95 Wedding Hairstyles That Will Make You the Most Beautiful Bride


The challenging task of choosing your bridal gown is over, but you still need to decide on the perfect wedding hairstyle to wear on your special day. Have you realized that your wedding hairstyle is a key part of your bridal look? Since a hairstyle can make your break your look, keep on reading for the 95 wedding hairstyles that will make you the most beautiful bride.

Things You Should Know Before Selecting a Wedding Hairstyle

  1. Your wedding hairstyle should reflect your personality.

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Are you a woman with a conservative personality or you’re a bit more daring and fashion-forward? The key is to pay attention to your overall hairstyle whether it’s your hair color, hair accessory, curl style and such.

However, you must know that as a bride, you should look ethereal and romantic. There might be lots of hairstyles that will channel your inner bohemian or even rock-and-roll personality, but it will still be best to go for something soft, approachable and romantic.

Remember, your wedding hairstyle will define your entire bridal look, so you want it to reflect your own personality, not someone else’s. Apart from it, you should walk down the aisle looking as you and be recognized by your future husband.

  1. Your bridal hairstyle should look great with your wedding gown.

Do you know that your wedding hairstyle should complement the style and formality of your wedding gown? That’s the reason why you should consider the design of your wedding gown, neckline of your dress, sleeves of your gown, length of the dress, bridal accessories, and even the flowers in your bouquet.

Will you wear a wedding gown with an open back? Will you wear a pillbox hat with birdcage veil or a traditional long lace veil? As a rule of thumb, if you have a very simple wedding gown, go may go for elaborate to flamboyant wedding hairstyles featuring cascade of curls and even glittery hair accessories. You may even think of dressing your hair with a flower crown or a birdcage veil to look more glamorous.

On the other hand, if you have a very elaborate wedding gown or statement jewelry, then keep your wedding hairstyle simple and sleek to avoid going overboard. After all, your wedding hairstyle should complete your overall look, not compete with your bridal gown.

If your bridal dress has a high neckline, then go high on your hairstyle, then, if it has a low neckline, then go down on your hairstyle too. The same thing applies when your wedding dress has a lot of elaborate detail from the waist up. If your wedding gown has a rustic feel into it, think of a more relaxed hairstyle like sporting loose, natural curls. If you got a more princess-like ball gown, an updo hairstyle will look better.

  1. You should consider your headpiece and accessories.

Does your wedding gown come with a matching long veil or a birdcage veil? Would you like to wear a headband, comb clip, tiara, crystal hair accessory, flower crown, or a pillbox hat? When selecting your wedding hairstyle, you have to make sure your headpiece or hair accessories can hold it, and you’ll look great with or without it.

Keep in mind that comb clips won’t work well with straight, fine hair, and curly hair will stay put with bobby pins over clip-ons. If you wish to wear a tiara and don a curly hair, think again. Your hair accessory could be overwhelmed by your curls if they are too big, so you might need to calm them down a bit.

  1. Take your venue and wedding theme into consideration.

Comfort is important to make your special day memorable and romantic. Many brides forget to consider the climate, environment, and location they’ll be getting married in. Remember, you don’t want to risk being miserable for the entire day of your wedding from ceremony to reception just because of your hair.

If your wedding is going to be held at a garden, then you should pick a hairstyle that’s romantic enough to pair with your bridal dress, but also practical on an outdoor wedding. Also, heat might be a factor when it comes to outdoors and beach weddings, so you would want to keep your hair off your neck and back.  This is especially true if you live in a tropical country with hot or humid climate.

When it comes to beach weddings, it would be better to stick with an updo hairstyle or a braided one that will stay put, since there’s nothing more irritating than the wind playing with your hair. Headpieces and hair accessories add extra glamour to your wedding look, but they could be uncomfortable too.

Apart from it, consider how long your wedding hairstyle will need to last. Some brides tend to get two different hairstyles in their big day—one for ceremony and another one for reception. If you wish to go for a one hairstyle, then, make sure it will stay put till midnight, so you’ll look great all day.

