101 Best Topknot Buns For Women


Topknot buns are made at the top of the head with different shapes, sizes, and texture. These buns are very easy going and smart looking hairstyling option. They are made on the top of your head by twisting, winding or braiding the strands of hair. It’s a perfect go-to hairstyle for every hair length. Buns are widely preferred by women because of the neat appearance and comfort it gives. Making a cute topknot bun is very easy and you can make these buns by adding more styles such as braids, puffs and more volume to it.

Moreover, topknot buns are elegant, breezy and it gives a very attractive look to women who prefer a sleek and classy look. Buns can be worn in so many different styles, and here in this article, you will see 91 cute and trending topknot buns of different texture and style.

Braided Head Band Up dotop knot bunsIt’s a perfect hairstyle for the best day of your life. Braided buns are very classy and they romanticize your appearance.

Messy BunGiving a messy touch to your bun with bangs is a perfect idea for holiday trips or girls day out. You can make this hairstyle with less time and effort and you will look absolutely outstanding, smart and confident. Topknot bun with bangs is a go-to hairstyle for casual outfit and occasions.

Ballerina Braid UpdoIf you want a glamorous evening look then a braid twirled around your bun is the one for you. A slight fancy hair color or highlight will add more glam to your hair.

Voluminous Messy UpdoEither you decide to have a lazy day at your home or you are up for a fancy cocktail party then this bun is highly recommended. A voluminous touch to your bun looks very stylish and bold.

Simple Topknot BunsWear this simple updo to your work or school. You will never have a bad hair day with this easy updo.

Sleek Updo

A sleek updo gives classy and polished appearance for all day. This is an easy and comfortable hairstyle for all seasons.

Messy UpdoMessy updo on top with bangs floating on your forehead is an absolutely flaunting hairstyle. You can wear this hairstyle for a casual day out and summer holidays.

Twisted UpdoTwist your ponytail and get this flawless bun. You can wear this for a casual day or to your work.

Messy Bun for Short HairMessy bun tied in the middle of your head is really good for summer beachy appearance. It’s a quick and easy hairstyle and it works well for the women with short hair. The messy bun is flexible for any outfit or occassion.

Double Knot UpdoDouble half topknot buns are a very cute hairstyle for women. Get a cool chic look with this hairstyle for any occasion.

Messy Half Knot BunMessy Half Knot Buns are one of the most trending hairstyles now. Half knot buns are very attractive and easy to make. It surprisingly works for every hair length. If you are comfortable with making topknot buns then you can make half knot bun without any difficulty.

Fishtail BunBun wrapped around fishtail is with no doubt a perfect hairstyle to make you look elegant and sexy. Simply swirl the braid around the bun and you are ready to go.

Double-layered BunTake your topknot bun to the next level with double-layered bun. This bun is classy, different and easy to do. It is very flexible for long hair. Make yourself feel comfortable with this hairstyle for any occassion.

Freestyle Bun

A freestyle bun is one of the cool girl hairstyles this season. This bun is very stylish and it gives a messy appearance. Young girls prefer freestyle bun as a complete holiday look. Freestyle buns are easy to make and very flexible.

Twisted Top Knot BunTwisted buns are tidy, sleek and neat hairstyles. If you are looking for a daily hairstyle, then you can go with this one. A twisted bun is an easy hairstyle for summer. You can follow the instruction shown in the picture to get it right.

Neat BunWomen highly prefer neat buns for a smart appearance. It gives a tidy and fresh look for a summer day. Neat buns are very easy, comfortable and breezy. It is a very popular hairstyle among teenagers and adults.

Twisted  Bun

A twisted bun is right hairstyling choice if you are looking for a light summer appearance. This bun is perfect to express your simplicity. You will love it for the smart and neat look it gives for the season. Go ahead add one more bun to the list of your daily hairstyle.

Messy Double Knot

Make the fun double with two knots. Double topknot buns might seem childish but there is no way it will stop you from expressing that cool girl attitude.

The Neat OneTry the neat double topknot bun for a unique appearance. Its tidy, neat and sleek hairstyle for an outing, work or a lazy day at home. This bun will also help you get a fine wavy hair. Leave the bun overnight and get beautiful waves the next morning.

