78 Glamorous Updos For Long Hair To Rock In Casual Days or Party


Updos for long hair can sometimes be very hard and can require a lot of work, but with our list of elegant updos for long hair, you need not worry. Either is it from prom, an elite party, a casual dinner date or even wedding hairstyles, this list provides you all the hairdo that will simply be the fit for your long and luscious hairstyle.

So brace yourself and do not forget to take notes as we take you through the journey of 115 elegant yet straightforward updos for long hair.

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    Fish Braid with Puff Updo For Long Hair


An updo for this hairstyle is this adorable and classy updo with fish braid with a combination of both puffs as well as a simple twist. Even though this has a mix of everything, it does not look over the top at all and looks elegant.

2. The Wedding Hairstyle Updo for Long Hair

If you want to be the center of attention that you rightly deserve to be on your wedding day, then this hairstyle is for you. With straight hair in the front, this updo is straightforward, but with the correct accessories like the small butterflies as well as your hair clothes, this looks amazing.

3. The Messy Updo For Long Hair

Messy updos for long hair and an elegant party dress is the perfect combination. This messy hairstyle bun looks amazing and elegant for any kind of party and gives you the balance of elegance and messiness.

4. The Side Sweep For Long Hair

This side sweep hairstyle gives you the touch of style as most other side swept hairstyles. This hairstyle does not just look graceful but also beautiful and simple. With the right accessory like the black flower, the blonde hair simply looks breathtaking.

5. The Ombre Updo

Updos for long hair with ombre looks stunning. Along with the combination of two colors, the base looks one color and the hair looks a different one. This contrast gives the bun all the right transition of colors.

6. The Party Ready

A long hair updo which is party ready hairstyles can never go wrong. Whether is it for prom, wedding reception or any kind of formal parties, this kind of messy hairstyle with the sleek touch it has is a simple yet classy hairstyle to master.

7. The Curly One

Updos for long hair with curly hair in the front can add just the right amount of sophistication to your hair routine. The twisted front part, as well as the curly hair strands in the side, is as amazing as it can get.

8. The Classic Big Bun

One of the most famous and easy to accomplish hairstyle for long hair is the classic big bun. It literally takes less than a minute to master and with colors in hair like red, the big bun in red hair looks incredible.

9. Romantic Criss-cross Updo

For a formal dinner date, you cannot have a better hair than this. Hairstyles for hair with highlights with this criss-cross hairstyle is gorgeous, to begin with, but the pearl accessories in blonde hair just adds so much of vibrancy to it.

10. The Big Braids

Updos for thick hair can be experimental. Like the hairstyle with thick braids. For this hairstyle, braid your hair like you would normally do and extend it. Add some diamond accessories to your thick hair, and you will get this amazing look.

11. The Fishtail Braid Updo

The thick and messy fishtail hairstyle can be incorporated in buns for long hair. In this hairstyle, fish braid your hair like you normally would and attach it in the bun with the help of hairpins.

12. The Tight Fishtail Hair Updo

If you want the sleek look with the tight fishtail braid, this hairstyle is the right thing for you. With just a simple tight braid connected upwards with the bun, you get this classy looking hair for black and blonde ombre hair.

13. The Romantic Updo

Romantic hairstyle for long hair is all in. With the perfect blend of elegance and sophistication, this updo can never go wrong if you are aiming to look classy and turn heads on you. Just leave some parts of hair in the front for the mix of messiness to that elegance.

14. The Wedding Look

Updos for long hair wedding cannot get more splendid than this. With some braid, some curls, some partition, and a floral hair clip, this hairstyle is fit for hairstyles for parties and weddings.

15. The Floral One

By adding flowers to your updo for long hair, you can make any hairstyle an afternoon reception ready with flowers and accessories that represent floral patterns.

16. The Layered Bun

The layered bun for light blonde hair is a gorgeous way to look magnificent as social gatherings. This bun has lots of layer in it and is very easy and simple to do.

17. The Minimal One

If you want to add some kind of style and texture without adding any colors or accessories to your long hair without having buns and updos, simply follow this casual and trendy hairstyle. Just twist two sections of your hair and clip it without seeming seamless and get this casual yet party-ready hairstyle.

18. The Gold Accessory

Any plain and simple bun can look elegant and gorgeous with the right accessory. Paired up with a gold flower accessory, this smooth updo for long hair is looking extraordinary and beautiful.

19. The Twisted Bun

The twisted updo for long hair is suitable for neutral and natural looking bun. You can also opt for accessories like small earrings and clips to amp up that bun.

20. The Messy Curls

Long hairs with messy curls are the way to go for any day out. This hairstyle is suitable for a casual day out in the mall and is very easy to achieve and gives the correct amount of casual and messy touch to your day.