  1. Use your hair type and texture to your advantage.

Some brides with shorter hair tend to invest in hair extension to sport their ideal wedding hairstyles. However, hairstylists recommend making your hair length work as there are lots of romantic, sophisticated, glamorous, and even braided hairstyles for short-haired brides. If you have fine hair, then you could try to use hair extensions to add more volume to your hair.

Do you know how much blow-drying or ironing your hair needs? You don’t have to manipulate your hair into something it can’t do, especially on your big day.

  1. Think of wedding hairstyles that will flatter your face shape.

If you have an oval face shape, you’re lucky as you can sport any hairstyle that you like. If you have a square face, you can soften your jaw with a medium length hairstyle with curls, or pull your hair away from your face to highlight your assets. If you have a heart face shape, conceal the broadness of your forehead with side bangs.

If you have a long face, avoid top knots and high buns that will make your face look longer. Instead, think of adding some volume to the sides of your face with curls and waves. If you have a round face shape, then make it look more balanced with high hairstyles, and skip ones that add volume to the sides of your face like curls and waves, making your round face look rounder.

  1. Gather wedding hairstyle inspirations to give you better options for your look.

When deciding on the perfect wedding hairstyle, think of Pinterest and Instagram to give you creative hairstyle ideas to try on. Think of saving some magazine pages, pinning your favorite red carpet looks, following hairdressers on social media, and such.

Simply save or pin everything that you like from smallest to biggest details, so you’ll have something to show to your hairstylist during your consultation. This way, you and your hairstylist will come to a more concrete direction.

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  1. Be specific with your hairstyle details and don’t get lost in buzzwords.

When looking for the perfect wedding hairstyle, think of the words that describe your wedding theme and personal style. Do you love a timeless, classic look or a rustic style? Are you a big fan of fashion-forward and trendy looks, or do you prefer to keep things sleek and simple? You may also think of the words that describe your wedding gown, venue, and even décor.

Do you normally use the words “curly” “breezy” or “wavy” interchangeably? You have to know that for a hairstylist, each word differs from one another. Curls are different from beachy waves as the latter imply that you like to get some movement in your hair with a wave, not curls. Also, you can get polished beachy waves or messy beachy waves.

When you say “modern” hairstyle, it can mean messy or undone look, while a “classic hairstyle” could mean resembling the 40s and 70s classic look. Instead of saying “perfect” to your hairstylist, you may think of the “finished” hairstyle that means sleek and polished.

  1. Do a trial run and choose your hairstylist wisely.

Do you know that having a trial with your hairstylist will calm nerves on your big day? Also, you might need to have a backup hairstyle just in case the previous hairstyle you love on your trial won’t work on your wedding day.

After all, you’ll never know if your mood or day will change your mind about something. Apart from it, your wedding day is not the ideal time to some drastic changes to your hair whether it’s getting a new hair color, installing hair extensions, or getting a big chop.

  1. Prep your hair few weeks before your wedding.

If you really want to get a new hair color or haircut, do that a few weeks before your big day. This way, you’ll have enough time to go back to your hairstylist just in case something goes wrong. To make things more practical and safer, experts recommended sticking to your natural hair color instead of going too light or too dark, as well as a light trimming instead of a big chop.

Best Wedding Hairstyles on Your Big Day

Your hairstyle might seem like the least important thing to decide on, but remember, it will be photographed a lot and you’ll create a memory. If you’re thinking of spending a lot of money on a photographer, then you should look great on your photos. After all, you’ll be standing at the altar with your husband and your photos will capture the best moments to remember.

So, here are some of the best wedding hairstyles that will make you the most beautiful bride on your big day.

  1. Chignon

If you want a classic and traditional wedding, going for a chignon hairstyle will do the tricks for you. A great thing, this will work with laidback weddings, black-tie occasions, and even seaside nuptials.

The key is to pay attention to the neckline of your dress. If you have a wedding gown with a high neckline, better keep away your hair off your neck and face by going for a high bun. On the other hand, if you’ll wear a wedding gown with a scooped, sweetheart, bateau or portrait neckline, go for a low bun chignon. Do you know that you can even add some volume to your thin hair by teasing it?

