95 Wedding Hairstyles That Will Make You the Most Beautiful Bride


You want to look your best as you walk down the aisle for sure. And thus this article for wedding hairstyles is perfect for brides to be. There are so many options out there to choose from. And it is easy to get baffled by them as well. You are sure to make the most of these once you dive into our collection. We compiled these hairdos so that you can make your pick. There are ideas on the type of jewelry you should add on to a wedding day hairdo as well. The whole ideas and tips are enclosed in this compilation.

You need to be confident in the look you choose for yourself for sure. But more importantly, you need to have a fun time picking them and sporting them as well. You can shortlist some ideas for yourself and try it out weeks before. Take help from your close ones to decide on a particular hairdo. And feel beautiful as you embark on a journey that lasts a lifetime. You can go through the images we have in here to get an idea. These are the looks that were trending in all social media sites.

Here are 112 wedding hairstyles that are so stunning you won’t be able to take your eyes off of them.

The beautiful wedding bun

This is an idea that we are sure you would love to try out. There is a charm to this look that works for brides of all ages and tastes. The bundle of hair is twisted up in a lot of ways, and it can add that mysterious vibe to your hair as well. The loose section of hair on the front has the curl as well. Not to forget the use of jewelry in here strikes that perfect balance.

wedding hairstylesLong, curled up hair

You may not know that these hairstyles are worn by celebs as well. If you check out some of the wedding looks of the Hollywood stars, then you can see them on with a long curled hair with some beautiful jewel on the side. You need to be equipped with a good hair curler to get this done for sure. So make sure you try it out days before the wedding to see how it makes you look.

Get your tiara on for the wedding

Ever dreamt of being a princess? Then your wedding day is the perfect occasion to get it turned to reality. Here you can find all the ideas to try out if you want to add on a tiara! You can leave the rest of your hair on the loose or get them on a puff on top! Take the needed inspiration from looks we are showcasing in here. We are sure your groom will admire this look much more than anyone else!

Soft and graceful

Most brides want a smooth look for the wedding day. Ever since Meghan Markle got married with her simple attire, women are getting attracted to keeping it subtle more than ever! You can also try out the same trend and get the look that is trendy currently. Here are some beautiful images in this section that you can take inspiration from. Make sure you love the hairdo before trying it on!

The headband jewelry

Elegance comes from the way you carry yourself during the ceremony for sure. But the way you style yourself can also have a significant impact. You can see that there is some classic headband jewelry on all of these images here. They add that needed bling to a hairdo. The bridal glow is taken to a whole new standard when you opt for something as graceful as these ornaments!

The high and low ponytail

Want a casual do for your wedding? What can be easy going more than a ponytail? So if that is the vibe you want to go for, we have something for you that you cannot say no to. The one on top is a low pony with loose, romantic curls, and the next one has some stunning high curls on them as well. Both of these are ideal for those who want a comfortable hairstyle!

The whole package

If you want to try it all, then you can try out any of these hairstyles we have here. There are braids and buns, and also the ever so stunning flowers added on to them. It feels like all of the best elements you can add to a hairdo is rolled up into one in these wedding hairstyles.

Twist and done

These wedding hairstyles are perfect for young women! Make sure your stylist gets the idea of what you want. Take this image up as a reference for them. You can see that these hairstyles look complicated and may think hard to style as well. But they are easy and need less time to complete once they are done. So get your hair out in a twist and get the rest in curls. The best thing is it takes less time to get this done!

The ideas for event hairstyles

Celebs wear them on red carpet events, and they are an inspiration to all of us. It has some braids and in this hairstyle and they end up in a bun at the back. They are immensely popular and can be the look you opt for if you want the hair to stay away from your face! You need to put your comfort first if you’re going to enjoy the day.

For the bridesmaids

Have you been asked to be a bridesmaid for a wedding and you don’t know what style to sport that day? You do not want to take the attention away from the bride on her big day, so make sure you try something less intimidating. You can take cues from the wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids collection we put together here. Leave them loose and add on a beautiful jewel or some flowers and you are set to look good for the day.

