155 Extraordinary Female Thigh Tattoos Designs With Their Meanings


Thigh tattoos- you will love them. Your thigh has a unique shape; it offers a lot for you to design your thigh tattoo- in a huge space, you could bring in many of your tattoo designs to life. And also, these tattoos look splendid with matching apparels, and maybe that is why, according to style, female thigh tattoos designs are more popular.

Thigh Tattoos Meanings

When we are talking about thigh tattoos, we have to remember one thing that the thigh tattoos are not any specific tattoo designs, but are some tattoo designs generalized on a fixed body part. So, what they mean are what elements they have. Don’t worry; I have explained them in every individual design in here.

So, if you are looking to have thigh tattoos, you will have to check these designs. From unique front thigh tattoos to upper thigh tattoos for female, we have gathered some of the best pieces you could get in 2018.


thigh tattoos

A number of roses in your tattoos- they also represent the number of people that are really close in your life.

Wolf and Deer

A wolf is a symbol of loyalty and family, whereas, a deer is a symbol of feminine love. Combine these two tattoos meaning; then it means you are a woman who cares about her family.

Mountain Landscape

Well, a mountain landscape could also be a perfect design to accommodate your thigh tattoos quotes. This being a splendid example of it.

Perls And Flower Hanging

Your upper thigh could be a perfect place for you to get the classic feminine floral tattoos on.

Purple Pearl

Just another depiction of what I just told earlier about upper thigh tattoos and floral design.

Rose, Compass, And Quote

These three things have been perfectly accommodated regarding meaning and design to give a great overall look. A compass tattoo means yo own your decision about where you are headed into.

Heart And Jewels

Exotic design, right here. Diamonds and pearls indeed make this look like a design of the high class. Also, take a look at our other heart tattoos.

Three Roses

Her placement idea is just what works. Rose tattoo stretching from her thigh and also taking up her abs- this looks really unique.

Two Roses

Full blossom- the flowers are beautiful, and so is the tattoo itself.

Soft Petal And Words

Those roses are some bigger design of this flower tattoo and also don’t forget about a word in her another thigh. We can’t exactly say what it is, but there is no question that it is one word that best describes her interest.

Birds ANd Flowers

Nature love- beautiful design accommodating beautiful things together.

Tribal Lotus

You can see gold in this lotus. This flower is symbolism for innocence and purity. I guess it also describes you.

A Rose Plant

Another amazing orientation of these roses makes it seem like they really are breathing fresh in a plant.

Traditional Peacock Feather And Leaves

This is just incredible, done by a girl who really loves tattoos.


Well, yes, having quotes on your thigh tattoos is a good idea. It just depends on how you arrange and organize their designs and placement.


A label and a picture about a camera, drawn and designed perfectly. This could mean two things- one, she is really interested in photography. And another- her memory is strong- she is going to be returning exactly what she gets as she never forgets.

Roses And Lotus

Have many species as in your thigh tattoos flowers. It makes it possible for you to tell everything these flowers represent.

Tribal Elephant

Mandala design of elephant tattoos- they are always good to see. An elephant tattoo may be representing many things in different cultures, and generally, they mean strength, calmness, and wisdom.

Rose In Thighs And Abs

This looks fantastic- this colors gradient are worthy of praise. She and her tattoo artist, of course.


Creativeness is always welcome- so that you signify things that are unique to yourself. And with tattoos, there is a huge opportunity for you to bring out a very new design.

Dreamcatcher Thigh Tattoos

Here is another feminine design, a dreamcatcher thigh tattoo. It is some sort of a tool made with the art; this thing is for to filter out every bad dream that you have and only welcome good dreams.

Small Floral Signs

Your small thigh tattoos could be simple and sweet, and will still tell a lot about things. Here, in this one, those things combine to say innocent and pure feminine beauty.

Magic Mirror

This one is for butterfly tattoo, including the moon and trees. These things represent change, feminine beauty, and wisdom respectively.


A tribal design of the wolf. For more of these tattoos, take a look at our wolf tattoos.

The Sea Life

Whale, octopus and a watchtower in her thigh tattoos. This shows how interested she is the life of the sea. Also, here are our octopus tattoos.


Or a bowtie? Whatever it is called, I would say these things are the perfect decoration for both of her thighs.

Watercolor Dream Catcher

This is all painting; there is almost no outline. And the way all these colors have been brought together is worthy of only praises.

Serpent Goddess

What about her? Look at her eyes, eyes filled with fairness- they could be you as well.

A Stare

The king of the jungle- you could also use this one to dedicate to the king of your heart. Anyway, a lion tattoo may also symbolize many things like strength and royalty.

