What are Some DIY Crafts for Interior Designing


Want your home to look just like it was designed by an interior designer? Get ready to have your mind blown away.

With some well-known interior design tricks, you can get your home transformed into a hub of energy and grace at little cost. It’s funny how much even the smallest things can make such a massive impact. All that’s required to make your home a hub of safety, a palace in its own right; are the smallest things. For example, it could be the addition of a painting, a plant, a mirror; something that small could add shimmer and glow to your abode!

As you reflect on ways to add warmth to your home, consider these smart design tips:

1.     Confused on How to Give a Small Room an Illusion of Largesse?

Small rooms can feel crampy, if they look as small as they really are. One valid trick is to paint smaller rooms in softer, lighter colors; as they make the room look bigger.

With larger windows, brightly-colored walls and good use of decorative mirrors, your small room will have an optical illusion of space and if you ask me, this is the look to go for!  With tons of mattress coupons out there, you can as well, save up on your purchase of a quality mattress for your bedroom.

2. Practice ‘Mix and Match’ for Patterns and Textures

One golden rule when it comes to designing your house, is to allow it give a clear reflection of your personality. Who says you can’t mix and match old and new stuff; expensive and inexpensive bits of design elements? Never say never!  Be creative, and follow your intuition.

That antique desk tells a story that breathes nostalgia into your nostrils as you pass by; and so it has a role to play in your home space. The right kinds of furniture make you relaxed; especially if they are composed of varied patterns and designs; so bring it on!

3.     Comfortable Furniture Slips are the Way to Go

I know…you’ve heard quite a number of bad things about these furniture slips; and you’re convinced they are the worst! But are they, really?

I have found furniture slips to be excellent ways of changing your furniture’s look to show different seasons. Since they can simply be pulled off, you needn’t worry so much about people spilling stuff over it at that house party you plan to organize. Now you can have fun in peace!

4.     Wicker Baskets: Elegant Storage

Wicker baskets are super cool, extremely elegant forms of storing and displaying stuff like books, décor magazines, towels, blankets, etc.

With those small wicker baskets placed on the kitchen counter-top, you can easily store stuff like fruits and veggies as well. What’s not to love about these multi-dimensional storage baskets?

5.     Accessorize With What You Already Have!

I can’t be the only one who’s guilty of keeping stuff in boxes without ever actually using them! But those unpacked stuff, when you look through them critically, can be of immense benefit when redesigning your home.

You might discover that wooden, metal or acrylic trays and other materials can be used to design bedside tables, coffee tables and add color to different parts of your room.

Have you considered hanging plates on the wall to create beautiful art?  You’d be amazed to see how what you already have can make your home super chic!

6.     You Can’t Go Wrong When You Go Green

When you add plants to your living room, you are utilizing one of the most inexpensive accessories to your home space, while absorbing pollutants and taking away harmful gases from the atmosphere.

7.     Paint/Wallpaper Your Bookcases

This is a genius idea…trust me. If you are averse to painting the cases, you could simply wallpaper them. It will instantly transform a boring home space into a welcoming arena, a burst of fresh air.

Wrapping Up

These are all splendid DIY interior design tips to help transform your home into a hub of attraction, and a safe space for you. Ready to explore?


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