Why You Should Be Considering a Canada Vacation


Canada is a perfect destination for nature lovers and those who enjoy big cities. Below are 5 reasons why you should consider a Canada vacation.

Explore Nature Unrestricted

If you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or dogsledding, you already know that Canada is a winter gem. But you can still enjoy the Canadian outdoors just as much in the summer. Some of the activities you might consider are camping, going on a Canadian fishing trip or staying at a fishing lodge, whale watching, hiking, biking, canoeing, and kayaking, golfing and/or ziplining. Just like U.S. ski resorts open their ski slopes for hiking and mountain biking in the summer months, you can enjoy the same activities in Canadian resort areas. Plus, a summer trip to Canada can have a completely different look and feel than a winter trip, even when you go to the same spot.

Spectacular Cities

Canada has many modern, multicultural cities, each with its own distinct personality. Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are possibly the best-known, but there are so many others that highlight different aspects of Canada, such as its maritime culture, mountainous landscape, French history, or its indigenous people. Each city is delightful for different reasons.


Nature equals adventure, meaning Canada is set up to get your adrenaline pumping. Head into the wilderness and explore Canada’s rustic side or stick close to the city and discover an urban adventure. Exhilarating excursions can be found just about everywhere — from the Badlands of Alberta to the windswept mountains of Baffin Island.


The southwestern coast of Canada drips with water and abounds with plant life; truly a rainforest. This park is stunning no matter the season, but summer is particularly special. Kayak through the Pacific Ocean and be greeted by a First Nation Beach Keeper, surf the break at sunset, or camp in an oTENTik at Green Point Campground. If you’re looking for a particularly rugged experience, hit the West Coast Trail by obtaining a camper rental in Nova Scotia. Canada is home to 46 national parks. Perfect to explore in all seasons, find more outdoor inspiration on Parks Canada’s website.

Victoria & Vancouver Island

Though it’s only a 90-minute ferry ride from bustling Vancouver, British Columbia’s capital city may as well be a world away. Taking the opposite approach from its youthful neighbor, Victoria exudes a quainter atmosphere. Resting on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, This relatively small city remains deeply rooted in its Colonial past, relishing distinctively British traditions like afternoon tea at the Fairmont Empress and a pint at the pub. But that doesn’t mean this destination is strictly reserved for Anglophiles. Despite its nostalgic tendencies, this city attracts a variety of travelers with excellent museums that celebrate its aboriginal heritage, charming architecture and fantastic harbor views.


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