What to Pack When Going on a Wine Tour


Wine tours are one of the most fantastic ways to spend a summer day.  They mix the excellent combination of greenery, sunlight, and tasty wine, into a day or afternoon of fun.  If you’re going on your first wine tasting, and aren’t sure what to pack, now is the time to invest in a backpack or day bag.

Here’s what you’ll need- and why.


The reason for water should be apparent, but it’s incredibly important.  Hydrating between sips and chugs of wine can keep you from getting too drunk or giving yourself an early evening hangover in the summer heat.  Pack a large reusable water bottle, and make sure to take a drink whenever you’re thirsty.  Some wineries won’t let you bring any outside liquids, so don’t put tea or flavored water in your bottle, or they may have you dump it out.  If you want your drink to stay cold longer, you can freeze it the night before so that it thaws out through the day.


The thin slices of crusty bread that most wineries give people won’t fill your need for carbs.  Pack yourself some carb-heavy snacks to help sate that appetite.  You can pack sandwiches, chips, cheesy crackers, or anything else that comes to mind as a ‘no-no’ to anyone on a diet.  A little misbehaving on your diet can be fun for anyone.  Feel free to go fancy with the carbs if you want to; whatever leftovers you have, you can enjoy with a large glass of wine from what wine store Savannah GA has in store for you.


Although most dairy can be dangerous if kept in a warm bag all day, you can pack things that last better.  Mini cheese wheels, brie, and yogurt covered raisins can stand the heat better and stay tasty for longer.  These will fill you up further and taste creamier and sweeter against the acidity and sweetness of the wine.

Simple Protein

You don’t have to pack a whole rotisserie chicken, of course- but pack some protein you can enjoy later on.  Jerky, meat sticks, and other types of dried meat can help you work through the haze of wine and heat.  It will give you the energy to push on until your next meal.  If beef’s not what you want, you can go for proteins like trail mix, peanut butter protein balls, or protein-filled muffins to double up with carbs.

Healthy Snacks

Unfortunately, your goody bag can’t be just meat and bread; it’s better to include some healthier things as well.  A banana, apple slices, and other fruits can be a healthy self-contained snack that you can pack.  These snacks will fill you up and give you simple sugars to push you onto your next sample.


These have many purposes.  Ranging from blocking out the bright sun that heats the vineyard, to keeping the fact that you’re drinking hidden from anyone you pass by on the way home.  You can keep them in your day bag, or hang them on your shirt.


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