21. The Black Updo

Updos for black hair is suitable when you twist and curl parts of your hair to create a medium sized bun. Not only does this hairstyle have your hair out of your face, it also amps up the darkness of your classy black hair.

22. The High Updo

With this high updo, you will nail the classic look and be red carpet ready. It is also hairstyle fir for summer as it will keep hair away from your face as well as neck. It looks simple and classy and can be amped up with the accessories like earrings, lockets, and clips.

23. The Braids and Partitions

Fishtail braid mixed up with some hair that is left in front will give you a very classy and edgy look. Blonde hair with bright pink lipstick as well as a bun with lipstick looks incredibly quiet and adorable.

24.  One with Pigtails

Pigtail hairstyles can also be accommodated with a classy bun. For this look, you have to normally have two braids in the lower section of your hair and have an edgy braid in the upper section.

25. The Shiny Updo

This updo for shiny hair is very simple. You just have to roll your hair over and over again to get the perfect bun hairstyle. With the shine your hair with have by using necessary products, it is natural to have bright buns to steal the show.

26. The Low Updo

If you are bored of high buns and updos, then this one is for you. By curling your hair from the top of your hair in small sections, you are making accessories out of your hair. For the main part of this hairstyle which is the bun, simple braids your hair and converts it into a bun and tie the bun with a black elastic for that unique look.

27. The Half Updo

For this hairstyle, you simply need to have big and voluminous curls and then tie a high pony and extend the top part of your hair.

28. The Upside Down Twist

The upside down twisted hairstyle is so easy to obtain. You simply have to normally twist your hair in the upside down style and pin it up to get that gorgeous looking hairstyle.

29. The Dry Hair

If your hair is dry and you still want an edgy looking hairstyle for you, then buns for dry hair is perfect for you. By preventing any kind of style, you are preventing further damage to your hair and you can add cream color rose accessories to your hair.

30. The Half-knot Hairstyle

Half-knot hairstyle for ombre hair is all in as it massively emphasizes your shades of color on the hair. These are casual updos for long hair that takes no time at all.

31. Huge Buns with Curls

This hairstyle is for long and thick hair. With curls on your hair and some teasing, you need some volume to achieve this hairstyle and it looks incredible.

32. The Puff with Curls

If you like to go your signature puff hairstyle with an elegant updo, then this one is for you. With the curls and the puff you get on top of your hair, you will definitely be on the top of your game.

33. The Romantic Hair Updo


For learning how to do updos for long hair, you need to master the art of this romantic hairstyle. Ever ready for prom as well as any formal function, thick braids attached to this updo looks the right amount of sophisticated.

34. Business Formals

If you are looking or a classy hairstyle or a business meeting or presentation, then you cannot go wrong with this hairstyle. It is work appropriate and formal.

35. Simple Twist

We have hairstyles covered up for boring days as well. Simply twist your hair with a twist braid and get this simple hairstyle for long hair.

36. Minimal Bridal

Bridal hairstyles can go overboard, so if you are someone who prefers simplicity, then this hairstyle is for you. It looks tremendously stylish and simple at the same time.

37. All in one

If you want something with everything on it, then this combination of braids, curls, puff as well as a bun adds the magic to your overall look.

38. Multi Tails

This step by step guy to this adorable voluminous bun will come in handy if you are looking for a hairstyle with volume and depth.

39. Messy Updos For Long Hair

Messy updos for long hair and looks that look effortless and classy are in, try this simple look for blonde hair and steal the show on your event.

40. Flower It

White flowers on dark blonde hair and the contrast of colour it gives just feels right. Not only it looks beautiful, but the pop of color steals the attention.

41. Layered Bun

Layered buns look difficult but with practice, it is one of the easiest buns for long hair, and it looks like you are indeed a hairstyle pro.

42. Half Twist

Hairstyles for ombre hair should be different to accentuate the colors. Hence, this half twist got your back. This step by step half twist shows how your hair can go towards looking like a million bucks.

43. Side Curls

To amp up any hairstyle, try to side sweep the version of any hairstyle. This hairstyle with simple curls swept at the side gives you an amazing classy look.

44. Braided Bun

If you want to mix and match your braids with a bun, then this hairstyle is for you. The braided bun gives you a classy and put together look.

45. Black Bun

Look put together in your black curly hair with this curly and wavy black hair. It has a match of braids that are transformed into a bun.

46. Ombre curls

Ombre curls with bun is the way to go to put emphasis on your curls as well as the transition of colour in your hair.

47. Subtle waves

Subtle curls for long ombre hair that doesn’t look over the top is in. This hairstyle in subtle ombre colours looks fashionable and fabulous.

48. Step by Step

A step by step guide on how to do updos for long hair is shown in the above picture. Making small pony and using a spring hair clip is simple and straightforward.

