Things to Do Immediately When You Lose Your Phone


Losing your phone can be a really devastating experience. In fact, these days, it is more terrible because technology has linked a lot of personal information to these devices.

You can either misplace your phone or it could be snatched by robbers. Regardless of how you lose it, you still have to take certain measures.

Why you should act fast

When you notice that your phone is missing, you don’t have time to wail or brood. You need to act as fast as you can. There are so many reasons why.

Topmost on the list of reasons is the fact we are in the jet age. This means that a lot of important pieces of information about you are linked to your phone. An example is your bank account, another is your credit cards.

If you don’t act fast, most of these pieces of information could be tampered with. This will cause you more loss than losing your phone.

Imagine if someone took information from your phone and transferred all the funds from your account. Or the person went on your social media account to post some horrible stuff. It can’t be pleasant in any way.

So what do you do when you lose your phone?

There are a lot of things to do immediately you notice you have lost your phone. Let’s check out a few in the next few paragraphs.

⮚     Calling or Texting the phone

The moment you notice you don’t have your phone and you think it is lost, call it. When you use a second phone to put a call through, you’d know if the phone is stolen or misplaced.

It is likely that someone has found the phone and is looking for a way to reach you. Of course, that is if you misplaced the phone. When you see a phone that you suspect is lost, try going through the contacts to get a loved one. Call one of such numbers to report that you have found it.

If you have a password on your device, it is possible the person cannot gain access to your phonebook. This is why you need to call quick because the person holding it could be close by. You also don’t want your battery to die before you call.

⮚     Lock your phone down

Every single one of us has very sensitive pieces of information encrypted on our phones. If your phone gets into the hands of the wrong person, you could be done for.

This is why you need to lock your phone down remotely. When you do this, no stranger can have access to your sensitive files or any files at all on your phone.

If you have an Android phone then you should log into the Android Device Manager. On the other hand, log into your “Find my iPhone” account via another iPhone. When you do this, you will be able to lock your phone down and prevent strange access.

⮚     Use GPS to find your phone

It is possible to call your phone and no one picks up. If this happens, what do you do? One of your best options is making use of GPS services to locate the phone.

Even though you think this is difficult, it is a very easy process. What you should have in mind is that you have to activate GPS on your phone. This is the only way you’d be able to find the device with the service.

You can also achieve this using any of the “Find my iPhone” or “Android Device Manager” accounts.

⮚     Create a Lock-Screen Message

Many of us have either a password or a screen lock pattern to safeguard our phones. As good as this is, it means anyone without the code cannot unlock the device. This implies that it will be impossible to reach you when your phone is missing.

To avoid this, simply create a lock-screen message. This message should carry information telling the reader that you lost your phone. It should also carry a number the person can call to reach you in such a situation.

You can also add other pieces of information that should lead the finder to you.

⮚     Make a report about the phone

Before we even discuss this, you are probably thinking why go through the trouble? Many people see this as a fruitless effort. What you should know is there is more than finding your lost phone.

The moment you consider that your phone is stolen not lost, report to the police. When you file this report, you increase your chances of getting your phone back. Added to this, you save yourself from future trouble in case of any dubious activity.

⮚     Shield your accounts

All your accounts, including email and social media, are linked to your mobile phone. Even after locking your phone, you still need to shield your accounts. This precaution will save you from any unforeseen dubious activity or hacks.

We advise you to find a way to log out of every account linked to your phone. If you can, change your passwords so that no one can gain access to them. This way you can save yourself until you control the situation.

⮚     Suspend services

If you feel that there is some suspicious activity regarding the loss of your phone, this step is imperative. Rather than treat the situation with laxity, suspend the services on your account.

This way, you will avoid incurring unnecessary costs that may result from the illicit use of your accounts. It will be worse when your credit cards or bank accounts are affected.

⮚     Wipe your phone clean

This is the ultimate precaution when you know you cannot get the phone back. Rather than brood over the loss, wipe the phone clean of any data. It might be painful but it is best, especially when GPS cannot locate the phone anymore.


To protect you from all of these, visit to get protection for your phone. This way, when your phone gets lost, you can always find it. Share your experiences with us in the comments section.

Meta description: Protecting sensitive data on your phone is important in maintaining your privacy. Here’s how you can do so when you lose your phone.


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