What you Need to Know About Travelling to Zambia


While Zambia may not be renowned as the most famous holiday destination in Africa, it’s certainly one of the best and considerably underrated by travellers.

It’s undoubtedly home to some of the continents finest walking safaris, for example, while the region’s guides, camps and lodges also compare favourably with any other destination in Africa.

With this in mind, here’s a brief guide for anyone travelling to Zambia and some of the key things to bear in mind: 

When’s the Best Time to Travel? 

Ultimately, Zambia holidays and safaris can be booked all year round with specialist like africaodyssey.com so whenever you’re thinking of jetting off you’re likely to find a time slot to suit your needs.

However, the timing of your visit should be influenced by the underlying purpose for your visit. Travellers with a passion for birding should consider heading to Zambia during the so-called Emerald season, which takes place between November and March and is renowned for its rain-soaked landscape and lush planes.

However, safari fans should book their trip in the second half of the year, ideally in the window between June and October. During this time, you can interact with a wider range of wildlife, while also achieving far greater value for your money.

If you fancy a helicopter ride over the spectacular Victoria Falls, however, you may be better served by booking in May and taking to clear skies with better visibility.

Check out South Luangwa National Park 

If you are keen on booking a safari experience in Zambia, we’d definitely recommend visiting the iconic South Luangwa National Park.

It may be an entirely different experience to a European city break for example This destination is home to the very best and most accessible walking safaris, while its reputation as a prime wildlife spot has remained unchallenged for years.

In fact, it’s home to an abundance and diversity of game that is largely unparalleled, either in Zambia or anywhere else in Africa. Not only this, but the habitat in which these species live is truly remarkable, making it ideal for lovers of all things beautiful.

Overall, the National Park claims a staggering 9050km of Zambia’s stunning Eastern Province, with this land defined by constantly changing terrain, incredible habitat and incredible examples of exotic wildlife.

Account for the Practicalities of Travel

By now, there’s every chance that you’re a little carried away with excitement and may be on the cusp of booking your trip.

Before you do so, however, it’s worth considering the practicalities of travel, starting with the fact that Zambia can be found in a malaria-risk area. As a result, you’ll need to take the necessary precautions in order to protect yourself, by booking a yellow fever vaccine well ahead of your trip.

You’ll almost certainly require a visa to enter Zambia, even if the purpose of your trip is simply to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

The good news is that these can be sourced easily and cheaply online, with single-entry visas usually issued on arrival at all airports. Just remember that double or multiple-entry visas will require prior booking, and you’ll certainly need to be organised if you’re making such arrangements.


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