49. Hard curls

Hard curls are the way to go, so instead of using soft curls as always, you can go for harder curls that gives you a sleeker and edgy look.

50. Loose Braids

Loose braids are very light on your hair and also looks pretty. It can go to formals as well as casual and calm.

51. High Bun

High buns on top of your head is a way to instantly look fabulous and feel like a million bucks. It can also be changed into the ribbon bun hairstyle with a clip right in the middle of the bun.

52. Chic Bun

Chic buns with locket look incredibly on point. With just a dash of an accessory on the hair, you will have all the eyes on you in the day.

53. Orange It Up

Orange hair is perfect for summer and updo on orange hair looks incredible and bubbly. The pop pf orange hair with green earnings adds the right amount of summer vibe to your hair.

54. Purely White

Updos for white hair can go exciting with all the things you can do with it. This hairstyle with a mixture of bun as well as braids add the excitement to a monotone all white hair.

55. The Big One

Long hair can also look big and voluminous if you add lots of layers in hair. In this hairstyle, you have side bangs  that are attached to a big puff and then completed with a big simple lower bun.

56. Easy Ones

Beautiful easy updos for long hair can also as easy as shown in the picture. It is minimal and takes less than a minute to flaunt.

57. Overall Braids

Overall braids that cover the side of your hair look elegant and graceful. With a thick braid that crosses your hair crown, you look ever ready for any event.

58. Grand Bun

Grand buns that look posh are perfect for a party in which looks are to be sold. this grand bun in light brown hair is all you need to turn the heads at you for a party.

59. Feminine One

Buns on purple hair can amplify the look of the colour on your hair. With fine curls that don’t look too overboard, you have the right kind of vibes and feel to your hair.

60. The Sleek

Updos for long blonde hair can be amplified with make up and bright eye shadows. Golden and brown eye shadows on long hair with lockets and a simple updo can look posh and classy.

61. Overall Twists

Twists on hair is a modest way to look stylish. Just criss-cross your hair on your scalp and tie it with an elastic to get the overall feel of the hair and look ever ready to be flashy.

62. Casual Hair

Casual updos for everyday wear can be boring at times so make sure to add braids and twists in the right places in your hairstyle to have an exciting hairstyle that will look experimental.

63. Prom Look

Updos for long hair prom are pretty expensive when you go at parlous and hair stylists. Therefore, you can create this modest hairstyle at home with little effort.

64. The Straight Hair

Updos for long straight hair are very simple and less time consuming as you save the time taken to curl your hair.

65. Groomed Hair

Taking care and grooming your hair is important for the health of you hair and the overall look of it. This hairstyle takes out strands of hair that has no split ends and thereby looks appealing to look at as well.

66. The three step updo for long hair

Easy updos for long hair step by step in shown in the above picture which depicts this effortless hairstylr for soft hair.

67. The Grand Updo for Long Hair


Sophisticated hairstyles for long black hair can look classic with many curls and a lot f volume infused with the hair. YouTube easy updos for long hair to see a variety of this hairstyle with its own hint of twists.

68. Wedding Hair

Updos for long hair wedding should be looking spontaneous and graceful. A classic hairstyle with light purple net gown is the way to go. The backless gown can also be teamed up with this hairstyle.

69. Graceful Updos

Graceful and casual updos for long hair can be breathtaking when teamed up with a dark maroon lipstick and a black dress on black hair.

70.  A two step updo

Updos for long hair step by step can go casual as well as over the top. With the amount of effort as well as the accessories and the type pf dresses to mix with it, this hairstyle can go either ways.

71. Bandana

A light braid can be glorified with a twist by using bandanas. Red bandanas on light blonde hair adds all the vibe to the summer heat.

72. The Red Carpet Look

Updos for long hair how to do it yourself is available on YouTube and articles on google as well. This hairstyle looks red-carpet ready and with the right maroon dress and a dangling earrings, you look like a million bucks.

73. Bandana Wrap

Bandana Wrap on buns can look adorable and cute. With some strands of hair taken down, this hairstyle is perfect for a day out.

74. The Curly Hair

Curls can look very glamorous in updos. By using the thick curling wand, style your hair and create a classic bun.

75. Spur of Colours

Colourful hair with pink highlights in blonde hair and red highlights mixed can go pretty and bubbly for summer and warm as well for all seasons.

76. Glittered

Any hairstyle can look glamorous with a dash of glitter to it.

77. Floral

A hairstyle will look 10 times better with some roses and floral elements mixed with it.

78. Pop Of Colors   

Updos for long hair with highlights of blue highlights, purple highlights, grey highlights, green highlights gives you a flush of colours to pop up in every nook of your hair.


With that, we have come to the end of our glamorous updos doe long hair. Don’t forget to team up these hairstyles with the right accessories as well as your conidence that can never go wrong in any kind of style of hair.


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