Things You Most Likely Do Not Consider Before Renting In The Hamptons


Whenever you want to rent a house in the Hamptons, you quickly notice that everything is daunting. It is quite difficult to find a true dream home simply because of the fact that there are so many that can be considered. Fortunately, there are always some things that can be done and that will make the entire process a lot simpler. Before you make any financial decision regarding renting homes in the Hamptons, be sure you consider the following.

Know What You Want From The Neighborhood

There can be pretty high differences between areas like Amagansett or Sag Harbor. You want to make a suitable choice. Being aware of the hipster scene that is present in Montauk and the pristine beaches located in East Hampton helps you make a good choice. The various towns you will find in the Hamptons all have some distinct personalities. This is why you need to rent in a location that has the vibes you want to experience.

Always Respect Your Budget

No matter what home you want to rent, there is surely a budget that needs to be respected. The advice regarding your budget is quite simple: you want to stick to it. When your goal is to get a summer rental in the Hamptons, there is absolutely no reason why you would blow all the finances you have available on just 3 months per year. In the Hamptons there is a pretty good change you will get seduced by waterfront houses but when this does not fit your current financial plan, you have to fight felt urges.

Be Aware Of Paid Fees

Whenever you rent a property in the Hamptons, landlords pay broker fees. This is a cost that is actually built in the lease. However, when your desire is to think that you get a freebie, there is no reason why not just go for this.

What About Pets?

If you have a pet and you travel with him, it is better to assume that he is not accepted, unless you are told differently. Remember that it is a very bad idea to hide the pet. When this happens, a fine is normally the outcome, especially if the pet causes some damage. Be sure that you discuss pets in the agreement and that terms are properly laid out.

Sharing Houses

There are town boards that crack down on the shared houses. This is why you need to be aware of how many are allowed to legally reside in the considered rental. Leases can be immediately voided because of having too many stay inside the residence that was rented.

Beach Rules

Are village beaches on your list of places to visit? It does not matter where you are going to rent since the experience can be simply wonderful. The problem with beach properties in the Hamptons is that they are quite hard to get. We even see individuals that use fake permits on cars for beach access. If you are caught with this, fines are high. Be sure that you know exactly what beach rules apply when you consider a Hamptons property.

Cleaning Up

Taxes do not actually involve picking up trash. This is something few people know. Ask the owner and see if it is necessary to schedule maintenance contracts with private contractors. If you do not want to do this, doing everything yourself is also a possibility. You can easily discard rubbish in the area between Bridgehampton and Sag Harbor, an area that is known as being the dump.


Many properties in the Hamptons are exclusive when referring to renting. This practically means that when you find a property that you love, it is a very good idea to keep renewing it. A huge part of the Hamptons’ rental market is operating based on word-of-mouth.

Have Money On Hand

The popularity of the Hamptons is higher than it ever was. Because of this, you can expect the demand to be pretty high. You want to be sure that you are ready to rent as soon as you find something that you absolutely love. In the event that you locate a wonderful property, you want to start negotiating fast since when you do not do this, there is a good possibility that someone else is going to do this before you.

Closest Attractions

There are different Hamptons attractions that you will like but you surely want to be closer to those that you absolutely love. This is why you need to take exact location into account. Obviously, this is going to have an impact on how much you will pay. However, one thing that few consider is that being close to the desired attractions can help you save a lot of time and money, as opposed to having to deal with commuting.

Final Thoughts

As you can easily notice, renting a property in the Hamptons is all about the research that you do. Think about everything that was presented above and do not neglect how important it is to act faster, rather than later. You do need some patience but never wait for too long. Also, as an extra tip, do allow yourself diversity of choice. It is a very good idea to consider several properties in the area at the same time. If one deal fails and you cannot rent one property, at least you can another one.


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