75 Weave Ponytail Ideas for an Effortlessly Cool Look


Are you ready to look your best? Then you need to try out these casual and fun hairstyles with weave ponytail ideas we collected. These are the styles that are gaining a lot of popularity. We can see them on many women nowadays on trending Instagram posts. Whether you are a girl who likes sleek hair or someone who wants some textured waves on them, we have some ideas here. Want some colors? Then you can get some fun pinks and pastel shades on as well. If you want, then you can add some fun accessories on them as well.

Here are 75 ideas for weave ponytail ideas you can try out if you want to get out of the home looking your best.

Ready to head out

You can be ever ready to head out when you have a hairstyle that is as funky as this one. The longer sections of hair are curled up. The blonde hues on top are excellent. The darker base on the hair is a great pair. The tight section is pinned down, and the curls are what form the volume. The makeup is also on point. We know this is a look to try out!

weave ponytail Tight pulled back style

This is an excellent look if you have thick hair and are looking to balance it out and make it look managed. You can take the section of hair and smoothen it out well. If you want then straighten it out before you tie it on the back. Then you can create these bubble sections on end. It has this traditional vibe to it and has a transitional vibe to it.

Keeping weave ponytail fun!

The ponytail you try out can be a look that sets you aside and makes you look like a celeb even. Take the section of your hair high up, and then you can get a style as close to Nina Dobrev here! The vampire diaries actress looks stunning and casual as she looks great on the messy look. Here are a couple of ideas that you can try out if you want to get that vibrant vibe on to your hair.

Elegant touch

The knotted twisted weave ponytail idea is exceptional, and it has this sleek vibe to it. You can see there are some streaks of blonde hues on them with a dark black too. The low pony gets this style with the design inflicted. The sleek straightened style looks suitable for any party. It is perfect for any special occasion. It can be hard to get done if you are a beginner, so take some help.

A new style to try out!

There are so many sections out there, and there are braids in here that we adore. The top part is rounded up, and there are some clean sections on them as well. The French braids in the middle are what we love. The natural baby hair on the front is curled and placed in a secured fashion. If you want, then you can take the section on the side and get some waves. They cascade down and have this stunning flowy appeal.

Keeping it fun!

The weave ponytail hairstyles with bangs is a fun style. You can attain the fun, flirty vibe and get the look to try out. Wear it to a concert, and you can enjoy it without the hassles of having a lot of things to take care of. You can also opt for a sleeker look with the straighten hair. We have both these options in images out here. Check them out, and you are ready to head out.

Thick natural looking hair

Are you ready to get a fuller look with some weave ponytail ideas? Then you can take a lot of extensions and try to attain the volume with these curls. This is one style that gets you the look like Beyonce. There are many fabulous styles in this article, but this one is a must-try. You can take measures to control the frizz by conditioning. You can take the dark base on the top and has some blonde hues.

Casual hairstyles with weave ponytail

Weave ponytail ideas are a great style to try out. You can wear them to any fun party. You can see that the hair on top has a beautiful appeal to it. This can be perfect for days when you need to look cute. The messy style is also trending currently, and you can try it out for a day out. Check out these options for a chilled appeal with your close friends.

Side braids weave ponytail

There are some options here that have weave ponytails with tracks on them, and you can see that these are ideal for anyone. This has a charm to it, and you can see them on social media sites as well. You can try out the style if you want that mix of sexy and sweet appeal. Hiding the hair tie with some braided sections is a good option. But what excites us the most is the braided train on the temples.

Low weave ponytail ideas

These are some low weave ponytail options with messy appearance as well. The middle section on the first one here. It has a sleek appeal, and we recommend it to anyone who wants an appropriate teenager idea. Keep the makeup simple, and you will love the attire. The one on the bottom has some swift sections on them, and it has been tied up on the base. You can also take on some loose part on the front and enjoy a romantic look.

