Skull Tattoo

When anyone passes away, we think of them, and usually, it is hard to get on with life. We carry on the memories we had with these people and tend to get sad about losing them. But sadness is no way to remember the ones you loved once. You need to remember the times you have had with them and then commemorate their souls. There are a lot of people who use these sugar skull tattoo, and they engrave the name of these loved ones on the forehead as well.

This is a beautiful way to represent the fact that life continues in circles. There is life after death as well, and we all need to get on with the ugly truth of departure. Most tattoos are deep, but these skulls are made to look happier in most instances. You can see the use of the smiley faces means that you are honoring the ones who passed on with a lot of respect and love. The best thing about these tattoos is that they are not dull and negative. They are a blend of some beautiful colors and flowers, which makes this whole thing vibrant and lively. You can also find some realistic sugar skull tattoo ideas in here.

Where can you place the sugar skull tattoo in your body?

There are no barriers when it comes to which part of your body you want a tattoo in! But some places are preferred by most men and women. Many love to get inked on the arms and the chest. You can also choose to get it on the back of your neck. What you need to consider is that there are a lot of nerve endings on certain parts of the body and it can be more painful. So if you do not have a significant tolerance for pain, then keep away from these sections of the body. We will let you know which portions to avoid as well.

Through this section, we are talking about the different places that you can get inked in. If you want to get an idea, then here are some excellent ideas to check out. We are talking about a few options which are most loved by tattoo enthusiasts. Women most love the wrist and the shoulder. Men are mostly attracted towards the arm, chest, and the back. The legs are ideal for both men and women, and we have some fantastic sugar skull tattoo sleeve ideas
here for you to get inspired!

Sugar Skul Tattoo in the arms

For ages, the best place to get a tattoo has been the arms for the men. There are so many men of varied ages who consider this to be an ideal space. You can add on any image on the arms and get it to look like a vine as well. This way, you can enjoy the look without the multiple elements looking too out of touch with each other. It is a no brainer for most men to choose the arms to get a tattoo. This way, they can keep an eye on the way it looks, and it can also be shown off when they want.

If you want, you can start with the traditional skull design that has the usual vibrancy to it. There is a deep meaning of love and honor attached to all of these sugar skull tattoo ideas. Thus if you want to keep the ones you loved close to your memory and body, you can go for this. There is a colorless idea here which has only black ink used on to add that outline too. That makes it easy for you to show that you are still upset about the incident of a death.

Having no colors means that you are holding on to the lost ones and are not yet ready to make peace and move on. The mix of death and rebirth is shown in these inks. People believe that these tattoos are a symbol that the dead never leave us. It is thought that they will visit their families from time to time at least once a year. A bold statement would be to get the tattoo in a diamond shape. Check out the collection down below to see how you can add crowns and other elements to a symbol.


The Sugar Skull Tattoo In The thigh

The thighs are ideas as there is a large section out there to work with. You can get your skull to look as big as you want. That way, you can fit in a lot of other elements, and something as small as not having space will not come in the way. We are going to show you some pictures of sugar skull tattoo in the thigh, and we are sure you will find one to love! Some of the sugar skull tattoos have only a black outline on it. Whereas some have a smoke-filled dark feel to it.

When you have so much space to work with, you can get your tattoo to shine through. Since there are not a lot of bones near this area, it will be less painful too. You can think of bones are a do not touch area if you cannot handle pain well. Thighs are fleshier, and thus the chances of you hurting a lot are lessened! So jump on to the sugar skull tattoo thigh ideas in this collection and enjoy yourself. You can find the one that makes you feel the best.

When you look at these bright colors, you are sure to get a bit of the fun feels! The use of bright blues and the reds oranges and all other colors in the pictures below add light and subtle touch to them. When you add more than one skull, the impact increases. There is much more to work with, and you can show off your creativity with the addition of leaves and vines in them as well. The imagination can be wild, and it can be added on to any tattoo you get.

Place them on your back

The back is one place that is favored after the arms!  And this section will deal with the sugar skull tattoo ideas that you can place on your back. You can add on so many elements. Most people are keen on adding flowers on the eyes of the skull. These type of tattoos are mostly accompanied with marigold. They are added on the eyes as the flower of the dead. Mainly the addition of such colorful flora is the acknowledgment of the deceased. The last image in this section can show you how well one can use the canvas of the body.

The last one is for all those tattoo lovers who want to go all out on the love for these lost ones. If you are going to use your body to pay tribute, it might as well be something big and beautiful. Just the looks of the tattoo itself are enough to make you feel festive. The diamonds are used in the place of the eyes. There are some leaves in there as well, and it all merges well. There is no spooky feel to the whole skull idea, and it is more emotional and acceptable of the circle of life that includes afterlife!

Getting a tattoo in itself has a deeper meaning than having it as a fashion statement. Getting these sugar skull tattoo means that you are letting the world know that you believe you will be reunited with the ones you love. You can show the universe that you believe in the master plan that God has for all of us. That one day, the souls and spirits of all those people you have lost will come back to the earth. And be reunited with you. It spreads a feel-good idea that no one is departed for eternity.

sugar skull tattoo

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For men and women

Throughout this article, you may have seen a lot of feminine sugar skull tattoo ideas. But you may not feel confident about choosing one. These are sugar skull tattoo ideas that can set you aside from everyone else. And so most women would shy away from these inks. Here are the ones that are perfect for you. They do not need to be too over the top. You can get a simple outline of a skull and keep it stylish as well. The ones on the top are an unattractive option. You can head out to the tattoo shop today and get it outlined.