Half DownPartial knot with half of the hair flowing down is a popular hairstyle among women. This hairstyle takes topknot bun to a totally different level. Half down and a half knot is very convenient and easy to make.

The Volume Knot

No more spending hours to set up a big curly hair. Try making a bun at the top of your head to keep your curls well maintained.

Tiny and MessySimple and ordinary yet gorgeous. Taylor Hill proved, a tiny and messy bun is an awesome breezy off day hairstyle.

Stacked BunGet a height of bun with a stack. Twist and turn your hair until you get a tall texture. This hairstyle is best for women with long hair.

The Twisted OneThis is a style that never fades. Try twisted top-knot bun for as your day-to-day hairstyle.

Messy TopknotMessy is the new stylish. Get this messy bun to flaunt your style without too much time and effort.

Topknot Bun for Black HairGive a proper enhancement to your hair with this tall and attractive bun.

Short and Cute

No more confusion for women with short hair. Tie a small topknot bun and let go the rest.

Twisted StyleTwist your high ponytail and get this beautiful style. It’s a perfect bun for women with long hair.

The Braid Wrap

Wrap your bun with braid for your wedding day. Braid wrapped bun gives a vibe of elegance and royalty.

The BarbieLook flawless like a Barbie doll with this hairstyle. Voluminous your bun and add a fancy clip to it. This hairstyle is perfect for a bridesmaid and you can wear it to any party or accession.

The HippieThis is the one for travel girls. Freestyle topknot buns are very comfortable for women who love to travel. Get them on and enjoy your hippie life.

Donuts BunGive a grand celebrity entry with huge donut bun. Donut buns are simple yet glamorous for a  formal event.

Classy Bun

The classy bun is a glamorous way to do your hairstyle. Women prefer this bun for formal events or wedding reception.

Well-groomedMake a tidy well-groomed bun if you are heading to a red carpet event. This is an undoubtedly gorgeous hairstyle for women.

Bridal Bun

Choose one of these amazing buns for your wedding day. They will absolutely entitle you as the most beautiful bride ever.

Half Knot for Straight HairTry this half knot for a funky look to give your well-maintained straight hair a little bit of mess. Half knots are very popular at the moment.

Braid Wrapped BunBraid Wrapped bun is aromatic hairstyle for the wedding day. Make a thick bun and surround it with a bulky braid and you are a way to go for the best day of your life.

High Knot

If you want to spend a day at the sandy beach, then this cannot be wrong.

Teased Knot

Make a small teased knot for a casual day out. You can even wear this to work.

Shaved styleThis is an artistic way to make your hair. Undercut with bun teased from the side is a unique hairstyle to go for.

Half Bun

A new trend has left so many women with new excitement. A half bun is very convenient and it is just as flexible as any other hairstyles.

Workout Bun

Hit the gym with a band around your head. This hairstyle is very comfortable.

Huge and MessyWho says messy has to look untidy? A huge messy bun is just what you need for a sexy and glamorous appearance.

Braided BunThis is a fancy look to wear for your next party. Braided buns are outstanding hairstyles for women and they are very easy to make.

Messy and TeasedThanks to the one who invented messy hairstyles. This hairstyle became widely popular among women. Now ladies can get that perfect hairstyle without much time and effort. And no more fretting if your hair is frizzy and unwashed, this hairstyle is a savior.

Neat and TallBraided Half Knot

The Fun StyleTeased Half-Knot

Tiny Double Knots

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Braided Top KnotTeased Bun

The Retro Style


Back Braided Top Knot


The Beachy BunFlaunt the beach party with the beachy bun. Add a little-wet texture to make it more relevant for the party theme.

Tidy Topknot bunsTidy topknot buns are perfect for a casual day out and work. Tie this up and get a professional or an elegant look for the day.

Partial Twist


How To Do Top Knot Buns

Short and CuteThis one is for the high school girls. Half knots are also perfect for the girls with shoulder-length hair.

Black Girls Hairstyle

Give more essence to your thick black hair with this Ninja bun. These buns are very popular among black women as it’s easily manageable.

Teased Topknot Buns

Teased topknot buns are messy and stylish. It’s a cool hairstyle for women and this bun is perfect for homestay and vacations.


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