59 Attractive Triangle Braids That You Will Need For This Summer


Summer is right around the corner and, to beat the heat with a convenient hairdo, triangle braids is a boon. Not only is this great hairstyle superheat and summer friendly, but it is also amazing to look at and obviously, very fun to experiment.

So if you want to be the center of attention this summer, continuously get questions, comments, and compliments about your new hair look, and be free from getting hair all over the place and your face, we definitely got your back. We have braids styles, how to do it for hair of all kinds, color, and types. Because this summer, triangle hairdos are here to stay and rule.

     If you want to look elegant and elegant in your day out, then the sleek braid style is for you. This hairdo is a classic way and the original type of braids that can never go wrong. Perfect for days ranging from hot weather to moderate as well as cold, this will go with every kind of outfit. Just section your hairs in different sections depending on how thick your hair is and braid it. Look classy all the way through your day (or night!).

2. The Bantu with Highlights

 If you want your hair entirely out of place and your face, what you need is this kind of triangle braids. Also known as Bantu braids, this is primarily a super fun way to experiment with your hair. Sectioning and making small Bantu braids with the pop of right color and highlight will look super bubbly and funny this summer.

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3. Red Highlights

If you are in for a pop of colors this summer, then braids with the pop of colors and highlights are your forte. This updo goes best with small triangles if your highlights are parted in small sections. But big braids are also all welcomed if you want different hair colors in the same one strand of a braid. Red highlights, brown highlights, purple highlights and so forth is all in for this one.

4. The Big Bun Semi

A hint of high buns goes well with most kind of hairstyles including this elegant hairstyles. By sectioning off your hair, tie a top braided bun and for the lower part, do the classic braids. For the extraness, you can also add white highlights, which aren’t common but looks so right!

5. Black Hair

Nothing looks classier than plated braids in black hair. It seems elegant and is the easiest to do. It can never go out of fashion as it is beautiful and pretty. With big braids or small ones, it just looks so very classy. With black being the bold color, this is in if you have luscious black hair.

6. Shiny Glow

The shiny and glowy braids are just right for you for any occasion. You can use heatless curling techniques and achieve that effortless curls. The top part can either be bunned or curled. Either way, expect to be the center of attraction with this hair. It’s also very suitable for dry hair as the curls will make hair less dry by protecting it from heat.

7. The Elegant

Look elegant and all glam with this super sleek hairstyle. For tan skin, triangle hairstyle with dark blonde highlights can give you that simple yet sexy look. This is suitable for all occasions and looks super experimental as well as convenient. The monotonous hair color is broken down by the highlights.

8. The Edgy

The box braid small ones are perfect for that sharp and edgy look for you. With your aura of confidence, this edgy triangle hairstyle will reflect your belief as well as bubbly nature of hair fashion. The small triangle box braids go best with this kind of updo.

9. Braids with Bold Highlights

Bold highlights are a thing of tremendous and edgy fashion in the 21st century and teaming up bold highlights with smaller braids are the right thing to do. So if you have bright highlights on and are thinking about a hairstyle, edgy box braids are the way to go.

10. The Half Knot

The top knot is all over the place right now. What better way to approach top knot than with braids. Part your hair like you would in a regular high knot hairstyle, make a classic top knot and braid your hair regularly for the look. Do not hesitate to add in silver highlights braids for that extra glow and shiny hair.

11. With Clips

If you are someone who likes to stay away from coloring your hair but still want that bright colors on your hair, don’t worry, we got your back. Part your hair and do a big high bun as well as standard braids and for the flush of colors, add small clips in triangle braids. This will not damage your hair with colors, and you still get that flush of colors in your hair.

12.  Partition Style

Big triangle box braids with color look the best in this kind of partition styled triangle braids.  With the right separation in the bottom part of your hair and our classic top bun, this partition style triangle hair goes well with big highlights which are explicitly visible.

13. The Dutch

If you are looking for easiest triangle plaits, this one is the shoe that you will fit in. It is so simple, yet so elegant and classy looking. Just make different sections of hair and tie them with rubber bands. Add ribbons and accessories for that extra bubliness. Super time friendly, this dutch hairstyle is just so very adorable.

14. The Grey Highlights


We cannot get over with braids with silver highlights and twists with grey highlights. If you want that neat braids with braids that are jumbo, this hairstyle should be your forte. It looks so much more lovely with the highlights on.

15. For Kids

If you want to learn how to do triangle braids for kids, we are here to help you. To put less pressure on child’s hair, do this simple and easy braids. It is so effortless yet very chic looking and also absolutely children friendly hairstyle.