Full Cover

Everything has been made go so well with each other with these placements such that she will always want to keep looking at her tattoo.

Roses And Buds

Sometimes, rose tattoos could also be used to represent how mature your thoughts have gotten. Those big roses are a representation of some things that your heart has already mastered, while those buds are the aspects in your life where you are still raw.

Three Soft Roses

When you know about their meanings, you can be more of a better judge of a tattoo, can’t you?


This creature can be taken as a bad omen or good mystifying creature- depends on the culture we are referring to. AS this is a Japanese design, it is the former.

Love FLowers

Rose tattoos- most people prefer getting ones with no colors. And for those which have no colors filled, they are generally taken in as red.

Lady And Her Dog

This one not only represents a woman and her dog but also shows the spiritual connection that they have in them. About the things that they share in common- love, loyalty and friendship. The design is real artists and heartfelt.

A Rose Garden

So many roses, with all them coming together, this is just fantastic. And those forget these hummingbirds and butterflies.

Tiger And Flower

Composure, calmness, agile, strong and beauty- first, her tattoo would be a treat to anybody’s eyes, and then she represents all these things.

A Flower Girl

Painting with no many colors- the artist makes good use of his ink and her skin as well. With a skull tattoo, she could say that she has been in a very dangerous situation in her life and she came back alive.

Curly Rose Flowers

Another one of those rose tattoos with leaves and everything.


Monarch butterfly and a red rose- those colors are amazing, and about her outline and all- it is just incredible. Well, it is a great idea having colored tattoos, but you will have to make sure that you are willing to be maintaining them over time.

Elephant Princess

This elephant looks like one of the maids of honor. Maybe, who knows, this girl got this tattoo just to signify that?

Upper THigh Rose Tattoos

Having your tattoo placed in just the sweet spot- this could take some of your thoughts. Think for some time about that.

Rose And Shattered Jar

A red rose is for love; everyone knows that. A throne with your red rose means that you are available for love, but still, there is a protective wrapper around it, which could make sacrifices for the person to take that off.

Tribal Thigh Tattoos Flowers

All those markings and designs stretched inside these tattoos are worth of a see. These flowers would impress anyone looking for some tribal designs.

Bat And Moon

Both of these things are connected to the feminine beauty, and this design incorporating these two is beautiful as well.

Owl, Time And Rose

Time means this time is yours, and an owl signifies so many things that range from wisdom, sharpness, vision, hunter and a spirit animal. You should try to make your thigh tattoos elaborative, just like this one.

Skull And Flowers

An intelligent combination anyway, isn’t it? A creative design for bringing these two elements together. Also notice there are many species of the flowers, which may give different meanings according to the viewer’s perceptions.

Tattoo Stocking

Almost looks like the real deal. You could get innovative with your thigh tattoos in a variety lot of ways, you see. Let us say, there could be nothing so special about having a design for a tattoo correct, but it is hard getting a great idea in the first place.

Owl And Locked

You are wise, and your heart is locked at this moment- well, this is what I got from this one. I wonder what might be the key to get it open. You could tell so many great stories about yourself with tattoo symbols.

Maori Fish

Coming traditionally from Japan, these Maori fish tattoos are also very popular. They are also considered as mystifying creatures, and Japanese legend also says that they were the ones who turned into dragons. For creatures having such a significance, it is only common that great designs have been created until now in the span of history.

Skull Butterfly And NOcturnal Bird

Here, in this one, she only hasn’t decorated her thigh with a tattoo but also has made sure that every element in her tattoos will get to bet the best they look. When combining various designs into one, if you do it in the right way, you will get an epic design just like his. Think about it for quite a while.

Rose And Pearl

Just like you makes decorate things in your house, you could do the same with your tattoo. For tattoos are not only about meanings but also about the designs after all. Whatever it is, kist makes sure that your tattoo looks the best it possibly can.

Elephant Head

Flower and elephant- a jungle queen. With tattoos with these elements, you also say that you love nature, and also that you share many qualities with that of an elephant. Different patterns give birth to distinct designs; you might have known that already till now.

Catching Dreams With Roses

For beautiful ladies out there, dream catcher tattoos are most of their choices, and they love it especially for different design elements that they could include in it.

Unicorn And Floral

Mysterious- mystic- whatever you say. A creature with so many stories- a representation of innocence and purity. Unicorn- even their names sound so good, then there is nothing less we could expect from the tattoos of these one-horned creatures.

Good Thoughts And Good Sleeps

These blue pearls and feathers attached- they make this one a super high-class dream catcher thigh tattoo. Even those bad dreams that are going to be trapped in the web- they are going to find some beautiful companions who still are not going to let in your pretty conscious.

