The Leading Style Trends for Black Hair

The black haircare market has undergone a profound transformation over the past two decades, with over 3,000 black hair care brands on the market and a growing interest in curly, coily, and kinky Afro styles that reaffirms the beauty of afro textured locks. New trends celebrate the wonderful variety and volume of black hair, with a host of styles, extensions, and hair care products encouraging women to give hair relaxants a miss. If you are keen on trying out a few of the latest trends in the styling industry, check these styles out and make sure to experiment with more than one.
Clip-in Extensions
A penchant for natural looks does not mean you cannot get by with a little lengthening help from clip-in hair extensions. If ultra-sleek, straight extensions that went down to almost the waist were all the rage, today, it’s all about celebrating everything from shoulder- to chest-level waves and curls. One look that emphasized practicality and everyday bounce are shoulder-length kinky extensions featuring spiral curls that fan out from your face, adding volume both to loose and ponytailed hair. These extensions take heat well so you can use them to create various looks.
Protective Styles
Styles that look amazing but keep black hair protected against dryness include box braids, twisted updos, and faux African puffs. These styles enable the style to breathe while enabling moisturizing products to stay locked in. When worn for a few days they can also avoid the need to frequently comb or brush hair out and potentially pull or harm brittle hair. For something really cute, why not try bantu knots – a style pop icon and beauty guru Rihanna wears frequently? These add height to your hairstyle but enable you to have a sturdy, clean style that will stay in place all day.
Bold Colors
From Aussie actor Cleopatra Coleman’s ballerina pink box braids to Rihanna’s fiery red curls, bold colors are taking over colorists’ salons, with vivid hues being employed to lift moods and bring back a bit of brightness into everyday life. With curly hair, maintaining moisture is key so make sure to invest in dyes containing ingredients like shea, mongongo, and hemp seed oil. All these will work to strengthen hair and prevent dryness and damage.
The Pixie Cut
This short cut, inspired by 1960s icons such as Twiggy and film sensation Mia Farrow, will be all the rage for nearly all hair types. Practical, sexy, and easy to style, it works as well in a natural color as in a coppery, reddish, or bright pastel shade. This is a great look to opt for if your hair needs a bit of a break from heating, weaves, and extensions. It looks chic and professional yet is arguably one of the least fussy choices you could make.
It’s an exciting time for black hair, with ‘no relaxants’ being the ultimate way to go. You can be natural and still find a bit of help from extensions and weaves, of course, so if you feel like adding a bit of length to your hairdo, these can be excellent aids. Whether you go for a natural loose style, a protective braided style, bold dye, or a short pixie cut, ensure your style reflects your personality and lifestyle and don’t forget to experiment – you may be surprised with how much you love a style you never considered trying before.



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