Travel Romance: Turning It From Fling Into Foundation

It’s the stuff of dreams – meeting a new lover on the sun-beaten shores of a holiday destination, romantically making plans for life. Sadly, travel romance often doesn’t last, with the honeymoon-like conditions of a vacation not a template for what the rest of life may entail. This is a primary factor leading to travel heartbreak, according to Bustle – yet, there are several ways you can help your romance to last, and several signs that indicate it’ll go the course.
Taking things slow
If you are in the middle of a travel romance, try to slow it down. It can be exciting to throw everything into the basket right away, yet Psychology Today notes that the strongest couples are those who are willing to be patient. That means anything from having multiple dates before initiating intimacy through to taking time in the bedroom before progressing to full intercourse. That could mean experimenting with each other and using adult toys to learn about one another, for example. Building this type of intimate knowledge early on will help you to build a healthy relationship from the get-go, and nip later relationship issues in the bud.
Spending time together
When individuals come together on travel, they’ll be spending individual time in their own hotel rooms more often than not. Contact can be limited to exactly how either party wants it, and that can mean couples giving an idealized snapshot of one another. There are no irksome daily habits, no morning hair-and-face combinations, and no issues that arise with living together. Use your time together to spend a considerable amount of time with each other – it’ll help to assess your suitability and also give you some bedding in time before a real, full relationship. Many couples get cold feet before moving in together, and it’s down to this sudden shift in expectations – don’t think this is any different, and make your mind up before committing.
The good signs
A fling while traveling can be entirely sexual and not last past the end of the vacation. It can also be something more intense, involving love, future plans aligning, and common understanding. If you feel truly comfortable with the person, and can be just as happy having a quiet conversation with them as you can jumping into bed, there’s good reason to get ahead and try to turn your relationship into something more solid once you’re back home. Love can be found in the most unexpected of places, and the wonderful romanticism of being abroad, traveling when the will strikes, can be something intoxicating. Just make sure you have a rational head-on and that you’re able to make clear calls – don’t jump in without looking at all the factors.
If you can do that, you may just be able to make something wonderful out of your travel fling. Moving from carefree enjoyment to a stable relationship is hard at the best of times, however. Make sure you know what you’re in for before you get too involved.


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