75 Weave Ponytail Ideas for an Effortlessly Cool Look


You don’t need an elaborate hairstyle just to look great as a ponytail can take you everywhere—girls night out, workout at the gym, dinner dates, fancy parties, and so on. A great thing, weaves can make your typical ponytail more versatile and glamorous. If you want to simplify your busy life, keep on reading for the 75 weave ponytail ideas that will give you an effortlessly cool look.

What is Weave Ponytail?

Basically, a ponytail is a hairstyle where all of your hair is gathered away from your face. In fact, the hairstyle resembles to a tail of a pony. Most of the time, they are placed at the back of the head, but they could be at the sides or at the crown.

On the other hand, a weave is another word for hair extensions, gluing or pinning into your natural hair to give you a new look. While the typical hair extensions are costly and time-consuming, weaves are cheaper and easier alternative. Most of the time, a hairstylist will place the weave cap on your head before the bonding the hair extensions, so your natural hair doesn’t have to deal with manipulation and styling.

If you need to change your looks in minutes, a weave ponytail is a way to go. If you have shorter hair, a weave ponytail can take your lifeless hair to long and glamorous hairstyle. The key is to get the weaves installed correctly, so it will look natural yet glamorous.

Origin of Hair Weaving


Do you know that the use of hair extensions can be traced back as far as 5000 B.C in Ancient Egypt? It all started when men shaved their hair just to create wigs from it, then women weaved their hair to add some volume on it. In fact, this became a status symbol adopted by the aristocrats of Egypt, though commoners seek for cheaper methods to replicate the look.

In the sixteenth century, hair weaving became more popular due to the influence of African American culture, and Europeans adopted more natural look in the eighteenth century. Do you know that men in the eighteenth century tied their hair on the back too just like a pony tail, but gathered them into a silk bag instead of hanging them down freely? In fact, it became a mandatory hairstyle for European armies.

In the nineteenth century, women in the Victorian era adopted the pompadour hairstyle with the use of human hair extensions. In the twentieth century, hair extensions and weaves lost popularity because of the ‘Flapper trend’ with short, sleek hairstyles.

In 1950s, an African American woman Christina Jenkins invented the hair weaving process, when people are used to placing hair extensions pinned on the scalp and natural hair were exposed to too much heat styling and chemicals. However, her technique for installing hair extensions was time-consuming since you would need to sew hair on a net, and braid them into cornrows.

Unfortunately, the finished look would give you fake and bulky appearance, though the method itself paved the way for the advancements in hair weaving techniques.

In the 80s, the hair weaving became popular again, thanks to different musical groups and rock musicians that influenced the hairstyle trend. Nowadays, weave ponytails are popular for giving us effortlessly cool hairstyles that can be worn in the office, gym, parties, and even on weekends. It also became a practical option for women on the go, as well as in the hot summer months as the hairstyle keeps hair out of the face.

Why You Should Rock a Weave Ponytail Hairstyle


If you’re a woman on the go, then a weave ponytail will save you time while looking effortlessly chic. Apart from it, weaves are quicker to install compared to traditional sew-ins, so you don’t have to sit in the chair for a long time.

Do you know that it takes too much time for black women to fix their naturally kinky hair? Yes, styling their hair feels like a daily chore. That’s also one of the reasons why weave ponytails are practical and stylish option for them as it is easier to install than trying to manage their own hair.

Do you know that getting a weave ponytail is just cheap and cheaper if you install it yourself? In fact, it can last for a long time if you take care of your hair extensions properly.

If your hair is in transition, weave ponytail can give you greater hair length while allowing it to grow, especially if you’re transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. If you can’t grow a longer hair, a weave ponytail will allow you the rock the hairstyle that you love. Apart from it, a weave ponytail can cover up hair loss whether it’s a consequence of tight braids or health reasons.