If you want a more modern wedding, think of adding some structures to your traditional chignon hairstyle, making it fresh and a bit unexpected. Remember, a modern wedding doesn’t have to stay away from classic touches.

  1. Braided Hairstyle

If you’re dreaming of a romantic or even whimsical wedding, then a braided hairstyle is perfect for you. A great thing, there are lots of braided hairstyle you may go for. Think of fishtail braids, Dutch braids, French braids, and such. If you have a straight or wavy hair, braided hairstyles will work perfectly on you, not to mention it will keep you fresh and polished all day long.

If you’re going for a beach wedding, think of a romantic waterfall braid or even bohemian braids. For a more traditional wedding, simply opt for a smooth and sleek braided bun that will give you a modest look. A great thing, braided hairstyles will look more romantic when paired with dreamy wedding gowns with floral accents. If you want to keep your hair off your neck, go for under-braid hairstyles.

  1. Vintage-Inspired Hairstyle

Are you a big fan of Gatsby glamour? Then vintage inspired or retro glam hairstyle is perfect for you. You may even think of getting some pompadours or finger waves to add some personality to your bridal look. A great thing, retro glam hairstyles will work whether you got a straight or curly hair, as well as long or short hair.

However, the key to rock the vintage inspired hairstyle is to add some volume to your hair. Hair stylists recommend accessorizing your vintage inspired hairstyle with a retro headpiece or hair accessory like feathered headbands, glittery clips, and lace veils.

Whether you got a modern or traditional wedding theme, a vintage inspired hairstyle will be perfect. Yes, you can contrast your modern wedding gown with a retro hairstyle. Or, complete the retro theme by going for a tea-length wedding gown teamed with a vintage inspired hairstyle.

  1. Half-down, Half-up Hairstyle

If you want to flaunt your long locks yet love the comfort of an updo hairstyle, then go for a half-down half-up hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for any wedding venues from outdoors, beach, hotel, and church. If you got the half of your hair pinned up, you’ll keep everything sleek and polished despite the temperatures. A great thing, this hairstyle will also look dreamy with ethereal wedding gowns whether you got a lace or tulle gown, as well as light and breezy designs.

  1. Modern, Cool Hairstyles

If you find traditional wedding hairstyles are unfit for your modern wedding theme, don’t fret. You’ve got a lot of cool options like going for a loose ponytail, wispy loose buns, pin-straight locks, twists, and even middle part hairstyles. If you love the top-knot hairstyles, make sure you add some volume to your high bun. If you like, you may even take your top knot to new heights to add more drama to your wedding look.

If simplicity matters to you, a loose ponytail will keep your wedding look modern yet effortless. The key is to add some curls to your hair to soften the natural look. If you like, you can even redefine the traditional ponytail with a loose, twisted version. Or, keep your long hair as is, but keep your middle part sleek to add some modern vibe to your bridal look, and add some beach waves to make things more romantic.

  1. Short Hairstyle

If you just got a big chop, don’t worry as you don’t need a long hair just to look great on your wedding day. Yes, short hair can still be styled in a romantic way just like a long hair. However, if your hair couldn’t hold a curl for a long time, then stick to a sleek straight style.

A great thing, a short wedding hairstyle is timeless, so you can wear them regardless of the season and trends. While spring and summer weddings will look more romantic in floral accents, winter and fall weddings will look great with fairytale-inspired accents.

As a rule of thumb, your hairstyle should look flattering with your wedding gown. A great thing, your short hair will let you show off your back, especially if your wedding gown has an elaborate detail. Hairstylists recommend skipping long wedding veils if you have a short hair as it can overwhelm your look. They recommend going for a headpiece with a birdcage veil, or even a retro pillbox hat instead.

A great hairstyle will make a huge difference to your overall look—it will complement your bridal gown, bring out your best assets, and make you feel more confident and beautiful. There might be a lot of gorgeous wedding hairstyle options, but by heeding our tips, you’ll be able to decide which is best for you.


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