16. Triangle Part Box Braids

For a neat looking triangled hairstyle, this will be a go-to for you. Look entirely tidy with the suave yet straightforward triangle updo. Use chokers with triangle updo hairstyle and amp up that neat and edgy look.

17.  With the Pop of Color

Any trendy braids can look more relaxed with the right amount of pop of color. With blue and different shades of purple, colors like these can add new dimensions and unique elements to your triangle hairstyle. Golden clips with triangle hairstyles also can never go wrong.

18. The Sophisticated

Party-ready triangle braids are very uncommon, and that should change. Look at the sophisticated and chic hairstyle. With the elegant and formal bun, right color of rubber bands and diamond accessories, this glamorous and colorful hairstyle is sure to make head turns on your night.

19. Thin Ones

If you want thin and slim braids, this hairstyle is for you. With the perfect hold an grip to it, this can change any mundane hairstyle to an exciting hairstyle. It can go well with black hair, long hair with braids as well as highlights on.

20. With Golden Highlights

The perfect blend of golden highlights with classic triangle bun braids will steal the show any day. Sectioning off your hair in a zig-zag pattern and building braids accordingly gives you the needed personal touch to your stylish triangle braids.

21. Very Thin Finish

To break the monotone thick and big braids, what you can actually have is very minute and thin braids. It doesn’t look very easy to do, but it looks like you’ve spent a fortune on your plushy triangle braids. This triangle braids for dark skin enhances your tan, because of the think texture of your hair.

22. The Sleek

On those days you opt for a sleek and refined look, the sleek triangle braids can be the best one for your taste. It is an easy triangle braid and looks good in long black hair. The partitions do not have to be very straight too, but it can still look like any other convenient triangle braids.

23. The Side Swept

The side swept triangle braids will match your taste if you are one of those who likes the side swept hairstyles. Just have your regular triangle box braids, but make sure to have your partition in the sideways for that extra fashionable look.

24. Swipe Swept For Black Hair

To maintain the side sweep charming look, we have side swept triangle braids for black hair. Not only does this give you a simple and neat look, but also will save you time and money for highlights. And did we tell you, how suave this look on long black hair?

25. Big Box

Big box triangle braids with a circle-ish top part partition are suitable for any hair types. Whether it be dry hair triangle braids, long hair triangle braids and so on, this will be a simple yet gorgeous triangle braid to experiment with.

26. Purple Hair

Purple is definitely the eye-catching color that is known to give you the glam and edge that you want. And what better way to add this dominant color in your fashion than in your hair. Just experiment long hair with purple color and purple triangle braids for all of the allure this fashion season.

27. Thick In Dark Blonde Hair

Dark blonde hair can never go out of trend. The correct way to style your dark blonde hair is by creating dark blonde triangle braids. With the right amount of accessories like silver clips on blonde hair, you are as appealing as it can get.

28. Parted Look

The most convenient triangle braids are the explicitly parted braids. The more hair you take in a strand, the fewer braids that you have to make and thereby, it is super easy triangle braids which is simple yet so fascinating.

29. Super Thick Braids

f you are running out of time and still are opting for the stylish triangle braids, then this thick hair triangle braids is for you. This is a heavy triangle braid that takes you half the time of making thin braids, and yes, we can see how amazing it looks.

30. Stunning Braids

For the charismatic and stunning triangle braids, you have to have sharp partitions on your hair, and you are down there looking exotic. You have to be careful about how to make sharp partitions for triangle braids, and the rest will be straightforward.

31. Tiny Touch

Very sexy and great triangle braids are the very tiny triangle braids that can be worn anywhere. So when you are free on the weekends, you can take small sections of your long or short hair and make triangle braids that look lovely.

32. The PigTail

Pigtail hairstyles are so in now, and to amp up your regular pigtails and make it exciting is by obviously adding braids to it. It looks cute, and it is unique and different pigtails. Moreover, since you have only to plat the lower part of your hair, it also saves you a lot of time. Add brown clips to braids for that right amount of mixture.

33. The Big Bun

Big buns can not look appealing. Stylish big buns with braids glorify any boring buns, and it also seems very classy and dazzling. The starfish partition in your hair also gives you that fascinating hairstyle look.

34. The Colorful

Adding vividness and colors to your hair definitely livens up any hairstyle. With the right combination of colors and colorful braids, you are ready for all sorts of events. The light blonde hair with the braids also is wonderful to play around with.

35. The Semi Braids

If you are making triangles and get too tired, need not worry. By leaving a small section of hair unbraided, you create this mesmerizing triangle box braids small that is unique only to you.