A great thing, a weave ponytail can be a protective hairstyle that helps your hair grow and gain thickness as long as you take care of it. Just like any protective hairstyle, it gives your hair a break from heat styling tools, relaxing and braiding.

Unfortunately, some black women are conforming to society’s standards by getting a weave as it’s a traditional belief that straighter hair looks better on a black woman compared to her naturally afro textured hair. In fact, a lot of black women are hiding their real hair with fake hair.

Things to Know Before Getting a Ponytail Weave

  1. You should know the right type of hair extension for you.

Do you know that there are lots of hair extensions in different, lengths, styles, and textures? Basically, you can do anything with a human hair extension. Think of bleaching, dyeing, curling, straightening it and such as you do with your natural hair.

While virgin hair refers to hair extensions made from human hair that has not been chemically processed, and collected from one donor, the remy hair is made up of human hair from several donors yet maintained the alignment of its strands. On the other hand, the non-remy hair refers to hair extensions that are chemically processed and its roots and tips are mixed.

Apart from it, you should choose hair extension according to your hair texture or the style you want. Some hair extension works better with certain ethnicities and some won’t look natural on your hair type even if it’s made up of human hair. Do you have a naturally straight hair? Then opt for a silky straight hair extension. Women with a curly hair should opt for a textured hair extension, while ones with kinky hair should opt for an afro-textured weave that will resemble their natural hair.

  1. You should spend more for good quality hair.

Even though ponytail weaves are cheaper than traditional sew-ins, good, ethical human hair extensions can still be quite expensive. Most of the time, going for one hundred percent remy hair will give you the most natural look. You just need to take care of them just like how you take care of your natural hair, shampooing and conditioning them.

Synthetic hair extensions are popular too, but they cannot be styled with heat, curled or straightened. Keep in mind that cheap synthetic hair extensions can cause irritation to your scalp and damage to your natural hair. Some cheap hair extensions are mixed with animal hair from yaks and horses, while some are mixed in with synthetic hair. Regardless of your budget, there are a lot of options to choose from.

  1. It is better to leave the weave in process to the pros.

In some countries, hairstylists are required to have a cosmetology license just to style your hair in a salon, especially braiding and cutting your hair. However, most countries don’t have that strict license for braiders, so you have to be extra careful when choosing a stylist to style your braids. This way, you’ll make sure your hairstylist practice healthful braiding that won’t compromise your hair’s health.

This is especially true if you color your hair with chemicals and undergo protective hairstyles that last for months. Your hairstylist should be aware of scalp infections and hair issues.

  1. You should change up your ponytail weaves to let your scalp breathe.

Of course you can change up the color of your hair with a ponytail weave, whether you want it to look natural or more eccentric. However, you must wear them for only four to six weeks as longer time will only lead to hair loss or some hair issues. Do you know that bonded weaves literally use a bonding glue to attach the hair extensions to your scalp? Unfortunately, it can irritate your scalp and causes breakage on your hair roots.

Do you know that you need to take a break between weave installations? According to hair experts, you should wear at least two months with hair extensions and another two months without them. Also, avoid removing the glued-on hair extension drastically, or else, you’ll suffer hair loss permanently. In fact, supermodel Naomi Campbell is one of the women who experienced hair loss due to hair extension.

Most of the time, overuse of hair extensions can lead to traction alopecia or hair loss caused by too much tension on the roots. More severe cases, one can even experience inflammation and scarring on the scalp that will result to permanent hair loss.

  1. You still need to take care for your natural hair.

Regardless of the process of installing your hair extensions, you still need to deep condition your natural hair. Some ponytail weaves are attached to your strands with glue, and traction alopecia can be developed if you neglect taking care of your hair. Also, do not forget to remove build-ups from your scalp, and use hair conditioners to treat your hair.

  1. Getting hair weave is addictive and can alter your standard of natural beauty.


Most black women become so dependent on weave, and some feel that they are not attractive if they don’t wear them. If you have a naturally curly hair, seeing a long, blonde and Barbie-like hair might sound appealing for you. In fact, some women even shell out thousands of dollars just to get a long hair flowing down their shoulders.