Pearls Hanging

Many common general designs for rose tattoos, but that is where you get creative. Like if there are lesser things, people will get more ideas.

Watercolor Lion

Bringing in so many colors together- this means that you will need to make sure all of them go together perfectly, and the combination of the colors should be done side by side, so they look best together. And this one has that.

A Mermaid And Fish

Everything that a mermaid tattoo represents is the qualities of a mermaid herself. First, she is half fish and a half girl, really beautiful, and she is magic. Well, that is the interpretation that women go with these days, but this could also mean that the tattoo wearer is a danger, you should not be playing around with her.

Disney Thigh Tattoos

Beauty and the BEast, and a mirror with a rose in it. This one is pure love and shows how love can exist in anyone, no matter who they are or how they look like. Every great moral that this story tells us about, everything has been embedded in this tattoo.

Leaves And Roses

Those dark outlines are really bold and stand out from everything else. And also don’t forget the lighter shading in those leaves. You know rose tattoos meanings, so it is time that you choose one for you.

Mother Nature

For some people, they realize that they are nature’s gift, a part of it. And this one is a tattoo they could go with. Butterfly, dragonfly, trees, flowers, everything- these are some of the most beautiful things that nature has to offer.

  Greenish Gradient

Your favorite color- you can alter and play around with every color in your tattoo to produce exactly that. See, this one, right? A green vibe.

Dragon And Flowers

Your thigh is a huge area- which means there are many ways for you to accommodate you thigh tattoos. You could fit in any of your tattoos like nothing else. Dragon and flowers- aren’t they so good when they come together?

Space Rhinoceros

A rhino tattoo, this one tells a very tough thing. Npbpdy would mess with an angry rhino now, would they? Which means they also should not think of taking on a person with a rhinoceros tattoo.

Flowers Splash

Outlines, yes, but look at the black watercolor in this one. This is just amazing if we have to say.’

Skin That Makes Colors

Your skin colors these roses- look at them carefully and you will get what I mean to say. They seem like they are elevated a little.

A Flower Painting

No outlines, check mark, superiority, also. A black rose could signify something really tragic that has happened in your life. Like, losing someone. But, this tattoo also means that no matter how hard that situation was, you bounced back. What it’s meaning is quite similar to a skull tattoo from a general perspective if we have to say.

Larger Statement

Huge and cute- your tattoos don’t always need to be smaller cute designs, just have your size you want, and your thigh tattoos will make noise just like you want them to.


A flower closely related to the sun. Well, it is supposed to be that. Anyway, this is a flower that re[resents happiness, everything that we people live for.

A Beautiful Lock

A lock and its key need to match each other means that this is a beautiful lock, so its key is the same. And even though it has been linked in your thigh, this lock represents your heart.

Stripes On YOru Rose

Not exactly stripes, but great linings. Makes something wonderful to see.

Native American Lion

Mix different tattoo approaches into one- and then you will get what everyone else would wish to get. And also look at the scarce watercolors, adding on to this design.

Fox And Rose

Love and seductiveness- let, e tell its meaning, and it will get more beautiful. Anyway, there are many other things that a fox tattoo might represent based on the context and the person, which may range from cunningness, craftiness and even deceit.

Peacock Feather

Beautiful bird, a symbol of eternal beauty. A peacock will attract everybody’s interests towards it, and even if that may be in a tattoo.

Jewel Floral

A flower- made of metals, and stones that are very valuable. Well. This is nothing that should be elaborated because its value for the haver is more than any of gold available.

Skull Flower

Already dead and still living. And notice that these flowers are not only there to make this design seem cool, but they make up the skull’s brain. So, it means that this skull represents you and these flowers signify that you have a beautiful mind.

Time Is What

How they are decorated is how beautiful they look. After looking at som many thigh tattoos including this by design, you have already got what I am talking about.

King And His Flowers

It seems like you have some fun with the king’s look. Well, you know everything that a lion tattoo signifies and in that, add some beauty- then, that exactly represents what this tattoo says.

A Rose View

A rose tattoo forward, and others on the back. It looks like taking a picture such that you focus on one thing, and others still have a big part to play on making it worth more.

Bow Stocking

My title, which is an idiotic one, let us say. But, some simple thigh tattoos are so beautiful that they make you say weird things.

Beautiful Panda

Panda tattoos- most of them could be for your love that you show to these cute endangered species. And some could have this tattoo as a symbol of protection.

Hence, after seeing all these designs, you should know what you are looking for. And here, take a look at some bonus designs for you before you make your decision.

Like every other tattoo, you will have to make sure that your thigh tattoos reflect yourself as well. Thigh tattoos- they will say a lot if you want them to. And they will look perfect, only if you have patience and go to the best tattoo parlor.


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