101 Tree of Life Tattoo Design Inspirations


Tattoos represent some of the best ideologies and thoughts within people. Almost all of them have some inner meaning or a particular reason behind there existence. People are fascinated towards them due to many reasons, some being the symbolism of art and expression of interest, personality, or taste in an artistic manner. They have particular significance to the people who have strong enough belief to get it inked on their body. These tree of life tattoo represents a person’s thought, ideology, preference, or certain moments or things that they cherish. However, some symbols also reveal something that a  person has concealed within themselves and want to let it out to be free.

Tree of life tattoo is one such tattoo that carries some deep meaning on life. They are a beautiful expression of peace, harmony, wisdom, forgiveness, salvation, and different other unreasonable purposes a person can experience or perceive in their life. Some have their thoughts on this, and they believe it carries the knowledge and lesson that they can learn from a tree in their life. Trees are known to symbolize eternality and resilience. However, the philosophy and meaning behind these tattoos vary with the design of the tattoo. If you are someone who wants to get something meaningful inked and are looking for such ideas, you have come to the right place. We will here look over some of the best ideas for the tree of life tattoo.

Here are 109 beautiful ideas of the tree of life tattoo options for you to choose from this season.

tree tattoos Meaning of tree of life tattoo

Tree of life tattoo, as mentioned earlier, carry some of the most profound sense any tattoo can. They have been inked by people who have their perspective of life and give a specific belief. These tattoos date back to centuries that have been there since the origination of tattooing practices. There are several designs of the tree of life tattoo that one can choose. The meaning of the symbols differs depending upon the tattoos design. Also, another factor that defines those tattoos is where it is situated. A tattoo which done in the arm can symbolize strength and resilience as that of a tree, one done over the legs signifies eternality and social rank.

We agree with the noticable difference in the design of the tattoos; There are certain parts in the tree itself that people want to focus on while getting the tattoo. Some focus on the trunk; some choose to decorate the branches with leaves; others might keep it bare. The people wanting fully leaves-covered offices might have an optimistic personality and vice versa. Likewise, people focusing on the bark of the tree show their strong belief in values and reflect their inner nature. We also have people who tattoo not just a tree but lots of them. They like having a forest and others going with some particular tree that has a significant impact on their life.

The types of the tree of life tattoo to try

Many of us who want to get this tattooed over our body is still unsure how to make the right choice. From what we talked before, there are different reasons for choosing a particular tattoo. However, sometimes we are in a dilemma because there are more than a goal that you’d like to express in your tattoo. There are also such instances when you have no idea what sort of symbol would describe you or ideology. Anyone who is in such a state can leave there worries cause we will try to provide you with the choices that you might undoubtedly consider for your tattoo.

When we think of some good tree of life tattoo, plenty of trees pop up in the head. But you should be selective to get one done first, right? Well, the selection shouldn’t be difficult if you think it through. Yes, while you are thinking about the tree that you want to symbolize or think of what you can relate it with or how it connects to your life. That way, the artist can engrave some meaningful symbol on your body.

The dilemma is not only while selecting an idea or design for the tattoo but also regarding where to get it done. Yes, many people who are sure with what they want for their tattoo have yet to get one inked as they are unsure of this. When it comes to the tree of life tattoo, there is the tree of tattoo arm, that has its unique style and meaning which engraves the beautiful design of the tree on your arm.

Likewise, there is the tree of life tattoo with names that not only reveals the tree but also reveals its meaning or the name you decide for it. There are other several options that you can pick from, we have listed the different choices and how it would look that might give you the right idea.

The body parts people love to get inked on

Tattoos are beautiful engravings on your body that resembles some ideas, emotions, or experience that has been a part of you, and you’ve accepted with openness. The fact that they become a part of you from the point you get them inked can be scary to many but is a matter of pride and joy for others.

Some people love tattoos to some extent. They might have inked almost every inch of their body with tattoos. But here we will be going with people who are selective for getting inked. The tree of life tattoo in arms is commonplace for a symbol that you can consider if you want your tattoo to attract the admirations easily. You can get it done on the upper arm. It can reflect strength and power, or you can go with the lower part of the gun that might link it more to the intellectuality or morality factor of the tree that you choose.

