Thinking of Online Therapy? Here are the Major Services and Their Differences


Online therapy is becoming more and more popular these days. Thanks to the way that it helps people get psychological help from the comfort of their home, online therapy is branching out and becoming a solid industry. There are many different types of issues that can be worked through with online therapy.

  • General mental health problems like anxiety and depression are commonly discussed
  • Religious issues can be discussed. Many youth are brought up in religious upbringings that they don’t agree with but have few places to express this
  • Relationships and marriages can be assisted with online counseling
  • LGBTQ issues can be discussed openly and honestly in online therapy groups and with counselors

That said, there are many online therapy services available. If you don’t have time to do all the research, then it can be difficult to determine exactly which counseling service will be best for you.

For that reason, we’ve compiled this list of the major online therapy groups and given a bit of information about which services they are best suited for.


BetterHelp has been around for a while and is currently one of the highest rated e-counseling services available, holding an average rating of around 9.8 – incredible for any sort of company.

They are a very well-rounded company that offers all manner of services. Their prices are very affordable, averaging about $35 a week, and you can get help over the phone, by webcam, on online message boards or with chat services.

BetterHelp can help people discuss issues with their sexuality, their adolescence, or mental health issues like depression and anxiety.


Regain is an online counseling service that focuses on relationship help. All their therapists are licensed and have a lot of experience, and the company holds an average rating of about 9.5. They can provide service by chat, phone, webcam and message board. Average weekly costs are about $45.


MyTherapist is an appealing option for many people because they’re one of the companies that allow you to pay for your counseling per session instead of on a weekly or a monthly basis. They also work differently – many companies offer fairly sporadic chats, but MyTherapist allows you to have long, consecutive one-on-one chats with your therapist.

They are a very well-rounded service and can help people with serious mental health issues like depression. They’re great for helping teens and adults alike.


TalkSpace is one of the most popular online therapy groups. They have good prices and are easy to access and easy to navigate.

While TalkSpace does deal with all sorts of issues, it is especially popular with youth. It’s a great platform for people hoping to manage LGBTQ issues, as well as people coping with depression and anxiety. Religious issues are also often discussed here.


Breakthrough is another online therapy group that has become popular for a good reason – because they provide equality therapy. They only loffer video and chat sessions, but their therapists are qualified and are happy to help people with a wide range of problems.

Breakthrough main supporting point is there easy scheduling system, which is currently rated the best among all online therapy groups. They are also the only online therapy company that currently accepts healthcare insurance from major companies, which makes them ideal for people who are in a financial bind.

All the therapists on this company are required to provide at least 5 sessions to their clients monthly. The one drawback is that, without insurance, this company can charge almost as much as a regular therapist. However, with insurance, this can be knocked down to nothing or next-to-nothing.


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