The weave ponytail with volume

Do you want a ponytail weave sew in style? Then this is the portion of our article that you can enjoy a lot. The top has a puffed-up portion, and then it adds that gets you all the attention. The loose curls on the front add that touch of elegance that is ideal for a date night. You can also sport it to your office. And the best thing is you can wear it as your wedding day hairstyle too.

Chic and elegant weave ponytail ideas

If you want a graceful look, there is nothing better to try than this hairstyle here. You can get the puff on with your weave ponytail and then style it with some sleek waves. The ends of the pony that you leave loose can set your whole attire straight! You can keep some beautiful waves on and get the fun colors on your makeup as well to impress everyone. The colors here are dark brown and subtle as well, and it makes all the difference.

Elaborate details

This one can look you try out for an event. You know that there are some elements to this look that makes it work out. The information in this hairstyle is what sets it aside from all and create a transitional look. The side swept low pony is ideal for any fun event where you want to give off that girly appeal.

Side shaved hairstyle

When Rihanna wears a haircut, and you see it, you know it is phenomenal. And you need to give it a shot if you are as bold as the singer herself. You can see how well she has balanced the side shaved with a feminine look. The bold avatar is bought on by the shave and shows off two sides of her personality!

Get them on top

If you have short and textured locks, this is the one to get on board with. You can see how the hair has this volume and bulk as you leave it on top. The idea is to get the hair secured on the top with some beautiful curls on them. This way, you can enjoy looking transitional and impressive with less effort.

Curls on top

Are you ready to try on some curly weave ponytail? Then head on to a salon and get this look that we are recommending to you. There are sleek edges on the bottom, and it narrows down to an excellent curly section on the top. You know these are ideal for days when you need to impress. So get them on yourself today!

Keep them high on top

You know the right hairstyle when you see one, and we are here in awe of how stunning these are! These are the big weave ponytail ideas that can give that added length to your face and make you look beautiful. There are many tricks to getting it done. We suggest you get your hair upside down and tie it as close to the crown as you can.

Dark base with red cherry tones

Who doesn’t love red shades?  You may be scared or reluctant to try something like this on but you know they are an excellent idea! You surely admire them as well. If you are feeling a bit bold, then try getting your hair up in a high pony and show off these cherry red tones. You can keep the base as black as you want to add to the effect.

The natural way to get curls

Did you know that there are so many ways to get heatless curls on your locks! You can get your hair braided tightly and enjoy these nice looking shiny curls by yourself. These are the ideas to get by on days when you know you are not going to have much time in the mornings. Check it out down below and sneak a closer look.

Side swept low pony

Looking out for a hairstyle that has that transitional effect on it? Then these weave ponytail ideas were made for you. You are sure to have this one pinned down to your list of hairstyles to get done! You can also add on braids as a part of this hairdo and enjoy a fun and young style the whole day.

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Easy, breezy styles to try

As we lay eyes on this one, we feel the comfort and ease that it comes with. We are sure you want to jump on the chance to recreate this as well. The subtle femininity and the graceful touch of this hairstyle are what sets it aside from all the other sleek and tight forms of weave ponytail.

For the summer days

Summers mean fun parties and a lot of activities for sure. And we are here to show you how to look cute and fun in those days. This style of weave ponytail has us swooning over it. The loose section on the front makes this one ideal for anyone with the round face shape. Similarly, it is also great for women who want some waves on their hair before it is pinned down in a pony.

Upside down braided ponytail ideas

There are many weave ponytail with braids, but some are exceptional for a lot of ways. You can see that the hairstyles we have here are unique. Here the twists are starting from the base and not from the top. You need to be precise while you complete a look like this. Check it out below and get inspired to try it today.

Extraordinary braids on top

When you are looking to get some spicy style on, you can try this one on! You need to take a section of hair from the top and start braiding across to start! Then you can add that pulled apart full effect on them by tugging on them from each side. Finally, place it into a thin low pony and head out.

Easy to wear style

We all know that we have done some crazy things in the name of fashion. We may keep our hair too long or try out a method where we are in pain as well. But it is crucial to think about oneself as you get trendy! The comfort level that a hairdo brings you can determine how your day goes by.