36. Long Braids

Long braids are the most convenient ones. Black braids in long hair like the picture show how any normal black hair can go as exciting and chic as it can.

37. The Glow Triangle Hairstyle

Shiny braids and glowy braids are always with you to add that extra shine and glam factor to your night.

38. The From Above Braids

The braids that are shown from above are very fun to look at, and the details that are made in that part is also very particular and easy hairstyle to do.

39. The Blonde

To make your blondes be emphasized more, you can always have blonde braids. It gives more attention to your color and  blonde highlights.

40. The Red Style

If you want a different pop of color ad vividness ti your hair, then red highlight is for you. By having red highlights with these braids, you are ready to steal the show.

41. The Summer One

If you want to be out under the sun, then this updo for summer is right for you. It’s a heat friendly hairstyle that fits your summer looks.

42. The Soft One

The soft blonde color and the simple looking braids are the way to go if you like minimalist looks. It’s chic and minimalist fashion.

43. The Styling One

You should invest in using the styling products for braids to get that perfect and convenient products for hairstyles like these.

44. The Dazzling Triangle Braids

Shiny hair is meant to steal the show. This dazzling and shiny braids will make you sparkle from the rest and with the subtle red highlights, you challenge the hair ethics.

45. The Effortless One

The effortless triangles are so simple to do and look very plain and classy. Therefore, on those days you don’t want to go over the top, opt for this easy triangular braids.

46. The Mini One

Mini braids look very less messy and, the lustrous hair with braids sums up your fashion statement with hair for that day.

47. The Charismatic One

If you want to throw off that charm and vibe in some days, then this charismatic and stylish braids is for you. It looks like this will be a memorable hairstyle for a long time for you.

48. The Big Forehead

Plats for big forehead is also the perfect alternative to a stylish and amazing hairstyle. With the minimal grey highlights in the braids, you look just the right amount of fashionable in any given day.

49. The Dreadlocks

This type of goth braids on dreadlock is one exotic way to style your hair. Dreadlocks in the blonde hair look good, to begin with, and with blonde braids, it looks even better and stylish.

50. The Attractive One

Attractive braids and braids of dark black hair is what let all the eyes turn to you. By being the edgy braids, this gives you the perfect kick for any social event.

51. The Dry One

Braids for dry hair can always be done to make it appear less dry and also protect it from the air, pollutants as well as foreign substances. By using the correct hair items for dry hair, you are essentially doing a hair care routine.

52. For Kids

These thin braids are perfect as it is a style for children in this braids. This is also suitable for triangles for short hair.

53. The Creative One

You can also have fun with braids by coming up with creative hairstyles. The waterfall hairstyle and the ladder hairstyle and be coupled with a hint of hair braids and can be made into a completely new hairstyle.

54. The Side Top Braid


This side circled braids are also a perfect way to give a different touch and hint to your mundane braids. It is new and of course, draws the right amount of attention your way.

55. The enchanting one

To use your braids to enchant people around you, have a magical and easiest braids. It looks absolutely convenient and sexy.

56. The Huge Bun

If you want your hair away from your face and want to go for an exciting bun look instead of simple buns, then braids bun is the hairstyle to opt for. Just make usual plats and braids and collect it to form a huge bun.

57. Bright Red Hair

Bright red hair is suitable for any season. Red being the color of power, give your hair more boldness and strength by making triangle red braids. It looks so powerful and provides the right statement.

58. With The Accessories

Long hair with no color or highlights can sometimes get boring. If you are one of them, who don’t want to put colors in your hair and still want some pop of colors, use accessories. Silver accessories in black hair with this braids look amazing.

58. The Puff Hair

Simple puff on hair is a very elegant way to start and amp up any hair. By teaming the puff with these braids, you are creating your own way of style and hair and looks adorable.

59. The Emo

The emo side sweep with braids gives you the right touch and mix of punk hairstyles. Look the right amount of funky and cool with this cool braid hairstyle.

With that, we have come to the end of this segment about the chic and unique hairstyles that you could try out for a change of the mundane everyday hairstyles that we try out in our normal lives.

Our latest, most fashionable, creative hairstyles and patterns will without a doubt help you look glamorous, efficient and these convenient braids and triangle box braids are a go to look to feel and look like a million bucks for sure. Don’t forget to use hair care products and protection for this kind of hair styling.

All in all, whatever your hair type, hair color, hair length, hair form, hair volume and hair structure are, we got your back to achieve the best triangle shaped braids for your liking. Just do not forget to wear that confidence like a pro with whatever hair style you undertake, and you are ready to go!


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