Bohemian  inspiration

Looking for wedding hairstyles long hair ideas? Then, searching on the internet can get you more confused than you have ever been. You can see this one here compiles hairstyles that take inspiration from the bohemian styles. They are carefree and relaxed hairstyles that have a different appeal to them. They are ideal for an outdoor wedding. If you are interested in looking beautiful and gaining a fun appeal, then check out these hairstyles and give them a try.

The rhinestone jewelry

This is one ornament that made a lot of rounds on the internet back in the day. Women loved to try on the more extended version of the wedding jewel, and they are enticing for sure. They are accessible to this day and are readily available for purchase as well. If you are keeping all things simple, then you can be adding such a hairpin can add that oomph to the look. Check one out in here and decide on the one you want to try out.

Braided bun wedding hairstyles

We have the best wedding hairstyles for the bride who wants it all for her big day. These are the ones that are approved by stylists. And some are also hairdos that celebs sported for their weddings! They are twisted on to a side and are the easy version of braided buns! They remain a classic hairdo to try out. Not only for brides but also for bridesmaids! Check out the options we compiled for you here to get some idea.

The one with the braids

In any hairstyle, you can see the use of some twists. And we are showing you some excellent ways to get them on your wedding hairstyles! They are comfortable and can be molded to look different as you want them to. If you are a bride with medium to long hair length, then braids are the way to go for you. You will spend less time on the makeup chair for the big day that is for sure!

The half down hairstyle

Women of all ages love the half down hairdo. They are perfect for brides who have medium to the long length of hair. Here we have some wedding hairstyles down that you may have been looking for. There are no complex ideas here, and they are meant to be simple with a touch of elegance. You can see that there are curls and waves on all of these hairdos. Use a hairpin or a piece of beautiful jewelry, and you are set!

Wedding hairstyles with a veil

There is a unique touch of elegance to these hairstyles as veils accompany them. You can see that here we are talking about some wedding hairstyles with veil. We love how they add the soft, elegant appeal to the hair and makes it look perfect. It ties up the whole wedding attire together as well. So if you have a beautiful veil with you, make use of it and add it on to your hairstyle for the wedding!

For brides with short hair

For the brides who are looking for wedding hairstyles short hair, this is the ideal portion of the article. You can see that there are some stunning ideas in here. And they are perfect for when you have anything from shoulder length hair to shorter than that. You can also add on some hair jewels and a veil and you are done! We compiled options for all hair lengths, so we are sure you will find one to try out.

Ornaments for the bride

This is the day when you can try out any look, and you are allowed to do so without any judgment! So you want to make the most of it when you have the chance. There are so many different ideas of hair jewels that you can add on to get that princess-like appeal! Here we are giving out some hints as to how you can attain a fairy tale look without the hassles of following many complicated steps.

Hairstyle on point

There is no flaw in any of these hairstyles! You can see that there are many elements in this look. The thick puffed section on the side with the bun on the back is ideal for anyone. If you want to make a fashion statement, then this is the look to try out. The side hair stripe can also set you aside and give the hairdo an edgy appeal. The elaborate use of hair jewelry also makes this one a must-try.

Traditional wedding hairstyles

Brides who want a conventional appeal to their hair need to check out these hairdos. You can see the touch of simple elegance on these hairdos. They let the bride shine through and do not take away the attention away from the bride and the ceremony! You do not want to look too extraordinary at your wedding. So you can choose any of these wedding hairstyles for subtle elegance. These are the hairstyles that you can enjoy for a long time to come!

Letting them loose

One way to make sure you are comfortable in your hairstyle is by leaving them free. These were trending on Instagram for a lot of years. There is a youthful charm to these hairstyles, and it makes us want to try it out too! So if you are a bride that wants to look polished without getting the locks secured, these are the options to try out. Adding a beautiful hairpin on a side can change the hairdo and take it up to a whole new level.

Pinned at the back

Young brides are often seen embracing hairstyles that are half pinned and a half left loose! If you want to try the same for yourself, then here is an idea for you. We love when there are accessories that come up with these hairdos. You can start by adding on some volume on top. Add a bundle of hair extension to get the thickness! Take both the side of your hair and pin them at the back to attain this subtle look.