There’s nothing wrong with looking and feeling beautiful, but make sure you still appreciate your natural beauty and embrace your hair texture. Just use weaves from time to time just to revamp your look and add some uniqueness to your style. After all, we’re now in a new era of hair freedom and acceptance.

How to Do a Quick Weave Ponytail

Do you know that choosing the right hair extension and getting a smooth base are the keys for an effortlessly cool ponytail weave? Always use hair extensions that match your hair’s texture. Most of the time, human hair extension is better when it comes to weave ponytail as it will give you a more natural and polished look. Also, hair extensions will look more natural if they are a bit darker than your natural hair.

Remember, a clean healthy hair is essential to get the best hairstyle. You should prepare your hair styling tools like weave hair, styling gel, hair elastics, invisible hair pins, drawstring ponytail and such. Then, gather your hair into a ponytail whether you like it to be on center, to the side, low, or high, molding it with styling gel to smooth out your strands. This is especially true if your edges are out of control.

Roll your ponytail into a small bun, then place your hair extension on top of your natural ponytail and secure it with bobby pins or glue. If you want to secure the hair extension with bobby pins, simply wrap it around your natural hair and use bobby pins to secure it to the base. To hide the seams, wrap some hair extension to the back too, securing it with bobby pins.

If you want to use glue, you should cut your hair extensions into smaller, more manageable pieces, and put a small amount on the weave, pressing it firmly against your natural hair. Just get the last few inches of your hair extension, wrapping it in your hair to cover the weft.

Most of the time, installing a weave with glue should be better left to a professional as it can cause some scalp irritation and hair breakage if not handled properly. A great thing, it can be completed in less than an hour, while the fusion method will take longer time, and sometimes requires several sessions.

If you have a naturally, afro-textured hair, a weave ponytail can still work for you. Most of the time, you’ll need to glue the hair extensions in a wig cap, so it will be easier for you to remove it. However, if your afro textured hair makes the process harder, simply apply some setting lotion or get to it then smoothen it with a comb.

It’s up to you to get some curls or braids with your weave ponytail. You can even iron it or leave it straight, but don’t forget to set it with a hair spray to give you a polished look. To make your weave ponytail last longer, better wrap your hair with a silk scarf or sleep in a satin pillowcase.

Weave Ponytail Ideas That Will Give You an Effortlessly Cool Look

If you want a hairstyle that will look effortless from gym to running errands, then go for high sleek weave ponytail. All you need to do is to creating a high ponytail at top of your head then clip hair extensions around it. As a hair hack, stylist recommended securing the wefts with hair elastic as close as possible to make the look more natural and sleek.

If you want to add volume to your sleek weave ponytail, simply clip another weft to the hair extension you already placed into your natural hair. To finish the look, simply wrap some hair extension around the base of your ponytail that will give you a modern and polished look while concealing the elastic underneath.

If you’re aiming for that “I woke up like this” look, then opt for a messy weave ponytail. Still, you need to gather your hair into a ponytail, but it’s up to you whether you want it tight or a bit loose. You still need to install some hair extension to your hair to add volume and thickness.

Just make sure to put your hair into a high ponytail, so the hair extensions won’t pull your hair from its roots. Once you installed the hair extensions, you can loosen up the ponytail a bit, or tease some strands to add more volume to your hairstyle.

If you want a playful, romantic look, add some waves to your weave ponytail. It’s up to you whether you like you place your ponytail lower or higher, then proceed clipping the hair extensions as you normally would. Once installed, you may start curling your weave ponytail in beach waves or soft curls that can be perfect for parties and dinner dates.

A weave ponytail will save you on late mornings—not to mention it makes your life easier and more stylish. So, if you’re on the go and need a fabulous hairstyle to dress you up, a weave ponytail is your way to go.


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