Casual Everyday styles

When you are back home and need to run some quick errands, it is best to get your hair that sleek appeal by pushing it down into a pony. It is an easy idea, and it hardly takes any time. The effortless style is favored by many for the ease that it comes with. This weave ponytail can save you time and keep you trendy!

Funky Teenager’s ideas

Have you seen the excellent genie ponytail with weave? If you are still unaware of these styles, then we suggest you try to look out for this one here! It is an emerging style that a lot of young women have been trying on. Here we are in awe of this fabulous fashion. You can take multiple rubber bands and get them stacked up to get this look.

Tying it around

You can take your ponytail to a new level by changing some minor things about it. Here we are talking about ways to make that pony look polished and pretty. Take the section to tie as high as you want it to. That way, you can make it look bigger. Then wrap a part of your hair around the hair tie you used, and you are done!

The yarn idea on braids

Who would have thought getting yarn on hair can look so good. They can be a form of expression for you and make you stand out as well. Here is an idea that gets you noticed in any event you attend. You know that the high pony with a sleek appearance with this look. It is perfect for a party and such fun day out.

Faux braided mohawk ideas

The addition of braids to ponytails is not a new concept out there. There are so many options to try if you want to go down that lane. Thus we are showing you a few ideas here that can set you aside from everyone else. Try taking a section of hair from the top and get them braided before making that ponytail. That way, you can add volume and get an intricate look too.

Red curls

There is no doubt that red is a beautiful color, and there are some fun shades out there to try. You can get that cherry red on to your locks to enjoy a fantastic appearance. It has a powerful and romantic vibe to it, and thus, it is called the color of passion as well. You can add on a few ringlets to achieve this fantastic style. If you are excited by this, you can pin it around and get the look to love in a matter of minutes!

Sleek side swept ideas

If you are a teenager looking for an elegant, smooth style, then you will surely enjoy this style. Start by getting the top section of your hair in some excellent sleek appeal. Straighten them and use some hairspray as well. Create a deep side part, and you can also take the hair to one side. Get them on to a low pony, and you are set for the day. You need to make sure that you take good care of your hair and make them well-conditioned before you get on to trying styles like these

Braided ponytail ideas

There are many African braiding styles out there that you can try out with this weave ponytail! We suggest you use the method that matches you the most. If you can get that tightly braided look yourself, then you will save a lot of money as well. Take them up to the crown, and then you can tie your locks in a high pony! This way you can enjoy a clean hairstyle. Share this idea with some of your close buddies, and you can both get it done to look like a pair.

Half up hairstyle to try

This weave ponytail idea is so beautiful that we recommend all of you to try it out. You can see that there is an excellent volume on the top and the knotted section is unique on the crown. The wavy appeal the rest of the hair has is giving it this natural lift. You need to put in a lot of effort to get the waves done before you start with the pony!

Olivia Wilde ponytail ideas

There are some fascinating styles that you can opt for if you want a fun look! And here we are showing off weave ponytails with bangs that Olivia Wilde has sported herself. Her bubbly style here is ideal for teenagers and also young women. This is best for all of us who do not want to put too much of an effort to look great! These are comfortable styles, and thus you can do it by yourself fast.

When you set your heart on something, you can achieve it for sure. So if you want a hairstyle like the ones we suggested on top here, you can surely get to recreating them. Take help from your close ones to choose an image and head on to the process. We are sure you will have a fun time doing them at home if you have someone to help you. If not, then you can book an appointment and get it done at a salon. There is no need to try out a hairstyle that you have no faith in, instead try something that you are familiar with and look good.

There are some styles here that were sported by celebrities as well. You know you look good when you get on with something as lovely as a sleek hairdo that has been approved by women like Olivia Wilde and Rihanna herself. You can add your touch to these looks and sport them to parties as well. Make sure you have that graceful touch in you no matter what hairdo you pick. Here you can find the best collection for any trendy weave ponytail to try.


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