Top tourist attractions that offer a glimpse into the rich culture of Russia & Germany


If we had to use a few words to describe Russia and Germany, we would definitely stick to culture, history and natural beauty. Vacationing in these European countries is a truly wholesome experience, with something in store for all kinds of travelers. The sheer abundance of options to visit has led to the rise in popularity of escorted trips Russia.To help you navigate your way around your itinerary, we have listed down some of the best tourist attractions that offer you a glimpse into the rich culture of Russia and Germany:

  1. The Kremlin
    Any trip to Germany, whether you are visiting for the first time or the second, without paying The Kremlin a visit is incomplete. It is a symbol of Russia’s statehood and constitutes the base of its political power. The vibrant domes and magnificent buildings characterise this structure, and the complex is in the shape of a triangle spanning an area of around 28 ha. It includes many palaces, churches, armouries and a fortress as well.
  2. Red Square
    You could have visited a dozen other squares in the world, but the Red Square in Moscow is an experience in itself. The fact that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site adds legitimacy to its claim of being one of the most popular squares. It was initially envisioned as a marketplace for the city, but after the Trinity Cathedral was built nearby, it started getting tourist attraction and today serves as a melting pot for tourists from different parts of the world, especially on occasions such as Christmas and New Year’s.
  3. The Russian Academy of Fine Arts
    Russia, especially the Golden Route, houses innumerable museums and choosing one to put on this list was a particularly challenging task. But, The Russian Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg stands out for many reasons. For one, it has to be credited for producing some of the most talented painters, sculptors and creators whose works are displayed at the museum. Other exhibits include works by famous local artists and an annual exhibition of academy pieces.
  4. The Peterhof Palace

    It is a huge building which is neighbored by well-manicured gardens and stunning fountains. The complex includes the palace, the Grand Cascade water fountain display, Oranienbaum Park, and Alexandria Park. In fact, the Museum inside the complex houses more than 320,000 artefacts from around the world and the best part is that entry to this complex is free of cost!
  5. Cologne Cathedral
    One of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany, this Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Mary was situated on the banks of the Rhine and is a very well-known landmark among both locals and tourists. Most Germany group tours will include a visit to this epitome of High Gothic architecture, which was built as early as 1248.

With a history so rich, both Russia and Germany make for the perfect destination for history buffs. It’s a different thing that both these places offer much more than just history, thus ensuring you enjoy a wholesome holiday. So plan your trip soon…


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