Inspiration can come from any place, and thus we are sure you can find something for yourself as well from the environment around you. Mostly there is the addition of diamonds, and flowers e.t.c. on sugar skull tattoo. And thus we can see inspiration from day to day elements in these images. You can add the clock and various forms of it as well. If you have a good artist at hand, they will be able to link the portions of your tattoo seamlessly. You can get that 3d effect too with basic manipulation of the marks.

These are our collection of the unisex tattoos that are getting trendy as the days go by. You can see there are some vividly colored options too. The choice, in the end, is yours. You can get them to look as sharp or as muffled and faded as you like. The mysterious vibe is what sets it aside in most cases. So keep in mind that you are going to impress yourself when you get inked and no one else. You do not need

Let the legs come in handy with these tattoos

Most of the time, people want to look for a place that has a lot of muscle when they get a tattoo. You can also get them near the areas where you have bones, but they will surely hurt more. So the back of the legs or the calf is an ideal place. You can get them to look as dark and deep as you want. If not, you can try out the fun, vibrant version as well.

There are some excellent options to choose from here. You can even get a pair that resides on either side of your legs. Keep them low, and you can show them off as well when you wear pants too. The use of also some minor details can make a significant impact on these tattoos. So make sure you get an artist who knows what he is doing.

Where better than the chest

If you look around, there are a lot of sugar skull tattoo shop near you. You can head on to these shops and get on to the part where they show off ideas in a paper book. Since these are the tattoos that you get to commemorate your loved ones, it is best if you add it on to your chest. It is almost as if you are keeping them closer to your heart.

Here are some excellent options to choose from if you are interested in trying these skull tattoos on anytime soon. These are some colorful choices for anyone who wants that vibrant appeal. You are sure to love the summery vibe that comes off from these options. The use of flowers and colors are what set it aside if you compare it to the other options that we have presented to you till now in this article.

The Sugar skull tattoo to put on the wrist

Are you new to the whole tattoo idea? And want it to be meaningful and beautiful and a small, simple design? Then you can get on board with these sweet ideas of the sugar skull tattoo. You can keep these tattoos colorless if you want to stick to the simple vibe. Otherwise, you can add on some beautiful funky colors too. Young adults are attracted to these ideas, and we love them also.

You can try them out if you are starting to get inked. Here is an excellent idea for you to take some cues from. You can see that the skull has some vines and some heart symbols on the eyes. It all makes for a beautiful, fun tattoo that is not too harsh in any fashion. These are best if you are looking to leave an impression.

The variations that come with sugar skull tattoo ideas

If you are going to dive into the world of tattoos, it is best if you learn about the symbols first and then move on to the categories that you can explore. In the case of sugar skull tattoo ideas, they are vast in number for sure. There is a wide following of these tattoos, and you can see it if you ever check it out under the hashtag of the same name. Men are mostly interested in getting these inked, but nowadays there are a lot of teenagers who love the idea of the colorful skull. Thus you can find them with such ink as well.

These tattoos can be broadly thought of as having four categories. And we are showing you these segments here.

  1. The traditional sugar skull tattoo

These are the tattoos that are loved by men mostly as they are paired with guns, diamonds, and other such deep elements. You can also see them in some dark colors. There are some monochrome or deep shades. They are used in these tattoos that are not loved by women mostly. There is a lot of meaning that is attached to each of these tattoos. So they have that emotional connection to it as well.

  1. Mixing in your sugar skull tattoo with other ideas

When you get the idea about a tattoo, you can mix it up with some other imageries as well. In the article itself, you can see there are a lot of clocks and spider webs being used. These are the symbols of the time that comes after the death of someone close. You may also have seen the owl being repeatedly used in most cases. A tattoo artist usually likes to show off his or her skills when pairing specific images together.

  1. Use of flowers with the sugar skull tattoo

Flowers are something that adds that delightful touch to everything. Most of these tattoos have the rose or a marigold attached to it. Roses are comfortable and are used in most tattoos. And the marigold is used as a symbol of the dead. Most women are attracted to these ideas, but even men can use it. Make your tattoo artist get you some dark and deep colors if you want to add flowers on them.

  1. The option of sugar skull tattoo with and without colors

Colors can add that needed depth and dimension to any tattoo. You can see there are some sweet hues on most of these tattoo ideas that we presented to you. You can also get the dark black version if you want to get that profound death symbol on to your ink. If not, you need to make sure that the colors are working well with each other.

Decide what you want to get!

There are some great ideas that you can follow in this article if you are interested in getting yourself sugar skull tattoo. The name itself is enough to get you attracted. They were named so after the sweets that were made in the form of skulls. We are sure you are familiar with them. They are not your regular gloomy and deep tattoos. There is a respectful, fun vibe that comes around with these tattoos. So you can be of any age and get these inked on to your body. So check out all the images we showed off above!

You need to decide well when it comes to tattoos because you will be getting it in your body for a long time to come. There are many sugar skull tattoo drawings that you can find on social media sites as well. If you are looking to show your respect for the ones who we have lost in our lives, then this is an excellent way. Learn about what these elements mean and go down the path of symbolism. Share how you felt when you got them done and how it turned out with us! This way, you can help others as well.


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