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Wedding hairstyles with loose ends

Looking to appear extraordinary on the day that changes your whole life? Then here are some ideas to get on board with. You can see that there are strands of hair taken from the sides and the back. They are curled up and left loose to get a softer appeal. Here we have something for every bride’s desires! The big updo, a subtle bun and a half down hairdo; we packed it all into this section of our article.

Be a little extra!

You are the bride; the center of attention at the wedding. This is the day that you have waited for for a long time. And we are sure there are some ideas that you want to be executed on that day as well. So we do not want you to compromise on looking good! You can be a bit extra if you want to. Let your dreams turn to reality and do what you want to! Here are some ideas to take cues from!

wedding hairstyles

Feel closer to nature

If you have an outdoor wedding and you want to stick up to the vibe, then you can try out these hairdos we are suggesting here. There is a chic vibe to these styles, and the ease and comfort it comes with are stunning as well. Most brides like to add on some flowers that match the feel as well. If you are still looking for a soft look, then these are ideal for you. Check them out down here!

Elegant wedding hairstyles

Looking graceful and beautiful is the idea behind all wedding hairstyles. For the most part, these are the looks that brides want to try out. Hairdressers also suggest using a hairstyle that is not too complicated as it takes away the charm from the brides’ makeup. We do not want people to be fixated on the hairstyle more! Adding a fun accessory on a bun is a perfect way, and it can make you look stunning as well.

For the modern bride!

There are some traditional looks out there that most brides try on for sure. But they are not for everyone! If you want something fun and appealing with a unique touch to it, then here are some ideas to try out! These are for the brides who want their wedding hairstyles to be edgy and not so common. Both of these ideas here are far from simple and thus will make it a memorable one for the bride to be!

Wedding hairstyles for guests

As a guest, you do not want to be looking too extra styled or shabby in any way as well. So you need to strike a balance between these to get a look you can sport to a wedding. Here we are showing you our collection of hairdos that are appropriate for attendants. Keep it simple by letting your locks loose and add a headband style flower on top! You can also opt for some updos and buns for a change.

Feminine and graceful looks

We are sharing some wedding hairstyles for medium length hair here, and we know you will be interested in them. If you are thinking about using your natural mid-length hair without adding on some hair extensions, then you can try out any of these hairdos. Make a bun out of the hair and add on some rhinestone infused ornaments. You can make them look thicker by backcombing some section of your hair. Take ideas for the jewelry to try from here!

Putting in the extra effort

You want to look your best for the wedding day, and it is not possible without you putting in the extra effort. Add some knots and waves into the hair and you are set. The easiest ones are the hairstyles that have intricate details on them added on by molding some braids. If you want, then you can get on some beautiful bridal hair accessories that flair to the hairdo. Wedding hairstyles can be as sophisticated and as relaxed as you want them to be.

Options for colored updos

Are you looking for an ideal wedding hairstyles updo to try out before the big day? Then this is the portion you can rely on. You can achieve a magnificent look by getting your colored hair up on a bun! There are some dark brown hues in here along with some beautiful light blonde as well. These are the options that are chosen by most brides! Leave some sections of hair loose and add some waves on them to get a romantic look!


As you reach the end, we are sure you will have found the look to try out. You can see that this is a collection that fits everyone’s needs in a bunch. The hair length and textures that women have are all taken care of in this topic. Make notes of the look you want to try out before the wedding. Take a pick of a few hairstyles and wear them beforehand to get an idea of how they might look. That way, you are sure to be happy with the hairstyle that you pick out for the wedding day.

It is also crucial for you to make sure that your hair doesn’t come in the way of your dress and the overall style. Take ideas from your friends and family and listen to the suggestions they put forward as well. These can help you to make the correct choice! But the best idea is to listen to your instincts and get the hairstyle that you want. This article of wedding hairstyles can help you find a look that fits your personality perfectly. If you thought this article was a good one, stick around for more from us. Till then you can go through some other articles here.


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