We have seen men choosing their upper arm while getting tattooed. You can also go with a full tree beautifully inked over your body at the front or the back. With enough space to work with, the tattoo artist can craft a brilliant piece of art on your body that you will be proud to share.


How do you get ready for the tattoo?

I got my first tattoo when I turn 18 to mark the celebration of my graduation from high school. I remember being pretty excited several days ahead of getting one; however, a day or two before, I was anxious and nervous about it as well and was having second thoughts. Despite that after getting it done and till now, I’m pretty happy about it. That is because I had taken my time on thinking about what I would get tattooed and where. I had weighed all the options that I had on what to understand inked and the possible aspects of it. Later, it was not so bad while getting another one and likewise I recently had a third one by having just little thoughts about it.

For those of you who are getting it first, here’s some word of advice. You all should take your time in thinking about it rather than jumping up to the idea of getting inked. Later, you will be happy and confident about your choice as you took your time to figure it out. As it is a permanent change that you will be bringing on your body, your mind has to be ready for accepting it, and that’s how you can be well to get inked. And later for another one,  you will be prepared in comparatively less time as you have had some options canceled earlier while thinking of getting your first tattoo.

You can now choose to go with it or something new, and there is also the option of improvising on your first tattoo. For instance, you can add up the decorations on the branches of the tree of life tattoo that you had done earlier. Even adding up more trees around the symbol would be interesting. So, are you prepared for getting your tattoo yet?

How to take care of the tree of life tattoo after getting inked?

Another important thing you should take care of while getting inked comes after you get it. The fresh ink on your body requires some time to settle. You can think of it as any other addition to your body, when you are acquiring something external, it needs time to be a part of you, and that wait is worth it. After giving several days of thought, and finally having the exquisite design that you’d always wanted on your body, you should have patience and care to let it settle beautifully on your skin.

There is also some specific care regime that you can follow for the best result. These things might differ on whether you’ve had your tattoo just or had it for some amount of time. Firstly, right before you get inked, the tattoo artist will apply some ointment and wrap up the tattooed part. You can remove that after some hours but you need to be careful not to use anything except a thin layer of petroleum jelly and wear sun-protective clothes while going out. You should immediately contact your artist if you see any signs of infection over the areas.

As the day passes, your skin will start healing, and the tattoo will begin to have a duller appearance, which is normal. You will see some light scabbing which you shouldn’t scratch or pick at them as that will result in scarring. However, you can wash it gently once or twice a day and apply alcohol-free moisturizer. As days pass by, the scabs will flake off, and your healing will slowly complete turning your desire and dream of getting that beautiful piece of art inked into reality.

tree tattoos

The options that men love

Both men and women love tattoos for their reasons. There are different sets of symbols that the men try. It might have some or no similarity with the ones that men seek. However, when it comes to the aspects of life, such as emotions, ideologies, or thoughts, there might be a familiar resemblance in them. Likewise, there are tattoos that you can see in both male and female, similar to the shoes and clothes that the stores sell as unisex.

That’s bound by fashion whereas when it comes to tattoos, the binding factors are deeper and meaningful. Especially with the tree of life tattoo, the similarity is much more likely as some popular designs captivate both the gender however there’s the small or more tweak in design that sets them apart. But, when we talk about the particular tattoos that men love, they seek a sense of roughness and have a challenging vibe that they want on the tattoo design as well. Some prefer to go with brighter maps that show their more hopeful perspective of life.

Another common theme for getting ink would be something that resembles their journey of life. Men usually get their tattoos over their arm, the lower part of the legs or go for the chest or back. The selection of options also varies along with the design they choose to tattoo. We have presented with some tattoo options popular among men that you might love to take a look through this rich collection.

Small tattoo ideas to love

There are some variations to the tree of life tattoo as well that are relatively smaller than what you generally think. Not all of us are intrigued by big tattoo ideas. They can be hard to get, as well. You need to consider the money and the pain factor here as you get inked. They are not friendly on the budget as much as you think they would be. So if you are beginner hoping to get a big ink on, you may be disappointed. To test the pain and the cost, you can get to a tattoo salon for sure. And we can also tell you to expect any amount between two hundred to six hundred dollars for a big one.

Good things can also come in small sizes! So why not test out the small tattoo ideas with the tree of life tattoo? They are less painful and less time consuming as well. You also will only be less of about fifty to hundred dollars with these. So it will not weigh heavy on your heart or your pocket. There are some stunning options for short and sweet tree of life tattoo, and we want you to explore them! If you check out the hashtags on Instagram, you are sure to find more than a thousand ideas on the same.

These are styles that are mostly loved by women. They love not to make a big fuss about getting inked. Instead, they keep it simple and head on to trying on these short tree of life tattoo and stay happy. These are best on the wrist and the foot. They are undoubtedly hard places as there are more nerve endings there. But you need to be prepared for that pain. They will give you excellent results once you bear through it all. A week later, you can flaunt your ink and then forget about the hurtful moments you had to go through!

The vast sea of options here

You have to be a nature-loving person if you have decided to get on board with these tattoos. These trees are a big part of our lives. They help us in ways that we cannot even begin to understand. With shelter, food, and also the comfort of breathing, a tree is the ultimate giver of nature. And thus if you are fascinated by them, we cannot blame you. These are excellent choices for beginners. It can also be suitable for those who have gotten inked more than once or twice.

These are the ideas that are not devoted to fashion but are more about principles. There is so much considering what a tree stands for or teaches in life. But we can assure you that these are the ideas that can make you feel closer to the universe. And, there are both men and women who love to try it as well. These are the works of an artist that we present before you. Take inspiration from them and head on to create a design for yourself. If you are looking to get the flow of life inked in your body, these are an excellent place to start. No doubt that they can make you look like a deep thinker!

Here we are showing you more than a hundred ideas of the tree of life tattoo to try out. Since they are inks, they are not ever going out of style. So if you are doing this for the aesthetic, then you will be pleased. You can show your adventurous side to the world through these as well. So we suggest you look carefully through the collection here and stick to what excites you the most. Add on the elements on the side, and then you can get the customized feel too. Do not ask the stylist as they can charge you.

The cost of the tree of life tattoo

One thing you need to think about when getting inked is the cost that it may come with for you. You are on the paying side, and thus you have to make sure that you have the amount. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to hold on to this idea for a time. Doing anything on restriction is not suitable for anyone.

The prices of getting inked vary from place to place. You may want to head on to the salon that is cheap in this case. But they are not hygienic for you. Instead, we suggest you go for small tattoos and enjoy them.

If you choose to get inked on a large scale, then the cost can be high; up to six hundred dollars. But selecting the small one will cut you back only about a hundred dollars. So decide as per your need!

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When we lay eyes on these majestic tattoos, we are usually in awe of the work one has to put on it. But it’s not only about the work but also about the meaning that each of these tattoos holds. We can see what they represent of the bearer of the symbol through the choices that they have made. You can see the tree of life tattoo here that makes sense of the areas of growth and abundance. They are the representation of the values we need in life. And thus these are most favored by the philosophical minds out there.

If you agree to the virtues of salvation and forgiveness, you can try these out for sure. Through these tattoos, we are bringing to you not just an art form but an expression of life. Many who get inked get addicted to the feel of it. It makes us wonder how there are lots who feel deeply about the simple things in life and how they express it through their body even! You are sure to make the most of the session with your tattoo artist when you get yourself a tree. They can also help you understand what the true meaning of the tattoo is. We tried to make this article best for all of you.

Especially, those of you, who are looking to try out the feeling of the circle that life moves in. We made sure to include all tips and ideas so that even a beginner can get comfortable with the concept. You need first to understand the symbol before you decide to carve them out. They will be a permanent reminder of what we believe in life. So make sure you are confident about what you choose to depict! Stay around with us for more on such topics.


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